5 Tips for Tattoos That Actually Look Better As You Age

5 Tips For Tattoos That Actually Look Better As You Age

Old Father Time catches up with us all!

That does not mean you should feel down about this natural process!

Getting older really does have lots of advantages.

Like: Being offered that seat on a crowded train, or being helped across the road…. Yeah Right!

On the bright side, while getting older is a given, it is possible to have tattoos that look better as you age.

When it comes to ageing, let’s take a look at the way to go for tattoo designs and styles that are long lasting.


Thinking ahead about how your tattoos will look as you age

Let’s be honest, for the vast majority of us, thinking decades ahead about most things isn’t something we do.

But, when it comes to the type and style of tattoos placed on our body it should probably be something we consider.

We say this because the amount of care, the type, style and size of your chosen tattoo design goes a long way to dictating just how long it remains looking good as those years roll by.


To ensure your tattoos still look good as they age, bear these factors in mind

Before committing to a tattoo, you should remember that it’s going to be with you for a long, long time.

This means you want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible!

We will start with two things that are of prime importance, and then get into tips about sun protection, styles and coloration.


The importance of choosing a highly skilled and experienced tattoo artist

How well your finished tattoo comes out is very much down to the skill, experience and professionalism of the artist involved.

The ink and one-use needles a tattoo artist uses should be of the highest quality, but there is just as important a factor you may not be aware of.


Getting your tattoo done precisely

Tattoos are applied to the dermis of your skin.

This layer is only 1 millimeter thick.

To ensure the needle hits the correct spot requires the artist in question to have experience and they need to be precise.

If the needle goes too deep it will cause the ink to “blowout”.

This means that in a very short time, what initially looked like clean lines will become far from that.

This is something you need to avoid as far as possible.


When in Bangkok, we have the answer!

The ALL DAY Tattoo studio in central Sukhumvit, Bangkok is one of the few fully licensed studios in the capital.

Our fluent English speaking team of managers and tattoo artists offer a wealth of tattooing experience and will hit that dermis spot each and every time.

This means you can rest at ease in knowing that the tattoo design you receive from us has a great chance of staying as crisp and clear as a tattoo can for years to come.


Aftercare Is Very Important

The fact about aftercare is that it has a huge effect on how well any tattoo will age.

Sensible aftercare must start immediately after your tattoo is complete.

Here at Bangkok’s #1 rated studio, the ALL DAY tattoo team take aftercare very seriously.

Unlike some tattoo studios you will never be rushed out of the door once your design is complete.

We often say that getting the tattoo is the simple part, how you take care of it will affect how well it heals and stands up over time.

Upon completion of your chosen tattoo design by one of our highly skilled tattoo artists this is what will happen:

  • The area just tattooed will first be cleaned thoroughly. This procedure will clear away any excess ink and blood. By doing this we are effectively sterilizing the complete area of your new tattoo.
  • We will then apply a thin layer of specially formulated aftercare lotion on the tattoo and cover it with a taped plastic wrap.
  • Once this is complete we will explain to you in clear English what you need to do in terms of tattoo aftercare. This explanation will be backed up by a printed sheet of these important aftercare precautions and procedures for you to take away and follow.
  • Our recommended aftercare procedures will not take long to complete each day, but by carrying them out you are giving your tattoo the best start in life. A life that will look good for many years to come.


Tips on how to keep your tattoo in tip-top condition

We promised you some tips on how to keep your tattoo(s) in tip-top condition. Here are 5 that are worth noting:

Avoid sun damage

Just like the rest of your body, you must protect your tattoo(s) from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Failure to do this will mean any tattoo design will fade and age much more quickly.

This does not mean you have to be a shrinking violet and stay out of the sun!

All we ask is that you be religious in your application of sunscreen to the tattooed area (and the rest of your body while you are about it!).

Applying sunscreen regularly will mean that you and your tattoo(s) can enjoy the sun. It will also give you the freedom to display those stunning designs at the same time!

This is especially important the more colorful your tattoo is, or whether it contains white ink.

A black ink tattoo will likely only ever fade to a small degree over time but colors can fade far more with sun damage, and white ink can turn a yellow over time if it is exposed to the sun too much.


Body Location, Location, Location

Where you decide to place your tattoo is an important factor on how long it will remain in peak condition.

Those designs that are placed in less ‘used’ areas of the body will fare much better and remain in pristine condition for far longer. Think:

  • Inner forearm
  • Upper arms
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Thighs


Black or Grey tattoo design

There is no doubt that color can affect a tattoo’s longevity.

While those designs that have bright, vibrant colorations look absolutely great when first inked, these are the type of tattoos that tend to fade most quickly if not taken care of properly.

Watercolor tattoos are a point in case, as they will tend to fade a little over time.

Opting for a tattoo using different shades of black ink will give your tattoo a longer, same-looking lifespan.

The black-and-grey genre of tattooing is very popular.

As with all other genres, the ALL DAY tattoo studio has experienced artists who specialise in this highly impressive art form.

If the style sounds unexciting to you just take a look at some old black and white photographs.

They are timeless, classic and look highly effective.

The same goes for a tattoo in this genre.


Large, bold designs

This type of design may not be for everyone, but it is certainly worthy of mention when it comes to longer lasting tattoos.

As a comparison it should be remembered that minimalist designs with small intricate lines will be the first to fade.

It is also a fact of life that tattoo lines will spread and get thicker over time.

We always make sure to advise leaving enough space between lines/details when setting up your tattoo so that the design doesn’t end up blending together even when this happens.

Receiving a larger tattoo with a bold design that incorporates thick black lines has long-term advantages.

This tattoo choice will increase the chances of your chosen design looking as good as new for as long as possible.


Traditional Old School Designs

If you are into bold designs then look at the traditional american style for your tattoo, this is yet another tattoo genre that the ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok major in.

These designs are classics for a reason, because they really hold up well!

Even those who got them decades ago when the inks and techniques available were far less advanced than they are now can still wear them with pride.

The great thing about this style is that you can do “neo traditional” twists on them – i.e. give a modern design or concept a twist and do them in a bright, traditional style.


A little thought and some expert advice will go a long way

No styles of a well-applied tattoo should be viewed as a negative.

Having said that, those who are looking for tattoos that will look better as they age will benefit from taking the above advice and tips into account.

Those living in, or anyone visiting Bangkok who are in search of advice and want a highly professionally applied tattoo in any style, genre and design should get in touch with our fluent English speaking team at the Fully Licensed ALL DAY tattoo studio.

We have worked hard to reach the status of #1 tattoo studio in the capital and would be delighted to ink that perfect design for you.

One that will last many years!

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