Guest Arist "CZ"

With over 10 years working as a tattoo artist in different countries, CZ has truly earned her reputation as a solid, well respected member of the tattoo community.


It’s always a pleasure to watch an artist create something, but with CZ it’s truly a magical experience.


When a customer tells her their ideas and vision for their piece, she taps into the type of inspiration and creativity that most artists can only ever dream of.


Although she specialises in the geometric style, her portfolio is wide and diverse and she is adept at turning ideas into stunning and intricate realities.


CZ is an artist who just loves to tattoo, you can see it in her eyes. She gets pumped up for every piece she does but being given the freedom to create ideas from scratch and to work on larger pieces is what gets her jumping out of bed in the mornings.


If you’ve got an idea for your next tattoo, we suggest you book an appointment with CZ to discuss and see what she comes up with, we’re pretty sure you’ll be amazed and delighted.

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