How do I get a Custom Tattoo Design in Bangkok Thailand

How do I get a custom tattoo design in Bangkok, Thailand?

Have you always had the notion of getting a tattoo of Tolkien’s “Battle of the Five Armies”, spread in glorious Technicolor, across your back, bottom, and legs?

Or, maybe you have been dreaming of having an abstract tattoo design on your stomach based on a universe of “Teletubbies”.

Or, would you like to have a three-headed animal tattooed down your right forearm to remind you of your three pet dogs?

Or maybe you want to frighten everyone by having a nest of mystical serpents tattooed across your forehead.

Or…who knows what?

In the past, when tattooing was still in its relative infancy, most of those who dipped their toes … or arms …or stomachs …or backs… into the “tattoo water” didn’t give much consideration to the design of something that would remain on their bodies for the rest of their lives.

Tattoo vanguards of yesteryear tended to get commonplace designs that were already out there in tattoo-land – from the ubiquitous hearts or fishes or birds to maybe a lovely purple rose.

For many, it was more a statement of their individuality and non-conformity, than any abiding desire for a work of art – something really special – to be tattooed on their bodies.

But in recent times, the tattooing industry has exploded and it is now more acceptable for people from all walks of life to have a tattoo – or three – on their bodies. As a result, the name of the tattoo design game has changed.

No longer are customers content to leaf through a dog-eared tattoo design folder or choose from the hackneyed designs that litter the websites and social media pages.

An increasing number of tattoo wannabees want something original, or at least something that is uniquely tailored to suit their bodies – something that panders to their personal tastes and character traits.

They want something that says: “This is me!”


What types of customers go for a custom designnewbies or vets?

It doesn’t matter if it is your first time in the studio, or you are veteran of many visits and you are already the proud possessor of many wonderful tattoos. These days, custom designs are becoming the choice of more and more people who venture into a tattoo studio.

If you are contemplating having a tattoo for the first time, you are probably approaching this decision with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. After all, the design you choose will be with you for the rest of your life.

Whether the tattoo will be put in an intimate position – where only those closest to you will ever see it – or if it will be exposed for all the world to see, you still want to get it right. You do not want to be a laughing stock.

You have seen other people with tattoos. You have seen social media images of tattoos on the great and good – and maybe not so good – and you have thought to yourself:

“Yes, I would really like something like that!”

For those who already have a number of tattoos on your bodies – probably tattooed at different studios in the past – you are familiar with the procedure, and you want to have something original and beautiful on your skin.

As a ‘veteran’, you know what it is to have a bad tattoo – you might already have one or two that are not that great – and you have learned from past experience how important it is to get it right.

You might even want to find a custom design that covers up a mistake from the past.


How to choose a design? Who will help me?

As a newbie visiting a studio to have your first tattoo, it can be a bit of an overwhelming experience. Even for us vets, it’s not exactly a walk in the park.

You probably have an idea what you want, but you are little nervous about discussing it. Maybe you are reluctant to express your views for fear of being laughed at.

You just hope that the tattooist will magic up a design, based on something you have brought along with you, or is somehow able to read your mind and instinctively know what it is you want.

Don’t be embarrassed to bring along a rough design as a discussion point, or look at the designs in the studio and try to convey to the artist what it is you really want. The artist will also have an input into this and your joint collaboration will eventually come up with something that you are both happy with.

Unless your tattoo is going to be anything but the simplest of designs, which the artist may be able to come up within a few minutes, you must allow time for them to draw up your ‘dream tattoo’. But don’t be afraid to tell them if you want to make changes and never give the final go ahead until you are 100% sure you are happy with what is going onto your body.

At a top tattoo studio, such as All Day Tattoo, our artists understand how nervous and bemused you may be by a process that some might never have been through before. We will put you at ease, and will never belittle your ideas. Together we can come up with a tattoo design that is going to satisfy you and something that both you and our artists will be proud of.


What exactly is the design process?

Ideally, you need to allow time for the final design to evolve. This can be covered by an initial consultation, in which you discuss what you are looking for. The artist then takes away your ideas, and any stuff you brought with you, and produces a draft design.

At your next studio visit – which will usually be the appointment to start the tattoo, the artist will show you the design, and you can ask for changes until you are completely happy.

Sometimes, the initial design process can take place by email or Facebook, but if the design is large and complex, then a face to face meeting is probably better.

At All Day Tattoo, the process of coming up with the final design need not take long, but there is no hard and fast rule and it really depends on what you want. The artist will never prolong the process unnecessarily – they just want to get to work on your body – doing what they love to do – put a work of art on your skin.

Obviously, more complex designs, such as an entire sleeve or a difficult cover-up can take a longer.


Now for the 64 thousand dollar question – How much does tattoo design work cost?

If you browse Google for tattoo custom designs you will get pages and pages of search results – from all manner of businesses and studios who will be delighted to sell you the best custom tattoo design in the world – for anything from 50 bucks to several hundred.

But in our view, that’s a bit like a traditional artist charging his client for the design of his next oil painting before he picks up his brush and palette. Silly, isn’t it?

Think of it from the artist’s point of view. What do you think they would rather be doing? Spend countless hours doing design work, including countless changes over a period of months? Or working in the studio doing the tattoo work they love and have been trained to do?

However much they could theoretically charge for design work, they only want to be in the studio, earning their money, by creating a work of art on your body.

From your point of view, you may think:

I am having a large complex tattoo on my body which will take a number of hours to complete and it isn’t going to be cheap. Surely the artist can design my tattoo for free?

And you know what? You’re right! Not because the artist’s design work does not have a high value, as clearly it does, but because designing your tattoo is all part of the overall tattooing process.

And at All Day Tattoo, our charging process means that you pay the artist by the hour for tattooing a design on your body – nothing less, nothing more.
What happens if the artist completes the design work and the client cancels?

Good question, but there is a simple answer.

Before undertaking any design work, All Day Tattoo will ask you for a deposit, based on the estimated time it will take to do your tattoo. We will ask you for 20% of the estimated cost, with a minimum charge of 1000 Baht, and a maximum of 5000 Baht.

This not only reassures us that you are serious about having your tattoo, but the deposit also becomes non-refundable in the event that you cancel – after the artist has spent valuable time working on your custom design.

Please remember that the design of your custom tattoo is a very flexible process. Much depends on size, scope, and complexity, as well as your availability to discuss the design, and your completion deadlines.

But we do not charge for your initial consultation.

If you want to know more about a custom design, our charges and talk to an expert about how much your preferred design may cost in one of the best tattoo studios in Bangkok, why don’t you click the booking button below for a free, no-obligation consultation?

Our friendly staff will put you at ease and will be delighted to talk you through the process and how long it might take.


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