What kind of geometric tattoo designs can you get in Bangkok?

Getting a geometric tattoo in Bangkok has risen in popularity over recent years, however these designs actually have their roots in very ancient practices.

Some of the oldest designs can be found in ancient religious or spiritual ceremonies and this type of artwork takes its inspiration from “sacred geometry”.

Geometric tattoo designs can be depicted through the use of simple, repeating lines, symmetry, or highly complex patterns that fully reflect the beauty and order found in nature.


Choosing the right studio for a geometric tattoo is important

Anyone who is interested in getting a geometric tattoo in Bangkok should choose their studio carefully.

We say this because geometric tattoo designs are extremely detailed and require intricate inking skills.

Receiving such a design exactly as it should look requires the skills of a professional, experienced geometric tattoo artist.

The ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Central Bangkok has some of the best geometric artists in Thailand. This means that whatever your preference, we will deliver!


What defines a geometric tattoo?

In general, geometric tattoos draw from shapes as well as patterns derived from the natural world.

Two basic design elements to consider are:

  • Circles – These often portray relationships & community
  • Square-based designs – Stand for earth and stability

Combining or connecting geometric tattoo designs gives balance.

Here are two intricate figures that are good examples of a contrasting effect:

  • Dodecahedron – This is a 3-dimensional shape consisting of 12 plane faces
  • Icosahedron – A solid figure with 20 plane faces


Different kinds of geometric tattoos

The reality is that geometric tattoo designs can depict anything you wish, and the rise in popularity of geometric tattoos is surely down to the wide, visually stunning choice available.

These designs range from being simplistic and straightforward to extremely complex, but whatever geometric design you chose the beauty will be in the detail.

The simplicity of a geometric tattoo comes from the use of common shapes such as:

  • Lines
  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Triangles

These shapes can be repeated to give detailed, captivating patterns that go to form a specific, chosen design.

Those wishing to go a step further can add dimension by choosing thin or thick lines as well as the full spectrum of colour.

It is also possible to create images through geometric renditions as well abstract designs. Popular examples of this are animals and flowers.

By discussing your idea with one of our highly experienced geometric artists, they will advise, suggest and deliver exactly what you are looking for.


Here is a selection of geometric designs our clients regularly request

Gordian Knot

This hugely popular design has its roots in Greek mythology with an interesting tale behind it:

The story goes that Gordias, a peasant farmer who was prophesied to be King used this knot to secure his ox-cart. All those who tried to untie the knot failed. This included Alexander the Great, who, after failing to undo it finally cut it with his sword.

Thus, the Gordian Knot became a symbol indicating that complex problems can only be solved by ‘thinking outside the box’.

This simple, yet highly effective geometric tattoo design is commonly depicted by 3 or more interlocking rings and can represent strength, stability., life’s complexities and its beauty of unsolvable mysteries.



An extremely popular style that has its roots in Hindu and Buddhist culture. This makes it a perfect design for clients wishing to commemorate their travels in South East Asia.

“Mandala” is a Sanskrit word that translates to “circle” and is usually depicted by a concentric or floral pattern representing harmony, balance and unity.



With roots in Greek mythology it depicts a serpent or dragon that is devouring its own tail.

It represents the “Yin and Yang”, or circle of life and volatility.


Fractal Shells

A growing spiral pattern design emphasising the fact that nature is infinitely scalable.

This type of design represents the harmony between order and chaos and that nature is far more balanced than many will ever realise.


Metatron Cube

Most of us will refer to this as:The Flower of Life”:

This is an ancient symbol with roots that can be traced throughout history as well as from a variety of religions and cultures.

It consists of multiple, same-size overlapping circles that radiate out from a centre circle to mimic the structure of a flower.

The symmetry of The Flower of Life design revolves around the numbers 6 & 13.

Traditional designs have 13 circles with each “flower” occuring at the intersection of 6 different circles.

This design relates to the sacred patterns of the universe which includes patterns of creation, all life, and existence.



Most people will be aware that the Owl has long been revered as a bird of great wisdom and intelligence.

Throughout history, and indeed today, many cultures also associate this supreme creature of the night with mystery and secretiveness.



We touched on this design at the beginning of the piece, but due to its popularity at the ALL-DAY tattoo studio, it is worth going into a little more detail:

An Icosahedron has 20 triangular sides and is the 5th and final platonic solid. It signifies water.

Receiving this geometric tattoo design represents the fact that you are “going with the current” thus allowing you to “go with the flow” when it comes to the ups and downs of life without getting too caught up with any one thing.

FOUR Elements As most will be aware, the 4 elements of life in Western culture are: Earth, Water, Air & Fire.

There are a whole variety of ways to represent these elements through geometric tattoo designs.

Many we create at the ALL-DAY tattoo studio on a regular basis include flames, streams of water or wisps of wind running through a chosen design.


Celtic Knots

Yet another hugely popular design that our specialist geometric tattoo artists complete on a regular basis.

Celtic Knots come in a wide variety of patterns with each having its own, unique meaning.

Just two examples of this are:

  • Three-sided knots: These represent the forces of nature
  • Four-sided knots: Represent Love & Harmony


Not sure which geometric tattoo design is right for you?

Anyone looking for a geometric tattoo design while in Bangkok but is not sure of the exact design they want need fear not!

The highly skilled and experienced ALL DAY geometric tattoo artists regularly receive clients who have an idea of what they want but have no specific geometric design in mind.

What they do have strongly in mind is that they want a geometric tattoo!

This is where our artists and managers really come to the fore.

Fluent English is spoken which means we can listen to any idea on design you have, give input and suggestions where required, and guide you through the vast range of geometric designs available.

We will also give invaluable advice on the most appropriate size and body placement of any geometric tattoo design you decide on.


The ALL DAY Tattoo artists are trusted and inspired to produce the best geometric designs in Bangkok


So, whether you have a firm geometric tattoo design idea in mind, or your dream geometric tattoo design ideas are not yet fully formalised and knowledgeable advice is required, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly ALL DAY Tattoo studio team of managers and artists.


Some of the most recent examples of geometric tattoos we’ve done at our studio

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