Tribal Tattoos in Bangkok


What are Tribal Tattoos?

You’ve probably seen all kinds of people – from celebrities to just the person in the street, with tribal tattoos.

Have you ever thought to yourself – what do the design mean?

As you probably know, these designs are usually taken from ancient tribes who have been tattooing them on themselves for millenia.

But what do they mean?

Luckily, at ALL DAY Tattoo we have some of the best tribal tattoo artists in Bangkok and can help you understand them better!


The History of Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos

Without there being “tribal tattoos”, there wouldn’t be tattoos at all!

Ancient tribes from all over the world – from Asia, the Americas, Northern Europe and Africa – have a rich history of tattooing their bodies with unique designs for thousands of years.

In many cultures descendents of these tribes still wear their tribal markings, as a way of being in touch with their ancestors and the artwork that bound them together.

These designs almost always have a meaning that relates to the religion or the culture the tribe practiced.

On top of this they were to give the wearer courage, strength and protection in battle or against evil spirits.

For some tribes the designs were also to show the rank of the wearer and were something very sought after to show your social standing.


What Do Tribal Tattoos in Bangkok Look Like?

Just like with any genre of tattoos, the answer is “pretty much anything”!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of designs but they tend to have certain things in common that mark them out as a “tribal tattoo”.

This can include: short lines, chevrons, circles and black shapes.

They often include animal figures or masks as part of the design.

The modern “blackwork” tattoo genre actually has its origin in tribal tattoos, as the combination of solid black ink and intricate patterns has developed.


Examples of Tribal Tattoos You Can Get in Bangkok

Tribal Tattoos

At ALL DAY Tattoo we like to think we’re the best studio in Bangkok to get tribal tattoos.

This is because we are a “custom” studio. You don’t have to just choose something from a book and get that put onto your skin

You can tell us what you like, find some designs you love, and we can help you put it all into one beautiful piece.

You can read more about some of the different tribal tattoo styles in our blog post here.


Some of Our Most Recent Tribal Tattoos

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