Adam Levine Tattoos Bangkok

Adam Levine Tattoos Bangkok

Adam Levine is a popular American singer, songwriter, and television personality. He is most famous for being the lead singer of the band Maroon 5 and for being a coach on the hit singing competition show “The Voice”

Adam Levine is also known for his distinctive tattoos, which he has inked on his arms, chest, and back

Some of his notable tattoos include a winged tiger on his upper back and a bear on his upper arm

Levine has spoken about his love of tattoos, saying that they allow him to express himself and connect with his fans in a unique way


How many tattoos does Adam have?

Adam’s heavily inked body was voted as People’s magazine Sexiest Man Alive in 2013

His current tattoo count stands at 31, including all of his sleeves, back piece, and numerous small designs


The Meaning Behind Some of His Tattoo Choices

Adam got is first tattoo at the age of 21, five days after the 9/11 tragedy in tribute to the many lives that were senselessly lost

He stated that, “I felt this need to say something with this peaceful thing on my body.”

This beautiful, symbolic piece consists of a dove surrounded by cherry blossoms

Adam is certainly a mama’s boy at heart and has the ink to prove it

He has a heart and banner with “Mom” in simple script on his left forearm

Another meaningful design is dedicated to “man’s best friend”, his deceased Golden Retriever

In remembrance of her he has a paw print on his right shoulder with her name “Frankie Girl” underneath


Symbols for His Love of Music

Adam has a large guitar piece on his left forearm, which is obviously a symbol of his love of music and playing the guitar

He also has the numbers “222”, on his left forearm

This was the number on the studio door where Maroon 5 first started recording music


Representing His Hometown

Adam hails from Los Angeles and has several tattoos representing his love for his hometown

He has “Los Angeles” in cursive script on the top of his right arm near the shoulder

He also has “California” on his stomach across his toned abs

The ocean waves on his left leg could also be considered as a symbol of his love for his home state


True Love

Tattoos can oftentimes be a declaration of the love between two people, and Adam has several pieces inspired by his beautiful wife, Behati Prinsloo

He has cursive script on the inside of his right inner arm. It says “you’re so cool” three times, and his wife has the same matching tattoo

Another design dedicated to her is the “True Love” script that he sports across his knuckles

He also has an old school design of a hand holding a rose with “True Love” script inside of the hand, that we can only assume is dedicated to her as well

There has been much speculation about the Old English initials “D R” he has on his on his left pec

He put all the Twitter rumors to rest when he stated that they are his daughter initials and stand for “Dusty Rose.”


Mermaid Back Piece

Adam has an intricate traditional old school sailor style piece covering his entire back

This design consists of a mermaid with angel wings, cradling a skull, surrounded by waves, with a ship, and swallows

This piece was done by Bryan Randolph and took six months to fully complete

The back is the biggest canvas for tattoo art and should be used wisely

Great consideration should be taken when deciding on the perfect piece for this area

This is the best spot for massive designs that are very detailed and elaborate


Japanese Inspired Design

Adam has a full sleeve on his right leg done in a Japanese inspired style

This sleeve was done by artist Bill Canales and took two full-day sessions to complete

The entire process was documented and shared on both Adam’s and the tattoo artist’s Instagram


Adam’s Preferred Tattoo Style

It’s obvious that Adam has a penchant for traditional old school black and grey style tattoos

All of his tattoos are consistently in this style

Which works well for him and the flow of his body

Black and grey is a timeless, classic style that can work well for anyone

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