Hah Taew Na Kong Krapan Tattoo Bangkok

Hah Taew Na Kong Krapan Tattoo Bangkok

The Hah Taew Na Kong Krapan (written in Thai as ห้าแถวนะคงกระพัน) is a popular Sak Yant (also known as “Thai Traditional”) tattoo design

If you’d like to learn more about Sak Yant in general, you can check out our extensive article here

It is a variation of the classic Hah Taew design, which you can read about in more detail here

Hah Taew translates to English as “Five Rows” or “Five Lines” and Na Kong Krapa to “bulletproof vest” or “invulnerable shield”

So the addition of the Na Kong Krapa element provides additional spiritual protections to the wearer

Let’s look at different elements in the design in more detail!


What is the Script or Letters in the Hah Taew Na Krapan Design?

Central to the mystique of Sak Yant tattoos is the ancient Khom script

Tracing its origins back to the Brahmi script of India, Khom is a unique alphasyllabary system that has found its place across Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and parts of Vietnam

In the realm of Sak Yant, this script isn’t just for aesthetics

It carries deep spiritual significance, inscribing prayers, mantras, and potent symbols that bind the wearer to blessings, protection, and spiritual power

These symbols are included by the Ajarn (Sak Yant Master) who creates the design and passed down to their apprentices

Rather than being something that can be read in a way we would usually understand, they are instead symbols to represent specific charms or protections

For this reason we can’t tell you exactly what the design “says”, however we can tell you what it represents


The Unalome in the Hah Taew Na Krapan Design

In the Hah Taew Na Kong Krapan design, the unalome holds significant meaning

Representing the Buddhist journey towards enlightenment, this symbol captures life’s unpredictable journey

Its intricate curves and turns remind us that our spiritual voyage isn’t always straightforward

These twists signify the challenges, setbacks, and life lessons we encounter along the way to spiritual awakening

Unalomes can be represented in two distinct directions: vertical and horizontal

The vertical representation represents the aim to achieve elevated spiritual realms

On the other hand, a horizontal unalome highlights the challenge of balancing spiritual aspirations with the chaos of daily life

Together, they represent our dual quest: aspiring for spiritual ascension (vertical) while manoeuvring through life’s challenges (horizontal)


Understanding “Na Kong Krapan”

The term “Na Kong Krapan” finds its roots in Thai spiritual beliefs and can be translated to “invulnerable shield” or “bulletproof vest.”

In the context of Sak Yant tattoos, “Na Kong Krapan” holds a special significance, symbolizing a protective charm that acts as a guardian shield for the wearer

It’s believed to provide the wearer with a metaphysical layer of protection, safeguarding them from physical harms, accidents, and malicious intentions

Stemming from ancient Thai folklore, where warriors would bear such tattoos to protect them in battle, this concept has evolved to represent a spiritual armor against life’s adversities in modern times

Beyond its protective properties, “Na Kong Krapan” also embodies the idea of resilience, ensuring that the wearer remains steadfast and unyielding in the face of challenges


Where to get a Hah Taew Na Kong Krapan Tattoo in Bangkok?

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