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Neo Traditional tattoos (which are also known as Neotraditional tattoos and Neo-Traditional tattoos) in Bangkok have really grown in popularity in recent times and for good reason.

In this article we will explore the style’s origins, what defines it, why it’s so popular and why we believe the neo traditional style is here to stay.


Neo Traditional Tattoos Aren’t Just a Trend

While some tattoo styles will trend for a relatively short time, the constant demand and increasing popularity of Neo Traditional designs are a very welcome mainstay in tattoo art.

Some tattoo styles come into fashion quickly and then fade away, while others come in and out of fashion over time.

Neo Traditional tattoos in Bangkok, just as in other places Worldwide, have continued to grow in popularity over the years and are so uniquely artistic and timeless that no matter what is currently “trendy”, a well executed Neo Traditional tattoo is always going to be in style.

Here’s what Neo Traditional tattoos are all about, what design choices you have, and why choosing a studio with vast experience in this style is very important.


What Are Neo Traditional Tattoos?

In Summary:

  • A progression from and many elements in common with Old School (also known as “Traditional” or “American Traditional” tattoos)
  • Taking influences from Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Japanese prints, as well as emerging and modern artistic styles such as street art
  • Broad use of both color palettes as well as subject matter
  • Smooth and multi-layered color transitions are common
  • Tattoos will generally have an element of depth that makes them come to life


What is The Difference Between Old School and Neo Traditional Tattoos?

Before we talk about the differences, there are some elements that are common to both styles.

For example, unlike watercolor tattoos for example, Old School and Neo Traditional tattoos will almost always have a bold black outline to contain the color.

However there are other elements that while similar in some ways, are quite different in others.


What is The Difference Between Old School and Neo Traditional Tattoo Designs?

Old School tattoo designs in the past tended to focus on “flash” which is where tattoo artists would have books or posters of designs that the customer would choose and could get them done “in a flash” (i.e. quickly).

For this reason there were specific designs and subjects that were prevalent and often American and Navy themed, heavily influenced in the early days by the work of Sailor Jerry.

Neo Traditional tattoos on the other hand are far more varied in style and have a much wider source of influences.

This lack of “flash” designs means that the subject matters are much more diverse.


What is the Difference Between Old School and Neo Traditional Tattoo Colors and Shading?

Old School tattoos used a color palette that was kept simple on purpose, as tools and techniques were nowhere near as advanced in the early days of the style as they are now.

Artists would tend to use only red, yellow, green and black, with more added as time went on.

Colors would be used in blocks, without transition from one to the other.

Neo Traditional tattoos on the other hand can use an unlimited range of colors.

It’s not unusual when one of our artists is tattooing in this style to see 10 or more ink pots set up.

Colors will tend to have smooth, extended transitions (for example from dark to light) giving the tattoos a sense of depth and movement that doesn’t exist in Old School tattoos.


Where Does Neo Traditional Tattooing Come From?

Neo Traditional tattoos share a lot in common with Old School tattoos because, in many ways, they share influences from the greater art world.

As with all artistic styles, new styles will tend to combine, innovate and build upon styles from the past.


The Influence of Art Nouveau on Tattoos

One of the first historical artistic styles that has noticeably influenced the Neo Traditional tattoo style is Art Nouveau.

This is a fascinating style and one that came out of a very interesting period in artistic history.

To understand the style, you must first understand the background.

In 1603 Japan’s Emperor closed off the Country to the rest of the World in an attempt to preserve their culture from outside influence.

For over 250 years Japanese artwork and culture was a source of fascination around the globe with next to no verifiable information being available about it.

In 1862 Japan slowly began to open up to the rest of the World and the demand for everything and anything Japanese immediately shot through the roof!

Over the next 2 decades, Japanese artwork began to greatly influence that of the West.

The influence on works of such well known names as Van Gogh, Monet and Degas can be clearly seen, with the adoption of flattened perspectives and even elements such as decorative fans making their way into the Impressionist movement.

This artform found the peak of its popularity between 1890 and 1910 however it endures even today as a huge influence on the wider art world, and tattooing is no exception!

The style wasn’t limited simply to paintings, it also influenced architecture and interior design.

The use of filigree, lush florals and nature scenes mixed with portraits is defined probably most clearly in the “Peacock Room” completed by Whistler in 1877.

One of the most famous artists of the time was Alphonse Mucha, whose many posters in the style have clearly influenced many Neo Traditional tattoo designs.

The successor to this movement was Art Deco.


The Influence of Art Deco on Tattoos

The style featured slicker and modernized linework which, while still exotic, had more refinement than its predecessor.

As well as mixing the Western and Japanese influences, it started to bring in elements from Africa and the Middle East and was bright and positive – supported by the Younger Generation and its drive to overcome the Great Depression.

Although it can be argued that this has influenced Neo Traditional tattoos less than Art Nouveau has, a lot of the vibrance, wide range of influences and passion found in the style has clearly had an effect on the Neo Traditional styles you see.

This picture of architecture taken from the Rockefeller Center in New York (the famous “30 Rock”) shows the beauty of this style clearly.


What Symbols and Images Work in the Neo Traditional style?

This is one of the joys of getting a Neo Traditional tattoo in Bangkok, or anywhere else!

With few limitations, whatever symbol or image you want it can be delivered in this timeless style.

Just bear in mind that for a standout Neo Traditional design you should be looking for bold outlines often along with highly defined colors.

This approach will ensure a detailed, multi-dimensional tattoo.

While there really is no limit to the symbol or image you want inking in this genre, there are popular themes that the highly qualified ALL DAY Tattoo artists are asked for on a very regular basis.

To give you a flavor of these, here are just 7 design themes for those in need of inspiration


Portrait Neo Traditional Tattoos

Portraits are a classic example of how Neo Traditional tattoos can look stunning.

They are some of the most popular designs in this genre.

This is because they allow the image of the person you want inking to be completed without heavy detail.

A competent tattoo artist will work to thicken the lines around the face while ‘working in’ differing shadow effects. The result: An amazing facial design!


Flower Neo Traditional Tattoos

Flowers of every kind have long been a feature in tattoo designs of all styles and it is easy to understand why.

The color options and wide choice of meanings related to the flower(s) chosen give you and your artist huge scope.

Having a flower design tattooed in Neo Traditional tattoo design works perfectly.

This is because it draws the eye towards the actual flower but still produces a uniquely individual effect.

There are so many options when considering a Neo Traditional flower design that the choice really is yours.


Animals and Reptile Neo Traditional Tattoos

Animals or reptiles are another Neo Traditional tattoo design style that offers a wide choice.

Think; Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Fish, Snakes (or Serpents), or go for your favorite beast in a vibrant, colorful, standout pose.

Similar to Neo Traditional portrait tattoos, animal or reptile designs in this genre can highlight each major feature of your chosen creature.

The end result is a standout tattoo to be proud of.

The choice of animal or reptile designs is obviously huge.

In this respect you can do some research and check out the actual meanings attached to your chosen creature to make sure it fits with your personality and/or outlook on life.


Skull Neo Traditional Tattoos

Skull tattoos are some of the most popular designs around.

They represent an acceptance of mortality and can be used as a motivational source, reminding us to make the most of our lives.

Having a skull tattooed in a Neo Traditional style can achieve astonishing results.

Flexibility is again the key here.

A skull design can look excellent in any size but you should consider the fact that the smaller the design is, the less detailed it will need to be to ensure it holds up well over time.

You can have one tattooed on its own, or if you are after a larger tattoo then attach it to a body!


Ship Neo Traditional Tattoos

Those who are looking for a tattoo representing courage, determination or a sense of adventure will not go wrong with a ship tattoo.

Bold lines can be added to the outside of the ship, in and around the water, and you can even include clouds in the sky.

When tattooed in the Neo Traditional style a ship tattoo will take your chosen design to a whole new level.


Butterfly Neo Traditional Tattoos

Have you reached that stage in your life where a major transformation is taking place or one is needed?

If so, then show this through a butterfly tattoo.

The multitude of colors included in the wings and spots of your butterfly will produce a stunning, vivid design.

One that can appear to be jumping off your skin!!

Add to this the different meanings this tattoo design offers and it is of little surprise that Neo Traditional butterfly tattoos are rapidly increasing in popularity.


Native American Neo Traditional Tattoos

We finish with a highly popular choice for tattoo lovers the world over.

Native American tattoo ideas come in many forms.

Examples being portraits, symbols or landscapes.

By choosing to have them tattooed in a Neo Traditional style you are putting a spin on them and making them more original.

Here’s an increasingly popular idea that will surely appeal to many:

Have individual Native American designs of your choice bunched together and combine them into one large piece.

Taking this route will ensure a completely unique design.

One that is sure to produce admiring looks wherever you go.


Neo Traditional Tattoos are the Perfect Mix of Classic and Modern

Tattoo lovers who opt for a Neo Traditional tattoo are receiving the best of both worlds.

This is because they are combining a traditional, classic tattoo design with a modern and highly impressive twist.

This type of tattoo is bold and tattooed with the intention of standing out from the crowd.

When tattooed by a professional tattoo artist with extensive experience in this genre that is exactly what you will receive.


Neo Traditional Tattoos are Suitable for Men and Women

Neo Traditional tattoos show no bias in terms of gender.

The huge choice of designs available make them perfect for guys, yet equally stunning on girls.

Another plus comes with flexibility in terms of body placement.

While it is true that you do need to give enough skin space in order for a design of this type to sit well, the choice is wide.


Where On Your Body Should You Get a Neo Traditional Tattoo?

Here’s 4 places that people often get Neo Traditional tattoos on their body:


Neo Traditional Tattoos on Arms

The shape of your arm is perfect for a Neo Traditional tattoo.

Arms offer more than enough space for medium-sized or larger images. This allows for more detail to be included in your chosen design.

Size-wise you can go for a half or full-sleeve tattoo, or opt for the ever-popular single image


Neo Traditional Tattoos on the Chest

When well delivered, chest tattoos look highly attractive and are tattooed to impress.

Have your chosen Neo Traditional design inked on either breast, in the middle of your chest or on the collarbone. This placement will look great to others but even better to you when admiring your design in the mirror!


Neo Traditional Tattoos on the Back

What a canvass your back is. This is an area that really does stir enthusiasm and excitement in most tattoo artists.

The scope of a neo traditional back tattoo allows you to have your design placed on a shoulder blade (or matching/complimentary designs on both), or go all the way and have a full back tattoo in neo traditional design.

The latter option needs to be carefully planned, but when completed by a highly skilled artist you have a design that will be the envy of most.


Neo Traditional Tattoos on the Legs

The leg also gives a good choice of placement options for those that are interested in a neo traditional tattoo design.

Areas that allow such a design to sit well are your thigh and lower leg.


What Makes Neo Traditional Tattoos so Special?

Classic style with a modern twist.

There is no doubt that well-delivered Neo Traditional tattoos are some of the most impressive and attractive tattoo styles available.

Countless design choices, bold outlines, the amazing array of colors available and the immense detail you can include make Neo Traditional tattoos a perfect choice for both guys and girls.


Choosing an Experienced Artist for a Neo Traditional Tattoo is Extremely Important

It goes without saying that all tattoo work is an art form, but when it comes to Neo Traditional tattoos you are taking things to the next level.

This is why you must choose an artist who is highly skilled in this intricate tattooing art form.

Check out portfolios and speak to your chosen studio!

You should see if the artist really suits your style.

This type of research will reap rewards in terms of your expectations and the finished article.


The Number 1 Neo Traditional Tattoo Studio in Bangkok

We have just touched on the importance of choosing a studio and artist that is well versed in delivering highly complex, stunning Neo Traditional tattoo designs.

With this in mind, anyone who spends time in Bangkok and is looking for a truly standout tattoo of their choice in the Neo Traditional style should make The ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok their first choice.

We truly believe we have the best Neo Traditional Tattoos Bangkok has to offer!

Not only are we seen as the #1 Neo Traditional tattoo studio in Bangkok, with a large team of Award Winning artists, we are one of the very few fully licensed tattoo studios in Thailand.

Our stringent safety and meticulous hygiene measures go hand-in-glove with the fact that only the best quality one-use needles and industry best USA-imported inks are ever used.

The ALL DAY team has native level English speakers working every single day. This means you don’t need to worry about getting your point across.


If you have a firm design in mind it will be delivered. If you are looking for inspiration, you will find nowhere better.


Our passion for tattooing is matched by enthusiasm and long expertise to deliver exactly the type of tattoo you are after.

Want to find out more? For a no obligation chat, please get in touch with our friendly native level English speaking team using the most convenient method below.


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