Yant Mongkut Phra Buddha Chao Tattoo Bangkok

Yant Mongkut Phra Buddha Chao Tattoo Bangkok

The Yant Mongkut Phra Buddha Chao is a complex symbol of safeguarding wisdom

This ‘Crown of the Buddha Lord’ offers a profound shield to those who bear it


The Four Guardian Buddhas

Central to this design are four Buddhas, each depicted with 3 concentric ovals that symbolize the Buddha’s presence in meditation

On top of these ovals sits an unalome, the spiraled emblem charting the path to enlightenment

The horizontal Buddhas represent the expanse of Buddha’s teachings across the earth, while the vertical figures represent the ascension to spiritual wisdom and connection to the divine


Unraveling the Trikaya and Unalome Symbolism

The ovals represent the Trikaya doctrine: the Nirmanakaya (physical form), Sambhogakaya (body of bliss), and Dharmakaya (truth body), reflecting the Buddha’s journey from the mortal coil to the state of Nirvana

The unalome on top of these figures illustrates the intricate journey to spiritual awakening, a path filled with trials, triumphs, and ultimate clarity


A Reflection of Sacred Protection

“Mongkut Phra Buddha Chao” translates to the Buddha’s crown, signifying the design’s profound protective qualities likened to the sanctity of a royal diadem

This name underscores the Yant’s role as a spiritual protector, warding off all forms of harm and guiding the wearer along a path of enlightenment


The Elements of Protection

Yant Mongkut Phra Buddha Chao is intricately crafted with multiple elements, each chosen for their protective properties:

  • KongKrapan Chatri: This aspect of the Yant is a protection against sharp objects and gunfire, a testament to the design’s profound history of warrior protection.
  • Maha Ud (The Great Blocker): Symbolizing a shield against all physical harm, this component is a testament to the Yant’s overarching power.
  • Klaew Klaad: This element embodies the ability to sidestep misfortune, ensuring the wearer is safeguarded from life’s unexpected calamities.
  • Evil Spirits and Black Magic: Beyond the physical, the Yant serves as a deterrent against evil forces, setting up a spiritual barricade against dark energies and mystical harm.


Cosmic Order and Boundless Protection

The central circle of the Yant, intersected by lines to form a grid of squares, points to the universe’s ordered nature and the safeguarding of the five cardinal directions by the Buddha

This central design is encircled by twelve additional boxes, representing an all-encompassing protective force in every region of lifeThe Protective Aura of the Directional Buddhas

Encircling this central core are four more Buddhas facing horizontally towards it, each one a beacon of protection from all directions

These figures, too, depicted with the three ovals, serve as a constant reminder of the Buddha’s wisdom and the all-enveloping protective energies they bestow


Where to get a Yant Mongkut Phra Buddha Chao Tattoo in Bangkok?

At ALL DAY Tattoo, our studio is a haven where tradition is woven with stringent Western hygiene practices, and where top-quality FDA-approved inks ensure the safety and beauty of your Yant Mongkut Phra Buddha Chao

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, our studio welcomes you with a fluent English speaking team ready to assist and guide you through the experience of receiving your Yant

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