ALL DAY Tattoo was born from a vision of creating a true “East meets West” tattoo experience in Bangkok.

For decades, Bangkok has been a destination for tattoos.

From the monks at the temples inking magical “sak yant” designs, to pioneers taking influences from traditional Asian art styles and creating beautiful pieces of art – it’s no wonder that celebrities, tourists and locals have long seen Bangkok as a great place to pick up some new artwork of their bodies.

Of course, getting a tattoo in Bangkok creates concerns that don’t really exist if you were thinking of getting one in a Western country:

  • Will the artist understand me?

  • Are the needles new?

  • Are the inks good quality?

  • Will I be able to book an appointment before I arrive, or will I have to risk wasting a day of my precious holiday trying my luck?

  • Is it safe and clean?

  • Will I be able to find the studio easily if I don’t know the area?

We realized that people are missing out on the chance of a memorable experience and life long piece of art because of factors that, with enough care and attention, could be resolved.

And so the ALL DAY Tattoo journey began.

Firstly, we want to make our customers feel comfortable before they even step in the door. You can contact us any time on Facebook or email and our fluent English speaking staff will deal with your enquiry skillfully and quickly (during business hours, usually within minutes!), so that you know you’ve been understood and all your questions have been answered.

You’ll see from our extensive online portfolio that we’ve painstakingly selected the very best artists Bangkok has to offer. Instead of having a few artists that “can do it all”, we selected artists who truly excel in their particular style. This allows us to assign your work to someone we truly believe will made you say “wow!” when the tattoo is finished.

When it comes to the day of your appointment, you’ll find us easily, just 2 minute walk from the BTS (sky train) station in the very heart of Bangkok’s busy shopping district.

Walking into our studio you’ll be warmly greeted by one of our English speaking staff who are on hand at all times to assist you and make you feel comfortable and confident that everybody is clear about exactly what you want to get.

You’ll see our individually sealed, single use needles (which are imported from the USA), our high quality branded inks, our hospital grade autoclave for sterilization and our daily clean checklist – all off which will put your mind to rest about the lengths to which we go to ensure your (and our) safety.

Above all, we work hard to maintain a fun, friendly, relaxed and professional atmosphere. We believe that getting a tattoo shouldn’t be an intimidating process; it should be a fun one!

We believe that this combination has created something truly special and unique and one that will not only give you the beautiful piece of art you’ve always wanted, but an experience you’ll never forget.


Why Should You Choose ALL DAY Tattoo

Native English Speaking Team

Not speaking the local language can be a wonderful part of travelling. Sometimes simple misunderstandings can lead to you finding new places and dishes you never would have otherwise.

But this is not the case when you’re planning to get a tattoo!

We know that you want to ensure that everything you say is 100% understood by the studio you choose, which is why we have an extensive team of native English speaking management staff.

These staff are on hand at all times to walk you through the process, from your first message all the way until you walk out of the door with your amazing new tattoo.


Fully Customized Artwork

Getting a tattoo used to mean looking through flash books and choosing a design, which would mean you’d need to accept it might not be exactly what you want.

While this is it still the case for a lot of studios, it doesn’t need to be!

We use a combination of graphic design and good old fashioned hand drawing to mean that you can choose any design you like and make any changes you desire to customize your design to be exactly the way you want.


Western Hygiene Standards

It should go without saying that hygiene standards are extremely important at tattoo studios.

Unfortunately, good practice isn’t as widespread as you’d hope!

It was important to us that we started from day one with the highest possible hygiene standards so we use best practices from the Western world in terms of hygiene and safety.


All Inks and Needles Imported from The USA

There is a huge range of prices and qualities for both needles and inks on the market.

Although individually they aren’t a huge expense, a tattoo studio goes through a LOT of them and it really adds up.

To get around this, many studios opt to use cheap Chinese imports.

This can lead to inconsistent quality of the tattoo, both when it’s new and over the long term and can put the safety of both the artist and client at unnecessary risk.

This isn’t something we think is ok!

For this reason, we import all of our needles and inks from major brands in the USA.

Our needles are all individually sealed and single use and can be seen being opened just before your tattoo begins.

Our inks are all branded, FDA approved and vegan.



One of the Only Fully Licensed Studios in Thailand

Despite what many people think, running a tattoo studio in Thailand requires a license from the local authority.

Unfortunately however, the vast majority of studios don’t actually hold a license of any kind.

Each authority deals with these somewhat differently. As our studio is based in the very centre of Bangkok’s business and shopping district, our particular authority is extremely strict with applications.

We had to provide a mountain of paperwork, including things like translating the USA FDA approval for all of our inks into Thai and several in person inspections, to show that we consider and actively maintain safety for our clients and employees.

If the studio you’re looking at for your tattoo doesn’t have an license, you have to ask yourself “what is it they’re hiding”?



International Award Winning Artists

We have a large team of artists with many of them having worked extensively abroad and competed in large competitions.

Many of our artists have received accolades and awards for their work over the years and it is one of the criteria we use when we select who is allowed to work with us.

Our team will help to hook you up with the artist who is the best at doing the style you’re interested in getting, so that you can be confident that you’re in the best hands when you get your tattoo with us.


Sterile Workspace


Imported USA inks


Custom work


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