Fine Line Tattoos Bangkok

Fine Line Tattoo Bangkok

Fine Line tattoos are currently all the rage and that fact is absolutely fine with the fully licensed ALL DAY Tattoo team.

However, if you are looking for this type of tattoo it is really important to understand what works and what does not with fine line tattoos.

Let’s try and explain things so you will understand exactly what this latest trend in tattooing is, and how you can make the most of your chosen design in this genre.


Incredible detail

Fine line tattoo designs are seen as incredibly detailed pieces of body art.

They are cleanly drawn with lines that are crisp & fluid.

They usually consist of thin lines which are straight and curved.

When inked correctly they give an elaborate appearance which is minimal, spartan yet highly appealing to many.

At first glance they may appear to have been drawn on the skin simply through the use of an ink pen.

This method of tattoo art is in contrast to traditionally received tattoos that come with thick, bold lines.

The thinness of such tattoos is where issues lie.


Some Fine Line Tattoos are Too Fine!

Social media sites, particularly Instagram and Pinterest, make very fine line tattoos look great.

The reality is that the tattoo images you see are taken immediately after a fine line tattoo has been finished and perhaps photoshopped to enhance the finished design.

While they may look exceptional at first, the fact that they have been inked so fine means there is a very strong likelihood of them bleeding or spreading over time.

You should also be aware that if the needle used is too fine, that perfect initial design is very likely to fall out in places.

It is also far more prone to fading and being less legible over a far shorter period of time than a traditional, larger design.


Single Needles Have Their Use

Having a tattoo inked using just a single needle will mean your tattoo suffers from longevity issues.

This is because the tattoo needle in question needs to pick up sufficient ink to create a good length of line without leaving gaps.

Single needles do not achieve this effectively enough to ensure design longevity .

Despite recent fads for a complete tattoo to be inked using a single needle, the fact is that traditionally a single needle has only been used by responsible tattoo artists as a specific part of a particular design.

A good example would be where a continuous line is not desired – Think ‘hair’ on a portrait tattoo design.


Issues that can further compound the quality & longevity of a ‘fine line’ tattoo design

No matter which tattoo studio you decide to visit for a fine line tattoo it is vital that you take the following factors into account:

  • Artist expertise: We prefer the term ‘minimalist’ over ‘fine line’, but whatever you wish to term this genre of tattoo it is important to understand your chosen artists expertise in this area.

Quality tattoos of this type require special tattoo artist skills. Even the greatest artist cannot be great at everything and minimal fine line tattoos are a skill of their own.

  • Quality of needle used: Understand the type and quality of needles that will be used for your tattoo. Obviously, the better the quality needle, the better the outcome.
  • Quality of ink used: This is particularly important when having fine line tattoos done. The higher the quality ink, the better the outcome, and the longer your design will last.

To address these 3 points and much, much more, anyone who is living in or visiting Bangkok should head down to the fully licensed ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Central Bangkok.

Our team of highly experienced managers and artists have portfolios to be immensely proud of, we only ever use industry-best one use needles and the highest quality USA-imported inks.

While our team keeps abreast (and ahead!) of all tattooing trends, we will never jump on a trendy tattoo design fad for the sake of it.

As we have touched on, super fine line designs are currently very, very popular throughout the world.

They are cool, flexible and can look stunning.

However, we will always suggest having your chosen minimalist inking completed with slightly thicker lines than those which can be achieved using single needles.

By doing so you will be assured your delicately inked tattoo is not as prone to rapid fading or spreading that the thinnest line inkings can cause.


Difference Between Single Line Tattoos and Minimalist Tattoos

As we have mentioned, fine line tattoos are very trendy at the moment, but the ALL DAY Tattoo studio looks at this type of design in a different light.

Our commitment to all clients is to deliver the highest quality tattoo.

One that will hold its original look and vibrancy for many years to come.

For this reason, we do not use single needles to create a full design.

The smallest needle we use is 3RL – This is three needles grouped in a tight circle and perfect for a fine line/minimal tattoo.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with needle sizes, the numbers (i.e. 3RL or 5RL) correspond to the amount of needle tips that make up the actual needle.

The lower the number, the finer the precision.

We strongly believe that in order for you to receive a long-lasting, highly enhanced tattoo design, a 3RL needle is the absolute minimum required.

Through our method of using a minimum 3RL needle size, you will still receive what is now fashionably known as a ‘fine line’ tattoo, but one that is far superior to a design produced through single needle use in terms of how it will heal and hold up over time.

You may thing a 3RL sounds much larger than a single needle but it really isn’t!

Even a 5RL or 7RL (5 or 7 needles tightly together) is likely to look very thin and delicate.

The truth is that we could easily tell you that we are using a single needle and 99.9% of people wouldn’t know any difference.

But we don’t, we want to be open and honest and give people the chance to make informed decisions.

This, we believe, makes us different and gives our customers the best possible service.


In Bangkok and Looking for the best fine line tattoo?

The ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok is the #1 fully licensed tattoo studio in the capital.

Our fully qualified team of managers and artists speak fluent English, you can be assured we are not here to preach, or to persuade you into a tattoo design that is not right for you.

We are here to advise and inspire.

We will point out the downsides of single needle inkings while extolling the virtues of our huge experience with minimalist tattoos.

Fine Line designs posted on Instagram (or Photoshopped!) may look great online, but our approach to such designs is far superior.

This is seen through our unique ALL DAY Tattoo studio “Peace of Mind policy”.

This charter is in place to safeguard both clients and artists. You can rest assured that your inking experience while with us will be second to none.

Our comprehensive commitment to client satisfaction includes (but is certainly not limited to!) the fact that :

  • You will be receiving the tattoo design of your choice from one of the very few fully licensed tattoo studios in the capital.
  • You will be made to feel extremely welcome in a spotlessly clean, comfortable, relaxed and ultra-hygienic environment.
  • We guarantee that only the highest quality one-use needles will ever be used.
  • We guarantee that only industry-best USA-imported inks will ever be used.
  • Our commitment to aftercare is the best in the business. We deliver the best tattoo service in Bangkok. We want you to have all the aftercare information necessary to ensure your design stays looking good year after year.

In short: The inking you receive from the fully licensed ALL DAY Tattoo studio will be exactly what you asked for. Just as importantly, it will last a long, long time.


See some examples of the fine line tattoos we have done

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