Caring For Tattoos in The Summer Sun

Caring For Tattoos in The Summer Sun

Caring for Tattoos in the Summer Sun

There’s absolutely no question – the sun is the number one enemy to your skin. This is true for everyone.

Too much sun can cause painful sunburn, do permanent damage to your skin, and cause it to wrinkle and age prematurely. It can also give you skin cancer in the form of deadly melanoma.

But for anyone who has a tattoo – especially new ones – the summer sun becomes an additional and potentially dangerous threat to your body.

First and foremost a total no-no in the care of your tattoos.

If you have recently had a new tattoo inked on your body – DO NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EXPOSE IT TO THE HOT SUMMER SUN – not even for a few minutes.

Your newly inked tattoo should be covered (by clothing, not plastic!) for the first 10 to 14 days after it has been completed. Even after this initial period of cover-up, it should be still be kept away from direct sunlight until the tattoo has completely stopped flaking – no scabbing, and no roughness.

Don’t take your new tattoo anywhere near the summer sun until you can see for yourself that it is completely healed, and looks fresh, shining and perfect in every way.

And even then:

Apply a generous dose of good sun block with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 – or higher if possible.


You wouldn’t willingly expose yourself to radiation or to something that is radioactive, would you?

Yet the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are a deadly form of radiation that can cause your skin to burn and become irreparably damaged.

If you pop out running errands several times during the course of a hot summer’s day, or you expose your arm or elbow to the sun when driving, be aware that it only takes as little as 15 minutes in the summer sun to suffer from skin damage.

If you are staying or living in a hot climate or in a place that has very hot summers, you should be aware that the deadly sun’s UV rays can permeate places on your skin that are covered. So even tats that are permanently covered in discrete parts of your body are still vulnerable to the sun’s rays.

Worried? You should be, but by using your common sense, and following ALL DAY Tattoo’s 9 simple suggestions, you can avoid any tattoo disasters and successfully keep your skin and tattoos in a healthy condition.

  1. Plan the timing of new tattoos and your summer activities to ensure your tats are given minimal exposure to the sun. If you’re planning to go into the sun, don’t worry, we sell specific “Tattoo UV Protection” sticks that will help keep your tattoo looking fresh.


  1. As already stated, never expose your new tattoos to the sun until they are fully healed.


  1. Apply, apply again, and reapply sunblock with an SPF or 30 or higher. We know it can be a hassle, but to keep your body safe, you should re-apply sunblock every two hours. If you are not prepared to do this then DON’T GO IN THE SUN!


  1. An even better way to protect your tattoos is to ‘outline’ and cover your tattoo with a chap stick containing sunblock, (such as Tattoo Goo’s sun stick), or outline the tattoo with the stick and use sun block over the tattoo. The ‘two-hour rule’ still applies.


  1. Whenever possible, keep your tattoos – old and new – lightly covered and keep them out of direct sunlight. Stay in the shade unless you are totally dedicated to having a bronzed body – but even in the shade you must take proper precautions and use sunblock.


  1. If you have had a new tat on your feet or ankles, be careful about exposing your skin to the sun by wearing open flip-flops or no footwear at all. The sun can reach your ankles and feet just as easily as other parts of your body so watch out for this.


  1. If you are in a beachside location, beware of the sand and the sea – most especially if you are wearing new tattoos. Sand acts like sandpaper for a new tattoo and the sea is full of nasty things, like salt, which can burn a tattoo and a serious amount of bacteria, especially during the hot weather.


Bacteria can lead to an infection resulting in an inflammation, which will cause the ink to drop out. Even in a swimming pool or sauna, your new tattoo will have nasty chlorine to tend with.


  1. Avoid the temptation to wear skimpy clothing to show off your new tattoo. Not only does this mean more exposure to the sun, but in a party or crowd situation, your friends will be tempted to admire – which you want – and also to touch – which you definitely don’t want!


  1. Carry some emergency sunblock – maybe a sun stick – with you at all times.

What happens if I don’t take proper care and end up with a ‘sick’ tattoo?

Good question.

First and foremost, don’t panic, but do take immediate action before your tattoo gets any worse.

To start with, call your tattoo artist and seek advice. If you their advice is to seek medical attention, then immediately seek out your doctor or some other medical professional.

If you are a dedicated sun worshipper and nothing will stop you having those days in the sun, please bear in mind that your tattoos can fade over time, and long exposure to the sun will accelerate that process.

So, sun worshippers, choose you colors carefully. The brighter the color the quicker it will fade. The FDA’s National Center for Toxicology Research says sunlight can cause yellow pigments, in particular, to break down or disperse over time. Darker colors tend to stay sharper longer, but even black will fade to gray.

So if you are coming to Bangkok, or are already here, why not discuss your designs and color schemes with our expert artists at ALL DAY Tattoo Studio in Bangkok?

They will advise you on color schemes that will hold up best in the sun and give you expert advice on how to go ‘out and about’ with your new tatts – as well as your old ones – in tropical Thailand and other hot summer places.

Press the button below for an obligation-free consultation. We will be delighted to advise you – whether or not you give us your business.






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Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoos

Astrology and Tattoos in Bangkok

Most of us, at one time or another in our lives, have looked up at the stars and planets twinkling in the night skies and wondered about the effects they may have on our daily lives. Indeed, for thousands of years, people have connected the dots between stars and have created diagrams and patterns which are now known as constellations.

Mystics, soothsayers, witches, fortune tellers, astrologers, and the like from both eastern and western cultures have long believed that the stars and planets influence the way that we humble humans – and the animals – live our daily lives on Mother Earth.

In the west, most people tend to follow horoscopes and star charts that adhere to the Greek/ Roman zodiac which is divided into 12 different signs, each one being approximately one month in length. The word “Zodiac” is taken from the ancient Greek, with “Zoe” meaning life and “diakos” meaning wheel.

This “Wheel of Life” applies to animals as well as us humans, and it is believed to have its origins way back in Egyptian and Babylonian times.

The elliptical belt of visible stars, which are spread evenly across the night sky, is divided into 12 constellations, which are the 12 signs of the zodiac, each one represented by a diagram of the constellation as well as a symbol or image.

These zodiac signs are divided into the four elements; earth, (hard-working and goal- achieving) air, (creation and unity), fire,(expressive of self, fearless), and water, (self-reflective, fluid, emotional and sensitive.

So each zodiac sign – along with the characteristics and the elements associated with each sign – provide a vast wealth of creative and unique material when it comes to inking something connected to your sign, onto your body.

In this blog, ALL DAY Tattoo has compiled a list of some of the most common meanings associated with each star sign; along with some suggestions on the kind of designs or images that may appeal to you for your astrologically influenced tattoo.

  • Aries, the Ram (March 21- April 19). Aires is a fire element which has a bold, trailblazing Aires people make good leaders, and they can be outgoing, idealistic, inspirational, active, and courageous. On the negative side, they can also be selfish, overbearing, impatient, sarcastic, and jealous.

Apart from the obvious ram tattoo, another idea to ink is a bee or something associated with fire. Things specifically associated with Aries are: a tat on their head, the color red, the metal iron, the flower is a buttercup, the gemstone is a sapphire or diamond, and the food is tomatoes.

Other tattoos that this sign tend to favor are a cat, an arrow, or the horns of a ram.


  • Taurus, the Bull (April 20- May 20). Taurus is an earth element and they like to indulge themselves and enjoy the finer things of life. A palm tree indicates reward and pleasure, and a heart on a Taurus neck brings out their romantic and sentimental side.

They tend to work well with money and they love to eat. They can keep their tempers well, but when aroused, beware. Sincerity, productivity, loyalty are typical assets. They can also be practical, slow, overbearing, violent and possessive.

Things specifically associated with Taurus that may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the neck, the color orange, the metal copper, the flower is a daisy, the gemstone is amethyst or emerald, and the food is celery.

Other tattoos that work well with Taurus are flowers trees and animals.


  • Gemini, the Twins (May 21- June 20). Gemini is an air element, and the symbol is human twins. Geminis are liable to fly off at any time and as such, birds, wings and feathers are ideal for this sign.

Geminis are curious and adaptable and they love to travel. They are also intellectual, alert, versatile, and instinctive, as well as restless, impatient, unstable, and difficult.

Things specifically associated with Gemini and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on their shoulders and arms, the color orange, the metal mercury, the flower is Lily-of-the-Valley, the gemstone emerald or pearl, and the food is cauliflower.

Another tattoo that is popular with Gemini is simple black bands around an arm or a leg.


  • Cancer, the crab (June 21- July 22). Cancer is a water element and the symbol is a crab or a crayfish.

Cancers are family and marriage types and are often noted for their collecting habits. They are romantic, emotional and family-oriented, but can be timid, stubborn and moody.

Things specifically associated with Cancer that may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the chest, the color orange-yellow, the metal silver, the flower is moon flower, the gemstone aquamarine or ruby, and the food is watercress or milk.

Other suggested tattoos for this sign are an anchor, a heart or the name of someone near and dear.


  • Leo, the Lion (July 23 thru August 22). Leo is a fire element and the symbol is a lion.

Leos are the most dominant and extrovert of all the signs, and they can also be generous, warm-hearted and free; creative and enthusiastic; broad-minded and expansive, faithful and loving. Their weaknesses are pomposity, patronizing, bossy, interfering, dogmatic and intolerant.

Things specifically associated with Leo and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the heart or spine, the color yellow, the metal gold, the flower is marigold, the gemstone ruby or sardonyx, and the food is oranges, plums, and peas.

Drawings or images of a lion or lion’s head are very popular amongst Leos, along with the astrological sign for Leo which can be tattooed almost anywhere on the body.

  • Virgo, the Virgin (August 23- September 23). Virgo is an earth element and the symbol of the Virgo is a virtuous maiden.

Virgos are balanced and they usually live balanced lives with good decision-making abilities. They tend to be intelligent, alert, graceful and perfectionists, but can also be nervous, timid, anxious and timid.

Things that specifically associated with Virgo and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the abdomen, the color yellow-green, the metal mercury, the flower is Azalea, the gemstone sapphire, and the food is lemons.

Other tattoos that this sign tend to favor are date tattoos on the upper back/neck.

Geometric tattoos with lots of intricate lines and carefully selected quotes with beautiful script would also work well with this sign.


  • Libra, the scales (September 24- October 22). Libra is an air element and the symbol of Virgo is the scales.

As to be expected, Libras like balance in their lives and like to do things correctly. They are orderly, peaceful, gentle, helpful, and spiritual but are also lazy, dependent on others, and often disorganized.

Things that specifically associated with Libra and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the lower back, the color green, the metal copper, the flower is violet, the gemstone diamond or opal, and the food is strawberries.

Other tattoos that this sign tend to favor are words of love on their biceps


  • Scorpio, the Scorpion (October 23- November 21). Scorpio is a water element and the symbol of Scorpio is the Scorpion, but it has also been an eagle.

Scorpios are good decision-makers, have good memories and are known to be good with money. They are also determined, confident, emotional, and inspirational, and their weaknesses are that they can sometimes be cruel, sarcastic, secretive, and selfish.

Things that specifically associated with Scorpio and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the lower abdomen, the color green-blue, the metal iron, the flower is honeysuckle, the gemstone topaz, and the food is prunes.

Another tattoo that works well with this sign is a geometric fox, maybe on the wrist.


  • Sagittarius, the Archer (November 22- December 21). Sagittarius is a fire element and the symbol of Sagittarius is the archer.

Sagittarius are peace-lovers and are active, travelers, sociable, independent, honest, loyal, and enthusiastic. Their weaknesses are overconfidence, self-indulgence, and a tendency to conceit.

Things that specifically associated with Sagittarius and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the thighs and hips, the color light blue, the metal tin, the flower is goldenrod, the gemstone turquoise, and the food are cucumbers and asparagus.

Tattoos that work well with this sign are script tatts across the chest or stomach.


  • Capricorn, the goat, (December 22 – January 19). Capricorn is an earth element and the symbol is the goat.

Capricorns are well grounded, determined, hardworking, and dedicated to achieving their goals. They are also ambitious, outgoing, dependable, honest, patient, and trustworthy. They are also fearful, selfish, suspicious, and secretive.

Things that specifically associated with Capricorn and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the knees, the color deep blue, the metal lead, the flower is poppy, the gemstone garnet, and the food is cabbage and kale.

Other tattoos that Capricorns favor are a goat’s head on the back, a series of stars in the constellation of Capricorn on the shoulder, arms or leg, and small, perfect designs such as a single anchor on a finger.


  • Aquarius, the water bearer, (January 20 – February 18). Aquarius is an air element and the symbol is a man pouring water into an urn.

Aquarius are humanitarians and they like to help others. They are artistic, creative, independent, friendly, and wise and on the negative side, they can be perverse, erratic, emotional, and overly sensitive.

Things that specifically associated with Aquarius and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the ankles and shins, the color blue-violet, the metal lead, the flower is a tulip, the gemstone jade or amethyst, and the food is pomegranates.

Another tattoo that works well with this sign is: Avant Guard flowers and bones on a thigh.


  • Pisces, the fish (February 19- March 20). Aquarius is a water element and the symbol is two connected fish.

Pisces are gentle and dreamers – romantics. They have two-sided thoughts and are indecisive but are open minded, peaceful, emotional, artistic, imaginative, poetic, and kind. They can also be insecure, weak, unstable, and restless.

Things that are specifically associated with Pisces and may inspire a tattoo are: a tat on the feet, the color violet, the metal tin, the flower is violet, the gemstone pearl, jasper, or bloodstone, and the foods are raisins dates or cereals.

Other tattoos that are popular with Pisces are: unicorns, butterflies, whimsical hand-poked designs, or a wing across the upper arm.


Whatever your star sign may be, if you want to reflect it on your body, you could do a lot worse than come to ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Bangkok. Here, you will receive absolutely free advice and suggestions from our internationally renowned team of tattoo artists. Maybe you already have an idea that you would like us to develop further or maybe you are waiting to be inspired.

Either way, we at ALL DAY Tattoo will be delighted to discuss your star sign tattoos with you.

Just click the button below and we will arrange an obligation-free consultation and show you the amazing possibilities in this modern world of zodiac oriented tattoos.

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10 Great Reasons to Get a Tattoo

10 Great Reasons to Get a Tattoo

Ten Great reasons to get a tattoo.

People who decide to take the plunge and get a tattoo are motivated by a multitude of reasons. Getting a tattoo may be something they have been planning to do for quite a while, or it may be a spur of the moment decision. Either way, for a majority of people there is usually a good reason why they have taken this step.

There will always be a few foolhardy individuals who get a tattoo on a whim, or who barely remember having their tattoo because they were drunk or were egged on by irresponsible friends. But for most of us, it is the result of one or more carefully considered reasons.

So what exactly are these reasons? Every tattoo is unique and the reasons for getting one vary widely. Here are ten of the most common reasons why most people become a member of the fast-growing world population of inked bodies.

  1. Why not? There is nothing new, wrong, unusual or outrageous about it. People have been putting tattoos on their bodies for thousands of years. At various periods in the history of cultures – western and eastern – tattoos have gone in and out of fashion. Certainly for westerners in the 21st century, there has never been a more popular time to go under the tattoo gun.


  1. It is a lasting and true expression of who you are. Getting a tattoo is a statement of your individuality – it shows everyone who you really are and you are doing it “because you can”. Whether it is a small discrete design or symbol on your shoulder or ankle, or whether it is something that covers your whole arm, or your back, it is announcing – or even shouting to the world – that you are an individual, a unique human being. Your tattoo helps to show others what you are all about.


  1. Happy memories – A tattoo can be a great reminder of a person, place, thing or a major event that you treasure, and one you wish to stay with you for the rest of your life. It may be a family member, a dear friend, a loved one, or even a public icon, such as a pop or movie star, or an event, such as a wedding or a music festival that meant so much to you. Whatever it happens to be, your tattoo brings back many happy and cherished memories – memories that you are determined never to forget. And what better way to do this than with a tattoo?


  1. A tribute to a loved one. Similar (3) to above, but in this instance the tattoo is of someone who is no longer with you, maybe they have passed on, or simply someone you wish to honor for a specific reason. A tattoo will help keep the memory and your love and respect alive.


  1. It is art. Your body is a blank canvas, and so many tattoos are quite simply wonderful and unique works of art. If you employ a great tattoo artist, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, you can be assured of a high-quality design or picture, one that will stand up to the highest artistic scrutiny. Wouldn’t be it great to walk around with a beautiful work of art on your body?


  1. Increase self-respect and life motivation. Many of us feel self-conscious in the public arena or in interactive social situations. Quite often, an outstanding tattoo will help make us feel much better about ourselves. We will feel braver and invigorated and less likely to worry about sticking out in a crowd.


  1. Tattoos can be used to cover scars and skin discolorations. This is a great reason to get a tattoo, for obvious reasons. An unsightly scar, or ugly skin blemish, or even a mastectomy can be either covered or ‘beautified’ by a clever tattoo artist, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo. Such tattoos are becoming ever more popular as people realize that they don’t have to spend the rest of their lives looking bad or disfigured.


  1. It is permanent. Nobody can take it away from you. It’s your skin and a tattoo is pretty much for life unless you wish to undergo a long, painful and expensive laser removal process that will probably leave a scar. Fashions, hairstyles, and trends change, but your tattoo is there forever – the one immovable feature of your life. Isn’t that awesome?


  1. Putting on the style. Nobody wants to be a total slave fashion and the latest trends, but at the same time, you don’t want to be out of step with an integral feature of modern day life. If you really want to emulate your peers and celebrity icons, then a tasteful tattoo or two will certainly announce your lifelong membership of the tattoo generation.


  1. You want a visual, textual reminder to yourself – and others – of something that matters deeply in your life. It may be a famous quote, a life adage, a proverb, a piece of verse, a music lyric, an extract from the Bible or some other religious book, something in ancient languages such as Latin or Sanskrit – in fact almost anything that holds a great meaning for you.


So these are our ten great reasons to get a tattoo, and of course, there are many others.


Whatever your reason, which may not even be one of the above, if you’re in Bangkok, why not click the button below and come and talk to our artists at ALL DAY Tattoo. We will be delighted to arrange a free consultation and discuss your various options and make suggestions. We guarantee that you will be under no pressure or obligation to use our studio services.


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Guidelines on How to Avoid Getting a Tattoo You Will Come to Regret

Guidelines on How to Avoid Getting a Tattoo You Will Come to Regret

Guidelines on how to avoid getting a tattoo you will come to regret.

Tattoos are trending like wildfire. Ever since the world’s celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, and tattoo TV reality shows filled the airwaves, tattoos have become the “must have” accessory for a generation of the world’s youth – and even for many who are not in their first flushes of youth.

14% of all Americans and 20% of Brits now have at least one tattoo, with that percentage rising to 30% – 40% to the under 40s in these two countries that are leading the Western world’s tattoo charge.

So peer pressure and the desire to have a tattoo or two on your body is becoming more and more the norm.

And why not indeed? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a beautiful tattoo – one that’s carefully chosen, and inked by a professional tattoo artist in a state of the art studio.

So why do we see so many disastrous, and let’s face it, absolutely appalling tattoos? You don’t have to look far to see tattoos misspelled, badly drawn, horrible pulps of colors running into each other, illegible script, and so on. I could go on, but you get the idea.

The first thing to get firmly into your mind is that unlike other statements of fashion, such as outlandish clothes, weird hairdos or bodily hair in the form of mustaches or beards, tattoos are there forever.

The only way to remove tattoos is a very painful, expensive and lengthy laser removal process which may well leave nasty scars behind.

So how do you ensure that you never have a tattoo that you will grow to bitterly regret? How do you stop yourself acting in haste and regretting in leisure for the rest of your life?

Here are a few common-sense guidelines, which we invite you to take to heart and try to follow:

  1. Choose your tattoo artist and studio very carefully – Don’t go to the nearest, most convenient, or the cheapest studio. This is not the right way to ensure you get a tattoo you won’t regret later.


Do your research, and check the artist and studio out. Is the artist experienced and properly qualified? Is the studio clean and do they use the latest and most hyenic instruments and procedures? Do they have a good reputation, and what does the internet say about them? Do you know someone who has been there and has been very satisfied?


You could do much worse than come and see us at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok. We have a state of the art studio and a friendly, expert team of international artists who can turn their hands to almost any kind of design. If you are in Bangkok or are planning to come then please give us a call. We are confident we can lead you through all the potential hurdles, and you will end up with a tattoo you will love for the rest of your life.


  1. Check out the artist’s portfolio – Ensure that you really like their work. Do you have a good rapport with him/her and is he/she on your “wavelength”? Do they really understand what it is you looking for in your tattoo?


  1. Listen to your artist’s opinion and their professional advice. -They will tell you that your body is not fixed in one position and that your skin will shift and move with age, and can advise what will or won’t look good in the long term. They will also tell you that trying to put too much detail into your tattoo may make it look great for a year or two, but later may end up looking a mess – like rain on a watercolor painting.


  1. Choose the right tattoo. This is so important, and it should never be decided on a whim, or when you are drunk, or on the advice of well-meaning but ignorant friends.


Think very carefully before putting the name of your significant other on your skin, as very few relationships will last a lifetime. Names of family members are fine, and if you really wish to demonstrate your love to your partner, be more subtle – get a tattoo of something that has special meaning for the two of you –rather than his or her name.


In a similar way, musicians should be careful about inking the name of their band on their skin or sportsmen the name of their team. Personal allegiances have a habit of changing in unexpected ways in the course of a lifetime.


A tattoo with meaning is often a good idea but don’t search for meaning to the exclusion of all else. The tat has to be something that you really like.


Do your research. Look at the multitudes of designs online, and in particular, look at your artist’s portfolio and check to see if there isn’t something there can be adapted for you. You want your tattoo to be as unique as possible and not a bad copy of something you have seen somewhere.


Above all – don’t rush into it. Choose a design and sleep on it. Even better, ponder it for several days (or even weeks) to make absolutely sure it is a tattoo you can live with for the rest of your life. Ask yourself if it is possible that one day you may grow tired of it. By all means, seek the advice of a trusted friend who knows you well, but as said above, avoid the “gang approach” to tattoo advice.


Above all – don’t go ahead with a tattoo based on advice from an artist or a friend because you are afraid to tell them you don’t like it! This is tattoo suicide…


  1. Choose the right body location. – Do you want it seen by everyone? You can’t hide finger tattoos; and if your boss isn’t into tattoos, you may have to button up your cuffs throughout your working life to hide a full arm tattoo.


If you worry about your employment prospects, or you are not keen on showing your tattoo to the wide world on every occasion, then the general rule of below the neck and above the knees and elbows will work for most situations.


Tattoos in certain locations can hurt more than in others – your artist can advise you on this. But unless your pain threshold is particularly low, if it is the right place for you, then you should not allow the amount of pain interfere with your choice of location. A little bit of pain and a lifetime of satisfaction – something you can boast about to your grandchildren.


  1. Follow the artist’s aftercare instructions. – This is extremely important, as improper aftercare can ruin your tattoo and leave you with an infected mess. Treat it for what it is – an open wound that needs to be initially covered and cosseted until it has properly healed. In particular – keep your new tattoo clean and dry, and out of the sun and away from the sea.


Long term care is also necessary if you want to keep your tattoo in pristine condition for many years to come. Specially formulated moisturizing creams are available from any reputable tattoo studio.


  1. Avoid any studio that charges for consultation. This is a no-no in the tattoo business. Reputable tattoo artists, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, only charge for the time taken to ink your tattoos. Consultations are free of charge and are always given without any obligation from you to give us your business.

So why not click the button bellow and start the process going? The artists at ALL DAY Tattoo will be happy to help you avoid having a tattoo that one day you may come to regret.








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Latest Tattoo Trends

Latest Tattoo Trends

Latest Tattoo Trends in Bangkok

The inspiration for tattoos can come from literally anywhere. Through the decades, tens of thousands of different tattoo designs have been inked on people’s bodies.

From London to New York, from Calcutta to Beijing, from Bangkok to Tokyo, Tattoo artists, together with their customers have created an enormous array of captivating tats.

This is never more so than at ALL DAY TATTOO in Bangkok.

There is such a wide choice of designs, motifs, lettering and pictures that you can put on your skin that in many ways you are spoiled for choice, and choosing what is right for you can become a challenge in itself.

You could go for the tried and tested tattoo designs that have been around for many years, or you can create something completely original, unique, and personal to you.

Or are you one of those who prefers to go with the latest trends? Do you need to make sure your inkings are really cool and will fit in with the very latest celebrity tattoo culture?

What’s ‘in’ in 2017?

So what are the latest tattoo trends that are being inked by the glitterati? What are the new tatts that are being shared on Instagram and Pinterest by the beautiful people?

Here are some of the latest tattoo ideas that have been taking the world by storm in 2017.

  • Hip Tattoos – Leading the way this year are reality star/model Kylie Jenner, and model Hailey Baldwin with small, discrete hip tattoos. It’s a great area to ink, as it’s not too painful and the location gives you the advantage of being able to hide or show off, according to your mood or your personal situation. Check out Kylie’s “sanity” tat.


  • Inner Arm Tattoos – Also very popular this year are inner arm tats that also can be seen – or not – as you choose. Put your arms by your side and your tattoo is completely hidden; but turn your inner arm out and you can show your friends, or indeed the whole world, exactly what you have got there. Celebrities leading the charge on inner arm tats are Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and of course, Kylie J.


  • Photorealistic tattoos – also known as Hyper-realism – People have been tattooing pictures of people and things on their skin since time immemorial. This is a very specific type of tattoo and should only be done by someone with extensive experience in doing them.


But with hyper or photorealism, we are talking about pics in a totally different league. These pics are so lifelike that they provide a high definition, and sometimes an amazing 3- D effect. The realistic nature of these tatts can turn your body into a work of art. Hip-hop artists Jon Boi and celeb tattoo artist BangBang are the leaders here.


  • Tiny Tattoos – Arms, back of the neck, behind the ear, and the side of the ear are all elegant locations for tiny, dainty skin art. The fashion for tiny tats, Led by the Queen of tiny tats, US actress/ singer Bella Thorne, has been around for a while but shows no sign of slacking amongst the trendy classes in 2017.


  • Script Tattoos – Lettering is nothing new to inked bodies, but the latest trend in cursive fonts, (joined up handwriting style), has put a whole new take on written tattoos, and this trend has grown in 2017.


Follow Lady Gaga’s Joanne tattoo and put your favorite name, quote, lyrics, date, and so on in stylish cursive fonts anywhere on your body – from your neck to your ankles. It looks great from a distance, and it’s not until your admirer gets up close and personal that they can read the name or message.


  • Cosmetic Tattoos – Copy the look of eyebrows, freckles and other types of makeup. Cosmetic tattoos are also applied to create nipples after mastectomies, and other scars left by surgery. They are all the rage this year.


  • Thin Line Work and Single Line Art – the more elementary the better. Minimalistic, simple designs or delicate definition and unbroken lines have taken the tattoo art scene by storm in 2017. The thin line work gives the tattoo a greater sense of presence without cluttering up the skin, and a single unbroken line can be regarded as a lifeline.


  • Red Ink – Once again Kylie J is almost single-handedly responsible for the explosion in the use of red ink tattoos with 4 tiny red tatts on her body. Red ink is a stark departure from the traditional dark colored tattoos, which works in different ways on different skin tones.


  • Best Of The Rest in 2017 – geometric designs (mainly dots and lines); watercolor tattoos; antique compasses and pocket watches (in a photorealistic style); trash polka dots, (from Germany); lacework for ladies, (replacing the dreamcatcher and infinity symbols); Cyborg reveals, using the latest photo quality stencils; Mandalas (a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism); Minimalistic Prints.

What’s not so trendy?

If you are a slave of fashion then the above list gives you a huge variety of styles and techniques that should satisfy just about anyone planning to have a tat or two in 2017.

Our international artists here at ALL DAY TATTOO in Bangkok will be delighted to go through the latest tattoo ideas with you and help you choose.

But even though you like to follow the trends, maybe you would also like to dip into tattoo ideas that have been popular in the past. You may not be too concerned with what is fashionable but would like to avoid tattoos that are considered especially infra dig in 2017 by the movers and shakers.

If so, here is a list of tattoo styles that aren’t currently “in trend” but please don’t take it the list too seriously, as tattoos are always a personal choice, and if you think it will look good on you then it probably will – and being “in trend” isn’t for everyone.

  • Dolphins
  • Barbed wire
  • Celtic Designs
  • Zodiac Designs
  • Emoji Fashion
  • Cartoon Fairies
  • Kitchen Tattoos
  • Butterflies
  • Chinese Characters
  • Tribal Tattoos

Here at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, we are always happy to advise you on any tattoo that you would like to ink on your skin. We are not too concerned with about what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’ – we are only concerned with doing something that will make you happy and proud to show off to your loved ones and friends.

Why not click the button below and arrange for you free one to one consultation, with absolutely no obligation to use our studio. We are always happy to discuss our tattoo designs and techniques with anyone who is interested. We hope to see you soon.


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Body Modifications in Modern Society

Body Modifications in Modern Society

Body modification in today’s society

We know that tattooing and body piercing have been around for at least twelve thousand years. In more recent times, we have ample evidence that the practice of body modification of one sort or another has been used for many centuries in many diverse cultures and races throughout the world.

Historians have surmised that the main reasons why our ancestors continually sought to modify their bodies are:

  • To denote tribal leaders and people’s individual rank within the tribe or clan hierarchy.
  • A form of rite of passage for the young men (and sometimes women) in a tribe.
  • A sign of ‘membership’ to a particular tribe
  • A means of warding off evil spirits
  • A form of ‘charm’ or talisman that will bring good luck, wealth, happiness, fertility, long life, and so on to the wearer.


Even in today’s modern world, these ancient practices and beliefs survive amongst certain tribes in Africa and amongst the peoples of Polynesia and the South Sea islands.


Strongly held beliefs in the spiritual aspects of body modifications can also be found in South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma.


Over the past two centuries, body modification in western cultures – especially tattooing – has been more or less the preserve of prisoners, gangs, and the seafaring fraternity. However, there have been instances of tattooing becoming popular for periods of time amongst the aristocracy in both western and Japanese cultures.


But in the past fifty years or so, body modifications have increasingly become a part of mainstream culture in western societies. It is a trend that is growing year by year, and few expect the practice to slow its rapid growth anytime soon.


So what has given rise to the increasing popularity of body modification in the 21st Century?


There are many reasons, but there is little doubt that the trend started amongst adolescents in their late teens and early twenties. We saw it clearly with the punks and skinheads of the 1970s and 1980s, and as the ever growing number of tattoo studios sprung up across the western world; youngsters have flocked to get their skins modified in ever increasing numbers.


What is the attraction of tattoos amongst the younger generation?


  • Identity – at its root, the desire for young people to modify their bodies is because they want to assert their individual identities. Along with having their own dress, hairstyles, music, dance, art, slang words, and the latest pop cultures, tattoos and piercings have become a major part of this need to declare themselves as individuals – and not be just one of the crowd.


  • Rite of Passage – As with the tribes of old, modern youth also feels the need to go through a form of ‘initiation’. Pain is part of this initiation, and a teenager who can show he has been brave enough to have his or her body pierced and has spent hours under the tattoo gun will gain respect from his peers.


In an increasingly violent and disjointed society, many people who have gone through much mental or physical pain and abuse in their young lives actually find the pain of a piercing or tattoo cathartic.


  • Excitement – From time immemorial, human beings have been obsessed with how they look, and the better they look the better they feel about themselves. There is nothing like a significant piercing or a body tattoo to provide intense pleasure to the wearer. They say to themselves: “look at me – aren’t I brave and beautiful?”


  • Art – Tattoo designs are a work of art and can be extremely attractive. If you go to a studio such as ALL DAY TATTOO in Bangkok, you can choose a beautiful design to be inked on your skin by one of our internationally renowned tattoo artists. Many satisfied customers come back again and again to renew their experience with our wonderful artwork.


  • Meaning – Again, as with the tribes of old, people today often attach all manner of spiritual meanings to their tattoos. Meanings may have been adopted from ancient beliefs, or they may have a more modern twist; but either way, it provides the wearer with a sense of wellbeing and security.


Others may wear the name of a loved one or their favorite pop or celebrity icon on their skin, or they may ink a favorite, meaningful quote


How has body modification become so mainstream?


Unlike many lifestyles adopted by the younger generation, they will keep their tattoos as they grow older and as such – slowly but surely – these body modifications are becoming more widely accepted in the adult world. This is particularly so with tattoos, which are very painful and expensive to remove, whereas jewelry piercings can be taken out and the pierced skin will heal.


Then there are the growing number of adults in their twenties to fifties – and even older. They like what they see and decide to join the growing legions who have already inked beautiful drawings and designs on their skins.


With an estimated 61% of all American adults now wearing at least one tattoo or body piercing, we are fast reaching the tipping point where body modifications are becoming accepted in almost every aspect of society and socio-economic groupings.


Many professions and industries are now fully accepting of people who wear visible tattoos, and there is a growing tendency in even the more conservative professions to hire people who are inked. After all, many of the hirers have already inked their own bodies.


So now you know you are not alone, why not join the ever-growing world-wide phenomenon and indulge your fantasy? Why not have one or more tattoos inked on your skin, and what better place to make a start, (or to continue your tattoo journey), than at ALL DAY TATTOO in Bangkok?


Our Tattoo Studio will be delighted to discuss your ideas and help you to put them into practice. Click on the button below to arrange your free consultation, with no obligations.


We hope to hear from you soon.

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The Incredible World of Tattooed Words in Bangkok

The Incredible World of Tattooed Words in Bangkok

The Incredible Power of Tattooed Words and Script in Bangkok

Words play an important role in the wonderful world of tattoos. While most of us think of tattoos as containing all manner of amazing designs, drawings, pictures, emblems, tribal markings and so on, the humble word – usually, but not always in English – is also a vital part of the modern tattoo culture.

Words tattooed on people’s bodies can be split into three general categories:

  • Single words
  • Phrases, quotes and personal statements.
  • Words as an integral part of a tattoo design


Single Words

A tattoo consisting of a single word can often convey as much meaning as a body covered in tattoo art.

If chosen wisely, a simple, lonely word can somehow capture the essence – the heart – of the wearer. It may be a bold statement about the world, life or humanity; or maybe it will suggest what the wearer’s life and purpose are all about.

It can convey our deepest held beliefs, our aspirations, or the manner in which we wish to live our lives and connect with our fellow men.

Can all this really be taken from a single word?

Well, it depends on the word, of course. Some words may just give us a hint of these things, but there are many well-chosen words that can do just that. Or they can ask a question, or leave us wondering, or mystified as to what the wearer is all about.

Here is a random collection of popular one-word tattoo examples that are so full of meaning, yet are also enigmatic:

Possibility, Gratitude, Alive, Saved, Love, Always, Choice, Wanderlust, Strong, Adventure, Chance, Forgive, Freedom, Here, Now, Laugh, Acceptance, Happiness, Danger, Faith, Harmony, Darkness, Healing, Regret, Change, Chaos, Life, Nobility, Charm, Heaven, Fertility, Resilience, Holy, Spirit, Honesty, Respect, Closure, Honor, Obedience, Anguish, Determination, Devotion, Fidelity, Lotus, Romance, Apology, Commitment, Sacred, Compassion, Forgiveness, Loyalty, Paradise, Attitude, Passion, Friendship, Immortality, Balance, Serenity, Peace, Fulfillment, Independence, Perseverance, Beauty, Belief, Courage, Duty, Piety, Creation, Mercy, Ecstasy, God, Infinity, Birth, Effort, Elegance, Integrity, Empathy, Moon, Power, Energy, Prayer, Enigma, Morality, Equality, Eternity, Prosperity, Purity, Kindness, Knowledge, Existence, Strength, Truth, Trust, Tolerance, Tranquility, Tenacity, Tenderness, Unity, Understanding, Virtue, Victorious, Versatile, Worthy, Wisdom…..

I bet you didn’t realize that single words could contain so much meaning until you read the above list, which is by no means all-embracing. Without a shadow of a doubt, the choice of single words you can ink on your skin is endless and is only limited by the size of your dictionary and your own imagination.

It is difficult to go wrong with just a single word tattoo, but even so, some people manage to screw it all up.

It goes without saying that you must always ensure that the spelling is correct, as there is nothing that can cause more embarrassment than misspelled word in a tattoo.

Also choose the body location carefully. Do you want the whole world to see it, or do you wish to keep it private, or semi-private? Make sure the font and size look right to you and get the artist to do a mock-up of the real size in a sketch before they start inking.

Again, difficult to get this wrong, but make sure that the chosen word will not cause offense to any person or group of people.

Finally, make sure you are satisfied that you can live with this word on your body for the rest of your life.

As with all tattoos, you should always go to a reputable studio, such we have at ALL DAY TATTOO in Bangkok, where our artists will do their very best to ensure there are no screw-ups.

Phrases, quotes and personal statements.

Quotations, extracts and other statements have been part of the tattoo culture for a very long time and in recent years have become more and more popular.

Young people who are starting out with their first tattoo often choose a quote which makes a statement to the world of where they stand on a certain issue or philosophy or political viewpoint, whereas older people often like to ink a quote about something that they have struggled with during their lives.

Then we have the celebrities with their own agendas – often to create something that will connect them with their fans such as a song lyric, or something shocking or unique, that sets them apart from others and becomes a big hit on social media.

As with single words, short sentences, phrases, and quotes can also be chock full of meaning – often with more clarity than with a single word. But make sure the meaning will not be misunderstood, or cause offense. And again – be absolutely sure you can live with your chosen words for the rest of your life.

Please remember that a statement of love to your beloved, which includes their name, may not be a great idea, as nearly all of us go through several relationships in our long lives. Your family is with you forever, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to your partner or spouse.

There’s not enough room in this blog to list all the current quotes that are popular on the world tattoo circuit, but here are few classics- and some not so classic – to get your creative juices and research going:

All’s fair in Love and War

What to Do With the Time Given Us

Miles to Go

Be the one to guide me, but never hold me down

Celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing

Do not go gentle into that good night

To love and be loved

All you need is love, love, love is all you need

Everything has beauty

Fall down seven times, stand up eight

Dark Nights, Bright Days

Fate fell short

In the beginning

Have Faith

I am the architect of my own Destruction

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul

I must learn to love the fool in me

I’m gonna fight for what’s right…

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…

Follow your dreams

Never forget who you are

Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children

Take charge of your own life

There is always hope

To thine own self be true

To sleep, perchance to dream

We live with the scars we choose

You Only Live Once

Even angels fall

My life is my art, my art is my life

Love me for who I am

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love bears a memory no one can steal.

As it was in the beginning, one love, so shall it be in the end, one heart

When you left me behind you set me free

Don’t worry, be happy

For every dark night, there’s a brighter day

One of the the latest trends is to have Latin quotes inked on your body, which was possibly started by the likes of Angela Jolie who has a lower abdomen Latin tattoo: “Quod me nutrit me destruit.” (“What nourishes me also destroys me.”) and David Beckman, who has a tattoo on his lower left arm referring to his wife: “Ut Amem Et Foveam.” (“So that I love and cherish.”)

Some popular Latin quotes, such as “Alls grave nil“(” Nothing is heavy to those with wings”), “Luceat lux vestra” (“Let your light shine”), “Carpe diem” (“Seize the day”),”Veni, vidi, vici” (‘I came, I saw, I conquered”),”Temet nosce” (“Know thyself”), are starting to spring up on the bodies of the young and beautiful.

As with tattoos in English, it is absolutely imperative that the Latin spelling is correct and that it means exactly what you intend it to mean – so do your research.


Words as part of a tattoo design

Any of the above examples of quotes or single words can also be part of an overall tattoo design – either enclosed in the design itself, or at the side, or under, or over the main tattoo. If you choose to insert words in your tattoo picture or design, then make sure the artist understands the precise position and the size of the lettering in relation to the overall tattoo. Also, ensure that the words are easy to read; if you opt for really fancy font then it may make the words illegible.

ALL Day Tattoo in Bangkok

It might seem a relatively simple matter to ink words onto your body, but as can be seen from the above, there is all manner of pitfalls that can ruin your tattoo dreams. Errors, which at best can make you a figure of fun and at worst, can result in anger and offense from the people around you.

Here at ALL DAY Tattoo, we will help you through this potential minefield, and try to ensure the words are spelled correctly, and that they mean exactly what you intend them to mean.

While we can’t promise to accurately vet your Latin words, using any foreign language, such as Thai, is another potential “banana skin.” Here, at ALL DAY Tattoo, we will do our best to sure your Thai is correct and has the right meaning.

Check our Faqs and arrange your no-obligation consultation with one of our artists and discuss your ideas for words. Whether it is a single word, a short phrase or a complex sentence, we are here to help you decide on where and how they should be inked, and give you a good idea on how they will look.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Teenagers and Tattoos in Bangkok

Teenagers and Tattoos in Bangkok

Teenagers and tattoos in Bangkok.

The desire along with peer pressure for modern day teenagers to get at least one tattoo has never been greater.

Why do so many teenagers want to get inked?

Like the rest of us, teenagers are inundated on a daily basis with media images of celebrities, sports stars and others showing off their latest tattoos.

It seems that almost everywhere they turn they see adults in all walks of life displaying all manner of incredible tattoo designs on their bodies. Indeed a NBC poll indicated that a full 40% of American adults have at last one tattoo.

So who can blame them for wanting to join this fast-growing fashion and emulate their popstar or movie star heroes?

There are also other forces at play.

  • All teenagers seek their own individual identities and many experiment by changing their styles of clothes, their hair-dos, their groups of friends, developing new interests, changing their music tastes and so on. The desire to have a tattoo is often an important part of this experimentation.
  • Despite legal restrictions (see below) it is estimated that 10% of American teenagers have a tattoo, so the peer pressure can be enormous.
  • Teenagers are still maturing and are frequently driven by their emotions and impulses and are more likely to jump in and get tattooed without thinking through the long term consequences.
  • With their raging hormones and growing awareness of their sexuality, they are often attracted to tattoos that are sexual in nature – such as those inked close to ‘sexual areas’ such as the upper thigh or breast, or tattoos with erotic designs.
  • Many teenagers have a desire to look as grown up and as macho as possible, and part of this process is being able to show off a prominent tattoo.
  • Teenagers naturally rebel against authority, including their own parents, and one of the ultimate rebellious acts is to get a tattoo against their parents’ wishes.

Why shouldn’t I get a tattoo?

If you are a teenager, there is one extremely important reason why most of you shouldn’t take the plunge before you are 18 – you will be breaking the law of the land. In the UK it is illegal for anyone under 18 to have a tattoo, and in every American state it is illegal to have a tattoo without your parents’ permission.

The precise laws in America vary from state to state and even city to city. In some places you cannot have a tattoo even with your parents’ permission it, so be very careful.

You should also read the message below which is aimed primarily at your parents, but is one that you are also well advised to read.

How can parents deter their teenagers from taking the plunge?

The old adage, “Think before you Ink”, applies to anyone of any age contemplating getting a tattoo, but never is it more important than in the case of teenagers under the age of 18.

Teenagers have the whole lives before them, and they need to realize that something they may do before they are a fully developed adult could affect their whole future life .

There are many ways for parents to discourage their offspring from taking the tattoo plunge too early, and here are some tried and tested ALL DAY Tattoo pointers:

  • Don’t lay down the law in an authoritarian manner. Being too heavy handed can often be counterproductive. Teenagers are rebellious by nature and if you tell them not to do something, many will see that as a good reason to do that very thing.
  • It is always better to bring up the subject of tattooing as part of a frank two-way discussion, before your teenager asks about it – before having a tattoo is in the forefront of their mind.

This way you can positively influence their thinking on the matter. So when their friend suggests getting a tattoo, they are already aware of the dangers and drawbacks.

So what are these dangers and drawbacks?

Firstly is the health danger, especially if the teenager decides to go it alone – without permission. As already stated, in most of the world it is illegal under 18 in most places and in the remainder they must obtain parental consent.

This means that teenagers may go to ‘back street’ unregulated tattooists who are prepared to break the law for a few dollars, putting customers’ bodies at serious risk in these untrained and unhygienic tattoo mills.

Even if they get their tattoo from a reputable studio, they need to understand that there is always a risk of infection, especially if they do not follow the tattooist’s detailed instructions on aftercare, especially if they try to hide it from their parents.

Serious infection from a bad tattoo can lead to incurable diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses. Currently, only nine states in the USA have proper health codes in place for tattoo parlors.

Career prospects. No one is denying that in this enlightened age, more and more employers are totally accepting of employees with tattoos, and in many creative, hi tech, and media industries nobody will blink an eye lid.

But teenagers below the age of 18 may change their minds a dozen times before they decide on what career they will embark on, and there will always be teenagers who have limited options in their choice of jobs.

So, in essence, why burn your career bridges? While it is increasingly the case that the people doing the hiring may have tattoos themselves, there are still a great many prospective employers out there that believe tattoos are an indication of rebellious behavior and will not seriously consider any applicant who has visible tattoos.

But even if the tattoos are covered – for example, you have lower arm tattoo art – you may be condemning yourself to long sleeve apparel for your entire working life.

Wouldn’t it be much better to make important decisions on the direction of your future career before making life-changing additions to your skin?

What you do in haste you may regret in leisure. Quite apart from damaging your job prospects, you may well find that as you mature into your twenties and thirties, your tastes may change, and what looked great at 16 is now a constant reminder of a rebellious youth. You may grow to hate the large gothic design on your chest or the inked names of loved ones or celebrities on your arms who have long since passed you’re your consciousness.

One of the best things a parent can do is to persuade their teenager to wait at least a year, or until they come of age. The passing of a year is often very effective in cooling the tattoo desires – especially as far as content is concerned.

Inviting your teenager to watch a few episodes of “Tattoo Nightmares” may also be quite effective in getting your message across.

Tattoo removal is very painful, very expensive and takes a very long time and is never 100% effective.

You are still growing and your body is still developing. What looks great on a teenage body may look quite different on a fully mature body, particularly when your skin has stretched.

ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok

It goes without saying that we at All Day Tattoo in Bangkok love tattoos and there is nothing we like better than to take a new client down the road of making their body into a work of art, or helping others to add to an already impressive collection of inkings.

However, ALL DAY Tattoo will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18. This is the case even if they have their parents’ permission, as we do not feel ethically it is the right thing to do, for all the reasons set out above.

But of you are a teenager of 18 or 19, or the magic age of 18 is fast approaching, then we will be delighted to meet with you (and your parents if you wish) and help you to plan your future tattoo adventures in our modern, hygienic studio with some of the finest artists you can find anywhere in the world.

Once you are of age, the wonderful world of tattoos will be completely open to you.

Click the button below for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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Simoan Tattoos in Bangkok

Simoan Tattoos in Bangkok

Samoan Tattoos in Bangkok

There are many reasons why Samoa has pride of place in any debate or in research into the history of tattooing, not least because the Samoan word “TATAU”, is the origin of the western word “TATTOO” – a word known across the world and included in the lexicons of hundreds of languages.

Samoan tattoos also contain some of the most intricate and beautiful designs to be found anywhere and have been adopted by thousands of tattoo adherents throughout the western world.


Legend has it that two female Samoan conjoined twins, Taema and Tilafaiga, who were joined at the spine, decided to go on an expedition away from their own island. During their travels, their spinal joint became separated and they eventually arrived at Fiji where they met tattooists Tufou and Fillelei, who taught them the art of tattooing.

On their return to Samoa, Tilafaiga became a war goddess and, Taema became Samoa’s first tattooist and tattoo teacher.

The unique Samoan designs that are used in tattoos can be traced back to around 1500 BC where similar patterns have been found on both pottery and cloth decoration. Samoan tattoos are deeply embedded in Samoan culture and during the past half-century since independence, there has huge been a resurgence in this ancient art.


The Samoans are the only group of Polynesians that still practice the traditional art of tattooing as an essential feature of their daily live. It remains an integral part of their rite of passage, symbolizing the transition to adulthood for both men and women.

For young men, in particular, it means they are accepted as members of the association of young men, known as the ‘aumaga’. They also gain much respect for their inner strength and fortitude – enduring the high level of pain that is inflicted during the traditional method of tattooing.

Samoan tattoos contain some of the most intricate body art you will ever see and the only color used is black.

The male tattoo is known as “pe’a” (flying fox) and generally covers the area from knee to waist, with the small of the back tattooed first, and the navel design (“pute”) last. Without the “pute”, the tattoo is incomplete.

The female tattoo is known as “malu”, (protected) and does not generally follow a specific pattern and is mainly ornamental, although a diamond shape on the back of the knee, known as “malu”, is always present.

A few females known as ‘taupau’ have ceremonial roles and are always tattooed from their knees to the top of their legs and also on their hands.

Samoan tattoos contain designs handed down through the ages, with every tattoo being a unique work of art, and each containing its own special meaning. The designs have a tribal appearance and are often referred to as tribal tattoos in the USA.

Popular Samoan Tattoo Symbols and meanings

The symbols used in Samoan Tattoos have many different meanings. Here are some of the more well-known ones:


  • The Turtle symbol is very important and a widely used symbol in Samoan culture. It can mean long life, health, fertility, union, family, and harmony. It also is a symbol of a navigator.


  • The Ocean symbol is also very common and is often used to fill in blank spaces in specific patterns, and generally represents the final destination for people who die. The ocean can also represent death, the after-life, and a source of food, life, perseverance and even fertility.


  • The Sun Symbol is another popular design which can stand for wealth, intelligence, grandeur and leadership. Sunrise can indicate eternity or rebirth and sunsets can mean passage to the next life. Sunrays mixed with different symbols can have a wide variety of meanings.


  • Shell symbols (seashells or turtle shells) are also common symbols – especially the turtle shell which is a very important creature in Samoan culture. Depending on how they interact with other symbols, the turtle shell can have a host of different meanings including long life, health, fertility, and peace.


Seashells are not so common and when used, they usually symbolize protection and intimacy.


  • “Tiki” symbols are human-like figures which represent Samoan demi-gods and mainly symbolizes protection, and the presence of danger. When mixed with other symbols the “tiki” can have a variety of different meanings.


  • The Marquesan cross is very popular and is widely used in countless Samoan tattoo designs. Its main use is to represent a balance between the elements and harmony. Although its origin is unknown, the cross is thought to be connected to the turtle.


  • The Lizard, (or Gecko), symbol denotes the presence of Polynesian gods which are regarded as ancestors. The lizards are thought to be capable of talking to the gods to bring good fortune to the wearer, protection against the netherworld and death to enemies.


  • Spear Head symbols are in almost every Samoan tattoo design and represent warriors, sharp objects, animal stings, courage and fighting spirit. When used in combination with other symbols it can have a wide variety of different meanings.


Examples of popular and highly stylized body placements of Samoan Tattoos.


  • Neckline – in appearance it looks like a shield across one side of the upper chest running into an intricately decorated full arm sleeve – very much giving the sense of an ancient warrior.


  • Diagonal Body – from the top corner of one shoulder right down to the opposite corner of the waist. – very stylish.


  • Floral design on arm – very beautiful and effective if done in the Samoan style.


  • Samoan design on back – this design runs across the back of both shoulders and down to the center of the back – suitable for men and women.


  • Feminine feathers – Two Samoan style feathers that sweep upwards across the back. Some men may also like them.


  • Samoan Spinal – An intricate narrow strip-type design that runs from the back of the neck, and follows the spine vertically downwards to the small of the back – popular for women.


  • Full Body – If you want to cover your back or waist, arms, and maybe all the way down your buttocks, thighs and lower legs you could hardly do better than go for Samoan designs and symbols which can be endlessly repeated in the most beautiful and artistic manner.


Samoan Tattoo techniques


Do you want to go the whole hog and have a Samoan tattoo inked in the traditional way?

Traditional Samoan Tattoos are performed in Samoa using what is known as a “tattoo comb”. The comb is attached to the end of a stick, dipped in ink, and then placed on the skin. The stick is then hit with a mallet to force the ink into the skin. The stick is tapped repeatedly as the tattoo inking progresses.

As most Samoan tattoos are very intricate, this is a very long and extremely painful process.

Compare this with the relatively low-pain experience of being inked with a modern tattoo machine. So think hard about whether you are really up to tolerating the level of pain involved using traditional Samoan methods.

Where can I get a Samoan Tattoo?

If you decide that you are up for the pain and want the absolute genuine article, you can hop on a plane to Samoa and try your luck.

However, there is a huge stumbling block. Before they will agree to tattoo you, you will have to undergo a very long process of acceptance into the tribe. This could take many years and is obviously not a viable option for most people.

If you still wish to have the Samoan tattoo inked in the traditional way with a tattoo comb, you can find artists in Hawaii and Florida who have been trained in the ancient Samoan ways.

But be warned – it will be a very long and very painful journey and there will be a much greater risk of infection.

By far and away the best way to have a Samoan Tattoo is in a modern tattoo studio with modern and hygienic equipment such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok.

If you come to ALL DAY Tattoo we can show you a wide variety of Samoan designs and help you to choose your tattoo. Although some Samoan tattoos may look similar, every single one is a unique work of art.

But as well as liking they aesthetic look of your tattoo, you should always ensure that your Samoan tattoo has a real meaning.

If you really want a Samoan Tattoo, respect the culture and the ancient symbols. Research the designs and meaning(s) you wish to convey, and we at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, will be only too pleased to help and advise you.

There is nothing worse than having a beautifully intricate Samoan tattoo on your body but be unable to explain the meaning of it when somebody asks you.

So why not click the button below and arrange your obligation free appointment with one of our artists to discuss what Samoan tattoos will work for you – both from their aesthetic qualities as well as their inner meanings.

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Mastectomy Tattoos in Bangkok

Mastectomy Tattoos in Bangkok

Mastectomy Tattoos in Bangkok

It may come as a surprise for many of you to learn that in the USA alone, over 230,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year.

Of this number, around 40,000 will sadly die, but on the positive side, almost 200,000 will survive. In fact, at the latest count, it was estimated that there are 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the USA.

So if you are one of the unlucky ones to have had this most dreaded of diseases, at least you know you are far from alone.

What is a Mastectomy?

Mastectomy is the surgical term for the removal of one or both breasts, either in part or completely. The procedure is usually carried out in order to remove cancerous tissues. The surgery is sometimes restricted to just removing a cancerous tumor and the surrounding area in an effort to preserve the main part of the breast, and this procedure is referred to as a lumpectomy.

The traditional medical solution to the onset of breast cancer was to remove the entire breast. These days, with modern techniques available, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, doctors try to save as much of the breast as possible and partial breast removal is a real option in some, but by no means all circumstances.

At the other end of the scale, an increasing number of women are opting to have double mastectomies as a preventative measure where there is an unacceptably high risk of the patient developing breast cancer at some point in their lives. Others may opt for a double mastectomy, after being diagnosed with breast cancer in a single breast, to prevent further cancer developing in the unaffected breast later in life. In some extreme cases, even some of the chest muscle will also be removed.

So the situation we find today is that survivors of breast cancer who have had mastectomies may be left with anything from the partial removal of a single breast – sometimes just a small lump or a maybe a single nipple – to the complete removal of both breasts.

Some women opt for reconstructive breast plastic surgery, while others prefer to leave their bodies unviolated by plastics or synthetics.

But there is one thing that all sufferers from mastectomy will have in common – visible, unsightly scars in the areas of their breasts.

The role of Tattooists

Being diagnosed with cancer, and undergoing a mastectomy is one of the most demanding, painful and frightening experiences for any person to go through. When all is said and done, not only have they suffered physical torment of the highest order, but they will also have undergone a huge assault their state of mind.

The bodies that mastectomy patients are left with after surgery will heal over time, but their self-respect and mental state may never heal, as they now carry disfigurements and scars that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Happily, more and more women are discovering that there is a solution to these scars that doesn’t involve them hiding their breasts from view or undergoing expensive plastic surgery. In any case, plastic surgery will never totally cover the scars and can involve even more scarring.

A whole sector of the tattoo industry is now devoted to changing these scars from something ugly into something truly beautiful, and in doing so has given thousands of women back their self-respect.

Artists, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, have come up with creative and amazing designs that can change your ‘area of devastation’ into a true work of art – something that you would be happy to show to your loved ones and even the world in general.

No longer do mastectomy sufferers have to grimace every time they see their bodies in a mirror. With the application of creative tattoos, they can take back control of their bodies- reclaim them as it were – and once again be proud of themselves.

This is even true of patients who are terminal. By changing their scarred bodies to something beautiful, it gives them something lovely to look at during the short time that they have remaining on this earth.

An experienced mastectomy tattoo artist will not only be highly skilled and creative in the designs he suggests but will also be totally empathetic to the patient.

They appreciate that their client has gone through a terrible and highly emotional ordeal and they will patiently work together with them to produce a beautiful and satisfying result.

Popular Mastectomy Tattoos

For those who have been fortunate enough just have a single nipple removed, cosmetic tattoo artists are able to ink areolas and nipples, using 3-D techniques that make the area look like the genuine article.

Although this isn’t something we do at ALL DAY Tattoo, it is something you can look into further with more cosmetically focused artists.

At the other end of the scale, women have had a double mastectomy and no reconstructive surgery can have a full chest tattoo that announces to the world that they have a new and glorious body.

Clever tattoo designs can effective hide scars on reconstructed breasts and help the person to look sexy and beautiful again.

Not sure what sort of designs may work for you? Here are a few suggestions that will assist your deliberations:

  • For obvious reasons, flowers and flowering plants and floral arrangements are often used as they provide much scope for attractively covering up scars. Flora such as forget-me-nots, dandelions with their scattering seeds, cherry blossoms representing eternal life, roses on a vine, cardinal wildflowers (lobelias) and so on are all used to great effect.
  • The phoenix is also popular as it represents rebirth or regeneration, and some lovely phoenix designs of blue and green can be inked over a badly scarred breast. Or maybe a glorious peacock or an eagle with wings stretched across the entire chest where the two breasts once were.
  • Others go for something like a skeletal lizard to cover the scars, or maybe two Celtic circles in the form of a double knot to cover two removed nipples.
  • Some may prefer fairies or butterflies or birds, all strategically placed to cover ugly scars.


The choice of designs is only limited by your imagination. As you can see from the above examples, variegated and wandering, unstructured designs tend to work much better than straight lines.

We, at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, will be delighted to discuss your ideas and maybe we can throw in a few more of our own suggestions into the pot after we have seen you and your ‘canvas’.

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