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The South Pacific Islands and the Polynesian culture have had a significant impact on the history of tattoos

The word “tattoo” itself comes from the Tahitian word “tautau” which was said to be the sound made by the ancient instruments used to create these elaborate designs that were tapped into the skin

If you’re looking to become a warrior of the tattoo world with an intricate Polynesian design, ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok has artists who specialize in this ancient art form


Tattoos Were an Important Part of Polynesian Culture

Polynesian tattoos are an ancient art that dates back over 2000 years ago

It is an integral part of Polynesian culture and society that has evolved over thousands of years to become the complex art form it is today

These designs were not meant to be aesthetically pleasing but used as a form of identification to describe an individual’s history and life story

These intricate tattoos unveiled the story of where you came from, what village you were born in, your social status and standing in society, your accomplishments and rank as a warrior, weapons mastered and who your ancestors were

The shapes and elements placed on specific positions of the body combined to complete a story with deep meaning

Tattooing is a sacred tradition passed down from father to son through one generation to the next

Polynesian people were expert ocean navigators, fearsome warriors, and tremendous storytellers

These designs represented their lifestyle, travels, and elements they encountered in their daily lives

Tattoos were often a sign of great wealth with chiefs and warriors wearing the most elaborate designs

These amazing pieces of art were not just reserved for men, women were allowed to have tattoos as well

The word for female tattoos was “malu”, which means to be protected

Women were limited to delicate designs on the lower body, hands, feet, lips, and ears only

These ceremonial tattoos were allowed to commence at adolescence and signified sexual maturity


Polynesian Tattoo Mythology

The Polynesian people believe that humans learned tattooing from the sons of the God of Creation “Ta’aroa

These designs were used to guard a person’s health and spiritual well-being

They harnessed spiritual power and supernatural protection and were believed to display an individual’s life force called “mana

These tattoos were originally only done by highly skilled shaman who performed intense ceremonies lasting days prior to conducting any inking of the skin

The person receiving the tattoo would also have to adhere to strict ceremonial stipulations before getting tattooed

They were required to go through an extended period of fasting and cleansing including celibacy and abstinence

Refraining from any contact with a woman prior to the tattooing

Sometimes the shaman and individual would be sequestered for up to 2 weeks in preparation for the actual tattoo itself

At which time, the elders would chant and sing in support of the person getting tattooed

This painful process was said to honor the ancestors and the ability to endure pain was symbolic of a fierce warrior


Tools of the Trade

These hand-tapped Polynesian tattoos were known as “uhi

Performed by tattoo masters called “tufuga

Made with homemade ink called “pa’u”, which consisted of soot from kukui nuts mixed with sugarcane juice

The ink was punctured into the skin using a tool called a “moli”, a flat chisel like instrument

Fashioned from shark’s teeth, fish bones, bird claws, beaks or other bone filed to a sharp point

This piece which looked similar to a comb, would then be attached to a long wooden handle and hit with a small mallet to strike the comb into the skin

This process was extremely painful, sometimes lasting for days on end and required two people, one to stretch the skin and one to tattoo

Tattoo masters memorized the meaning of each significant motif and symbol combining them to make unique designs and one of a kind skin stories


Polynesian Tattoo Design Elements and Their Meanings

The tattoo style and elements varied from island to island and tribe to tribe

The designs consisted of geometric shapes and repeating symmetrical patterns that were specific to each tribe and island

Some common design motifs were of geckos, sharks, sea turtles, sea urchins, mantas, and other sea creatures

Tattoo symbols were based on the four elements of; ocean, earth, wind and fire

The different symbols related to each element

There were also sacred ceremonies performed for each element

Here of some of the most popular elements and the meaning behind them:

  • Turtle – fertility
  • Dolphin – wisdom
  • Tiki – protection
  • Shark Tooth – courage in battle
  • Spearhead – strength and power
  • Geckos – good luck

Hawaiians covered their bodies head to toe in tattoos and believed this made them more fearsome in battle

Warriors also believed that these designs made them more attractive to the opposite sex because they were symbols of strength and virility

If you are looking for an inspirational tattoo that has a story behind it, then Polynesian designs are a perfect choice for you

With thousands of years of ancient history and meaning you can’t go wrong with one of these magnificent masterpieces


Bangkok’s Polynesian Tattoo Professionals

The artists at ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Bangkok are ready to ink that perfect Polynesian piece that will tell your story through this ancient art form

These types of designs are quite tricky to execute as often some of the design has to be done by “freehand” to ensure that this design flows perfectly with the shape of the body

Freehanding a tattoo designs means that instead of using a stencil that transfers the design to the skin, an artist will sketch the design directly on the skin using pen or marker

In many cases a Polynesian tattoo design requires a combination of stencilling or freehanding the design, although certain designs may be done entirely by one method or the other

This type of design requires great precision and can only be pulled off by the most highly seasoned of artists

The artists at ALL DAY Tattoo are at the top of the game when it comes to Polynesian tattoos

This process means that your tattoo will be yours and yours alone 

Your Polynesian tattoo from the ALL DAY Tattoo studio will be a masterpiece!



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