Want to Get Inked?

Get The Best TATTOO Bangkok Has to Offer!

Want to Get Inked?

Get The Best TATTOO Bangkok Has to Offer!


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 My experience with all day tattoo has been downright exceptional. In addition to an amazing piece they gave me, the team has been consistently helpful and supportive since the first appointment all the way through the last session.

I highly recommend anyone looking for tattoo studios to get inked to come visit! Doesn't matter if you are newbies to the tattoo world or not, this Bangkok tattoo studio has got you covered. 

Ken Jiramaneekul

 As it was my first time getting a sak yant tattoo, I was quite picky with the tattoo studio to go to. I Googled and found this place located in Bangkok. The shop’s ambiance is so accommodating and very friendly. As a foreigner to Bangkok, I didn’t have a hard time expressing what I wanted and how I wanted my tattoo to get done.

The staff are very professional and would even give you pieces of tattoo advice. As for my tattoo artist, she was very careful and reassuring. Such a pro with very delicate, soft, and light hands. If you're getting a tattoo in Bangkok, I highly recommended this place. Keep up the good work!

Mark Jason


Best tattoo experience I have had in Bangkok. Knew what I wanted and which tattoo studio, but was unsure on some of the tattoo details and sizing. I got some great professional advice, without being too influenced, which is exactly what I needed. From the consultation to the tattoo, I felt totally comfortable, which was helped by the great English and friendliness of all the staff. I would definitely return.

Emily Lucy

Fluent English Speaking Artists

Native English Speaking Team

Fully Customized Artwork

Fully Customized Artwork

Western Hygiene Standards

Western Hygiene Standards

All Inks and Needles Imported from USA

All Inks and Needles Imported from USA

All Inks and Needles Imported from USA

One of the ONLY fully licensed studios in Thailand

All Inks and Needles Imported from USA

Award- Winning Artists



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The Best Tattoo Artists in Bangkok at Your Service

If you are looking for the best tattoo artist in Bangkok, then you need to visit ALL DAY Tattoo, where our experienced, creative, and English-speaking team will take care of creating the perfect tattoo for you.

We Listen to You: 100% Customized Tattoos

A tattoo is something that has to be special, and is very personal to you. That’s why we invite you to share your ideas and suggestions on what tattoo designs you’d like to get, rather than just ask you to choose from a book of designs like many traditional Bangkok tattoo studios.

Based on what you say, we will make suggestions on any changes or improvements the feel will deliver the best tattoo for you. It’s our goal to create a tattoo that’s exactly what you’re looking for and that looks as good using ink on your body as it does on paper.

We understand that getting a tattoo is a serious decision, and that’s exactly why we offer you a 100% free consultation at our tattoo studio located in Bangkok to find out what you are really looking for. We only go ahead with the tattoo once you’re fully satisfied and in love with your design.

No inspiration? Not to worry! We have a vast experience in different tattoo styles, including traditional sak yant and old school. Give us some details of the type of tattoo designs you like and where you’d like to get it and we can work through different options with you to create the best possible custom tattoo that you’re thrilled to get.

Hundreds of happy clients can vouch for our tattoo studio. Our portfolio of tattoo designs and genuine customer reviews show the quality of our work and the delight of the clients who’ve trusted in us.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

At ALL DAY Tattoo, we only have true tattoo artists and guest artists who have perfected their craft over the years. We have specialist tattoo artists for a variety of traditional and non-traditional tattoo designs:

And more. We regularly fix / cover up, or touch up / add ink to old tattoos originally done at other tattoo studios, in Bangkok and elsewhere, that you just don’t love. Just let us know what you’d like us to do and we will give you our honest, open feedback on what’s possible to give you the best possible tattoo as an outcome.

Creativity, versatility, and responsibility are the features that define our team of tattoo artists and our tattoo studio. We exclusively have the best resident tattoo artists and guest artists in Bangkok, who are ready to transform your dreams into the perfect tattoo you’ll love.

Our sole goal is your total satisfaction, that’s why we are here to listen to you and provide you with the best, fully-customized tattoo that truly represents you.

You Are Totally Safe – Guaranteed

We are aware that safety is a huge concern when visiting a tattoo studio in Bangkok, that’s why we are glad to inform you that we hold super-strict best practice Western hygiene standards and high quality equipment in order to protect you.

We are one of the only tattoo studios in Bangkok to hold an official tattoo license from the Thai Government.

All of our needles are top quality and single use.

We use only the best quality branded, FDA approved vegan tattoo ink imported from the USA

We take every precaution in order to guarantee your safety and a top-notch service.

Now you can rest easy and get your tattoo with us!

100% Free Consultations

Not completely sure about your tattoo design? Just get in touch with our tattoo studio in Bangkok and we will go through the options with you and put your mind at ease.

It’s totally free and once you’re ready, we can book you an appointment to come in and get your tattoo.

Easy to Reach Central Location

Bangkok is a huge, busy, and vibrant city and getting around using traditional modes of transport can be a challenge at times!

We are one of the best located tattoo studios in Bangkok, just a couple of minutes walk from the nearest BTS (skytrain) station, great access by taxi, and located right in the heart of the most popular area of the city. 

Choose us and you’ll spend less of your valuable time getting to the tattoo studio and more time with your tattoo artist.

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ALL DAY Tattoo

Bangkok’s Best Tattoo Studio with International Tattoo Artists, Western Tattoo Hygiene Standards, and Central Location



710/4 Sukhumvit Road, Phrom Pong, Bangkok 10110

You can download a PDF here with full directions by taxi or skytrain


ALL DAY Tattoo

Bangkok’s Best Tattoo Studio with International Tattoo Artists, Western Tattoo Hygiene Standards, and Central Location



710/4 Sukhumvit Road, Phrom Pong, Bangkok 10110

You can download a PDF here with full directions by taxi or skytrain

Hours: Everyday 12 pm – 8 pm

Easy-to-find location: From Phrom Pong BTS just walk out of exit 4, turn 180 degrees then walk straight about 200m and you’ll see us on your right.

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