Sexy Tattoos for Women

Sexy Tattoos for Women

Sexy Tattoos for Women

Only a few decades ago, women who wore tattoos were sometimes looked down on. In effect, tattoos were taboo for most women.

How times have changed! The tattoo revolution of the past thirty years has brought the inking of men AND women into the mainstream of tattoo consciousness. Tattoos are becoming ever more acceptable – not only at play or in social settings but increasingly in the workplace as well.

At first, it was mainly the men who started setting new trends with bold, colorful tattoos on their bodies, but the ladies have not been far behind. World famous female celebrities, actors, and pop stars have led the charge, and these days millions of women throughout the world have followed their lead with glorious and beautiful female tattoos.

Are female tattoos sexy?

Not all, but a great many certainly are. Women of all ages like to heighten their beauty by wearing designer clothes that enhance their appearances, and then they add to this by choosing hairstyles, make-up, and accessories that show their faces and bodies off in the best possible light.

In other words, they love to look beautiful and sexy – and they love to attract people and to be admired by them… and why not?

So a well-chosen, and well-placed tattoo, or two, or three, will further augment their allure and sexiness.

What kinds of tattoos are sexy?

Without doubt all women are sexy by virtue of their female attributes and their tantalizing curves. Curves can lead to hidden areas that can be made even sexier by the judicious placement of the right tattoos.

For many women, the careful choice of small, delicate tattoos, such as stars, feathers, flowers or birds, when put in the right place can look very sexy. Other popular female tattoo designs include hearts, butterflies, and other aesthetically beautiful insects such as dragonflies. As well as the heavenly stars, there is the whole range of celestial bodies, such as planets, or a crescent moon, and of course, the sun itself which is high amongst many female choices.

Sometimes, a few chosen words or quotes, when tattooed in the right spot can also be very alluring. Again, when put in the right place, a bejeweled tattoo – a tattoo in the form of a piece of jewelry – can also be very potent.

Another tattoo that can ooze sexiness if done right is the simple bow. A bow is one of the ultimate feminine tattoo designs, representing love and femininity and is popular amongst women of all ages.

If you are at a loss as to what may work for you, our artists at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok have dozens of original design suggestions and can create wonderfully sexy tattoos just for you.

What do men see as Sexy tattoos?

While you are not necessarily planning to have sexy tattoos to attract the men, and just want to look great and sexy as an independent woman, it is, nevertheless, useful to be aware of how men think.

First off – not all men like tattoos – period. Other men are simply NOT particularly attracted to women wearing tattoos – for whatever reason, it is not their thing.

Having said that, the world is changing, and it is probably fair to say that these days a majority of the male species are instinctively attracted to a woman with a well-placed sexy tattoo or two.

In particular, men love tattoos inked on the lower back, the ribs and in particular, a well-placed tattoo on the thigh. It is a fact that most men are drawn to women’s legs, and a well-designed tattoo that runs down the thigh, or disappears up the top of the thigh is particularly erotic.

Another place that can turn on men is a spine tattoo the runs down your back with containing maybe a secret symbol or message.


It is clear that if you want your tattoos to look sexy, then positioning is very important. To start the ball rolling, maybe you should consider placing your very first tattoo in a spot that normally remains hidden and would only be for the eyes of someone very close to you.

Then, as you become more confident with the magical quality of your sexy tattoos, you can try other body areas, such as your lower back, side, thighs, and hips. Other areas that can also look sexy are back, stomach, rib, and chest.

Such placements will be seen by anyone when you are on the beach, or in the gym or when you don a revealing dress to go out to a party or on the town.

The popular bow tattoos can look alluring on the ankle, arm, back, neck or leg, with multi-colored bright bows, especially red, symbolizing love and passion and pure white representing innocence.

Choose your artist well

Remember, it is the combination of design along with placement are that will create the sexiest effects and draw other people to the unique artwork on your beautiful body, and ultimately to you as a lovely person.

In this respect, it is important that you don’t go it alone and that you seek expert advice before taking the plunge. Choosing the right tattoo artist is an important part of the process and you will need to find someone who has a proven track record in producing sexy tattoos for women.

Here, at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, we have expert, internationally renowned tattoo artists that can work with you to achieve your tattoo goals. We will meet and consult with you free of charge, and together we can come up with a sexy plan that will work for you.

So if you’re in Bangkok, or are planning a trip here, why not click the button below and arrange for your obligation-free appointment with one of our artists at ALL DAY Tattoo.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Do Women Prefer Men With Tattoos?

Do Women Prefer Men With Tattoos?

Do women prefer men with tattoos?

There is no truly definitive answer to this question. Some women are highly attracted to men with tattoos while others will run the other way if they are approached by a man with a macho tattoo or two on his body.

And as is the way of these things, yet others are not particularly bothered either way.

However, having said this, there have been a number of definitive surveys carried out on the subject in recent years, and the results are rather surprising, and probably not at all what most men think.

In a well-documented survey in Poland, more than 2,500 heterosexual men and women were asked to look at pictures of shirtless men. Some pictures were of men had with tattoos and others were pictures of the same men which had been digitally modified to show the presence of tattoos.

The first and most important reaction the researchers recorded was that adding tattoos to a man’s body definitely changed the viewers’ perception. This change in perception was true of both women and men but in different ways.

Women’s perceptions of tattooed men

The presence of tattoos on a man’s body definitely catches the eye of the ladies, but not necessarily because they find them more attractive. What the researchers discovered was that the females viewed the tattoos as a sign of virility – tattoos were regarded as an indication of higher levels of testosterone.

This meant that women felt that men with tattoos would make better sex partners.

In addition to this, women also rated the tattooed men as being healthier, more masculine and more dominant.

In other words, the male tattooed body may be the human equivalent of a peacock’s spectacular tail.

But before all you men go running to the nearest tattoo studio to get some peacock inspired tattoos, be warned that just because women sense you might be a better lover between the sheets, it does not necessarily mean that they think you would make a better long-term partner or soul mate.

In fact, for many women, the opposite may well be the case.

For some women, men with tattoos just might not be their style. Everyone likes different things and being seen as masculine and confident isn’t everyone’s first choice in a man.

So it’s all negative?

But, hey guys! Don’t despair! There are still more positives than negatives about having tattoos as far as women are concerned.

The plain fact is that for most women, the presence of a tattoo quite definitely increases your chances of getting laid, for the reasons already stated. Although some women may be looking for their life partner, there are far more women out there who are looking for ‘one-off’ or casual relationships and are simply after a good time.

Here are some extracts from another survey in which women were specifically asked what turned them on – or off – as far as men’s tattoos were concerned.

I love a guy with a good, no-color sleeve that tells a story.

Tattoos, yes, but only if they’re done well. Also, it doesn’t hurt if they’re meaningful with a story behind them.

I hate any stupid quotes that you got tatted on your ass in college.

Anything on your arms, back, chest, even thighs is cool.

Love tattoos – unless they’re tribal or poorly done.

Armbands, clichéd roses and other large garish pieces that were very obviously done during teenage years just don’t appeal.

I also don’t like one singular tattoo. I like guys to have a half-sleeve or something bigger.

Yes to tattoos, but only if they’re ones you wouldn’t mind showing to your in-laws.

I’m into men tattoos as long as they aren’t stupid.

Tats can tell you a lot about a man.

Tats are not a deal-breaker either way, unless they’re covered head to toe.

I like it when guys thoughtfully and artfully pick out their tattoos

I find huge, carefully thought-out sleeves and body tats to be beautiful.

Get the idea gents? Make them tasteful, creative, and avoid the head and face and you’re probably in with a good chance.

There are so many women out there who will be perfectly happy to date a man with tattoos, but take a careful look at the ‘do’s’ and especially the ‘don’ts’ expressed above, as they may well help to avoid disappointments.

The fact is that wearing a well-chosen tattoo or two will almost certainly give you an edge. The most mundane and uninteresting person with a totally unglamorous job can be made to appear exciting and edgy if he inks a tattoo or two on his body.

If you’re still in doubt and you are either in Bangkok or plan a trip here, you could do a lot worse than visit ALL DAY Tattoo at our Bangkok studios and meet our artists and see what can be done to spice up your body.

Some women love tattooed men because it effectively gives them two men – the conventional one who is formally dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and pants, and the exciting one with gorgeous tats when he is in shorts and a singlet.

Women also love men with tats as their testosterone filled bodies are a signal to other men that they shouldn’t be messed with. Women feel safer and more secure with such men.

Women also love intricate and beautiful artistry on the body of their men. They love to look at and admire a wonderful work of art.

What do other men think?

In the Polish survey mentioned above, it was clear that tattoo-less men felt that men with tattoos were significant competition for the affections of a woman and that they were often at a distinct disadvantage.

So you see – just by wearing a well-chosen tattoo you may have well chased off your potential competition…

ALL DAY Tattoo can help.

So if you want to have a tattoo that will attract the women – or just for the pleasure of wearing a work of art – you could do a lot worse than come and have a chat with us at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok.

Our expert artists at ALL DAY Tattoo will be only too happy to make a few suggestions that will help you to turn the opposite sex on or to make you even prouder of your own body.

Why not click contact us and arrange for your free consultation – with absolutely no obligations. We look forward to hearing from you



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Half Sleeve Tattoos

Half Sleeve Tattoos

Half Sleeve Tattoos 

Your body is your canvas for tattoo artwork. The large areas on your back, chest, and stomach are ideal locations for major pieces of artwork, but never underestimate the power of the arm as a great place to ink a major tattoo.

Tattoos on the arm can either be a ‘Full Sleeve’ (covering the entire arm) or a ‘Half Sleeve’, in which the tattoo covers the area from shoulder to elbow, or just below it.

Half sleeve tattoos are becoming more and more popular, as people realize that it is not necessary to go for a ‘full sleeve’. To those who believe that a half sleeve tattoo looks incomplete, they had better start thinking again.

For modern tattoo artists, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, the upper arm area – shoulder to elbow – provides the artist with tremendous scope to ink something really stunning.

If you struggle to find the necessary time to ink a great tattoo, another plus for the half sleeve is that it takes much less time to complete than a full sleeve. The average time to ink a half sleeve tattoo is estimated to be around three sessions totalling from 9-15 hours depending on the design – still quite a commitment, but much less than the time to ink full sleeve, which can take anything from 25 to 40 hours to completion.

Half sleeves have the added advantage of being easily concealed if circumstances demand it. If you’re in your workplace, then your tattoo can be hidden from your boss, co-workers or clients/customers and so on. This is something that is much more difficult – in fact nigh on impossible – to do with a full sleeve.

Traditionally, half sleeve tattoos used to be the province of bikers, rock stars, and bodybuilders. This is because tattoos on the upper arm are a great place to focus the eyes on the wearers’ well-developed biceps. Many tattoo artists know just how to create a design that can show off these bodily assets.

Who are ideal candidates for a half sleeve tattoo?

Obviously, there is the traditional base of men with large biceps and triceps, but increasingly, half sleeves have not only become popular for a wider range of men, but also for a large number of women.

Yes, it’s true – half sleeve tattoos are trending – for both men – and increasingly, women – thanks to the proliferation of exciting and creative designs that do much more than just highlight those big masculine upper arm muscles.

However, don’t forget that any proper half sleeve tattoo is a major commitment. Bear in mind that most half sleeve tattoos will be an extensive and major piece of artwork, probably involving intricate, often heavy ink strokes, and will likely contain many shades or colors.

So choose carefully before committing yourself to your chosen half sleeve, as it will be very difficult – if not impossible to remove at a later date. This is all the more reason to come to All Day Tattoo, where you can be assured of expert advice and the finest possible artwork.

What sort of half sleeve designs are trending?

As with any tattoo – the world is your oyster, only limited by your and your artist’s imaginations, and in recent years we have seen some really stunning and often idiosyncratic artwork on the upper arms.

A half sleeve tattoos can be so intricate with such detailed backgrounds that at a distance they are often mistaken for real material.

For men there are the traditional designs, such as dragons, skulls and tribal, Maori and Polynesian designs; and for women, designs such as intricate flowers, a lighthouse watercolor, and angels are becoming popular.

Examples of other half sleeve designs that can work well for both men and women include:

  • a bird on the wing,
  • Hogwarts School,
  • a crazy wolf,
  • an owl with a rose,
  • a warrior and angel,
  • a mandala – alone or with lotus flowers,
  • a clock and rose,
  • the moon with cloud & mountain background, or maybe a mountain and tree with moon and stars,
  • complex geometric designs,
  • animals such as a lion, a fox, or elephant,
  • an eagle with a rose,
  • religious designs such as a Christian cross above hands in prayer, or a winged angel holding a cross,
  • a nautical star on a world map and anchor,
  • a girl and skull, a forest,
  • and so much more….

It is easy to get a complex design wrong and we will be only too happy to set you on the right track – whether or not you choose to have your tattoo inked at our Bangkok studio.

So why not click on the link below for your free, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert artists. Bring along your ideas, take a look at some of ours, and together we can decide what will work best for you.

We hope to see you soon.



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Ankle Tattoos for Men and Women

Ankle Tattoos for Men and Women

Ankle Tattoos for Men and Women


One way or another, women have been wearing ankle tattoos for a great many years, but it is only in recent times that ankle tattoos have also started to gain popularity amongst men.

Traditionally, ankle tatts have been the preserve of women. This is mainly because their ankles are much more likely to be on display when they are wearing their normal clothes – unlike men, who usually have their ankles covered with socks and/or trousers.

But the times – they are a-changing. Today’s men often go about without socks and they are also increasingly wearing pants that don’t go all the way to the floor. This means that male ankles are becoming more visible to the world.

An obvious advantage of a male ankle tat is that the wearer can choose to show it or hide it – depending on where they are, and who they are with. For today’s modern man, showing off a bit of ankle with a well-crafted tattoo is a bold and exciting statement of who they are; but when they go to work, or are in a more formal situation, it can be easily hidden by regular clothing – they can have the best of both worlds.

What sort of tattoos work best on ankles?

The ankle is the perfect place for small designs – simple or intricate. If an ankle tattoo is well crafted it can stand out and look really eye catching and beautiful. Many tattoos can work really well on an ankle. It can be a simple design, such as an anchor, or a heart, or a single flower – such a daisy – or something more complex like a pair of wings, a feather, or a bird.

Ankle designs can look really outstanding because of their tiny size. The exacting size and shape of an ankle means that the tattoos must be perfectly designed and inked to fit the area available. It is important that the individual minutiae of the drawing and/or lettering must be clear and legible.

If you want to make sure your piece of ankle art looks great, go to a reputable Tattoo studio, such as ALL DAY TATTOO in Bangkok, where you can rest assured that one of our accomplished tattoo artists will do an expert job for you.

Women’s Ankles

Women have been wearing ankle tattoos for centuries. For women, a well-inked, cute tattoo on their ankle is something that people will often find extremely sexy and alluring. Without a doubt, ankle tattoos can give women much added sex appeal.

Ankle bracelet tattoos have always been very popular on females. If they choose a more ambitious, really attractive design – such as a twirling rosary on the back or the side of the ankle – they will immediately draw attention to the ankle which will then lure the admirer’s eyes further up the leg.

Ankle art for a woman can be designed in such a way that her flirtatious appearance is enhanced. As she walks – the ankle tattoo can become a piece of live artwork. This can be even more so if the tattoo on the ankle is the start of an intricate masterpiece that actually extends up the leg… oh… so sexy!

Ankle tattoos on women are also socially acceptable and are worn by many prominent and famous celebrities.

Other popular designs for women include: a wheel and anchor; the moon and the sun; an open heart or a cup of coffee inside a love heart; an intricate lotus blossom; a butterfly; a starfish; a tiny star; a special message; a quotation or saying; a black bow that is tied around the ankle; a cat’s head, or a cat’s outline.

Men’s Ankles

The male of the species will be looking for something a bit different for this often-overlooked male canvas. Designs such as Celtic and tribal symbols are perfect for this small patch of skin, as are names, dates, and scripts with personal meanings.

Other ideas for men include: a bold wing or feathers such as the mark of Hermes the Greek God; minimalist symbols; Japanese, Arabic or other foreign characters; a geometric band which goes right around the ankle; a pair of birds, such as ravens – one on each ankle – or a single bird that goes right around the ankle; a diving fish that disappears into the footwear; or how about a small wood fire with the flames that embrace the lower leg?

For men who have yet to take the plunge and put a single tattoo on their body, the ankle can be a great place to start – because it will be a relatively small tattoo. So if you have made a bad design choice, it will not be too prominent, and also because it is easy to cover up with socks and pants if you decide you don’t like it.

Choose your ankle tattoo artist with care

As with any tattoo, it is important that you choose your tattoo artist very carefully. This is particularly so with ankle tattoos – Firstly, because most ankle tatts are small and intricate and need excellent design skills to make them look great.

And secondly, because the ankle is an area of the body where it can be quite painful to ink, so it is important that the artist is well experienced and can professionally perform the work with the minimum of pain.

It goes without saying that ALL DAY TATTO in Bangkok should be at the top of your tattoo shopping list. If you are in Bangkok, or planning a trip here, why don’t you give us a call, or click on the button below for an absolutely free consultation?

We, at All Day Tattoo, will be only too delighted to discuss your ideas for an ankle tatt, or give you some suggestions to mull over. We can help you decide what will look good, meaningful, or sexy. Bring us into your tattoo orbit – we promise you will never regret it.

ALL DAY TATOO should always be your first port call – we are here to help and advise you completely free of charge, with no obligations.

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Literary Tattoos

Literary Tattoos

Literary Tattoos

The tattoo revolution

Not so many years ago, before computers, the internet and hot desking totally took over our working lives, many of us used to have real desk diaries on real desks.

One of the pleasures in sitting down at our desk at the start of the day’s work was to open up our diary at a new page and read the daily quote that was embossed in black ink at the top of each page. Some quotes were amusing, some were philosophical, some were wise sayings or adages, and some were famous quotes from books, poems or by famous people.

Whatever the source, they were always good value; some more memorable than others, and a few were so good that we would say – hmm… I must remember that one.

These days, we read quotes in our digital diaries and share them with our friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

But while the digital revolution was in full flight, there was also another revolution in process – the tattoo revolution – that opened up a whole new world of artistic self-expression to people throughout the world and from all walks of life.

Along with the diagrams, drawings, pictures, and depictions taken from almost every conceivable source, there was also a trend developing to imprint written words on our bare skin.

Meaningful and inspiring tattoo quotes

Quotations have been part of the tattoo culture for many years and there has been an increasing demand for this kind of tattoos in recent decades.

Some tattoo quotes may come with a related drawing or illustration, but most quotations stand by themselves. The quotes are usually tracts of writing that not only mean something to the wearers but can also be words of wisdom that the wearer wishes to pass on to the world at large.

Younger people tend to find quotes that make personal statements – something that they feel strongly about – or maybe something that reflects their personal feelings or their own homespun philosophy.

Older people have generally experienced more of life’s ups and downs, and often seek a quote which expresses a difficult time in their life – a lost love, a death of a friend or family member – a reversal of fortune, or a lesson in life that they and others can learn from.

On the other hand, many music celebrities tend to go for a line from one of their song lyrics.

Some of the quotes we see on people’s bodies appear to be baffling or enigmatic in nature. There is occasionally an interesting story behind them which only the wearer will be aware of – unless they decide to impart their secret to you.

Undoubtedly, tattooed quotes can often be an inspiration for the wearer, so if you are thinking of going in this direction, chose carefully.

Where to find great tattoo quotes?

If you have some ideas, and you are in Bangkok, come and see us at ALL DAY Tattoo and discuss your ideas with one of our artists – let us show you how your selected quote may look on your skin.

There is a wealth of material from which you can make your choice of a quote – such as the Bible, classic or contemporary novels, non-fiction books, poems, song lyrics, plays, films, or quotes from celebrities or famous people from the past or still living. In fact, the permutations are almost endless, but in spite of this, it is surprising how many people go for the same quote.

Relationships come and go and rarely last a lifetime. So while one day you may grow tired of a tattoo that you inked to reflect your undying love for your partner, it is highly unlikely that you will ever tire of your favorite author, song writer or poet. Literary and other quotes will continue to mean something to you throughout your life.

Where on your body should you get your tattoo?

Having chosen your quote, the next step is to decide on body placement and the size and style of script. Quotes can go almost anywhere on your body – from completely visible on your wrist or hands, to somewhere never visible to the public; or just about anywhere in between – your upper arms, legs, chest, back or stomach, or even on or your face or neck.

Whatever you decide, it is important that you check with your tattoo artist and make sure he can tattoo the script that you want – be it capital letters, lower case, long hand writing, or maybe in a special style script, such as gothic.

If you come to ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, we will show you samples of our tattoo lettering skills and can show you a mock-up for your approval.

So the world of tattoo quotations is your oyster, but if you need some inspiration to help you get your tattoo juices flowing – then read on below:

Examples of popular literary tattoos quotes

  • For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears are open – Bible, Psalm 34:15
  • Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves – Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
  • Even angels fall – Song, Jessica Riddle
  • Live by faith, not by sight – Bible, 3 Corinthians 5:7
  • Love me for what I am – Carpenters, song of the same name
  • Too weird to live, too rare to die – American rock band Panic! at the Disco,
  • We accept the love, we think we deserve – 2013 film, Perks of being a Wallflower
  • How sweet the sound – Amazing Grace, a Christian hymn, John Newton.
  • Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love bears a memory no one can steal. – from an Irish headstone”
  • I should have been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling across the floors of silent seas – TS Elliot, The Love song of J Alfred Prufrock
  • As it was, in the beginning, one love so shall it be in the end one heart – Bob Marley, One Love.
  • When you left me behind you set me free.
  • Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors – Bible, Hebrews 6:19
  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee – Mohammad Ali
  • Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today – James Dean
  • We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy – JK Rowling, Harry Potter, Dumbledore.
  • Have faith
  • Tremendous things are in store for you – Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • My life is my art, My art is my life
  • It’s history it’s poetry dash – The Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger
  • 451 °F – Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
  • So we beat on – Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
  • In a world of my own – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
  • You have great truths within you if only anyone would bother to look – The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
  • 9 ¾ – JK Rowling, Harry Potter
  • Simple like a mountain is simple – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Jonathan Safran Foer.
  • Still I Rise – Still I Rise, Maya Angelou.
  • We don’t see things as they are we see things as we are – Origin uncertain
  • Don’t panic – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams.
  • So it goes – Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut.
  • Not all those who wander are lost – JR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
  • We are all mad here – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
  • Meeting is the saving of Life – Virginia Woolf
  • The great work begins – Angels in America, Tony Kushner
  • What’s past is Prologue – Shakespeare, The Tempest
  • Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt – Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut.
  • And it was still hot -Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak.
  • The world was hers for the reading – A tree grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith.
  • Mischief managed – JK Rowling, Harry Potter
  • Miles to go before I sleep – Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening, Robert Frost.
  • Always – JK Rowling, Harry Potter
  • I am. I am. I am. – The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath
  • I feel infinite – film 2012, The Perks of Being a Wallflower,
  • Boundless love – Meditations in an emergency, Frank O’Hara.
  • Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt – Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut.
  • Invincible – the song, Invincible, by Muse
  • She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs Without Fear of the future – the Bible, Proverbs 31 25
  • My heart is what it was before a house where people come and go from – Alms, the poem
  • And she was a hurricane from looking for Alaska – John Green
  • Let Love write on you – the poem, Everything is Illuminated.
  • I saw the best Minds of my generation destroyed by Madness starving hysterical naked – the poem, Howl by Allen Ginsberg
  • Curiouser and curiouser – Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll.
  • Have I gone mad – Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
  • We’re all mad here – Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
  • What matters most is how well you walk through fire from how is your heart – Charles Bukowski.
  • May the odds be ever in your favor – The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins.
  • There are other ways of turning people into ghosts -To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee.
  • Walk lightly – Walk lightly, J Patrick Lewis.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit – Hamlet, Shakespeare.
  • So we beat on boats against the current Borne back ceaselessly into the past -The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt – Slaughterhouse, Kurt Vonnegut.
  • Go then there are other worlds than these – the Gunslinger, Stephen King.

Shakespeare, The Bible, JK Rowling, Lewis Carrol, F Scott Fitzgerald and especially Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter House Five are amongst the most popular source of tattoo quotes, and of course, there are hundreds, if not thousands of others.

Strangely, one of the most popular tattoo quotes that we see over and over again is “So it Goes” from Slaughter House Five. Why? – Who can say?

What we can say is if you are interested in joining the throng of tattoo lovers who have inked a quote on their bodies, then just click on the button below.

We, at ALL DAY Tattoo, will be delighted to arrange a free appointment with you to discuss your tattoo ideas. Whether you want to ink a quote, or maybe an illustrated quote, or do something entirely different, we are here to service your tattoo requirements. Give us a try – we promise you won’t regret it.

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Angel Tattoos for Men

Angel Tattoos for Men

Angel Tattoos for men

As the world of tattoos continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, tattoos are no longer just cliché drawings of anchors or consist of rough, nondescript designs.

These days, people like to ink themselves with increasingly elaborate and complex artwork that expresses their innermost feelings and beliefs. These tattoos are often connected to religious beliefs, and the chief amongst these is the depiction of Angels.

Inking an angel is a popular way for people to demonstrate their belief and love in their God, their religion, or their philosophy.

While acknowledging that both men and women like to have angels tattoos inked on their bodies, there is little doubt that through the years, angel tattoos have become a particularly ripe domain for the male of the species.

Quite why, who can say? But there are certainly many good reasons why men are often attracted to the idea of having an angel or two on their bodies.

What is an angel?

Firstly, it is important to note that angels are to be found in many of the world’s religions, including Christian, Jewish, and Moslem. The Christian and Jewish bibles and also the Quran mention angels as God’s messenger. Indeed, the word ‘Angel’ is taken from the Latin word angelus which means messenger.

In effect, angels are God’s messengers between heaven and Earth – a servant of God.

Religious angels are regarded as protectors and guides and represent many different emotions and feelings. Angels help us get through the lows of life such as pain, suffering, negativity, sorrow, and remembrance. They can also uplift our feelings, and help us to rise above our failures and life’s troubles and succeed in our ideals. People believe that angels can guide us to great accomplishments.

Angels are also symbols of purity, beauty, gentleness, and kindness, and can protect us from accidents and physical danger and guide us away from negative and evil thoughts.

Thus it can be seen that angels are not only the preserve of religious people but are really open to anyone who believes that there are inherent powers of protection embodied in an angel. It has been reported that as many as 80% of Americans believe in angels.

There are others who simply like the idea of having a magical, mystical creature inked permanently on their body and also those who have angels inked, purely for their aesthetic and artistic qualities – something wonderful to look at.

Angel Wings

The most important facet of most angel tattoos is its wings. Although the bible describes Cherubs and Seraphims as having wings, there is no actual mention of angels having wings. But early artists portrayed angels as having a human-like form with wings and the image has remained so throughout the centuries.

Some angels have huge, wide-open wings, others have fallen or broken wings and a few angel depictions have no wings at all. But for a majority of angel tattoos, wings are a key integral component.

Different types of Angel tattoos

Holy Angel tattoos

Traditional holy angels are usually shown as good looking, or beautiful human-like figures with large open wings. Such a creature is regarded as a symbol of the good news from God and the open wings represents a faith and a belief in God.

Guardian Angel tattoos

Guardian angels typically protect the wearer from pain and evil. It is believed that they never leave us and are even with us when we die to guide us into the next life.

Guardian angels for men are usually depicted as a human-like figure with a glow or light around him, looking down on the wearer or looking to the side as a signal of protection. Guardian angels are often shown holding a sword and a shield for protection.

Angel of Death Tattoos

Also known as The Grim Reaper, the Angel of Death is the darkest of dark angels, representing death and evil. While the figure of the Grim Reaper is usually depicted without wings, the Death Angel is typically shown as a scary creature with exotic wings.

Fallen Angels and Devil Angel tattoos

Fallen angels are believed to be angels who have been banished from heaven. The most famous of these is Satan, or the devil, thrown out of the pearly gates for committing the grievous sin of pride.

Satan is typically shown as a dragon-like creature with red skin and surrounded by flames, while other, lesser-fallen angels, are shown as male figures with wings who look very sorrowful and full of shame. They are also often shown as looking upwards, towards their goal of getting back into heaven.

Baby Angel Tattoos

We have all seen pictures of cute babies with wings, which are commonly regarded as cherubs or cherubims – which according to medieval angelology (yes, there is such an ‘ology’), are the second of the nine orders of angels. Of course, cherubs are not as popular with men as the grown-up angels, but you will still occasionally see them inked on masculine bodies.

Body Placement of angel tattoos

Where are most popular places for men to place their angels? Well, both figuratively and literally, angels need space to spread their wings. Like any tattoo, angels can be inked anywhere on the body, but by far the two most commonly used places are the arm and the back.

You can see many tattoos of angels that start at the lower shoulder and/or upper arm, and spread right down to the elbow or even further with the wings wrapping themselves around the arm. Some angel tattoos cover the whole length of the arm, right down to the wrist. You can also see them on the inside of the arm, spreading down to the wrist.

The second most popular position is on the center of the upper back, spreading down to the middle back. The back is a great canvas and the wings can spread right across to the shoulders. A variation on the central back placement is to ink a smaller angel on one-half of the upper back, with another tattoo, such as a cross, on the other half.

Where to get your angel tattoos?

An angel tattoo is a major piece of art. It is absolutely essential that you find the very best tattoo artist available, or you may end up with having to live the rest of your life with a bad piece of art on your arm or back.

Check the studio and artist out carefully; check their reputations and make sure the studio is using the latest techniques and is clean and hygienic – you don’t want any accidents or bad endings with a tattoo of this size.

If you come to ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, you can be sure in the knowledge that our internationally renowned and expert artists will do a great and safe job for you.

We, at ALL DAY Tattoo, have some of the finest artists in Asia and we can create a unique and beautiful work of art. Our artists at ALL DAY Tattoo will discuss your ‘angel options’ and show you how they will look on your body before we start the work.

As always, we are happy to consult with you about your design ideas – or discuss any other tattoo ideas you may have. Our consultations are free of a charge and there is no obligation for you to proceed with the work.

Why not click the button below to arrange an appointment and see what we have to offer. Our artists at ALL DAY Tattoo are awaiting your message.



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Tattoo Trends Through The Ages

Tattoo Trends Through The Ages

Tattoo Trends Through The Ages

Historians tell us that tattoos have been around for over 3,000 years. We know this is true as we have seen the evidence from the mummified remains of many ancient cultures, such as Egyptian, Japanese and Mongolian.

But in more recent ages, there is little evidence of much tattooing in the western world prior to the nineteenth century. This was mainly because of the Roman and Greek Empires – as well as the Catholic Church – who effectively banned its citizens from inking tattoos on their bodies.

In fact, it was not until the 18th Century when western explorers started circumnavigating the world, that they discovered far-flung lands where the practice of tattooing was still alive and flourishing.

This led to many of these globetrotting sailors, and even some of the military who were colonizing new worlds, returning home with tattoos they had come across on their travels.

A sort of ‘mariner tattoo code’ developed whereby certain tattoo symbols had special meanings to fellow sailors. For example, a sailor with a swallow tattoo would indicate he had traveled over 5,000 miles; and a shell back turtle tattoo indicated that the wearer had crossed the equator.

There followed a popular nautical tattoo culture which spawned such designs as anchors, flags, mermaids, and later, the pin-up girls popularized by Norman Collins, aka “Sailor Jerry”, who set up one of the world’s first tattoo parlors in Hawaii in the South Pacific.

But tattooing in the modern era didn`t really catch-on until Samuel O`Reilly invented the Electric Tattoo Machine in 1890. This was further refined into the first “Coil and tube” Machine in 1904, which amazingly, is almost identical to the tattoo machine still used today.

Prior to this invention, tattoos were applied using the ‘stick and poke’ method, which involved using a sharp stick and a pot of ink. This was a long, arduous, and very painful process; but once the quicker and less painful electric tattoo machine came into use, it opened up tattooing to the world at large.

Not only was it less painful and quicker, but it also enabled the tattoo artists to create much finer and intricate details in their tattoo designs.

At the turn of the 20th century, tattooing was still largely confined to the under classes – criminals, circus performers, and sailors, but during the next 20 years, a few brave souls started to dabble with tattoos, with designs such as anchors, crosses, and regimental seals being inked on their bodies.

During the Depression years of the 1930s, tattoos started to become more commonplace. One idiosyncrasy of the times led to many people tattooing their social security numbers on their arms, and even their blood groups. Some people even went further and embellished their social security number with a patriotic symbol, such as an American flag or an eagle.

Others, seeking food and shelter during the depression, had elaborate tattoos inked on their bodies in an effort to obtain work in a circus. But the ‘genie was out of the bottle’, and people with multiple tattoos were no longer regarded as circus freaks. It was during this time that people – mainly ex Mariners – started setting up shop as tattoo artists. Many of these worked on tattoos in their living rooms or parlors – hence the name “tattoo parlor”.

Other popular tattoos during the 1930s were comic strip characters, film stars, and rudimentary representations of historical events.

As mentioned above, the 1940s and the Second World War brought us the “Sailor Jerry” tattoos along with many colorful crude designs, such as heart-wrapped ‘mom’ tattoos, Hula Girls, palm trees and military emblems. A well-known example of Sailor Jerry`s pin-up work was a scantily clad girl in a martini glass holding a deck of cards with the words “man`s ruin” written above her dangling leg.

The 1950s saw a return to more conservative values which meant there were fewer tattoos amongst the general population. But there was a further adoption of ‘anti-establishment’ tattoos amongst the underclasses. In particular, tattoos became the preserve of prison inmates, ex-cons, bikers, gang members, and so on.

The 1960s heralded a retrograde step in the American tattoo industry when unhygienic tattooing practices led to a major outbreak of hepatitis B, resulting in New York City and many other parts of the USA introducing tattoo bans.

However, this didn`t stop the younger generation adopting tattoos. It was the age of flower power and peace-loving hippies. Youths representing the civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam war movement, and women`s protest movements embraced the tattoo culture. The singer Janis Joplin popularized tattoos during this time with a Florentine bracelet tattoo on her wrist. This was copied by thousands of people.

During the 1970s, tattoos were starting to be accepted by the mainstream population. They became symbols for personal expression and a new generation of tattoo artists with backgrounds in fine arts meant that tattoo designs became much more intricate.

It is in this decade that we saw the start of full sleeve and whole body tattoos. It was also the decade when more female tattoo artists started to establish themselves. This meant there was also a much greater diversity in designs.

The 1980s introduced a tattoo style known as black work. This became very popular. Bold tattoos with geometric designs such as the Celtic knot became the order of the day.

It was also the decade of appearance-changing plastic surgery. Tattoos became popular, along with startling hair colors and outlandish clothes fashions.

The 1980s also saw the rise of MTV and other mass media outlets with the singers and celebrities starting to influence trends with their latest tattoos.

It`s back to the beginning in the 1990s, with tribal designs from the Polynesian and Japanese cultures becoming the “in” thing, along with dolphins, suns, moons and the stars.

The 1990s is the decade when women actually accounted for more tattoos inked in the USA than men. So we start to see tattoos inked to create permanent eyeliner and lipstick, as well as more feminine designs, such as butterflies and hearts. Female cancer survivors also start to use tattoos to cover mastectomy scars.

The 2000s saw the explosion of reality tattoo TV shows such as “Miami Ink”, which helped to bring tattooing well and truly into the mainstream. A clutch of lower back tattoos started to spring up as well as the growth of the celebrity tattoo culture, with pop stars such as Madonna and Rihanna leading the way.

During the current decade, we have seen a significant improvement in safe tattoo practices along with the development of hygienic, hi-tech state of the art tattoo studios – such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok.

More and more people are now taking the plunge for the first time, including many in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who missed the ‘tattoo-boat’ the first time around.

During the last seven years, tattoos have become totally mainstream, and tattoos are increasingly accepted by most employers. These days it’s all about where on your body can you place your latest tattoo? Nowhere is out of bounds, including your fingers, inside your finger nails, the inside of your lips and your more private parts.

In fact, the decade we are living in now is the greatest time to be alive as far as tattoos are concerned. Now you can choose from virtually any style that has been popular down the years.

It is also the decade that has seen the launch of ALL DAY Tattoo In Bangkok – Asia`s premier Tattoo Studio.

So where better to indulge in your tattoo fantasies than at ALL Day Tattoo in Bangkok? Here, we have an eclectic mix of renowned international artists who can help you decide on your design and placement.

If you contact us below we can arrange your free consultation – with absolutely no obligation to use our studio services. Come and chat to us and discuss your ideas and dreams for your first – or indeed your latest – tattoo.

See you soon.


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Couples Tattoos That You Won’t Live to Regret

Couples Tattoos That You Won’t Live to Regret

Couples Tattoos that you won’t live to regret.

We are now well and truly in the age of permanent body ink, and it comes as no surprise that couples are increasingly looking to demonstrate their love for each other in the form of special ‘Couples Tattoos’.

In the past, committed couples have expressed their love in many ways, such as in rings,(engagement, wedding), chains & pendants, paintings, gifts, valentine’s cards, and love letters, but these days, lovers all over the world also like to show their undying love for each other in the form of ‘ink on the skin’.

In the first blush of romance, young lovers feel so elated and happy that they often want to shout their love from the mountain tops – to tell the world they are in love and that their love is a special, wonderful love that will never, ever end.

But you and I know that this is not always the case – not by a long chalk. Love and romance – at any age – is always at risk of going wrong. Most people fall out of love almost as often as they fall in love.

Through the years we go through countless changes in our lives and lifestyles – in our jobs, where we live, our interests, our friends, our ideas… and crucially…our partners.

This is part and parcel of life in 21st-century Western society. Whereas once upon a time partners were usually for life, (as most couples were obliged to stay together for economic reasons), this is no longer the case. An increasing number of people go through at least two marriages and most of us have a number of committed relationships in the course of our long lives.

So how can I declare my love for my partner in the form of a tattoo without worrying about breaking-up in the future?

The answer is that couples tattoos should be non-specific as regards to your partner’s name or identity. Then, if you do break up, you will not be lumbered with a ‘love’ tattoo that declares everlasting love to a person who is now gone from your life.

It will be even worse if such a ‘name tattoo’ is then seen by the new ‘significant other’ in your life.

Clearly, such a tattoo, particularly if it is in a prominent place on your body, will be something you may live to regret bitterly. Indeed the only way to solve the problem may be to go through an expensive, painful and time-consuming process to remove the tattoo, which may well leave tell-tale scars, or a cover up (which we do lots of!).

But how can my partner and I have a truly meaningful couple’s tattoo without putting our names in ink on our bodies?

There are many ways to achieve this, and it is quite feasible to have ‘matching tattoos’ that clearly demonstrate your love for each other without stating your names.

Some people get around the problem by simply restricting the name to a single initial, which should be relatively easy to change or cover up should the relationship come to an end. This is fine, but there are many other, more creative ways to express your love without having to resort to inking initials.

For many, the best ‘couples tattoos’ are minimalist – small and simple is beautiful – maybe something that has deep meaning for both of you, or something that matches both of your personalities or shared interests.

Symmetrical tattoos are always great to look at when you are together with your partner, but choose something that has still meaning even when alone.

Our artists at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok will be able to advise you and work with you on your ideas for couples tattoos. To get your creative juices running, here are some of the ideas that have become popular over the past few years:-

  • One of the simplest, and most effective of ideas is for both of you to write “I love you” on your forearms, or on some other visible part of your body; or maybe “Together” across one partner’s back of hand, and “Forever” on the back of the other partners hand.
  • A popular classic for partners is to ink matching tattoo Rings or Wedding Bands on matching wedding fingers.
  • An oldie but goodie is matching “Hearts” or a small “Celtic or Christian Cross” on matching arms.
  • Or how about a “King and Queen“, or the “Sun and the Moon” or the symbols for “Yin and Yang“?
  • Then there is the “Lock and Key” – one partner has the “Lock” and the other the “Key“, again probably on matching arms. This can signify your love is firmly locked, or that your partner holds the key to your heart. An alternative could be jigsaw pieces which fit together.
  • How about a simple geometric or abstract design that spreads over two bodies – maybe on your arms, side or thighs. The drawing looks great on a single body, but even better when the two bodies are side by side.
  • Two “Matching Anchors“, showing that you are anchored to each other is another favorite.
  • How about “Mr” on the male and “Mrs” on the female?
  • Another good idea is to have twin tattoos of a building, place or a location that means a lot to both of you.
  • Matching “Origami Birds” is a novel idea – maybe in different colors.
  • Slightly more adventurous could be “One Arrow” that joins the two of you, possibly on your arms, or maybe a more adventurous abstract design that spreads over your two upper thighs.
  • Another idea is to have “Half of a Heart” on each partner’s body which becomes whole when put together. Another similar idea is the “Circle of Love“, with each partner having a semi-circle on matching fingers.
  • Some couples go for symbols such as the chemical symbols for “Serotonin” and “Dopamine“, or possibly Greek letters like “Phi and Pi“, or how about a matching pair of Infinity
  • Taking a gamble on the future? Then what better than a pair of matching but different card suits, such as a “Red Heart” and a “Black Spade“?

As you can see the variations are endless, and not a single one of the above suggestions contains your partner’s name, so if the worst happens and you do split up, you can still wear your tattoos proudly.

When looking to ink such tattoos on your body and your partner’s body, it is even more important to go to a worthy and reputable tattoo studio, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok.

At All Day Tattoo, not only can we help you choose something that works well for the two of you but can also give advice on the ideal size and body placement to provide you with the effect you desire.

Why not click the button below and arrange a free appointment with one of our celebrated tattoo artists and discuss your “Tattoo Couple” ideas with us.

Remember, our advice is free and there is no obligation for you to use our studio.

We look forward to seeing you soon.






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Caring For Tattoos in The Summer Sun

Caring For Tattoos in The Summer Sun

Caring for Tattoos in the Summer Sun

There’s absolutely no question – the sun is the number one enemy to your skin. This is true for everyone.

Too much sun can cause painful sunburn, do permanent damage to your skin, and cause it to wrinkle and age prematurely. It can also give you skin cancer in the form of deadly melanoma.

But for anyone who has a tattoo – especially new ones – the summer sun becomes an additional and potentially dangerous threat to your body.

First and foremost a total no-no in the care of your tattoos.

If you have recently had a new tattoo inked on your body – DO NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EXPOSE IT TO THE HOT SUMMER SUN – not even for a few minutes.

Your newly inked tattoo should be covered (by clothing, not plastic!) for the first 10 to 14 days after it has been completed. Even after this initial period of cover-up, it should be still be kept away from direct sunlight until the tattoo has completely stopped flaking – no scabbing, and no roughness.

Don’t take your new tattoo anywhere near the summer sun until you can see for yourself that it is completely healed, and looks fresh, shining and perfect in every way.

And even then:

Apply a generous dose of good sun block with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 – or higher if possible.


You wouldn’t willingly expose yourself to radiation or to something that is radioactive, would you?

Yet the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are a deadly form of radiation that can cause your skin to burn and become irreparably damaged.

If you pop out running errands several times during the course of a hot summer’s day, or you expose your arm or elbow to the sun when driving, be aware that it only takes as little as 15 minutes in the summer sun to suffer from skin damage.

If you are staying or living in a hot climate or in a place that has very hot summers, you should be aware that the deadly sun’s UV rays can permeate places on your skin that are covered. So even tats that are permanently covered in discrete parts of your body are still vulnerable to the sun’s rays.

Worried? You should be, but by using your common sense, and following ALL DAY Tattoo’s 9 simple suggestions, you can avoid any tattoo disasters and successfully keep your skin and tattoos in a healthy condition.

  1. Plan the timing of new tattoos and your summer activities to ensure your tats are given minimal exposure to the sun. If you’re planning to go into the sun, don’t worry, we sell specific “Tattoo UV Protection” sticks that will help keep your tattoo looking fresh.


  1. As already stated, never expose your new tattoos to the sun until they are fully healed.


  1. Apply, apply again, and reapply sunblock with an SPF or 30 or higher. We know it can be a hassle, but to keep your body safe, you should re-apply sunblock every two hours. If you are not prepared to do this then DON’T GO IN THE SUN!


  1. An even better way to protect your tattoos is to ‘outline’ and cover your tattoo with a chap stick containing sunblock, (such as Tattoo Goo’s sun stick), or outline the tattoo with the stick and use sun block over the tattoo. The ‘two-hour rule’ still applies.


  1. Whenever possible, keep your tattoos – old and new – lightly covered and keep them out of direct sunlight. Stay in the shade unless you are totally dedicated to having a bronzed body – but even in the shade you must take proper precautions and use sunblock.


  1. If you have had a new tat on your feet or ankles, be careful about exposing your skin to the sun by wearing open flip-flops or no footwear at all. The sun can reach your ankles and feet just as easily as other parts of your body so watch out for this.


  1. If you are in a beachside location, beware of the sand and the sea – most especially if you are wearing new tattoos. Sand acts like sandpaper for a new tattoo and the sea is full of nasty things, like salt, which can burn a tattoo and a serious amount of bacteria, especially during the hot weather.


Bacteria can lead to an infection resulting in an inflammation, which will cause the ink to drop out. Even in a swimming pool or sauna, your new tattoo will have nasty chlorine to tend with.


  1. Avoid the temptation to wear skimpy clothing to show off your new tattoo. Not only does this mean more exposure to the sun, but in a party or crowd situation, your friends will be tempted to admire – which you want – and also to touch – which you definitely don’t want!


  1. Carry some emergency sunblock – maybe a sun stick – with you at all times.

What happens if I don’t take proper care and end up with a ‘sick’ tattoo?

Good question.

First and foremost, don’t panic, but do take immediate action before your tattoo gets any worse.

To start with, call your tattoo artist and seek advice. If you their advice is to seek medical attention, then immediately seek out your doctor or some other medical professional.

If you are a dedicated sun worshipper and nothing will stop you having those days in the sun, please bear in mind that your tattoos can fade over time, and long exposure to the sun will accelerate that process.

So, sun worshippers, choose you colors carefully. The brighter the color the quicker it will fade. The FDA’s National Center for Toxicology Research says sunlight can cause yellow pigments, in particular, to break down or disperse over time. Darker colors tend to stay sharper longer, but even black will fade to gray.

So if you are coming to Bangkok, or are already here, why not discuss your designs and color schemes with our expert artists at ALL DAY Tattoo Studio in Bangkok?

They will advise you on color schemes that will hold up best in the sun and give you expert advice on how to go ‘out and about’ with your new tatts – as well as your old ones – in tropical Thailand and other hot summer places.

Press the button below for an obligation-free consultation. We will be delighted to advise you – whether or not you give us your business.






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Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoos

Astrology and Tattoos in Bangkok

Most of us, at one time or another in our lives, have looked up at the stars and planets twinkling in the night skies and wondered about the effects they may have on our daily lives. Indeed, for thousands of years, people have connected the dots between stars and have created diagrams and patterns which are now known as constellations.

Mystics, soothsayers, witches, fortune tellers, astrologers, and the like from both eastern and western cultures have long believed that the stars and planets influence the way that we humble humans – and the animals – live our daily lives on Mother Earth.

In the west, most people tend to follow horoscopes and star charts that adhere to the Greek/ Roman zodiac which is divided into 12 different signs, each one being approximately one month in length. The word “Zodiac” is taken from the ancient Greek, with “Zoe” meaning life and “diakos” meaning wheel.

This “Wheel of Life” applies to animals as well as us humans, and it is believed to have its origins way back in Egyptian and Babylonian times.

The elliptical belt of visible stars, which are spread evenly across the night sky, is divided into 12 constellations, which are the 12 signs of the zodiac, each one represented by a diagram of the constellation as well as a symbol or image.

These zodiac signs are divided into the four elements; earth, (hard-working and goal- achieving) air, (creation and unity), fire,(expressive of self, fearless), and water, (self-reflective, fluid, emotional and sensitive.

So each zodiac sign – along with the characteristics and the elements associated with each sign – provide a vast wealth of creative and unique material when it comes to inking something connected to your sign, onto your body.

In this blog, ALL DAY Tattoo has compiled a list of some of the most common meanings associated with each star sign; along with some suggestions on the kind of designs or images that may appeal to you for your astrologically influenced tattoo.

  • Aries, the Ram (March 21- April 19). Aires is a fire element which has a bold, trailblazing Aires people make good leaders, and they can be outgoing, idealistic, inspirational, active, and courageous. On the negative side, they can also be selfish, overbearing, impatient, sarcastic, and jealous.

Apart from the obvious ram tattoo, another idea to ink is a bee or something associated with fire. Things specifically associated with Aries are: a tat on their head, the color red, the metal iron, the flower is a buttercup, the gemstone is a sapphire or diamond, and the food is tomatoes.

Other tattoos that this sign tend to favor are a cat, an arrow, or the horns of a ram.


  • Taurus, the Bull (April 20- May 20). Taurus is an earth element and they like to indulge themselves and enjoy the finer things of life. A palm tree indicates reward and pleasure, and a heart on a Taurus neck brings out their romantic and sentimental side.

They tend to work well with money and they love to eat. They can keep their tempers well, but when aroused, beware. Sincerity, productivity, loyalty are typical assets. They can also be practical, slow, overbearing, violent and possessive.

Things specifically associated with Taurus that may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the neck, the color orange, the metal copper, the flower is a daisy, the gemstone is amethyst or emerald, and the food is celery.

Other tattoos that work well with Taurus are flowers trees and animals.


  • Gemini, the Twins (May 21- June 20). Gemini is an air element, and the symbol is human twins. Geminis are liable to fly off at any time and as such, birds, wings and feathers are ideal for this sign.

Geminis are curious and adaptable and they love to travel. They are also intellectual, alert, versatile, and instinctive, as well as restless, impatient, unstable, and difficult.

Things specifically associated with Gemini and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on their shoulders and arms, the color orange, the metal mercury, the flower is Lily-of-the-Valley, the gemstone emerald or pearl, and the food is cauliflower.

Another tattoo that is popular with Gemini is simple black bands around an arm or a leg.


  • Cancer, the crab (June 21- July 22). Cancer is a water element and the symbol is a crab or a crayfish.

Cancers are family and marriage types and are often noted for their collecting habits. They are romantic, emotional and family-oriented, but can be timid, stubborn and moody.

Things specifically associated with Cancer that may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the chest, the color orange-yellow, the metal silver, the flower is moon flower, the gemstone aquamarine or ruby, and the food is watercress or milk.

Other suggested tattoos for this sign are an anchor, a heart or the name of someone near and dear.


  • Leo, the Lion (July 23 thru August 22). Leo is a fire element and the symbol is a lion.

Leos are the most dominant and extrovert of all the signs, and they can also be generous, warm-hearted and free; creative and enthusiastic; broad-minded and expansive, faithful and loving. Their weaknesses are pomposity, patronizing, bossy, interfering, dogmatic and intolerant.

Things specifically associated with Leo and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the heart or spine, the color yellow, the metal gold, the flower is marigold, the gemstone ruby or sardonyx, and the food is oranges, plums, and peas.

Drawings or images of a lion or lion’s head are very popular amongst Leos, along with the astrological sign for Leo which can be tattooed almost anywhere on the body.

  • Virgo, the Virgin (August 23- September 23). Virgo is an earth element and the symbol of the Virgo is a virtuous maiden.

Virgos are balanced and they usually live balanced lives with good decision-making abilities. They tend to be intelligent, alert, graceful and perfectionists, but can also be nervous, timid, anxious and timid.

Things that specifically associated with Virgo and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the abdomen, the color yellow-green, the metal mercury, the flower is Azalea, the gemstone sapphire, and the food is lemons.

Other tattoos that this sign tend to favor are date tattoos on the upper back/neck.

Geometric tattoos with lots of intricate lines and carefully selected quotes with beautiful script would also work well with this sign.


  • Libra, the scales (September 24- October 22). Libra is an air element and the symbol of Virgo is the scales.

As to be expected, Libras like balance in their lives and like to do things correctly. They are orderly, peaceful, gentle, helpful, and spiritual but are also lazy, dependent on others, and often disorganized.

Things that specifically associated with Libra and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the lower back, the color green, the metal copper, the flower is violet, the gemstone diamond or opal, and the food is strawberries.

Other tattoos that this sign tend to favor are words of love on their biceps


  • Scorpio, the Scorpion (October 23- November 21). Scorpio is a water element and the symbol of Scorpio is the Scorpion, but it has also been an eagle.

Scorpios are good decision-makers, have good memories and are known to be good with money. They are also determined, confident, emotional, and inspirational, and their weaknesses are that they can sometimes be cruel, sarcastic, secretive, and selfish.

Things that specifically associated with Scorpio and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the lower abdomen, the color green-blue, the metal iron, the flower is honeysuckle, the gemstone topaz, and the food is prunes.

Another tattoo that works well with this sign is a geometric fox, maybe on the wrist.


  • Sagittarius, the Archer (November 22- December 21). Sagittarius is a fire element and the symbol of Sagittarius is the archer.

Sagittarius are peace-lovers and are active, travelers, sociable, independent, honest, loyal, and enthusiastic. Their weaknesses are overconfidence, self-indulgence, and a tendency to conceit.

Things that specifically associated with Sagittarius and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the thighs and hips, the color light blue, the metal tin, the flower is goldenrod, the gemstone turquoise, and the food are cucumbers and asparagus.

Tattoos that work well with this sign are script tatts across the chest or stomach.


  • Capricorn, the goat, (December 22 – January 19). Capricorn is an earth element and the symbol is the goat.

Capricorns are well grounded, determined, hardworking, and dedicated to achieving their goals. They are also ambitious, outgoing, dependable, honest, patient, and trustworthy. They are also fearful, selfish, suspicious, and secretive.

Things that specifically associated with Capricorn and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the knees, the color deep blue, the metal lead, the flower is poppy, the gemstone garnet, and the food is cabbage and kale.

Other tattoos that Capricorns favor are a goat’s head on the back, a series of stars in the constellation of Capricorn on the shoulder, arms or leg, and small, perfect designs such as a single anchor on a finger.


  • Aquarius, the water bearer, (January 20 – February 18). Aquarius is an air element and the symbol is a man pouring water into an urn.

Aquarius are humanitarians and they like to help others. They are artistic, creative, independent, friendly, and wise and on the negative side, they can be perverse, erratic, emotional, and overly sensitive.

Things that specifically associated with Aquarius and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the ankles and shins, the color blue-violet, the metal lead, the flower is a tulip, the gemstone jade or amethyst, and the food is pomegranates.

Another tattoo that works well with this sign is: Avant Guard flowers and bones on a thigh.


  • Pisces, the fish (February 19- March 20). Aquarius is a water element and the symbol is two connected fish.

Pisces are gentle and dreamers – romantics. They have two-sided thoughts and are indecisive but are open minded, peaceful, emotional, artistic, imaginative, poetic, and kind. They can also be insecure, weak, unstable, and restless.

Things that are specifically associated with Pisces and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the feet, the color violet, the metal tin, the flower is violet, the gemstone pearl, jasper, or bloodstone, and the foods are raisins dates or cereals.

Other tattoos that are popular with Pisces are: unicorns, butterflies, whimsical hand-poked designs, or a wing across the upper arm.


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