What Are Realistic Tattoos?

Historically tattoos revolved around symbols, shapes and words.

The origins of tattoos in tribal cultures and later on taking on religious and mystical properties meant that they were often designs that gave the wearer some form of identity within a group, or protection from bad spirits.

When all you have to make a tattoo is sharpened bones or sticks and ground up charcoal, it makes sense to keep them simple!

As tattoo culture grew and new inks, machines and needles were developed tattoos could start to take on more complex forms.

Through the years as the techniques, supplies and artists have grown in leaps and bounds tattoos have been able to achieve very realistic designs.

These designs are almost indistinguishable from a photograph and have a “real” look to them rather than just being a representation of something in simpler form.

Can You Get Realistic Tattoos in Bangkok?

The short answer is “yes” but it isn’t that easy!

A tattoo is nothing like drawing on paper or painting on canvas.

Your skin isn’t flat and a needle isn’t a pen or brush!

Getting realistic tattoos can seem like a great idea but the technique is incredibly difficult and just one wrong like, dot or shading can turn the image into something comically bad.

Realistic Tattoos


How Can I Get a Great Realistic Tattoo in Thailand?

First you need to decide on what type of tattoo you’d like to get.


Portrait Tattoos

There are portrait tattoos which are usually in black and grey and are “photo realistic” representations of usually a person or animal.

This is the hardest tattoo style to do and not only are there few great tattoo artists in Bangkok, but in the world as a whole.

We are blessed at ALL DAY Tattoo to have some amazing portrait artists who are Internationally recognized.

Realistic Tattoos


Realistic Tattoos

These tattoos depict a figure – often an object or an animal – with either black and grey or colors used carefully to make the subject look truly realistic.

This takes a huge amount of both experience and natural talent, as it means blending together a huge pallet of colors to make the outcome look as realistic as possible.

This is a style that many artists will claim to be able to do but in reality, very few can really pull it off.  

Just like a famous artwork that might hang in a gallery, the difference between “ok” and “amazing” is actually very small when you break it down into the details but it clear for everyone to see.

Realistic Tattoos


Check Out Some of Our Latest Realistic Tattoos Done in Our Studio in Sukhumvit

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