Back Tattoo Bangkok

Back Tattoo Bangkok

Your back is the perfect canvas for a highly-skilled tattoo artist to work on.

It gives them free reign to show exactly what a stunning piece of tattoo art can be achieved when such a large space of skin is available.

The full back tattoo has to be seen as the ultimate design for any tattoo lover.

The contours and skin space of your back make this part of the body perfect for huge, highly impressive, yet intricate tattoo designs.

Ones that deserve the constant admiration they receive.

Having said this, there is also a wide choice of other options when it comes to back tattoos.

We will touch on some of these as well as highlighting why the full back tattoo design really is the ultimate when it comes to stylish body art.

Back tattoo options that cannot fail to impress

For those guys and girls who do not want to go the whole hog there are other highly creative ways to make use of a perfect skin canvass that should not go to waste.


Be greedy, go for lots of smaller tattoos!

Don’t dismiss the fact that your back is ideal when it comes to the placement of multiple designs.

Your back is the perfect skin space for anyone who prefers smaller tattoos over larger ones.

To emphasize this, be aware that with thought of placement and appropriate sizing your back can comfortably accommodate 12 individual tattoos or even more.

If your goal is to fill that empty skin space with smaller tattoos, take your time on planning the ‘layout’ and theme of each individual design.

This will allow you to link each tattoo as you add it to your ever-growing tattoo mosaic.

Such an approach will mean that the individual tattoo is impressive in its own right, but will blend perfectly as you add the next one from your list.

If linking your inking is not your thing, the alternative is to keep adding designs to your back and then have any gaps filled with even smaller tattoo designs.

The ever-growing popularity of tattoos means finding something completely unique can be a challenge.

Not with this idea.

Whatever stage of completion your multiple tattoo mosaic is at you can be assured it will be unique and that it will stay that way as you add to your body art collection.


The Quadrant approach

This is a great way for ‘in betweenies’ to go.

Those who are not keen on having lots of smaller, individual tattoos spread across their back and have also decided that a full back tattoo is not their style can consider dividing their back into quadrants.

These quadrants are known as:

  • Quadrant 1 – Upper-Right.
  • Quadrant 2 – Upper-Left.
  • Quadrant 3 – Lower-Left.
  • Quadrant 4 – Lower-Right.

Each of the 4 quadrants can contain a different tattoo theme with its own symbolic meaning.

When well planned, the approach to your 4 tattoos will look stunning individually as well as collectively.


Lower back tattoos

These are very popular with girls in search of a seductive, highly appealing tattoo.

Things have moved on from the days of “tramp stamps” and with the right design, the lower back can be a great place to get a tattoo.

Lower back tattoos are without a doubt some of the sexiest, most erotic tattoo designs a woman can choose.

This area of the back is the perfect pallet for wide and elaborate tattoo designs.

Popular designs include:

  • Wavy lines that can extend and wrap around the lower back
  • One large star with smaller stars around it
  • The Hibiscus flower in different designs
  • Angel wings
  • Your name or a saying that best associates with you
  • One of many different hummingbird designs available
  • A butterfly
  • Bow tie and/or ribbon designs
  • A stylishly designed heart as the focal point of your chosen design


Two added advantages of a lower back tattoo

As well as giving your chosen tattoo artist free reign on a smooth and expansive skin surface to create a unique masterpiece, this area of the skin does not tend to transform so much as we age or go through weight changes.

This means the color and precise details tend to remain looking as good as new for many years longer than tattoo designs placed on other parts of the body.

The lower back tattoo can also easily and quickly be hidden from view as the occasion demands.

If you are out having fun with friends, or having some intimate time with that special person in your life then this design can easily be displayed, however on more formal occasions or in a work environment where you would rather keep the design to yourself it can be covered up with clothing very easily.


The ULTIMATE tattoo – A full back design

This option is certainly not for the fainthearted, but boy, does it look absolutely fantastic when complete.

Once inked, there is no going back, but making the right choice means you will be the wearer of a permanent, absolutely stunning piece of body art that will be admired by most (and envied by many!).

When it comes to deciding on a full back tattoo design you are not short of choices.

There is certainly no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the design that most appeals to you.

This could be down to the significance of the tattoo design itself, or a design which has a special, personal meaning to the wearer.

Shortly we will give some examples of highly popular designs that the ALL DAY tattoo studio regularly ink.

We have purposely included designs that are more suited to guys, ones the girls popularly go for and some that suit both sexes.

But first, two things to consider for those looking at a full back tattoo


Seek advice and guidance

Due to the personal commitment you are undertaking and the huge choice in full back tattoo designs you should make sure you get good advice from an expert.

If you are in Bangkok, come and chat with the fully experienced ALL DAY Tattoo studio team of artists and managers.

We speak fluent English and will be happy to advise on the design you have in mind.

Our extensive experience of delivering first-class full back tattoos means that we are also ready to inspire with additional suggestions should you need them.

In short, the ALL DAY tattoo studio team will do all we can to help you come to a decision on exactly the right type of full back tattoo design to suit you.


Understand how long a full back tattoo will take to complete

Dependent upon the design you choose and how intricate it will be are deciding factors in how long your full back tattoo will take to complete.

The ALL DAY tattoo Team will assess your requirements and then give realistic timescales from start to finish.

One thing you can be assured of, this will never be rushed.

Our commitment to you is to deliver exactly what you are looking for in sensible completion times.

To give you broad examples, a full back tattoo that is relatively ‘simple’ in design such as lines and lots of space will usually take a minimum of 3 days to complete.

Sak Yant designs are one example of this.

For more complex designs you should be looking at around 6 days for completion, but longer if a really detailed design is what your after.

Examples here are body art that includes dense and complex geometric work.


Popular design choices to cover your full back

Here’s just a small selection of the full back tattoo designs that the ALL DAY tattoo artists are regularly asked to complete.


Japanese style designs

Those looking for full back designs that are vibrant, extremely detailed, colorful and stand-out have a huge choice of Japanese style inkings to choose from.

This could be Samurai designs depicting various scenes, Masks, Geisha, Koi fish or Onami features or an intricate mix of these.

The end product is unique and certainly leaves the wearer with a full back tattoo to be admired from whichever angle it is viewed from.


Angel Wings

Creativity is yours when choosing Angel Wings as a back tattoo.

Not only can they span the whole of your back with additional design elements around them, they make for a truly amazing spectacle.

In terms of meaning, they can mean flight or speed to the wearer, or have a spiritual meaning to represent a person’s faith.

Angel Wings look excellent when inked in color in a black and grey style.


Tribal markings

It is true that tribal marking designs can be as large or small as you wish.

Those who choose a full back tattoo of tribal markings can be assured they stand out perfectly, but have the ability to blend in and connect with many other tattoos placed on other parts of the body – i.e.:

  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • Neck
  • Lower body

Deep and vibrant Black and grey coloring is certainly the way to go for full back tribal designs.


Dragonfly tattoos

This is one for the girls.

Dragonflies are one of the most beautiful insects on the planet. This is seen in how they translate to various forms of art.

Tattoo designs being one in particular.

Using a highly colorful dragonfly as the centerpiece of your design there are countless options to choose from when it comes to surrounding features.

Dragonflies represent freedom.

They also relate to those who accept and adapt to change easily and positively. This really is a colorful, vibrant full back tattoo to delight.


Phoenix tattoo

A phoenix tattoo must be up there with the most popular full back tattoo designs.

They are not only beautiful in terms of design and looks, they also hold a powerful message through the fact they signify a new beginning or rebirth.

This design is particularly relevant for anyone who has been through tough times but has come out the other side stronger and more determined.

The choice of design and accompanying art is huge.

Phoenix depictions have been shown multiple times in works of fiction, you can choose a new school approach, neo-traditional or even traditional art style.

As most people will have the phoenix itself placed across the shoulder area, think about a scene below for the rest of your back – This will add to the long-lasting impression of such a design.


Other full back tattoo designs to consider

There really is no end to what looks good as a full back tattoo. You can consider:

  • A holy cross – Belief in freedom and for those who are religiously inclined
  • Mandalas – Popular for both guys and girls
  • Day of the Dead Skull – Highly colorful, stand-out designs
  • The Clenched Fist – Power to the People!
  • Libra Scale – Yes, a zodiac sign, but this design also stands for liberty, harmony and justice


Make the most of a perfect body canvas!

There is no doubt whatsoever that the back is an ideal place for a tattoo design of your choice.

For those who are spending time in Bangkok, the fully licensed ALL DAY Tattoo studio in central Sukhumvit should be your ‘go to’ studio for such an important piece of body art.

We are committed to client and artist safety and our team speaks fluent English.

This means you will be assured of getting exactly the design you want.

Our reputation as the #1 fully licensed tattoo studio in Bangkok stands as a testament to client satisfaction.

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