Watercolor Tattoos in Bangkok

One of the biggest trends over the past few years that we’ve seen in tattoos done in Bangkok has been watercolor tattoos.

This tattoo style is named after its similarity to the freeform quality of the actual painting method.

Watercolor tattoos really stand out against other tattoo styles that usually contain strong, defined and clear lines.

Although they have received a lot of praise and attention they haven’t been free of criticism!

There have been some claims that watercolor tattoos don’t hold up as well over time as other tattoo styles.

Others have complained that artists often say they are “experts in watercolor styles” while in fact the style is very difficult and not something just any tattoo artist can do, whether in Thailand or anywhere else.

If you’re thinking of getting a watercolor tattoo while you’re in Bangkok we think you should have the facts you need to make an educated decision!


Watercolor Tattoo Styles

If you’ve looked around at some examples of watercolor tattoos you’ve probably seen there are many different styles!

Even though that’s the case, we will try to classify them into two broad categories.


Non Black Based Watercolor Tattoos

A watercolor tattoo that does not have a black base usually has no “dark lines” at all, although sometimes another color can take the place of black lines.

These tattoos tend to have an especially “watercolor painting” tattoo look as the colors often seem to fade or melt into the skin without having any real hard edges at all.

These tattoos rely on the vibrant use of colors to create their appeal and can be extremely eye catching when done correctly.


Black Based Watercolor Tattoos

These tattoos have some form of black linework or shading that forms the base that the colors are used to contrast against.

You will often see the main “outline” or “pattern” in black ink that creates the main shape of the tattoo.


Is It Better To Have a Watercolor Tattoo With a Black Base or Black Lines?

As with everything in the tattoo world, there is always an element of personal preference, both for the tattoo artist and clients.

In our studio in Bangkok we’ve had customers who’ve wanted to do both styles.

In most cases we recommend that there is some black linework included in the design.

This is because the black linework acts as a kind of base for the tattoo and really helps keep everything together.

Without a clear black outline the tattoo doesn’t really have a “focal point” and often it can be hard to tell what it depicts.

For some people of course, this is the point!

So ultimately we recommend discussing your intentions and ideas with us, we’re always happy to openly and honestly advise you.


Do Watercolor Tattoos Fade?

Whether or not a watercolor tattoo fades depends on many factors including:

  • The position on the body. Some parts of the body like the hands and the feet are extremely prone to fading in general.
  • The quality of the inks. Not all inks are created equal! At ALL DAY Tattoo we use some of the biggest ink brands in the World, all vegan and all imported from the USA.
  • The skill of the artist. Being able to do “color” tattoos and “watercolor” tattoos are not the same thing, in terms of the technique the styles are completely different.
  • Your skin coloring. The lighter you are the brighter watercolor tattoos will tend to be over time.
  • How you take care of it. Constant exposure to sunlight or sunbeds can affect the coloring of any tattoo but would be more noticeable in watercolor tattoos.


How To Get a Good Watercolor Tattoo in Bangkok That Won’t Fade

  • Talk to the studio about your ideas and see what they recommend based on your skin tone, the design and the position on your body.
  • Check out the artist – did they do watercolor tattoos before? How did they look?
  • Do your research – what inks does the studio use? Are they major imported brands from the USA or some random ink from China?
  • Talk to the studio about how to take care of your tattoo both while it is healing and for the long term so that the colors stay as vibrant as they can.

If you follow the steps listed above, there’s no reason why your tattoo shouldn’t stay fresh and as bright as any other tattoos you have.


See Some of Our Latest Watercolor Tattoos Done in Our Studio in Bangkok

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