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Where To Get Your Realistic Tattoo In Bangkok

Realistic tattoos continue to grow in popularity and it is very clear why this is the case.

Let’s take a look at their emergence in the tattoo world and the importance of choosing a tattoo artist who is highly experienced in this genre.

By doing so you will receive a “photo” realistic design that not only delights but matches your exact requirements.


The Emergence Of Realistic Tattoo Designs

Historically tattoos have evolved around:

  • Symbols
  • Shapes
  • Words

Tribal cultures saw the first type of primitive inkings and the art gradually spread to take on religious and mystical properties.

These designs often gave some form of identity within a particular group, or in the belief that the wearer would be protected from evil spirits.

In today’s world we may wonder at the simplicity of such designs and their crudeness, but consider this:


When all you have to make a tattoo is sharpened bones or sticks and ground up charcoal, it makes sense to keep them simple!


Thankfully for those looking at any type of tattoo design today those implements are no longer something you need concern yourself with.

The growth of our modern day tattoo culture has seen excellent advances with new inks, machines and needles being developed to allow designs of a much more complex form and nature to be delivered.

In the hands of a professional, experienced tattoo artist you really can achieve any design you are looking for and through these advances realistic tattoos are becoming a very popular choice.


What Are Realistic Tattoos?

Let’s first be clear on one very important point: Tattoos are an art form and should be looked upon in a similar way to any art that has developed down the ages.

When considering the origins of realistic tattoos you need to take a large step back in time to the Renaissance movement which reached its zenith in the 15th century.

Classic realism is a branch of this fine art and its style is clearly shown in the artwork of that period. However, it was not until the latter part of the 20th century that tattoo artists began delivering these designs.

Since then, this style has gradually been refined to the extent that realistic tattoo designs delivered by an highly talented, experienced tattoo artist are almost indistinguishable from a photograph.

Realism is a style it is not a subject. Realistic tattoos are works of body art that are meant to look realistic. The subject you choose can be anything as long as your required inking looks lifelike.

Through this style, portrait pictures, nature scenes and an extensive choice of unique inkings all come under the umbrella of realistic tattoo design.

They are now available in amazing color as well as highly defined black and grey portraits of just about any image you are after.

These super-realistic pieces of art boast incredible detail and, when done well, create a stunningly lifelike resemblance.


Why consider a realistic tattoo design?

Although the initial response to this question will often be down to the unbelievable image reality offered, many who opt for these designs do so due to:

  • Abiding Memories: Receiving a realistic inking is far more than preserving an image for eternity, it is not a silly picture of a family member or pet. Many see it as being about closure. It helps the healing process and allows life to continue with a continual reminder of their loved one.

Some opt for a meaningful small symbol that relates to a specific memory although most go for a portrait. By doing so it means they can remember the person in exactly the way they wish.

This is particularly the case if a specific photograph is used for inspiration. You will find that many professional tattoo artists recommend this.

By choosing the exact photo you want copying onto your skin they will be able to capture every nuance and detail without leaving any specific feature out.

There is no doubt whatsoever that portrait tattoos inked in a realistic style show the unique features of the image you wish to remember in an ideal way.

They are a constant reminder of exactly how you wish to remember the person concerned.

  • In Honor Of A Very Special Person: A perfect example here is a portrait tattoo of your kid(s).

It is common knowledge that having children is a life changing event and getting your child’s face inked onto your body is the perfect way to have them with you all of the time.

Those opting for this type of realistic tattoo should get this inked while their child is still young.

They grow up so quickly that preserving that favorite ‘snap’ of them holds even more meaning as they grow older.

It is important to remember though that realistic tattoos of babies/very young children should be avoided.

Very young children have very little in the way of distinguishing features that makes portraits of them (in any artistic medium done by hand) next to impossible.

This is the reason that many of the really bad portrait tattoos you see online are of young children.

  • Celebrities: It goes without saying that celebs attract respect and attraction from many. It is often the case that a particular celebrity really resonates with an individual and this makes celebrity portraits very popular.

An example here are the icons of bygone Hollywood years such as Marilyn Monroe although it has to be said that modern stars are rapidly gaining favor.

To ensure others recognize your inking, well-known faces are the way to go.

This further enforces the fact that your choice of tattoo artist should be a highly experienced one when it comes to portrait work.

  • Fandom: Die-hard Fandom fans will not be shy in telling others what a powerful force this genre is!

Many have a very strong association with a character from a book, video game or movie and due to this allegiance they wish to display it in the form of a portrait tattoo.

Just a few of the very popular choices include Star Wars characters, Harry Potter and Nintendo.

Cartoon characters are also extremely common choices and make for excellent portrait tattoos.

This has a lot to do with the style flexibility such characters give a tattoo artist who is experienced in realistic designs.

You will find that cartoon character tattoos are mostly completed using New School elements.

This is because the depth and colors used are key factors of this style.

It should also be mentioned that the most respected professional artists also agree that character portrait tattoos give creative freedom in design as opposed to the portrait inking of a real person.

  • Adored Pets: Having a portrait of your favorite pet tattooed is a popular design.

This can either be in memoriam or simply to show the world exactly how much you love your pet.

These portraits can be completed in just about any tattoo style although the most popular choices tend to be either realistic, illustrative; or a combination of both.

By taking a special picture of your pet to your chosen tattoo artist it will enable them to capture the fine details and effect you are looking for.


Realistic Tattoo Art Is A Personal, Intimate Form Of Expression

Inking whichever part of your body you wish should be your decision. Reasons for getting a tattoo are many and varied, but whatever the reason, as long as it is right for you, it is right!

When it comes to realistic tattoos, you can opt for small designs or far larger ones.

They can have little or extensive coloring and portrait tattoos should be thought of as the perfect, very personal way of showing love and individuality.


Choose Your Studio & Artist Very Carefully

To achieve intricate, stand-out realistic tattoo design requires very specialized skills.

Face and portrait art is an extremely difficult subject.

Indeed, many professional artists acknowledge it is the hardest tattoo style out there.


This makes it absolutely essential that you choose a tattoo artist who specializes in portrait work.


Please do not just take their word for it.

Thoroughly check out the studio concerned for such things as licensing, 1st class hygiene standards, their attitude and approach to realistic tattoo designs and do take a good look at artist portfolios of realistic designs they have personally completed.


Can You Get Realistic Tattoos in Bangkok?

While the short answer is “Yes”, it does have to be said that this is not easy!

Not only are there few great realistic tattoo artists in Bangkok, there are few in the world as a whole.

It is important to understand that a tattoo is nothing like drawing on paper or painting on canvas.


Your skin isn’t flat and a needle isn’t a pen or brush!


This means that although getting realistic tattoos can seem like a great idea the technique is incredibly difficult.

Just one wrong line, dot or incorrect shading can turn the image into something comically bad.


Why Choose ALL DAY Tattoo Studio In Bangkok For Your Realistic Tattoo?

The ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Bangkok is blessed with having amazing, internationally recognized realistic tattoo artists.

Selecting our studio for that all-important realistic design; one that offers the perfect “real life” image of choice will reap rewards for anyone living in Bangkok, or for those who are visiting Thailand’s vibrant capital city.

This is because our highly professional, vastly experienced realistic tattoo artists at the ALL DAY tattoo studio specialise in this complex art.

Finding the right artist is just the first step.

You also need to find a studio that’s safe, clean, English speaking and honest with you about what we feel will work and what won’t.


We are one of the few fully licensed tattoo studios in Bangkok and are consistently rated as the #1 studio in Thailand


To find out more on what the ALL DAY Tattoo studio can offer you when it comes to that perfect realistic tattoo design please contact our English speaking team using one of the contact methods below.


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