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Anime Tattoos in Bangkok

The Japanese culture has made many contributions to tattoo art and styles

Beginning with the elegant Yakuza designs and tattoos influenced by the centuries old woodblock art techniques and aesthetics

Anime designs have become increasingly popular as of late and have emerged onto the tattoo scene creating a movement that even has celebrities getting inked with their favorite characters

If you are interested in possibly adding one of these vibrant pieces to your body art collection, then read on to learn more about what tattoo styles work best for this venture


What is Anime?

Anime is hand drawn or computer animated graphic art content that has colorful characters and epic storylines

Characters tend to have over exaggerated features with big eyes, small noses, and distinctive hair styles

The women generally have large breasts, delicate waistlines, and a unique fashion sense

Anime has distinctive production methods that utilize animation tricks such as intense lighting, dramatic closeups and zoom ins, as well as characteristic facial expressions and fashion

The storytelling is filled with cultural nuances, colorful graphics, complex characters, and engaging plotlines that keep the viewer emotionally involved in the drama

While anime is geared towards audiences of all ages there is some content that is not very kid friendly as they include adult scenarios with nudity, profanity, sexuality, and violence

There is a wide variety of content available especially for adults that ranges from comedy, horror, drama, action, romance, and historical fiction

You may recognize some of the most popular anime features like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Spirited Away, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Princess Mononoke


The Best Tattoo Styles For Anime Designs

Because of its unique artistic flair and colorful graphics, there are certain tattoo styles that work better than others to translate these on screen characters to a beautiful piece of body art


Neo Traditional Anime Tattoos

One of the best options for anime tattoos is the neo traditional style

This modern 3D aesthetic allows for vibrant color palettes and in depth detail to truly make your tattoo an art piece worthy to be collected

This style is done with detail and shading which creates depth and a 3D effect similar to what you would see on screen while watching one of your favorite anime episodes

It is recommended that if you go with this style, you should choose a larger part of the body as a canvas to allow for more attention to detail and the option for brilliant color usage


Illustrative Anime Tattoos

While this style is quite different than the neo traditional version, it is no less awe inspiring for the anime obsessed

It uses a 2 dimensional sketchy style to achieve a different level of depth

This style is more sleek and less detailed than neo traditional and looks similar to a sketch or a painting

Illustrative anime tattoos can be done with less detail which makes them a perfect choice for anyone who isn’t ready to fully commit to a sleeve, but still wants an amazing anime piece

This style can be done on smaller areas of the body like the hand, foot, or wrist


Japanese Style Anime Tattoos

This style consists of sharp angles, over exaggerated features, rich shapes, and deep colors

This type of tattoo requires a larger area of the body to perfectly execute the in depth details which make it look full and impactful

Whatever style best suits you and your collection, let the artists at ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Bangkok, assist you in creating a unique piece of anime artwork worthy to live on your skin!


Celebrities with Anime Tattoos

The masterful storytelling in anime dramas creates an emotional connection between the viewers and the characters in these stories

With some celebrities choosing to etch their favorite characters into the skin as meaningful reminders of the stories that touched or resonated with them

Ariana Grande has Chihiro from “Spirited Away” on her forearm and Eevee from “Pokémon” in black and grey style on the middle of her upper arm

Ruby Rose is rocking two anime tattoos as well

With a colorful neo traditional design of Polly Esther from “Samurai Pizza Cats”

This was the final piece she added to complete the sleeve on her right arm

She also has an Astro Boy tattoo on her right forearm done in illustrative black and grey style

There are also many other subtle designs that can be done to commemorate your love of anime without loudly announcing your anime nerd status to the world

These less obvious tattoos can be obscure symbols associated with your favorite character or series that would be unrecognizable to anyone but your fellow anime geeks

Some of the most popular smaller symbols are the Soot Sprites and No Face from “Spirited Away”

These small and simple tattoo designs can be done on a smaller scale and tattooed on more discreet areas that are easily hidden


Let ALL DAY Tattoo Studio take you on an anime tattoo adventure straight out of one of your favorite episodes

We have world class artists who have studied and tattooed in Japan and can help you create an anime work of art that you will be happy to put on display

Let our fully fluent English speaking team assist you with every aspect of your anime tattoo adventure from start to finish

From concept and design of your unique piece to the proper aftercare process

You will receive an unrivalled 5 star tattoo experience at Bangkok’s #1 fully licensed tattoo studio

Stop in and see why our clients consistently write rave reviews about their experience with us

ALL DAY Tattoo is conveniently located in the heart of Sukhumvit, a five minute walk from the Phrom Phrong BTS station

We strictly adhere to hospital standard hygiene procedures and protocols

We only use the highest quality USA-imported inks and single-use disposable needles

You will be made to feel comfortable and at home in our spotlessly clean, relaxed, and chill studio

Come in as a client and leave as part of the ALL DAY Tattoo Family!

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