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The ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok is consistently rated as the biggest and best tattoo studio in the capital.

Those clients who receive their desired design from our highly experienced and professional artists can be assured to receive the best attention during their time with us.

However, there is a very important issue that you need to attend to after receiving a tattoo, that is aftercare.

We will go into comprehensive detail on recommended aftercare procedures to follow in order to keep your new tattoo in tip-top condition, but first let’s take a look at what to expect immediately after your chosen design has been completed and before you leave the ALL DAY studio.


What to expect once your ALL DAY tattoo studio artist has completed your chosen design

Unlike some other establishments, the ALL DAY tattoo studio team will never rush you out of the door once a design has been completed.

You will be welcome to stay as long as you wish in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere our studio thrives on, but before the post-tattoo chill begins there are aftercare procedures which need attending to because:


Your investment in a beautiful work of body art needs looking after!

The ALL DAY team of managers and artists are fully aware that your completed design should be treasured.

As such, once your chosen artist has completed the tattoo design of choice they will clean your tattoo with alcohol and then saline solution. This procedure is carried out to clear away any excess ink and will effectively sterilize the whole area of your new tattoo.

For posterity we will then photograph your masterpiece and once the photo calls are over a thin layer of Aftercare Lotion will be applied.

We then cover your tattoo in a plastic wrap and tape it in place before providing you with a handy sheet of detailed, but important aftercare instructions for your new tattoo. Each instruction will also be fully explained to you.

During this explanation the ALL DAY team will answer any questions you may have relating to tattoo aftercare, so please do not hesitate to raise any questions or concerns you may have.

You should also be aware that any questions that crop up once your session has finished and you have left the studio can be answered by simply contacting the ALL DAY studio.


Why is tattoo aftercare so important?

Let’s face it; you have invested in a beautiful work of body art. As such, the main aim should be to ensure that your new design heals as quickly and painlessly as possible.

By following the ALL DAY tattoo studio aftercare advice you should find this is the case. Just as importantly, it will also help to leave your new tattoo clear and vibrant for many years to come.

It is important to understand that no matter what other tattoo establishments may say, your newly inked tattoo is a wound. As such it needs time to heal.

The optimum healing process for a newly received tattoo requires specific care and attention in order to prevent any infection. This is particularly the case in the first few days.

By following the ALL DAY tattoo studio aftercare procedures below you are giving your new design the best possible chance to heal quickly and effectively.

These straightforward guidelines will provide you with the safest, industry best-practice tattoo aftercare advice. By following our guidelines you will have no need to rely on hearsay, therapies, homespun advice or old wives’ tales to ensure fast, trouble-free healing.


Our aftercare advice

The importance of choosing a top-notch, hygienic and professional studio with highly experienced artists to meet your tattooing needs cannot be stressed strongly enough.

This really is the only option if you are to receive the best quality tattoo design, one that will last a lifetime, but it is also vital to take very good care of your new inking.

This will ensure that it not only heals safely, but then retains its full vibrance and quality for many years to come.

Here are the ALL DAY tattoo studio recommendations for tattoo aftercare:


Initial aftercare instructions

  • After 3 hours: Gently remove the cling film ‘bandage’ and wash your tattoo with warm water. Do not use soap and do not rebandage.
  • 2nd day onwards: Wash the tattooed area with antibacterial soap twice a day. You should also apply a thin film of TATTOO AFTERCARE BALM three times each day for the next 10-14 days.

Note: You can purchase specially imported aftercare balm from the USA and Antibacterial Soap formulated for tattoo aftercare from the ALL DAY tattoo studio.

  • After the first 10-14 days: The scabs from your new tattoo design will fall off during this period. After washing the tattoo area each day you should then apply a scent free lotion. This will aid skin recovery.

Note: The ALL DAY tattoo studio recommend and sell a particularly effective scent free lotion which has been formulated with tattoo aftercare in mind.


Things to keep in mind while your tattoo is healing

To ensure your tattooed area is kept in the best of health you should take the following precautions:

  • During the initial healing period you should always wash your hands thoroughly before touching or cleaning your tattoo.

It is extremely important that you never, ever touch your tattoo during this period without washing your hands first.

  • During the initial healing period use lukewarm water to clean your new tattoo.
  • During the initial cleaning period you can use a soft, clean cloth to pat the area clean if necessary but do not rub or scrub!
  • Dry the tattoo using a soft clean towel. When doing so be sure to gently dab the area dry.
  • When applying tattoo aftercare bar, (or a similar specialist aftercare solution) ensure you cover the whole area of the tattoo, but use only a thin layer of ointment – applying too much is counterproductive.

Caveat: Tattoos on certain parts of your body, such as knee joints or elbows may benefit from the application of more ointment. This is because these areas tend to dry out more quickly.

Avoid soaking the tattooed area in a tub, sauna or Jacuzzi during the initial healing period.

  • Do not go swimming while your new tattoo is healing. Showering is fine but do not let the shower stream beat directly down on your tattoo. Rather aim the spray above the newly tattooed area and let the water run off over the tattoo.
  • During healing, slight irritation may be felt. It is very important that you do not rub or pick the treated area during this healing process. By doing so you could cause loss of color to your tattoo and/or infection.
  • Keep the tattooed area out of sunlight for at least 14 days.
  • Avoid tanning booths for at least 14 days.


Things to be aware of during the initial healing period

This section is a reminder of things you need to be aware of during the initial healing period.

Bearing such things in mind will further assist the safe, rapid healing process:

When you initially remove the cling film ‘bandage’ (please keep this as close to 3 hours as possible) you should be aware that there is a major plus as well as a minus!

The plus is that your new tattoo design will now be exposed to the air. This will aid the healing process.

The minus is that it will become far more vulnerable to contact with external objects, bacteria and people!

During the early days of healing you should keep your new design dry and out of direct sunlight, take care not to lean on it, try not to accidentally bump it or rub the area against anything such as a table, wall or bar.

Care when sleeping: You should not cover your tattoo when you go to bed.

If at all possible, also try to avoid sleeping on it for the first few days. If your tattoo has been placed on your back, try and sleep on your stomach, and vice versa.

If the position of your new tattoo means it cannot remain untouched by the bed when sleeping, you should place a clean, thin towel between the tattoo and the bedsheet.

If the towel is stuck to the wound in the morning, head for the shower with the towel still attached and gently wash it off in lukewarm water.

Do not pick at any scabs or scratch an itch on your tattoo.

Larger tattoos: Once you have received a large tattoo it is possible that a white haze and perhaps some small scabs will form. You may also experience some mild skin peeling (similar to that you get after sunburn).

If this is the case there is no need for concern as these symptoms are all part of the healing process.

However, any heavy scabbing is not part of the healing process so please keep a close watch.

Our section below “Tattoo aftercare – The healing process” explains what you should do if heavy scabbing appears

As we have previously alluded to; the tattoo aftercare balm we import from the USA is an excellent healing ointment. This should be regularly applied as mentioned above and continued until the “shine” has completely disappeared from your skin.

Clothing choices: It is particularly important that during the initial healing period (the 1st week or 2 after receiving your new tattoo) that you choose your clothing carefully.

Light, loose fitting clothing should be seen as the order of the day. Wearing tight clothing, or shoes and socks (for foot or ankle tattoos) will not only breed bacteria, they will also damage your tattoo and can cause scarring and spots.

Another no-no is bikini lines and bra straps if they are allowed to venture into the area of your new tattoo.


Long-term aftercare

You will find that your new tattoo becomes clearer and sharper once it has fully healed, but to keep it in tip-top condition you should regularly moisturize it with a recommended tattoo cream. ( ALL DAY tattoo studio has a specially formulated lotion available for this purpose).

This especially applies to tattoos on your hands, feet and moving joints such as elbows and knees.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are your tattoos enemy! To keep your tattoo as healthy looking as possible you need to be aware that overexposure to the sun down the years can cause your tattoo to fade.

To minimise this reaction it is recommended that you apply a strong sunscreen to the tattooed area. The sunscreen applied should be at least SP25, and where possible, it should be one that has been specifically formulated for tattoos.


What to do if it seems like there’s an issue with your tattoo healing

Your tattoo should heal in 3 weeks. It is important that you consult a physician if any unusual signs or symptoms develop.

Examples being:

  • Redness at site
  • A red haze surrounding the tattoo accompanied by a white haze over it
  • Green/Yellow discharge (foul smelling)
  • Unusual heat emanating from the newly tattooed area
  • Heavy swelling
  • Red or Black lines running away from the tattoo
  • Fever
  • If larger tattoos develop heavy scabbing

It is a fact of life that no one can 100% guarantee that you might not pick up an infection when exposing yourself to a bacteria-laden environment.

Beware: Children and animals are notorious for carrying germs and bacteria.

The vast majority of people will have NO problem whatsoever: It must be said that the vast majority of people receiving new tattoos in hygienic surroundings will heal perfectly normally, but it is extremely important that you keep a close eye out for any signs of an infection.

Just to reiterate: If you think you may have an infection you should immediately contact your doctor. An early dose of antibiotics will very often solve the problem.


The ALL DAY tattoo studio commitment

The highly skilled and professional team of fluent English speaking managers and artists at the ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok are committed to giving clients exactly what they want when it comes to designs.

We pride ourselves on taking time to understand your needs, giving design ideas when required and advising on the all-important placement of the tattoo you are looking for.

At the ALL DAY tattoo studio, not only do we create some of the finest tattoos in Asia, but we also care enough to make sure you experience is pleasant and comfortable and is carried out in hygienic and safe conditions.

All work will be carried out in our state of the art, clean, hygienic and comfortable studio and you can rest assured that health & safety for both clients and artists is our #1 concern.

Because we studiously follow all necessary infection prevention procedures and our highly experienced team of artists are spotlessly clean you will have peace of mind.

We only ever use our specially USA-imported needles and inks once, and we thoroughly sterilize all our equipment in an autoclave before each session.

One thing is for sure, by following the comprehensive aftercare advice the professional team at the ALL DAY studio provide, you will greatly minimise any risk of infection.


Interested to find out more about what the #1 tattoo studio in Bangkok has to offer?

If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ALL DAY tattoo team for a no obligation discussion by using one of the contact options below.

We can then talk about the tattoo design you are after, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and most importantly, once it is done you’ll have all the aftercare procedures explained to you clearly to follow.

A satisfied customer with a perfectly healed tattoo is the best promotion we could wish for.

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