Ankle Tattoos for Men and Women

Ankle Tattoos for Men and Women


One way or another, women have been wearing ankle tattoos for a great many years, but it is only in recent times that ankle tattoos have also started to gain popularity amongst men.

Traditionally, ankle tatts have been the preserve of women. This is mainly because their ankles are much more likely to be on display when they are wearing their normal clothes – unlike men, who usually have their ankles covered with socks and/or trousers.

But the times – they are a-changing. Today’s men often go about without socks and they are also increasingly wearing pants that don’t go all the way to the floor. This means that male ankles are becoming more visible to the world.

An obvious advantage of a male ankle tat is that the wearer can choose to show it or hide it – depending on where they are, and who they are with. For today’s modern man, showing off a bit of ankle with a well-crafted tattoo is a bold and exciting statement of who they are; but when they go to work, or are in a more formal situation, it can be easily hidden by regular clothing – they can have the best of both worlds.

What sort of tattoos work best on ankles?

The ankle is the perfect place for small designs – simple or intricate. If an ankle tattoo is well crafted it can stand out and look really eye catching and beautiful. Many tattoos can work really well on an ankle. It can be a simple design, such as an anchor, or a heart, or a single flower – such a daisy – or something more complex like a pair of wings, a feather, or a bird.

Ankle designs can look really outstanding because of their tiny size. The exacting size and shape of an ankle means that the tattoos must be perfectly designed and inked to fit the area available. It is important that the individual minutiae of the drawing and/or lettering must be clear and legible.

If you want to make sure your piece of ankle art looks great, go to a reputable Tattoo studio in Thailand, like All Day Tattoo, where you can rest assured that one of our accomplished tattoo artists will do an expert job for you.

Women’s Ankles

Women have been wearing ankle tattoos for centuries. For women, a well-inked, cute tattoo on their ankle is something that people will often find extremely sexy and alluring. Without a doubt, ankle tattoos can give women much added sex appeal.

Ankle bracelet tattoos have always been very popular on females. If they choose a more ambitious, really attractive design – such as a twirling rosary on the back or the side of the ankle – they will immediately draw attention to the ankle which will then lure the admirer’s eyes further up the leg.

Ankle art for a woman can be designed in such a way that her flirtatious appearance is enhanced. As she walks – the ankle tattoo can become a piece of live artwork. This can be even more so if the tattoo on the ankle is the start of an intricate masterpiece that actually extends up the leg… oh… so sexy!

Ankle tattoos on women are also socially acceptable and are worn by many prominent and famous celebrities.

Other popular designs for women include: a wheel and anchor; the moon and the sun; an open heart or a cup of coffee inside a love heart; an intricate lotus blossom; a butterfly; a starfish; a tiny star; a special message; a quotation or saying; a black bow that is tied around the ankle; a cat’s head, or a cat’s outline.

Men’s Ankles

The male of the species will be looking for something a bit different for this often-overlooked male canvas. Designs such as Celtic and tribal symbols are perfect for this small patch of skin, as are names, dates, and scripts with personal meanings.

Other ideas for men include: a bold wing or feathers such as the mark of Hermes the Greek God; minimalist symbols; Japanese, Arabic or other foreign characters; a geometric band which goes right around the ankle; a pair of birds, such as ravens – one on each ankle – or a single bird that goes right around the ankle; a diving fish that disappears into the footwear; or how about a small wood fire with the flames that embrace the lower leg?

For men who have yet to take the plunge and put a single tattoo on their body, the ankle can be a great place to start – because it will be a relatively small tattoo. So if you have made a bad design choice, it will not be too prominent, and also because it is easy to cover up with socks and pants if you decide you don’t like it.

Choose your ankle tattoo artist with care

As with any tattoo, it is important that you choose your tattoo artist very carefully. This is particularly so with ankle tattoos – Firstly, because most ankle tatts are small and intricate and need excellent design skills to make them look great.

And secondly, because the ankle is an area of the body where it can be quite painful to ink, so it is important that the artist is well experienced and can professionally perform the work with the minimum of pain.

It goes without saying that ALL DAY TATTOO in Bangkok should be at the top of your tattoo shopping list. If you are in Bangkok, or planning a trip here, why don’t you give us a call, or click on the button below for an absolutely free consultation?

We, at All Day Tattoo, will be only too delighted to discuss your ideas for an ankle tatt, or give you some suggestions to mull over. We can help you decide what will look good, meaningful, or sexy. Bring us into your tattoo orbit – we promise you will never regret it.

ALL DAY TATOO should always be your first port call – we are here to help and advise you completely free of charge, with no obligations.

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