Sternum Tattoos Bangkok

Sternum Tattoo Bangkok

Sternum tattoos seem to be all the rage as of late

These stylish pieces have become trendy with the likes of Rihanna, Jamie Fox, Chris Brown, and Ruby Rose rocking their chest pieces for the world to see

Before taking the plunge for this popular placement, there are quite a few things you should carefully consider


Sternum Tattoo Designs

Sternum tattoos can look phenomenal on both men and women alike

Typically men will go with a style that accentuates their pectoral muscles and draws attention to their fit shape

For women these eye catching designs look most attractive when they flow with the natural curves of the body and cleavage as well as underneath the breasts

This is an alluring way to show off the feminine shape and figure

Sternum tattoos are also the perfect choice for tattoo placement as they can be discreet and easily concealed or they can be in your face and the center of attention literally

These designs can be done in numerous styles from big and bold to soft and subtle

As well as wispy and delicate to detailed extensive pieces that cover the whole chest

It is best to go with a balanced symmetrical design in this area

Whatever floats your boat, the artists at ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Bangkok are waiting to lead you in the right direction


Pain Level For Sternum Tattoos

Before we go any further, let’s get down to the nitty gritty

Sternum tattoos are not for the faint of heart and I am speaking from experience!

I have numerous large pieces and sleeves and quite frankly this was the most painful of my tattoos

I definitely do not recommend this as a first tattoo for anyone

With that being said, everyone has a different pain threshold but I have an extremely high level of pain tolerance so that should give you a pretty solid indication of pain associated with this placement

The reason that the sternum is one of the more painful areas to endure is due to the fact that you are being tattooed directly onto the bone where the skin is extremely thin

This can cause quite an uncomfortable sensation as you can feel the vibration of the tattoo machine more so than you would on a more fleshy part of the body

This creates a very tense process that is not ideal for a first tattoo

I would definitely recommend choosing a different part of the body for your first tattoo experience

Everything in life comes with a price and the price for one of these attractive pieces is the pain that is definitely more costly than any monetary amount you will pay

But beauty is pain or so they say!


Selecting the Right Artist for Your Sternum Tattoo

Being that this is one of the more painful areas to be tattooed it is important that you go with the right artist

You definitely want someone with a gentle touch verses an artist with a heavy hand

Because of the placement on the sternum, these tattoos are harder to do technically and have a high level of difficulty

Sternum tattoos require an artist with a high level of precision and skill

Tattooing on sensitive areas and on the bone is a time consuming process as the artist needs to manoeuvre slowly and carefully

Be aware that this could mean a longer session to complete a design that normally wouldn’t take as long on another part of the body

If you have chosen a larger piece, it may recommended that you break it into several sessions

Another thing to consider especially for women is how comfortable you will be with the artist you chose for your tattoo

Depending on the design, it is highly likely that you will have to remain topless for the duration of the tattoo session

Your artist can assist you with covering the more private area of your breasts with nipple covers or gauze and tape

Just know that you will need to be extremely comfortable with showing your body to your artist for placement and completion of your tattoo

Some women opt to go with female artists for this reason


Healing and Aftercare

For women the healing process for a sternum tattoo is a little more intense than it is for a man for obvious reasons

It is recommended that women go without a bra while the tattoo is in the healing process

This is typically two to three weeks but can vary from person to person as everyone’s skin is different

Anything tight or restricting in this area will rub the scabbing off prematurely and cause the tattoo to lose ink in areas that have experienced friction

Once all of the scabbing has stopped and fallen off then it is ok to resume your normal activities


ALL DAY TATTOO is Bangkok’s Best in The Business!

We have a passion for our work and you will feel that as soon as you step inside of our establishment

Our many rave reviews are a testament to our passion for tattoos

ALL DAY Tattoo is Bangkok’s #1 fully licensed tattoo studio

We adhere to the strictest hospital standard hygiene practices and procedures

ALL DAY Tattoo studio is conveniently located in the heart of Sukhumvit in the capital city of Thailand

We are committed to delivering a 5 star experience to each and every one of our clients that will be hard to beat in any of your future tattoo endeavours

We believe that every step of the process is important and we explain in great detail how everything works from design consultation to aftercare instructions

Our clients are made to feel at home and comfortable from the time they first walk in our doors until their new masterpiece is completed

Whether it is your first tattoo or an addition to your growing collection we aim to deliver a tattoo experience you will never forget!

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