Oni and Hannya Tattoos in Bangkok

Oni & Hannya Tattoos in Bangkok

You may know them as “Demon Mask” tattoos, the real term for this style of tattoo is “Oni & Hannya” tattoo designs.

It is an increasingly popular tattoo style that certainly bring color and reality to your body art.

Before jumping in and receiving one of these designs you will benefit from understanding exactly what they’re all about!

Getting your oni and hannya tattoo at the ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Central Bangkok is a great option.

More on why we should be your “go to” tattoo studio later in the piece, let’s first get down to what these highly realistic tattoo designs are all about.


A Classic Japanese Tattoo Design

When it comes to tattooing the Japanese have a long and vibrant history.

Some in the industry even maintain that the actual tattooing art originated there!

We are not here to argue this point, but something that is in no doubt is that the country has a very long and proud association with tattooing.

History points to the fact that body art was practiced there as long ago as 10,000 B.C.

While there are many types of Japanese tattoo styles, this article will concentrate on the fascinating Oni and Hannya designs.

Let’s first explain what each is about and the difference between the two.


What is an Oni Tattoo?

You will hear the Oni tattoo style called simply ‘Oni’, ‘Oni Mask’ or ‘Demon Mask’ tattoo design.

They represent a variety of meanings and most commonly represent:

  • Good
  • Evil
  • Protectors
  • Tricksters
  • Demons

This mystical mask tattoo design is very popular.

It is referring to the belief that there is a spirit world where demons dole out punishment to those who are unjust and evil.

Note: A more accurate translation of Oni is “a troll or ogre”.

If you ever see the word “Yokai” this is a stricter English translation of the Japanese word for “Demon”.

All the same, these supernatural creatures have a firm place in Japanese folklore.

Anyone looking for a “male” version of this Japanese tattoo art form should look at Oni designs.

The “evil” side may put people off but actually, the meaning is a positive one.

These designs are seen as being good as well as protectors in the afterlife and are meant to protect the wearer from evil spirits.


What is is the meaning behind a Hannya tattoo?

Hannya is also a demon – A female one!

The Hannya tattoo design is undoubtedly one of the most popular Japanese-themed designs.

The design will usually consist of:

  • Devil’s horns
  • Somber, sinister eyes
  • A wide mouth
  • Prominent teeth

A well-delivered Hannya tattoo will look terrifying, extremely formidable and pack a whole lot of character.

Hannya masks were originally designed, and are still used in traditional Japanese theater.

Their intention is to convey different emotions.

Highly intricate mask artwork achieves this very effectively because dependent upon the angle at which it is viewed, the mask’s expression changes.


No Forgiveness!

The Japanese, and particularly those with links to the country’s mafia (The Yakuza) see this inking as indicating “No forgiveness”.

The Hannya also represent different emotional stages.

Many associate it with anger, resentment or jealousy, but it really does have many more possible meanings.

Here’s just 6 examples to show how this tattoo design might meet your needs.


Good Luck

Japanese culture has it that the Hannya can be used as a talisman in order to ward off or scare evil spirits and bring good luck.

Those Japanese of a superstitious nature will carry a keyring or small Hannya trinket with them for protection.

Wearing a Hannya tattoo means you don’t have to worry about leaving your ‘protection’ behind.

It will always be with you!


Deep, Passionate Love

The Hannya design is representative of a woman overcome with passionate, intense emotions of love.

Those who wear the tattoo for this reason may have been subjected to betrayal or unrequited love.

It is also suitable for someone who gives their all in a romantic relationship.



A Hannya tattoo can be seen as a symbol of life’s struggles between good and bad.

In Japanese folklore this form of Hannya is sad and tormented but becomes evil if this sadness and torment deepen into resentful anger.

Anyone who is repeatedly subject to emotional conflict could wear this tattoo.


Haunted by the past (but a lesson learned!)

Another meaning of the Hannya tattoo is for those who have a memory which haunts them, but it is one that has served as an important lesson in life.

Some also believe that by receiving the Hannya tattoo this could prevent history from repeating itself.

It is a relevant choice of meaning for those who have suffered a difficult, emotional period in their lives but have overcome it and are now stronger for that experience.



If only we knew then what we know now!

“Hannya” is a term in Japanese which describes “Wisdom”.

Wearing a Hannya mask tattoo can serve as a constant reminder that you should be cautious in romantic encounters.


Pure Evil!

We had to finish with this representation!

A tattoo depiction that demands the mask design is painted red.

Once completed, it is said to be indicative of a woman who has completely lost control and turned into a demon!

Anyone wearing a red Hannya tattoo could well have gone way over to the dark side!

Hey, we’re not here to judge :p


What can you add to an Oni or Hannya design?

While an Oni or Hannya mask tattoo is fine in isolation, many add components to increase the stunning finished article.

There are countless ways to enhance your chosen design.

All can leave the finished article looking even more arresting than just the mask itself.

Here are 10 you may feel will complement your mask perfectly:

  • Cherry Blossom
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Dragon
  • Geisha
  • Koi Carp
  • Maple Leaves
  • Samurai
  • Skull
  • Snake
  • Tidal Waves


Why the ALL DAY Tattoo studio is right for your Oni or Hannya Design

For starters, our highly experienced team includes artists who specialize in Oni, Hannya and all types of Japanese tattoo artwork.

Then you should consider our comprehensive ALL DAY tattoo studio ‘peace of mind’ policy.

This has been implemented with your safety and that of our artists in mind.

We are one of the very few fully licensed tattoo studios in Bangkok.

This accreditation does not come easily and the whole team is fiercely proud of maintaining such status.

A visit to the ALL DAY Tattoo studio means you will be assured of:

  • The highest hygiene standards possible
  • Use of the best quality USA-imported inks and industry-best one-use needles
  • A fluent English speaking team of managers and artists with a wealth of international tattooing experience
  • Listening – You tell us exactly what tattoo design you want and that is what you will receive
  • Advice – Many of our clients have an idea of what they want but need inspiration. The ALL DAY tattoo team are ready to inspire you all the way… and some!

In truth, we offer a whole lot more and are ready to share our expertise as well as extensive tattoo knowledge with you.

It is through such commitment and attitude that many repeat clients see us as their ‘go-to’ tattoo studio when in Bangkok.

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