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What Kind of Geometric Tattoo Designs Can You Get in Bangkok?

Getting a geometric tattoo in Bangkok has risen in popularity over recent years, however these designs actually have their roots in very ancient practices.

Some of the oldest designs can be found in ancient religious or spiritual ceremonies and this type of artwork takes its inspiration from “sacred geometry”.

Geometric tattoo designs can be depicted through the use of simple, repeating lines, symmetry, or highly complex patterns that fully reflect the beauty and order found in nature.


Choosing The Right Studio For a Geometric Tattoo is Important

Anyone who is interested in getting a geometric tattoo in Bangkok should choose their studio carefully.

We say this because geometric tattoo designs are extremely detailed and require intricate inking skills.

Receiving such a design exactly as it should look requires the skills of a professional, experienced geometric tattoo artist.

The ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Central Bangkok has some of the best geometric artists in Thailand.

This means that whatever your preference, we can deliver!


What Defines a Geometric Tattoo?

In general, geometric tattoos draw from shapes as well as patterns derived from the natural world.

Two basic design elements to consider are:

  • Circles – These often portray relationships & community
  • Square-based designs – Stand for earth and stability

Combining or connecting geometric tattoo designs together, or mixing styles together are great options with this style.


Different Kinds of Geometric Tattoos

The reality is that geometric tattoo designs can depict almost anything you wish!

The rise in popularity of geometric tattoos is really a consequence of the wide, visually stunning choice both of styles and compositions available in the style.

Geometric tattoo designs range from being simplistic and straightforward to extremely complex, but whatever geometric design you chose the beauty will be in the detail and final composition.

The beautiful simplicity of a geometric tattoo comes from the use of common shapes such as:

  • Lines
  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Triangles

These shapes can be repeated to give detailed, captivating patterns that come together to form a specific design.

Those wishing to go a step further can add dimension by choosing varied line thicknesses as well as the full spectrum of colour.

It is also possible to create images through geometric renditions as well abstract designs.

Popular examples of this are animals and flowers.

By discussing your idea with one of our highly experienced fluent English speaking team, they will advise, suggest and deliver exactly what you are looking for.


Here is a Selection of Geometric Designs our Clients Regularly Request

Mandala Tattoos in Bangkok

The Mandala is a symbol that has long featured in Asian Art.

The word Mandala means “circle” or “disc” in Sanskrit.

When referring to Mandala as an artform, the word refers to beautiful geometric patterns with deep symbolism both in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions and more recently, in the worlds of science and more secular spirituality practices.


What is a Mandala?

Traditionally Mandala designs were used in meditations as a source of focus.

The patterns were viewed from two different perspectives.

Firstly, when viewed externally, the Mandala is seen as a visual representation of the universe.

Secondly, when viewed internally, the Mandala takes you through a journey from the outside (the realm of human experience) to the center (that of pure consciousness) through a cosmic process of transformation from a place of suffering to one of pure joy.

This process is the source of phrases like “I’m trying to find my center” which you may hear in more New Age circles but which takes its roots from very ancient practices.


What is the History of the Mandala?

The “Buddha” that we refer to these days refers to Siddharha Gautama, the founder of modern Buddhism.

He was born in approximately 560 B.C. in the area that is now Nepal.

Originally a Prince in his native land, he eventually left it all behind with a single minded quest to find enlightenment and a path to the end of human suffering.

Having achieved enlightenment he was asked by followers to try to explain the path he had taken, which he was reluctant to do as he felt it wasn’t something that would be possible to explain purely in words.

In his mind, the path to enlightenment could be found purely through actions alone and words were insufficient as a guide.

It’s for this reason that the early Buddhist teachings weren’t just words but made extensive use of symbolism because, just like emotions, symbols can convey meaning in a way that words alone never can.

The Mandala became an important part of these teachings and were spread across Asia by the “Sangha”, or Buddhist monks, travelling the Silk Roads until around the 4th Century A.D.

As the teachings spread, artists began to take commissions from Patrons to paint these intricate designs to decorate their home and places of worship.

As the Silk Roads spread far and wide throughout Asia, their influence soon took root not only in the Buddhist but also the Hindu tradition.


What is the Symbolism Contained in Mandalas?

There are some symbols that you will see regularly in Mandala designs, although there is no “standard” design.

The Mandala designs themselves can really include any design or symbolism that the person who will use it feels is beautiful, as the purpose is symbolic not practical.

However there are some elements that you will see occuring quite often.

Traditionally a Mandala is a representation of the “Buddha Mind” in an extrapolated form.

The center of a full Mandala design is often a dot or small circle, surrounded by another circle (a “point within a circle”) which represents “Pure Consciousness”, “God” or “Perfection”, depending on your own personal interpretation.

The dot is then surrounded by lines and patterns, which represents the “Universe” or “Human Experience”.


What is a Thai Mandala Tattoo?

Although Modern Thailand has a large mix of religions and has long been a place of religious tolerance, its main religion is that of Theravada Buddhism, one of the 2 main schools of Buddhism, the other being Mahayana.

Theravada Buddhism is widely considered the “original” form of Buddhism, preserving the teachings of Siddharha Gautama in what is known as the “Pali Cannon”, Pali being the ancient language believed to be the original language used in Buddhist teachings.

This tradition is prevalent in South East Asia – Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal are still mainly Theravada Buddhist countries.

In Thailand, the lack of colonisation and long history of movement and settling of different tribes and cultures has created something of a melting pot of both symbolism and beliefs.

One of the main cultural influences has been that of Animism brought in by Chinese settlers, the results of which can clearly be seen in “spirit houses” found all over the Country.

This mixture of influences and cultures has given the Thai Mandala designs quite a unique flavor, with elements being mixed in from traditional Sak Yant tattoos, as well as temple and spirit house architecture, alongside many others.

A Thai style mandala can be tattooed in many different forms such as a circle:

Or different geometric patterns:

With a wide range of both compositions and influences, the Thai mandala is a very flexible style that can be composed in many different ways.


Mandala Tattoo Summary

The Mandala is a popular design that lends itself very well to being tattooed.

The symbolism has a deep meaning and the designs, when tattooed well, are beautiful to behold.

On top of this, their usage is very flexible and the Mandala can be used in many different forms as part of a tattoo.

The fact that the Mandala represents something very meaningful no matter what your personal belief system is – whether it be deeply religious, or extremely scientific – and is something that is very Asian in origin makes it very popular with people travelling through Asia.


Geometric Animal Tattoos in Bangkok

Animal tattoos have been popular since tattooing began!

There is a certain beauty that can only be found in the animal kingdom.

This inspired humans through the ages to pay their respects in many forms: from ceremonies to tattoos.

An animal tattoo can be done in many styles, from realistic to minimalist.

One of the most popular styles is geometric animal tattoos.

This is because they are able to take the essence of your chosen animal and mix in the beauty and order found in geometric patterns, which themselves take inspiration from the natural world.

There are many forms of geometric animal tattoos, here we will take a look at 2 of the most popular.


Origami Animal Tattoos

Origami is an ancient form of paper folding that originated in Japan but is now popular all over the World.

The art form is known for being challenging, intricate and ultimately resulting in a beautiful transformation.

The process takes a plain piece of paper and with nothing more than your bare hands you create a stunning piece of art.

This symbolism is one that transfers well to tattooing, which in itself is an art form that requires precision and transformation.


Mixed Geometric and Realistic Animal Tattoos

This style has become very popular and for good reason.

Realistic animal tattoos have been around for decades, getting better and more refined as techniques and equipment have improved.

Mixing together realistic and geometric in the same design is a stunning way to celebrate both the beauty and meaning of an animal as well as the natural world as a whole.

Taking inspiration from Sacred Geometry, geometric portions of an animal tattoo show how ordered the natural world can be both on a macro and micro level, despite appearing so chaotic.

The sky is really the limit in regards to how the realistic and geometric elements of the design are mixed together, making this a very flexible style.


Sacred Geometry Tattoos in Bangkok

Sacred Geometry is one of the “artes liberales”, or “liberal arts” that were key in many of the Ancient Mystery schools.

Probably the best known principle in Sacred Geometry is known as the Golden Ratio (also known as the Golden Mean or Divine Proportion).


What is the Golden Ratio?

This ratio is one that’s found extensively in the natural world, as well as in art and architecture.

There are many very complex mathematical explanations of the ratio but to put it simply, it follows the Fibonacci sequence.

This sequence begins with 1,1 then follows with each new number being the sum of the previous 2, i.e.:


This means that each new part of the sequence symbolically links each new generation to its ancestors.

This sequence is found extensively in nature, for example in a snail’s shell and the middle of a sunflower on Earth, and the pattern of Orion’s belt in space, amongst many others.

In art, the Golden Ratio has been used by such masters as Leonardo da Vinci in the Vitruvian Man amongst others.

It has also been found in architecture from the time of the pyramids all the way to the modern day.


Golden Ratio Tattoos

It should come as no surprise that the golden ration has made its way to the tattooing world.

The basic design itself however can be difficult to translate to a tattoo as ideally it requires quite a large and flat area and even then, the thin, continuous nature of the design isn’t really a recipe for a tattoo that will hold up well over time.

However all is not lost!

There are plenty of other geometric tattoo designs that can work well as smaller tattoos or on less flat areas of the body and that are likely to stand the test of time.

These designs have just as much meaning and the golden ratio itself is derived from them.


Flower of Life Tattoo

The flower of life is a design which consists of multiple overlapped circles which are evenly spaced and overlap to create a flower like pattern.

The pattern creates a hexagonal shape with six fold symmetry.

In Ancient Pagan beliefs all the way through to New Age circles, the Flower of Life is considered to be deeply meaningful and contain the basic pattern that all life is created from.

The most common representation of the “Flower of Life” contains 19 complete circles and 36 partial arcs, all enclosed by a large circle.

This pattern can be tattooed either on its own:

Or can be continually repeated, which is often used as background/filler and is a beautiful pattern that comes with a deeper meaning.


Seed of Life Tattoo

The seed of life depicts the 7 days of creation in which God created life.

The Seed of Life is created by taking 7 circles being placed in six fold symmetry.

It is the basic component of the Flower of Life design which according to some beliefs, represents the 7 days of creation.


Metatron’s Cube Tattoo

Let’s be honest, this is probably the coolest sounding pattern in Sacred Geometry tattoos!

The Metatron’s Cube is made from the 5 platonic solids that can be taken from the Flower of Life.

These geometric patterns are said by some to be the template which life springs from.

These 5 structures can be found in nature in many places, including: music, language and minerals.


Shri Yantra Tattoo

This design is also known as the Sri Yantra or Shri Chakra.

“Yantra” is a form of mystical diagram and this particular design is taken from the Shri Vidya school of Hinduism.

It is created by 9 triangles interlock, creating a centre point called the “bindu”.


Geometric Pattern Tattoos in Bangkok

Geometric pattern tattoos, when delivered well, can look very unique and interesting and really draw the eye.

As with most things in the tattoo world, there is little limit to the types of patterns that can be used except for limitations caused by the space available, or body area.

However if you’re not sure if your idea would work well as a tattoo, don’t worry! We are always happy to help give honest advice about what we think would work best and why, so you can make an informed choice.

Some of the popular geometric pattern tattoos we are asked about are:


Maze Pattern Tattoo

The maze pattern can be found both in artwork and the real world and anyone that sees one instantly wants to start tracing their finger around the area to find the way!

A maze pattern tattoo can represent someone who is working hard to find their way in life.


3D Pattern Tattoo

Getting a 3D pattern tattoo is a way to give your tattoo the impression of depth and perspective.

These are hard to execute well, so ensuring you choose a reputable artist is very important.


Dotwork Pattern Tattoo

A dotwork pattern can be used in many ways in a tattoo design.

The effect is created by using the tattoo needle to create dots one by one by lifting it off and on the skin as opposed to drawing it across the skin such as when tattooing lines and many types of shading.

This technique creates a very different appearance to more traditional line and shading techniques and works very well when creating geometric tattoos.


Diamond Pattern Tattoo

A diamond is one of the hardest materials known to man.

This symbolism makes it perfect for anyone who wants to show that pressure doesn’t destroy them, it only makes them stronger.


Hex Pattern Tattoo

The hex pattern, also known as a honeycomb, is a great choice for a tattoo.

Representative not only of the hexagonal nature of many Sacred Geometrical shapes but also the bee, a symbolic (and literal) bringer of life.


Abstract Geometric Tattoo

The nature of geometric tattoos lends itself well to creating abstract compositions that bring in elements of more traditional tattoo designs and subjects but put a twist on them.

There are very few limits about what subjects can be chosen to present in an abstract geometric way.

We will explore some of the most popular subjects:


Geometric World Map Tattoo

World map tattoos in Bangkok, as well as many places throughout the world have really grown in popularity in recent times.

People want to travel and explore the world and experience different cultures and people and a world map tattoo is a great way to commemorate this and act as a piece to contemplate while planning your next big trip.


Geometric Arrow Tattoo

The arrow design has been a staple of tattooing since the early days of American Traditional tattoos, which drew a lot of influence from Native American culture.

The arrow represents a straight and unwavering path towards your dreams and goals.

A geometric arrow tattoo can include many different elements and abstract representations of different subjects around the arrow, making it a perfect choice for someone who wants a tattoo that has deep personal meaning.


Geometric Shapes Tattoo

Getting a geometric shape tattoo is an opportunity to be creative and bring something that is mathematically beautiful and perfect to life.

As the human form is by its very nature imperfect, geometric shapes can bring some perfection to our bodies and give us something to contemplate that we can bring with us wherever we go.


Not sure which geometric tattoo design is right for you?

Anyone looking for a geometric tattoo design while in Bangkok but is not sure of the exact design they want doesn’t need to worry!

The highly skilled and experienced ALL DAY Tattoo team regularly help clients who have an idea of what they want but have no specific geometric design in mind.

What they do have strongly in mind is that they want a geometric tattoo!

This is where our artists and Creative Team really shine.

Fluent English is spoken which means we can listen to any idea on design you have, give input and suggestions where required, and guide you through the options to make sure you can make an informed choice about your tattoo.


The ALL DAY Tattoo artists are trusted and inspired to produce the best geometric designs in Bangkok


So, whether you have a firm geometric tattoo design idea in mind, or your dream geometric tattoo design ideas are not yet fully formalised and knowledgeable advice is required, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly ALL DAY Tattoo studio team.


Some of the most recent examples of geometric tattoos we’ve done at our studio

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