Looking For A Sak Yant (Thai Traditional) Tattoo In Bangkok? – Here’s The Lowdown

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While most of us are familiar with the mystical geometric tattoo patterns that we see tattooed on the bodies, necks and even the faces of Thais and Western visitors to Thailand, it is doubtful that many of those receiving a “Sak Yant” tattoo in Bangkok are aware of the tattoo’s origins.


What is a Sak Yant tattoo?

Although they are usually called “Sak Yant” tattoos, they can also be referred to as “Thai Traditional” or “Bamboo” tattoos.

Sak in Thai means Tattoo, and Yant is the Thai pronunciation for the Sanskrit word Yantra – a mystical diagram used in meditation.

Yantra is common in the “Dharmic religions”, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

The practice of Sak Yant originated over 2,000 years ago amongst the Tai tribes of Southwestern China and northwest Vietnam.

It consists of sacred geometrical, animal, or deity designs, which are accompanied by Pali or Khom phrases that offer the bearer of the tattoo magical benefits, such as:

  • Power
  • Protection
  • Fortune
  • Charisma

A traditional Sak Yant consists of three different components:

  • The Yantra
  • The Pali or Khom Text
  • The Associated Mantra

This ancient art gradually spread as far south as Indonesia and the Philippines, but these days, it is mainly practiced in Thailand and to a small extent in the neighboring countries of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (formerly Burma).


Which Sak Yant (Thai Traditional) Tattoo Should I Get?

There are countless Sak Yant designs to choose from and your choice should be whatever you feel personally speaks to you, whether by design or by meaning.

Before giving 3 compelling reasons as to why the professional and fully qualified ALL DAY team of Designers & Artists are perfectly placed to become your ‘go-to’ Sak Yant design studio in Bangkok, let’s take a look at the basics of Sak Yant drawings followed by explanations of the most popular designs:


The basics of the Sak Yant style of tattoos

The lines which are drawn in any Yant design represent: The Umbilical Cord of the Buddha – Traditionally they are known as ‘The Bones of the Yant’ Yantra comes in many forms such as: Round Yant, Triangular Yant, Four-Sided Yant and Pictorial Yant. Here’s what these and other images represent:

  •  Round Yant: Represents the Face of the Buddha (Pra Pakt Khong Pra Putta Jao) in the Brahmanical tradition. With Brahma applied for the meaning


  • Triangular Yant: Represents the Triple Gem of the Buddha Dharma & Sangha (Pra Put, Pra Tamm, Pra Songk). Brahmin tradition states that the 3 Lords of Heaven (Shiva Brahma, Vishnu) are applied for the meaning


  • 4-Sided Yant: Earth, Water, Air & Fire are the 4 elements represented


  • Pictorial Yant (Animalistic): A Pictorial Yant can represent a variety of drawings such as: People, Angels and Mythical Animals (Sathw Himapant)


  • Onk Pra: This represents The Buddha Himself – The Half Moon Symbol that is etched above Onk Pra is a representation of the Moon illuminating the way during Dark Hours


  • Sun Symbol (The small circle): This is seen above many Yant designs. It means that during the daytime the Sun is lighting the way, and that all Humans as well as Living Beings exist through the influences of the stars & planets. It is these forces which enable us to develop and also bring changes


  • The Zig-Zag spiral line: Known as Unalome, this is to be found at the top of the Yant. It represents those Saints who have Enlightened beings’ status because the fetters of desire have been unentangled and discarded. Unlike normal Human Beings these Saints do not waver on their path


Note: You will note that the end of the zig-zag evolves and is shown as a straight line.

This means that the Saints have ceased all diversions and are on a straight and direct path to Nirvana.

The Crown of the Head of the Buddha is represented by the middle spiral.

The line of a Unalome is: straight, unwavering, perfect & complete


Thai Sak Yant Tattoo Designs and Meanings


Below we will give you a taste of some of the most popular sak yant designs that people get done when looking for a sak yant tattoo in Bangkok.


Simple Unalome Design Selection

These symbols come from the ancient Kingdom of Lanna which is now known as Northern Thailand.

These characters are unique to the area and not seen in other regions.


Unalome Millionaire Heart

The millionaire heart is a protective talisman that brings prosperity to any occupation involving trade.

This Sak Yant will enhance the success of any business venture and help to boost the success of any commercial investment.

It gives the wearer powers to attract good favor to the business, remove obstacles and perform good management.

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Yant Juntra

This Yant symbolizes happiness and kindness.

It is known to grant great loving kindness and attract people to support you throughout your life.

It will bring peace and happiness, and bless the bearer with a life that goes smoothly.

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Yant Phutsorn

This Yant symbolizes kindness, luck, good fortune, success and promotion in your career or livelihood.

It is regarded as a Maha Yant which is considered the highest level of Yants.

This design is believed to support wearers in being extremely loved, lucky, charming and blessed with numerous promotions in their career and business.


Yant Namaha Samrej

This Yant represents success.

“Na Maha Sumrej Yant Maha SamRej” in Thai means “Massive Success in Everything.”

This design is believed to bring massive success in everything in the life of the person who bears it.

It will boost the blessings in wealth, love, studying, work and business.

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Unalome Upper Neck Yant

This Yant represents protection, luck and prosperity.


Yant Na (Kindness)

This yant is suitable for anyone in search of kindness and luck.


Hah Taew

Immortalized forever when Angelina Jolie got it on her back, although it’s traditionally been very popular with men too.

The name is translated to English as “5 lines”.

This popular design and is said to be the first tattoo a disciple should have.

It has a very spiritual meaning and encompasses all aspects of a person’s life. Each vertical line relates to a different area of life and are represented as follows:

  • 1st row: This prevents any unjust punishment and will also lean in your favor if there are grey areas. It also represents the cleansing of unwanted spirits and protects the place you are living in.
  • 2nd row: Signifies the reversal and protection against any bad horoscope constellations as well as bad luck.
  • 3rd Row: Seen as protection against any black magic as well as preventing anyone from putting a curse on you.
  • 4th row: This row works to energize good luck, success & fortune in future ambitions and your lifestyle.
  • 5th row: As well as boosting the 4th row this final row works to increase your charisma & attraction.

Yant Ha Taew is designed to improve your karma and destiny, gaining its power from the four elements, fire, water, air, and earth.

Popular in Thailand with both men and women, the five lines signify different areas of good fortune and health.

This Yant is usually on the shoulder or the base of the neck.

You can read a more detailed breakdown of the Hah Taew design, symbolism and meanings here


Hah Taew Na Kong Krapan

This variation of the original 5 lines includes the big Na Kong Krapan symbol on top with unalomes.

It provides the wearer with protection from physical harm and boosts strength.

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Hah Taew Dok Buea (Five Lines Golden Lotus Flower)

This Yant has both the Hah Taew and the Golden Lotus powers

The Dok Bua Thong Sak Yant is for those who are looking to attract love and luck in their life.

It is helpful to ensure successful progress in negotiations.

This Yant is very powerful because it possesses qualities that will help the believer with spiritual cleansing of the mind and the body’s aura.

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Yant Ha Chet Phet (Five Diamonds)

These designs have a similar meaning to another Hah Taew Yant designs but the “Chet Phet” adds to the power of the spells by interconnecting them.

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Hah Taew Diamond Moon

The addition of the half moon within the Hah Taew design is to symbolize the shining of light to illuminate the path to enlightenment for the wearer

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Hah Taew Sarika Koo

This Yant is said to bless anyone who bears it with an abundance of money, boost the ability of powerful speaking, popularity, kindness, and charm.

It is believed to increase attractiveness, especially in romantic encounters.

This design is particularly suitable for people who work in sales, merchants, lawyers, and teachers.

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Gao Yord

In English this is translated to “9 peaks” or “9 spires” and refers to the 9 peaks in the design.

The word “yord” is used in modern Thai to mean “the best!” with the phrase “Sud Yord” being something you might hear when you’re around Thailand meaning “amazing!”.

Buddhism attaches a high importance to the number 9 and the Gao Yord is a representation of the 9 different Buddha’s.

Each one bestows special universal powers and spells.

This design is seen as a very powerful tattoo offering wide-ranging powers of protection. Many Sak Yant devotees see this as the most sacred Buddhist tattoo.

  • Basic Design: Represents the 9 peaks of Mount Meru (known as Sumeru in Buddhist mythology) and is the mythical mountain of the Gods
  • 3 ovals: These represent The Lord Buddha. This grouping of triple ovals is seen in many other Sak Yant designs
  • Script: Gao Yord designs include the ancient Khmer script (known as Khom) of a Katha (mantra or prayer) at their base
  • The centre: Is the magic box and is designed as a patchwork of small squares (some designs do not show the outlines, only the content)

Each square contains a khom abbreviation denoting the protective spells the particular Yant design will bestow. The actual number of small squares can vary dependent upon the design chosen, but the wearer will always be granted the following:

Maeta Ma Hah Niyom: This blessing means others will treat you with extreme loving kindness as well as compassion. Through such treatment you will gain popularity as well as benefiting from preferential treatment.

Klaeoklad: Brings benefits to ensure the wearer avoids serious injury.

Chana Satru: Gives the ability to defeat any enemy.

Ma Hah Amnat: This gives the wearer great power, authority and control over others.

Awk Seuk: Shows the willingness to go to war or fight battles for anyone who has your loyalty. It signifies the desire of the wearer to fight for what they believe is right.

Kong Kra Phan: Provides magical protection as well as invincibility.

Oopatae: Works to ensure success in any business or enterprise activities. It gives the ability to carry out work in a correct manner and helps ensure things will run smoothly.

Ma Hah Saneh: Brings charm; increases popularity and attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Ma Hah Lap: Brings the wearer immense good fortune as well as luck.

Noon Chataa: Works to improve the wearers destiny and fate.

Pong Gan Antarai: Protects against accidents (including natural disasters). It also gives protection against violent acts.

Nah Tee Gan Ngan Dee: Helps to improve work circumstances.

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Yee Sib Goa Yord (29 Yord Yantra)

Yee Sib Gao Yord is an extension from the Yant Gao Yord (“yee sip gao yord” means “29 peaks”)

This yant permits you to enter into the lineage of masters, after which you are a disciple and entitled to receive further yants with the protection of Yant Kroo (the Master Yant or Teacher).

This yant will provide the wearer with magical protection and invincibility, ensures good luck in business and any ventures in which the wearer is involved.

It will help the bearer to be more attractive to the opposite sex and help boost their charm.

It will bring good luck and good fortune, improve your fate and will give you protection against acts of violence.

This will help to improve your circumstances at work and bless your life in many ways.


Yant Soysungwarn (necklace)

This yant represents invulnerability and is similar to a necklace.

It provides the wearer with:




It is believed to be especially powerful in ensuring that no weapon would be able to harm the wearer’s body when protected by this magic.

In ancient times warriors would wear this across their chest to protect them from danger and harm.

Warriors also believed that no weapon could harm their bodies if they wore this sacred Yant.

This is a particularly popular Sak Yant design for soldiers and Muay Thai fighters in current times.


Sai Ohm Kan Satru

This design gives the wearer more connection to consciousness and will protect them against enemies.

You can read a detailed description of the meanings and symbolism of this design here


Maha Aumnaj

This yant is good for people in positions of authority be it in one’s profession, household, or public environment.

The word “Amnaj” in Thai means “commanding power”.

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Na Lecha

This yant makes the wearer invulnerable to ghosts and gives them power and prestige.


Mong Kud

This Yant grants the wearer protection from bad luck


Pok Kha Sap

This yant is said to bring favor and wealth in enterprise or business activities.

It will grant the wearer abundance, money flow, kindness, and popularity.

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Pra Jao Ha Pra Ong

This is also known as Yant Phutson

It is regarded as “Maha Yant” (highest level of Yants).

It is believed to support wearers to be loved, lucky and charming.

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Yant Sumred

This yant is usually done on the back of the neck, but can also be done in other positions.

The specific meaning behind this design is to give the wearer the power of success over everything in their life – wealth, charm, good luck and happiness.

In addition to this the design blesses the wearer to be treated with compassion and kindness by all, improving their popularity with others and success in business.

With that kind of meaning, it’s no wonder that this lesser known design is very popular amongst entrepreneurs and those wanting more confidence and success in their lives.

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Yant Na Thong

This Yant is a powerful talisman for those seeking a better life.

This talisman is exceptionally powerful for the wearer who has great compassion.

It will help business, work, and bringing good fortune.

This talisman balances the elements of the body and is a symbol of compassion, spirituality, and peace.

This yant has the power to give positive energy to the wearer and loved ones.

Suitable for those looking for positive energy for a better life.

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Peid Chok Reik Sap

These designs give the wearer protection and will attract long term wealth.



This design protects the wearer from mysterious dangers in their environment.


Prachao Ha Praong

This can be translated as “The 5 Blessings of Buddha” (‘Na-Mo-Put-Ta-Ya’).

While this design is less well known to the general public it is considered to be a fundamental Yant (“Yant Kru) for Sak Yant disciples and are to be found regularly in Buddhist representations.

Wearing this design is said to bring:

  • Good Luck
  • Happiness
  • Well Being
  • Protection from any potential surrounding bad spirits

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Medta Maha Niyom

This purpose of this design is to increase the wearer’s charm.

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Sarika Long Rung

This Yant gives the wearer increased charm in their personal relationships.


Yant Kroh Petch

This Yant offers the wearer protection from spells, danger, harm, black magic, and helps to banish evil spirits.

Kroh Petch Yant or “Diamond Armour” is a powerful design that is in the shape of a shield.

This shield is believed to block all forms of negative energy, spiritual attacks, black magic, evil spirits, bad luck and reflect the energy back to its source.

It is recommended that this Yant be placed on the back for maximum power.

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Yant Prachao Si Tidt

This Yant is good for anyone looking to increase their success in wealth and business.

It is believed to boost luck and fortune in business and help to multiply financial wealth in all ventures.


Yant Charueurn Panya

This Yant represents wisdom and intelligence.

It is a good choice for anyone looking for assistance in solving problems in life.


Yant Prachao Sibhok Phraong

This Yant is to grant the wearer strength and invincibility.

It is believed that the powerful virtues of Buddha are imbued in this Yant.

It is beloved to offer protection against evil, grant the one who wears it invincibility and provide protection from long distance weapons.

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Kha Kuan Mueng

The purpose of this yant is to bring peace and tranquility to the wearer.


Kong Kra Pan

This design is mostly received by men (but that doesn’t mean women can’t get it!) and gives the wearer protection from those around them.



The purpose of this yant is to relive pain, fever and give the wearer relief from mysterious illnesses.


The Paed Tidt


This translates to Eight Directions.

It is a sacred Geometric Yant containing 8 mantras.

These are placed in the centre of the design and written in 2 concentric circles.

Paed Tidt designs also incorporate 8 Buddha representations.

These are shown as the groups of 3 ovals, each decreasing in size from bottom to top. Why 8 Buddha images?

In Thailand there is a Buddha image in a different pose for each day of the week.

Wednesdays have 2 Buddhas; 1 for the morning, 1 for the evening. When visiting Thai temples, it is extremely common to see these 8 images.

They generally surround a Chedi.

Protection in any direction you are travelling: The Paed Tidt design gives this protection and also wards off evil spirits.

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Yant Paed Tidt Nahsuea

This yant offers protection from the 8 directions, black magic, and keeps the wearer from danger and harm.


Itipiso Paed Tid

This Yant represents the Itipiso, one of the most powerful chants in the Buddhist belief.

It is believed to protect the bearer from all dangers, especially ghosts.


Na Paed Tidt

This alternative design is surrounded by meaningful “Na” yant symbols.


Paed Tidt Phromsinah

This is another variation of the 8 directions Sak Yant with Na Tinthong (for kindness) above.

This yant will bestow protection and help the wearer to avoid danger and harm.


Yant Takr

This sacred design is said to make the wearer invincible and give them great strength.

It is believed that the powerful virtues of Buddha are embodied in this Yant especially for invincibility.


Yant Mongkut Phra Buddha Chao

This Yant is believed to make the wearers invincible and unable to be harmed by any weapons, evil sorcery, and provides protection against an untimely death.

It will bestow great protection against any form of danger.

It contains the following elements:

-KongKrapan Chatri – Invulnerability against sharp weapons and bullets

-Maha Ud (Meaning – Great Blocker) – Great protection against any form of physical harm

-Klaew Klaad – Ability to avoid accidents

-Protection against evil spirits and black magic

This design is considered to be the most high, holy and powerful yantra ever created.

Traditionally it was believed that this yant should only be tattooed on the top of the head because it is deemed highly respected and holy – hence the name “Crown”.


Baramee Samsib Tid

This is an all purpose Yant, meant to give the wearer power and the ability to attract love.

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Maha La Luay

This design represents the Buddha’s praise of kindhearted people and binds the wearer to true love, fortune and to be loved by all.


Prachan PunJuk

The purpose of this Yant is to bless the wearer with a positive destiny in their lives.


Itipiso Tri Juk

This is another representation of the Itipiso chant in picture form.


Ka Te Si

This Yant protects the wearer against dangers, especially thieves.


Sakol Jambudvipa

This Yant is representative of Jambudvipa, and important concept in Buddhist and Hindu beliefs.

In these belief systems, Jambudvipa is the “continent” or “island” of the terrestrial world – the world in which humans live.


Jukkrawal Fa Krop

This representation of the Itipiso chant is spread over 8 directions, giving the wearer protection from danger and ghosts.


The Lotus Flower

Buddhism has a deep association with the Lotus flower and each colour has a different meaning:

  • Blue Lotus: This is associated with victory of the spirit over and above that of wisdom, intelligence & knowledge. Those opting for a Blue Lotus design will be given a depiction which is partially open, but the centre is never shown
  • White Lotus: As would be imagined purity plays its part in this design. The white lotus flower symbolizes Bodhi (being awakened). This representation is a state of mental purity and relates to spiritual perfection. A white lotus also associates with pacification of a person’s nature and in this design, it is considered to be the womb of the world
  • Purple Lotus: This colour lotus is seen as being Mystic and having associations with esoteric sects. Designs choices can be as an open flower or a bud. The 8 petals represent the noble eightfold path. This is a principal teaching of the Buddha.. By following this path it will lead to self-awakening. It is considered as one of the noble truths
  • Pink Lotus: Considered as the supreme lotus. It is seen to be the true lotus of Buddha
  • Red Lotus: Relates to the heart. This design is associated with love & compassion


Dok Bua Thong

The Dok Bua Thong (the golden lotus) yant is for those who are looking to attract love and luck in their life.

It is helpful to ensure successful progress in negotiations.

This Yant is very powerful because it possesses qualities that will help the believer with spiritual cleansing of the mind and the body’s aura.

For a detailed explanation of this design you can read our article here


Yant Bua Sawan

This Yant represents kindness, popularity and prosperity.

It will aid the wearer in business negotiations and in their finances.

It is believed to help to boost the success of business ventures and the advancement of one’s career.

You can read a detailed article about this design here


Yant Dok Bua Chok

This Yant will bless the wearer with luck and good fortune.

It is believed to help in boosting prosperity in business and career advancement.

It brings good fortune and riches to anyone who choses it.

You can read a comprehensive article about this design here


Yant Na Hnaa Tong

This yant is powerful in attracting love and compassion and protection from illness.

This Yant contains 108 kinds of blessings which are especially beneficial in the areas of popularity and wealth where the effect is significant.

It will assist the wearer to receive a strong increase in popularity.

It will grant the power of making sure that everyone sees things like you do at all times and improves interpersonal relationships.

This will include relationships with friends, lovers, bosses, colleagues, and customers.

There is a strong effect that will influence your wealth and make you well loved by all those who surround you.


Yant Phraphrom

This design represents kindness, popularity, success, luck and good fortune.

It is believed that this Yant will help to support wearers with “Metta Mahaniyom” (business success and popularity).

It will influence others to treat you with great loving kindness and compassion.

It will also bring forth success, fortune, mercy, charm and luck in all ventures.


Pra Jeaad Pleng Rasamee

The Buddha is shown surrounded by his aura. This is an all purpose yant which gives the wearer power and attracts love to them.


Yant Ganesha

This sacred design represents success, the abundance of money, prosperity and wealth.

Ganesha is the God of art and success.

It is believed that this elephant headed God will bring business and financial prosperity.

This design will bring you what you wish for in life.

What you hope for you will receive.


Suriya Prapa – Chanthara Prapa

Suriya Prapa = Sun

Chanthara Prapa = Moon 

This Yant was created by 2 hermits who had a vision that humanity will always suffer from poverty and misery. 

This Yant is “all purpose” in the sense that the wearer is granted the power for their wishes to come true in the near future.


Thao Vessavaana

This God of Giants is the protector of the Northern direction. It gives the wearer protection from dangers, luck and riches.


Characters from the Ramayana

The Ramayana is an epic poem originally written in Sanskrit.

It tells the story of Rama, the Prince of the Kosala Kingdom, who was exiled to the forest by his father, King Dasharatha on the insistence of his evil step-mother Kaikeyi.

The epic follows his journey through the Indian forest with his brother Lakshmana and his wife Sita and eventually culminates in his return to Ayodhya to be pronounced King.

The epic is one of the important historical “Itihasa” (histories) in the Hindu culture and has been translated and adapted throughout South East Asia, having a significant effect on the culture.

The Thai version of the Ramayana is called Ramakien and while the main story remains the same, the role of the Hanuman (Monkey God) is greatly expanded.

The story has had a great effect on Thai culture over the Centuries, with many of the characters and place names still to this day being seen throughout the country and hierarchy.

The story itself is one of the most popular Thai Traditional Plays still being shown to this day and scenes can be seen depicted in the statues and architecture of temples throughout the country.

The characters and stories have long been adopted into the Sak Yant style and are usually seen in a warrior pose, brandishing a weapon to protect from their enemies.

The purpose of these Yants is to give the wearer the powers of invincibility and being able to defeat all of their enemies in all areas of life.


The Hanuman

Hanuman is the mythical Monkey God from the Rama period. It is invincible, with powers which are far greater than any human.

Hanuman can also fly. Ingrained in the Thai culture is the fact that Hanuman led a monkey army in order to rid the world of unwanted spirits.

His actions are considered to give hope for all humanity by demonstrating to Human Beings that mere mortals can rise above shallow, worldly pain.

The major traits of this monkey god were humility & bravery.

Once received it bestows upon the wearer qualities of:

  • Protection from any danger
  • Being fearless when facing adversity
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Allows the wearer to influence people
  • Helps you remain focused
  • Gives the determination required to see things through to a successful conclusion


Yant Sienkru Hanuman

This sacred design represents protection, will help prevent danger and harm, and deflect all bad things from your life.

It is believed that the powerful virtues of Buddha in this Yant will protect the wearer against evil spirits and all forms of black magic.


Hanuman Chern Tong

In this Yant the Hanuman is offering up a flag of victory.

It empowers the wearer with victory over their problems and their enemies.

It is a popular Sak Yant design for soldiers, police and other Armed Forces.


Yant Hanuman Tua Ha

This yant represents Hanuman carrying a flag which represents victory.

It is believed wearers of this yant will always succeed in life and their work

You can read a comprehensive article about these designs here



The Pahuman is an alternative depiction of the Hanuman.

This Yant gives the wearer the power to tame and overcome their enemies.


Vali (also known as Bali and Vaali)

The Monkey King in the Ramayana.

He was a great warrior that defeated many of the greatest warriors in the story.

He had the ability to take in half of the strength of anyone he defeated.

He was eventually defeated by Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu.



In the Thai version of the Ramayana, Ongkod is the Monkey Commander


Phra Ram Shooting Arrows

This yant shows Yant Pra Ram (the deity Rama) Plaeng Sorn Song Nakabat (shooting an arrow and riding the Naga).

It will bring protection against danger, bestow great power, authority over others, success, magical protection and invincibility, and the ability to defeat your enemies.


Patamung Si Dan

Depicting Pra Plang ( Pra Rama).

This Character has a leading role in the Ramayana. He represents the incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu Narayana.

His role in the story is to be brought to Earth to defeat the Demon Yaksa Tosagan and to return his consort, Nang Sida, the incarnation of of the Goddess Lakshmi.


Yant Phrayakrut

This sacred design is powerful for protection from danger and harm and will protect you from black magic spells and ghosts.

Garuda is excellent protection against ghosts and wicked spirits.

This Yant is known to assist with power over one’s subordinates as well as cleaning out any black magic or bad Karmic influence and negative energies from your psyche and in your household.

Garuda, or “Payaa Krut”, in Thai, is the winged bird man, protector of Thailand.

It is also considered the sacred vehicle of Vishnu Narayan.


Yant Suea

Tiger tattoos are an extremely common design among Thai’s who are employed in dangerous occupations as well as being favoured by Muay Thai Fighters. The Tiger represents:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Protection
  • Conviction
  • Authority over your subordinates

Suea Koo means ‘Twin Tigers’ or ‘Paired Tigers’ and is a symmetrical Sak Yant with the two tigers representing “Maha Amnaj” (power over one’s subordinates) and ‘Serm Yos’ (improves status and promotion)

It is often used by soldiers and policemen in commanding positions.

The tiger represents power, strength and authority.

The twin tigers are a favorite with Muay Thai fighters.

The tiger’s attributes include strength, speed and agility.

The twin tigers Yant is said to be the highest level of power attainable with Sak Yant magic.

This yant is said to also offer help in business dealings and is popular among entrepreneurs.

You can read a more detailed article about these designs here


Yant Suea Design for Chest

This is one of the most popular Muay Thai tattoo designs for fighters who would wish to emulate the strength and the power of a tiger in the ring.

It is one of the most popular tattoo designs among Muay Foreigners who come to experience Muay Thai training in Thailand.


Yant Suea Tapop Yuea

This Yant is suitable for fighters looking to become more powerful.

It will grant protection and make the bearer fearless.

The wearer will be protected from danger and fatal accidents

You can read a comprehensive article about this design here


Yant Suea Khlong

This yant represents power and protection.

It is said to protect the one who wears it from danger and harm, make them invincible and give them extreme powers over others. 

It is believed grant power over one’s subordinates, make people show you great respect, obey your will and fear your glory.


Yant Suea Krajone

Yant Suea Krajone or “Leaping Tiger” is a design that represents power and protection.

It will assist the one who wears it with strength, power, protection and conviction.

It will also give great authority over one’s subordinates.

This Yant is believed to make the wearer immortal and offers supreme protection against being killed by any weapon.


Yant Suea Liaw Lung

Yant Suea Liaw Lung or “tiger looking back” is the king of tigers or Pha Yaa Suea Khrong in Thai.

This yant is suitable for anyone holding the occupation of police officer, soldier, or business owner.

This design is powerful for those in search of a comprehensive career, financial coordination, and help with business negotiations.

Yant Suea Liaw Lung also represents kindness.


Suea Hiaw Lang

Suea Hiaw Lang, or “tiger looking back” this Yant is powerful for those looking for protection from behind, having the tiger watching your back at all times.

Most of the animal Yants have the attributes of that animal. The tiger represents stealth, speed and power.

This Yant is suitable for people who are in positions of authority and looking to gain respect.

As well as giving the bearer a fearful aura, it also represents compassion and kindness.

This yant is said to be helpful in business negotiations, managing employees, finances, and helps in developing communication skills.

It is said that the tiger looking back is best suited to those who are highly respected in the community.

This yant comes with certain specifications for the wearer to abide by in their daily life for the magic to work.

The wearer must be a responsible, caring person, and use their authority in a positive way.


Suea Pon and Suea Fub

This Yant provides the wearer with good luck in love and business.


Hong Ku

The Golden Swan – There are traditional tales stating that during one of the Lord Buddha’s many lives he came to earth as a magical Golden Swan and lived in the forest.

So spectacular was he that every other bird in the forest revered him as their charismatic leader.

On the day the Golden Swan met his final moments by swimming into a trap he did not panic nor scream for help.

Instead he calmly warned others not to swim in the trapped pool and urged them to fly as far away as possible.

This act of brave, unselfish conviction saw the Golden Swan gladly sacrifice himself so many others could be saved from his fate.

Wearers of the Hong Ku Yant are granted the gift of:

  • Charm
  • Popularity
  • Observational powers & the ability to associate with virtues of self-sacrifice & kindness


Paya Hongtong

This Yant provides the wearer with wealth in their business, good fortune and genuine love.


Yant Phrayahong

This sacred design is said to represent kindness, attractiveness, luck, good fortune and popularity.

It is believed to increase your popularity and attractiveness with the opposite sex and this benefit is said help you to improve your circumstances at work as well.

The swan is an animal that many believe will bless your life with elegance and charm.


Paya Nok Hussadin

This Yant gives power to the wearer to tame their enemies in any area of life.


Kai Fah

Kai Fa (Pheasant) is believed to be one of the most beautiful creatures so Yant Phaya Kai Fa is believed to support wearers to have perfect love and beauty.

The designs helps to give wealth, good business and aid to the wearer in always receiving a helping hand from others.

The pheasant has always been known for its diligence at working hard and finding food.

So Yant Kai Fah represents the belief that you will always have good work, a good job or money coming in.


Konnok Mahalarp

This Yant is believed to bring good fortune, luck, and success.

Its powerful virtues will bring luck in love, studying, work, and business.


Sarika Bua

This design gives the wearer extra charm and will help them to find their soulmate.


Yant Sarika Koo

This Yant will help to increase the power of speaking for the person who bears it.

It will also boost charm, success, kindness, and popularity.

It is believed to increase attractiveness as well, which is useful especially in romantic encounters.

It can be helpful to those in sales positions and others who rely on the power of speech for their livelihood.


Charming Butterfly

This design gives the wearer popularity and extra charm.

Will bring good luck in both business and love.


Yant Chang Sam Sien

The Erawan elephant is a God elephant with three faces.

He is more powerful and larger than any other elephant in heaven.

This yant provides optimal protection for people who supervise workers.

It is beneficial for travelers because it offers protection and prevents harm from befalling anyone who travels.

The three heads represent the three major Gods in Hindu mythology; Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the keeper and Mahesh is the destroyer.

The three headed elephant can be found in both Buddhist and Hindu traditions. In Buddhism it is “Erawan”, and in Hinduism it is “Airavata”.


Praya Chang

A depiction of an elephant which has deep significance in South East Asia and Thailand particularly. Elephants have long been used for labor and during wars (although thankfully this is far less the case now than it used to be) and as such were revered.

The elephant represents both strength and protection from any dangers that may come to the wearer.


Phra Pikanet Yant

This yant is a remover of obstacles.

People will get this at the beginning of a business venture or new chapter in their life.

It gives wisdom and success.


Rat Cha See Luang Por Yid

Rat Cha See Luang means “King of the Lions”

It is believed those who wear this yant will have great power and be respected by all. 


Rachasri Pen

This Yant represents a running lion.

It provides the wearer with the power to guard against all dangers.


Racha Sri

This Yant protects the wearer from danger and attacks, especially while asleep.


Rachasri Pen

This representation of a lion running represents guarding against all dangers.


Rachasri Pon

This lion Yant provides the wearer with empowerment and confidence.



There is no denying that the dragon is a mythical, fearsome creature and a Yant in this design can look truly spectacular.

The dragon is feared for destructive powers and the fact that it can breathe fire to destroy enemies.

Those wearing a dragon Yant design are offered:

  • Protection against physical harm
  • Bad influence others may try to bring to bear
  • Good fortune

Dragon designs are particularly popular with Thailand’s senior military personnel and government officials.



Some estimates put the crocodile’s existence at around 50 million years!

This makes it is easy to understand its significance in terms of tremendous endurance, strength & power.

An added belief is that due to the toughness and difficulty to penetrate a crocodile’s skin that such designs also offer protection against knives or swords It is common for Thai Boxers and members of the Armed forces to opt for crocodile designs as it is believed to offer protection from many different types of danger.

This also makes it suitable for firefighters, officers in the police force and those employed in other risky occupations.


Yant Tao Ruean

It is alleged that once upon a time the Buddha was incarnated as a turtle.

Throughout that lifetime, the turtle expanded to be the dimension of a residence, this is the reason for the name Tao Reun (turtle house). 

The Turtle Sak Yant supplies the bearer with wealth, success, great luck as well as a lengthy life.

It is a really fortunate animal in Chinese customs.

It is said that this Yant is very powerful and can aid one to help get rid of emotional suffering.

The turtle is a sign of the planet and also has a folklore connection to the earth aspect.

It has persistence and also great navigational abilities.

It is said that the turtle embodies many feminine qualities such as perseverance, the power to recover from disease, recognizing one’s own limits and also respecting the boundaries of others.

It provides the best physical defence, has a lengthy life and also is very independent.

It is known for perseverance and ingenuity.

The turtle has a non-violent defence quality.


Phra Pidtar Taoruarn

This design is said to magnify the qualities of kindness, popularity, wealth, the abundance of money, business success and good fortune.

Those who bear this Yant are believed to be successful in all of life’s ventures, and benefit from good fortune and luck always.


Phraya Taoruarn

This design represents good fortune, abundance of money, and prosperity.

It is particularly helpful to bless one with great loving kindness and compassion from others.

It is believed to improve your popularity and help you to gain preferential treatment and bring you luck and fortune.


Yant Nagaraj Payanag

The Payanag is a symbol of power and prosperity.

Nagaraj is a high sacred power in Lanna (Northern Thailand).

The one who chooses this design will be blessed with a peaceful life, filled with the abundance of money, luck and good fortune.

It is also very powerful for protection from danger and harm.

The Naga is a creature said to be the protector of Buddha.

It is widely worshipped throughout Asia as it is believed to be a symbol of richness, luck, and mightiness.


Yant Plali

This Yant represents kindness and luck.

The power of virtues in this design will bring you business success, popularity, mercy and charm.

The eel talisman will provide the wearer with success in everything they choose to do in life.

It will bring good fortune that flows smoothly just like an eel that has smooth flow and movement.

It is believed that this design will help the one who wears it to navigate smoothly through life and give them great power so their enemies cannot defeat them.


Phra Ta Nark

This yant is said to supply the wearer with invulnerability and protection against religious persecution.

The serpent symbolizes grace and rhythm while being a master of transformation.

It has excellent speed and elusiveness with intense mental energy and artistic power.

The serpent is associated with primitive or elemental energy. 


Phaya Pla Lai Peuak

This design is said to protect the wearer against physical threats


Lizard with Money Bag

This design will attract money and gold to the wearer.


9 Lizards

This design brings luck in trade, finance and wealth. It is suitable for gamblers.


Yant Jingjok

This magical design represents attractiveness, kindness, popularity and luck.

Jing Jok (Gecko) is believed to represent virtues that will help make you more attractive to the opposite sex, grant loving kindness and luck.

This sacred design is considered to be very lucky and provides money or attracts customers or love.

It comes from a belief prior to Buddhism in which finding a gecko was a sign of good luck as they were thought to chase away evil spirits.


Yant Takarb

Yant Takarb or “Centipede Yant” is a design that represents practicality, sensibility, balance, invulnerability and protection.

The centipede has a long body and a lot of legs which represents protection.

  • The two moustaches represent apperception.
  • The two tails represent patience.
  • The two canines represent conscience.
  • The two eyes represent gratefulness.

The centipede is endowed with excellent balance and coordination.

It has the power to sustain stress and has a gracefulness that can be seen in all its movements.

Its powerful virtues will bring you protection and help you avoid danger and harm.


Yant Singha Chearnthong

This design represents lordship, leadership and assists the wearer with having power over others.

It will allow you to control people under you and help grant you kindness and popularity.

This sacred Yant is suitable for a leader, chief, or a person who is in charge of leading many followers.

The powerful virtues of this design will assist in commanding respect and emotions of kindness from those around the bearer.

It will also grant you great power and authority over others.

Yant Singh portrays the lion carrying a flag which stands for victory.

It is believed those who wear this Yant will be immortal, have great power and the ability to defeat all enemies.


Yant Moo Thong Deang

Moo Thong Deang Yant translates to “Copper Pig or Wild Boar.”

This Yant represents invaluable strength.

This design will boost the bravery of the person who wears it.

It will also help grant invulnerability and protection from all harm and danger.


Yant Payamee

This Yant represents a bear and offers protection and power.

It will grant the wearer invincibility and strength.

It is believed that the powerful virtues of Buddha are imbued in the design.

It will help give strength to the one who wears it and motivate them to push forward and avoid any blockage or obstacles hindering them in life.


9 Tailed Fox

This design makes the wearer more attractive to the opposite sex and brings fortune in trading.


Yant Ling Lom

Part of Lord Hanuman’s retinue of soldiers during the wars against Lord Totsakarn and his fellow demon armies.

The Ling Lom, with humans and other allies helped build the bridge from India to the island of Lanka to battle Lord Totsakarn in the famous epic story, the “Ramakien.”

This Yant is said to bring the bearer power, authority, and a fighting spirit.

It will grant the believer with protection, increase the ability to escape, and avoid dangers.



Pla Tapian Tong

This golden fish is famous for bringing people wealth and success in business but also in their relationships.

It is often a design that will be tattooed on two people in a relationship who want to celebrate their relationship.


Kwang Liaw Lang

This design gives the wearer good fortune in work and finance.


Why Choose the ALL DAY Tattoo Studio in Bangkok for your Sak Yant Tattoo?

Many foreign visitors to Bangkok who are looking for a Sak Yant tattoo believe it is only possible to do so at a temple specializing in the art.

This is most certainly not the case!

Here are just 3 reasons why a visit to a fully licensed & certified tattoo studio such as the ALL DAY Tattoo Studio in central Bangkok is arguably a far better option.


Convenience & Comfort

Our purpose-designed studio offers a clean, modern, air-conditioned environment in which you can relax while receiving your extremely intricate Sak Yant tattoo.

While booking an appointment is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

We say this because  we are often fully booked and booking in advance guarantees your place and saves you wasting any of your hard earned holiday!

Having said this, we must stress that ‘walk-in’ visits to the ALL DAY studio are equally welcome and that all visitors to our studio are guaranteed personal, professional and prompt attention throughout their visit.


Avoid the “Tourist Trap” or Scams at tattoo studios in Thailand

Sak Yant designs are beautiful, meaningful and are chosen by people of all Nationalities, creeds and religions as a memento of their Thai holiday that has the benefit of a deeper meaning.

Unfortunately because of this, many less scrupulous studios will set up a fake process to try to convince tourists that what they are going through is somehow more traditional or authentic and by doing so, overcharge and compromise the quality of the end product.

The traditional process of receiving a Sak Yant tattoo in a temple would mean literally years of intense training with a Master, who would teach the mysteries behind the designs and give the tattoo to their student based on merit.

Getting a tattoo “blessed” by an “Ajarn” or “Monk” in a studio or even temple is far from this authentic and ancient method.

Firstly, a true Ajarn is not allowed to take money for tattooing and secondly, it is pretending that you have earned the tattoo through merit and dedication – this is just misleading.

On top of this, many of these studios use techniques such as giving taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers an incentive to “trick” clients into going to their studio.

If a studio isn’t good enough to get clients on their own merit, you should run away – quickly!

There’s usually a good reason for it. Getting a Sak Yant design in Bangkok is totally acceptable culturally and Thai people will often be proud to see you wearing something that symbolizes their culture.

You don’t need to be tricked into a fake “magic” ceremony to enjoy your tattoo. In fact, doing so may put you at unnecessary risk.


The highest western hygiene standards

It goes without saying that everyone should be aware of the potential health hazards involved in receiving a tattoo.

Because of this you will find hygiene standards at the ALL DAY tattoo studio to be of the absolute highest order.

Concerns over multiple needle use and the fact that many tattoo practitioners (especially with bamboo or hand poked tattoos) dip different needles into the same ink jar are all too regular occurrences and must be viewed as unsafe practice.

Such practices will never happen at our studio.

In order to ensure the safety of both clients and our professional artists, the ALL DAY Tattoo Studio ‘peace of mind’ policy has been established as our top priority.

Highlights of this policy include:

  • All needles are imported from the USA and are single use only.
  • All inks used are of the highest quality and imported from the USA.
  • All tattoos are done by machine. Bamboo tattooing can all too easily be an unsafe and low quality process that just isn’t necessary anymore. We don’t believe when it comes to something like tattooing that unnecessary risks are acceptable and so we don’t take them with our artists or our clients.

Wherever it is possible we purchase and use “single use”, ‘sealed in a sterile environment packaging product’. Examples being:

  • Tubes,
  • Ink cups
  • Gloves
  • Razors
  • Machines bags
  • Clip cord sleeves

All of which are carefully disposed of once used. You will also find surface areas around the tattoo stations covered by disposable film/barriers and that these areas are thoroughly disinfected using alcohol and/or Dettol before as well as after use.


Regular Sak Yant questions the ALL DAY Tattoo team give answers to

It is only natural that those looking to receive a Sak Yant design will have questions. This is where the professional team at our ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Bangkok come into their own. We are ready to answer each and every query you have and will do so in a clear, no-nonsense fashion. 5 of the most important questions we are regularly asked are explained below:


How long do Sak Yant tattoos last?

By using the best quality equipment and inks, tattoos will last a lifetime.

Inks have become much better quality over the past few years and those faded or “green” tattoos you might have seen have started to become a thing of the past – as long as the studio is willing to invest in the premium required to use them.

Proper care is important while it’s healing and in the long term but our team will go through all of the details with you and we have high quality products available in store if you need them.


Does a Sak Yant hurt more than a regular machine gun tattoo?

The general consensus on this one is: No, however, there are several factors you need to take into account.

By nature, we all have different pain tolerances and it is also very evident that pain levels will differ dependent upon which part of the body is being inked.

For example, a tattoo on the ribs can be somewhat painful whatever method is employed, while a Sak Yant tattoo on the shoulder whether the traditional method or a machine gun is used will be far less painful.

The difference between a machine and bamboo in terms of pain, no matter which location the tattoo is one, can be significant.

A bamboo tattoo will go very different depths in the skin with every piercing, while a machine has a consistent depth.

This is why you see far less blood with a machine tattoo that’s done properly.

A machine will deposit ink on the third dermal layer, where little blood will come out if your skin is only pierced to this depth.

A bamboo will place ink on various layers, meaning not only more blood and much higher risk of infection but also a lower quality end product.

Having said that, and as we have touched on above, the real point here is that in this day and age there really is no need to go in for Bamboo tattooing.

We see this as a generally unsafe and inferior quality process which just isn’t necessary anymore.


Between the usual electric needle and the traditional Thai Sak Yant, which method of tattooing is more painful?

For some more background to answer this question, please refer to the previous answer.

The health & safety standards that the ALL DAY tattoo studio rigorously adhere to means unnecessary risks seen from traditional Sak Yant tattooing are completely eliminated.

Due to the fact the machine is only piercing the skin three layers and the bamboo is generally piercing it a somewhat random amount, most people find that a machine is far less painful.

In fact, in the majority of cases we have “first timers” who tell us that it hurt significantly less than they were expecting, it was more like a scratch.

However this definitely isn’t the case for bamboo tattoos, where people often describe the experience as “being burned by red hot needles”.

Not quite the same experience!

Add to that the fact that in our studio, clients are talked through the whole process in fluent English and are at ease with everything that’s happening all the way through knowing exactly what’s going on.

This is a big difference to being somewhere where you aren’t sure they’ve understood you, you’re not really made to feel welcome and you’re nervous it’s safe and clean.

The amount of pain someone feels can be affected a lot by their stress levels, so we do everything we can to reduce them.

Our concern is for the safety and experience of our client’s and artists.

In this respect you can be guaranteed the highest western hygiene standards are enforced each and every time and that you’ll enjoy the experience of being with us for your tattoo.


Sak Yant Rules of Conduct after getting a Sak Yant Tattoo

The truth here is that the real Sak Yant Rules of Conduct refer to rules you must follow once you have become a student of a Monk or Ajarn.

To add to this confusion every Monk or Ajarn has different Sak Yant Rules.

The ALL DAY tattoo studio team are confident that receiving a Sak Yant design whilst in Bangkok is completely acceptable from a cultural point of view and our artists are very happy to do them for you.

Indeed, Thai citizens will often be proud to note that you are wearing something which symbolizes their rich culture.

This is something you should bear in mind rather than being tricked into a false “magic” ceremony in order to enjoy your tattoo.

There’s a big difference between getting a design because it’s beautiful and reminds you of a specific time or experience in your life and being conferred a magical tattoo by a Master due to merit.

Although it certainly isn’t expected that a “normal” person will follow ALL of the magical rules of conduct after getting their tattoo (and in fact most “normal” Thai people who have Sak Yant designs won’t concern themselves with this either), it can be interesting to see some of the general rules magical adherents were asked to follow.

  • Do not kill
  • Do not steal
  • Do not desire another person’s lover or spouse or be unfaithful to your own
  • Do not lie
  • Do not get Intoxicated
  • Do Not speak ill of your Mother (or any Mother)

As you can see some are quite similar to the Western ideas of morality and we certainly hope that you’ll follow at least the most important ones whether you get a Sak Yant tattoo or not!

But in general, we’d suggest not stressing about it.

Just enjoy your beautiful design and what it means to you.


Can a woman get a Sak Yant tattoo?

The short answers is: Definitely YES, and the Sak Yant artists at ALL DAY Tattoo studio regularly apply this type of tattoo to female clients. It should be noted that many Monks and Ajarn’s refuse to tattoo a female.

It is important to understand that this is not due to sexual discrimination, more to the fact that rules of their religion do not allow them to directly touch a female’s skin.

In recent years however the Sak Yant style has become increasingly popular for women who enjoy the history and meaning behind the designs.


Can I chose my Sak Yant design?

If a Monk delivers the Sak Yant they choose the design which means you literally sit there and they tattoo whatever they want onto you, wherever they want to. For most people this isn’t ideal. At a professional studio then YES you may choose the design you wish.


Make sure you make the right choice about where to get your Sak Yant tattoo in Thailand

Anyone looking for a Sak Yant tattoo (or indeed, any tattoo design) while visiting Thailand does not need telling that there is a wide choice of options open to them.

You can go to a temple or temple fair, have it done on the beach, or at a flashy shop in one of the red-light districts who’ll bribe taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers with a percentage of your tattoo fee to trick you into going there, but please think very carefully about the important decision you are making.

With this in mind, we strongly believe you would be far better served by visiting a reputable, professional, fully licensed, 100% hygienic and completely safe studio that doesn’t partake in any “tricks” or “scams” and never will.

That being the case then the ALL DAY Tattoo Studio fits every requirement and more.

Whether you have a specific design in mind, are looking for advice on different designs, tattoo sizes and body location, the inking process, costs, or a general tattoo enquiry, please do get in touch with our friendly, fully qualified and fluent English speaking staff for a no-obligation consultation.


Some Examples of Sak Yant Tattoos We’ve Done Recently

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