Technology takes Tattoos into the future: 5 trends you need to know

Technology Takes Tattoos Into The Future: 5 Trends You Need To Know

Every part of our daily life is being influenced by advances in technology and tattooing is no different.

Here are 5 trends that should interest anyone with a love or interest in the art of tattooing. We will start with one that is very close to our hearts.

Tattoo Inks – The Future

The quality of tattoo ink is something that the ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok are passionate about.

We also believe that anyone receiving a tattoo should be fully aware that the quality of tattoo ink used for their chosen design is of the utmost importance.

There really is no two ways about it. In terms of vibrancy, color and longevity:


The higher the quality of tattoo ink used, the better your tattoo will be

Due to these reasons and our strict hygiene policy the ALL DAY tattoo studio only use the highest quality branded inks. These ‘best of breed’ inks are imported directly from reputable ink manufacturers based in the USA and are used on all of our clients.

In terms of technology advances, it is clear that responsible manufacturers will focus on ways to introduce constantly higher quality of ingredients during tattoo ink production. They will also integrate the latest testing technologies before releasing a finished ink.

The good news for all tattoo lovers is that constantly improving ink quality and associated hygiene production methods must be seen as positive.

Progressive and responsible ink manufacturers will continue to utilise new technology in order to create new inks that when applied will offer stunning, cool new looks.


Disappearing Tattoos

If you receive a tattoo from a studio that uses sub-standard inks there is a good chance that your tattoo will fade and almost disappear without any technology being involved!

On a more serious note, advanced technology is inventing ways that will allow for a tattoo to be inked but gradually disappear.

It should be said that tattoo purists do not see this type of inking as ‘true tattooing’ but it may be of interest to those who would not otherwise consider having a ‘permanent’ tattoo.

Technological advances in recent years have seen various brands coming out with tattoos that last for 1, 4 or 5 years. The ink that is used is so designed to disappear naturally over your chosen period.

There are certainly downsides to this technology and two that must be mentioned are:

  • The period of time a ‘disappearing’ tattoo will last is currently only an estimate. This means that those receiving such a tattoo should be prepared for their chosen design to last shorter or longer than intended.
  • As a disappearing tattoo deteriorates through its natural fading process it is extremely difficult to predict exactly how long a tattoo design of this nature will look its best.

Short-term tattoos have advanced quite well in recent years and it will be interesting to see what improvements are to be seen over the next few years.

As it is at the moment, although there has been lots of talk about this over the past decade or so, we’ve yet to see any inks that come anywhere close to the standard we require before considering using them, so watch this space!


Tattoos That Glow In The Dark

Glow-In-The-Dark tattoos could be classed as another disappearing tattoo. This is because they only show up in the dark. To be honest, the term used is really a misnomer.

We say this because this type of inking is really a UV tattoo that reveals itself under a blue light.

The type of ink used in these tattoos is not really new, but advances are being made in the ingredients used to manufacture such ink.

A major current drawback is seen in the fact that there is a greater chance of a person’s body rejecting this type of ink.

As a result many professional tattoo studios refuse to offer them and it is the reason we don’t currently offer them.

They could be considered for regular club goers and those looking for something that is classed as being futuristic.


Tattoo Inking For Health Monitoring

The constantly increasing technology used in ‘wearable’ devices to monitor health has seen impressive growth in recent years.

In terms of tattooing, Harvard and MIT researchers have already taken this one step further to help those with diabetes.

They have succeeded in creating biosensitive inks which can be tattooed onto the body.

The real benefit here is that the ink would change colours to let the wearer know if their glucose levels are too low or too high.

Although this may seem a far-off technology it is understood that scientists feel it is now ready for either short or long term use.

Some predict that this type of tattooing will be available to the public as early as next year.

It is felt by scientists, researchers and health professionals that biosensitive inks could be developed in a myriad of ways to assist with health monitoring.

This should certainly be seen as a positive step, but the true results of these tattoo technology advances will require significant advancement before they become widely available.


Interactive Tattoos – App Integration

Listen up all you smart phone enthusiasts (and who isn’t these days?).

While there has been lots of talk related to animated tattoos, the reality is that in their true sense they may not be possible.

However, it is possible to bring your tattoo to life using your phone.

This has already been demonstrated through the Polaxis app.

It is also true that further advancements in the interactive tattoo arena are being made.

A point in case is soundwave tattoos.

These tattoos work by capturing an audio file and when the related app scans the tattoo your chosen soundwave snip plays aloud.

This unique audio inking is currently limited to a 1 minute clip and the soundwave is yours to record or select.

A tattoo design of this type would seem to appeal to those who wish to remember early words spoken by their children or the voice of a loved one who has departed.

It is very likely that technological advances in ‘audio inking’ will accelerate in the near future and is seen to be cool for a variety of reasons.

Two worth mentioning are:

  • An interactive tattoo that plays sound will certainly stand out and should currently be seen as a novelty.
  • This type of inking is demonstrating just how capable tattoos are of storing and sharing digital information.


Eyes Front But Also Look To The Here & Now!

There is little doubt that exciting and innovative times are ahead for the future of tattoos.

The positive aspect of emerging tattoo technology is that tools used are becoming more reliable, precise, consistent and sanitary.

In terms of tattoo application it is our strong belief that no matter what these advances consist of, the vast majority of those looking for a tattoo design will remain loyal to the traditional tattoo experience.

You can rest assured that the entire team at the ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok will continue to keep up to date with tattoo technology trends.

We will always keep an open mind on any valid advances in the art we practice.

Having said that, we are realists as well as perfectionists!

This means that all of our clients can be guaranteed to receive their desired tattoo through tried and trusted methods.

It doesn’t matter how great the technology supposedly is – application by a crappy artist in an unsafe environment is never going to have a good outcome.

We pride ourselves as being the #1 fully licensed tattoo studio in Bangkok and commit to delivering exactly the design you want in the genre you want.

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