Black & Grey / Black Work Tattoos

There are very good reasons as to exactly why Black and Grey (also known as Black Work / Blackwork) tattoos are up there with the most popular tattoo styles today.

Below we will explore exactly what they are, why they remain a mainstay of the tattoo world and some of the reasons why we think they’re awesome.


What are black and grey tattoos exactly?

The clue is definitely in the name – they are tattoo designs completed with Black and Grey ink!

White ink is often used to highlight sections of the design and is also used in order to smooth any sharp transition between the two shades.

It’s common for Black and Grey designs to be created through various 3D effects and it goes without saying that, except for white ink, no other color is used (except specifically to accent a certain element such as the eyes or lips for example).

On this point it is important to understand that the first choice you need to make when deciding on a tattoo is whether you will go Color or Black and Grey.

Is one really better than the other?

As long as you choose a high quality studio that is great at the style you choose, the answer is “no”!

It really depends on your personal preference.


Here Are 5 Reasons You Might Want to Choose This Style.

It Is a Truly Modern But Timeless Style

While there are some beautiful classic tattooing styles such as Japanese and Old School with origins in the distant past that make use of a variety of colors, the black and grey style has really been a catalyst for the modern tattooing era.

As inks, machines and techniques have developed in recent time, so has the quality of the artwork in this style.

For many people, they consider the black and grey style to be more timeless and classic than color tattoos, although of course that is always a matter of personal opinion.


You Can Choose From a Huge Range of Styles

Those looking for their dream Black and Grey tattoo design may wonder what the most popular designs are.

Well, we’re here to help!

The joy of Black and Grey tattoos is that they offer exceptional choice when it comes to the tattoo style you’re after. Whether that be:

  • Traditional
  • New School
  • Tribal
  • Realistic
  • Japanese
  • Geometric
  • Lettering
  • Dotwork
  • The list just goes on!

This means that there really is no need at all to worry about being limited to a particular style.

You really do have complete style flexibility and while some people will have very firm and set ideas in mind, others will be open to listening to their experienced Black and Grey tattoo artist.

Your chosen artist should be on hand to give options, ideas and recommendations based on exactly what you are looking for.


You Can Be Bold With Your Designs

Black and Grey tattoos are no shrinking violets!

Limitations on coloring mean that shading and contrast can be put to excellent effect.

This means that experienced Black and Grey tattoo artists have the creativity to complete some very bold, impressive pieces of body art.


Sometimes Less is More

Working with just two shades has its advantages.

The contrast of expertly applied shading can bring your chosen design to life.

Two-tone effects can stand out just as vividly as color.

Indeed, in many instances the expert blending of Black and Grey leaves a greater impression than a myriad of color.


Let’s be honest, they’re awesome

We touched on the timeless classic appeal of these tattoos. Add to that eye-catching, stylish and just simply awesome.

Black and Grey is most definitely a style of tattooing that every ink lover should consider.


Black and Grey Inking Benefits

When considering whether a Black and Grey inking is really what you are after there are several factors to take into account, not least the fact that when properly looked after your design has much less chance of fading.

Other benefits include:

  • They Look Absolutely Stunning: The use of Black and Grey tattoo designs use the natural flesh as highlights and with the addition of white to enhance a dramatic effect this style of inking can look absolutely stunning.
  • Less sun damage: When cared for correctly you will find that Black and Grey tattoos experience less likely to suffer from sun damage than color designs.
  • Clearer on darker skin tones: Due to the strong contrast created by Black and Grey inking they are easier to make out on darker skin tones.
  • Vivid, Dynamic: When inked to maximum effect, Black and Grey tattoos are both vivid and dynamic.
  • No clothing color clash!: Due to the neutrality of colors used there will be no color clash with whatever clothing you wear.


Choosing Your Black and Grey Tattoo Artist

Not all tattoo artists are experts in Black and Grey work.

Indeed, it takes a very skilful artist with imagination and experience to create a Black and Grey design that you will be proud to display.

The internet is full of pictures of badly done tattoos and more are done every single day.

You must make sure that your chosen artist has the ability, knowledge, experience and skill to create an image that is multi-dimensional through the use of Black and Grey ink only; with white highlighting and outline applied where necessary.

Take as long as you need in terms of looking at portfolios and do not be afraid to ask questions of any studio.

The way they respond should give you a good feel for just how professional and experienced in Black and Grey work the studio and their artists really are.


Can I Get A Black and Grey Tattoo While In Bangkok?

The answer to this question is a most definite YES!

But as with anywhere else on the globe, you need to be careful to make the right choice.

The application of Black and Grey tattoo designs demand a professional, experienced and skillful artist if they are to look their best.

When in Bangkok you need to look at the best of breed Black and Grey tattoo artists and in this respect you need look no further than the ALL DAY Tattoo studio in central Sukhumvit.

Our passion is to deliver exactly what you are looking for in the most hygienic, comfortable and relaxed environment.

It is our continued commitment to this cause that has led to us as constantly being rated as the #1 Tattoo Studio in Bangkok.

We are one of the only fully licensed tattoo studios in Bangkok and that we have internationally recognized tattoo artists who specialise in Black and Grey artistry.

It cannot be stressed enough that Black and Grey work isn’t any easy style to excel at.

An extremely artistic, highly skilled artist is not easy to find.

The ALL DAY tattoo artists who major on delivering this type of design have exceptional talents that extend to creating illusions of three-dimensional images that incorporate:

  • Tone
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Composition
  • Weight

The End Result: An absolutely stunning Black & Grey tattoo design in whatever style you choose.


Find Out More On What The Best Black & Grey Tattoo Artists In Bangkok Have To Offer

When it comes to having your body inked with that ultimate Black and Grey tattoo design you deserve the best.

Just like most major capital cities across the globe, Bangkok has more than its fair share of tattoo studios.

It should also be said that inking quality, cleanliness and expertise levels varying dependent upon the studio in question.

The team at ALL DAY tattoo studio are rightly proud of the efforts that have cemented our studio as the ‘Go To Tattoo Studio Of Choice’ for anyone seeking Black and Grey, or any other tattoo design whilst in Bangkok.

To find out more on what the best Black and Grey artists in Bangkok have to offer please get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable, fluent English speaking team at ALL DAY tattoo studio using the most convenient method below.


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