Arm Tattoos For Men in Bangkok

Arm Tattoos for Men in Bangkok

The arm is by far the most popular place for men to have tattoos. Most men will have their very first tattoo on their arm before venturing to other parts of the body.

Why is the arm so popular?

Here are some of the reasons:

  • If you are at work, or in some place where you do not wish your tattoo to be seen, you can easily cover up a tattoo on your arm with a long sleeved shirt or a jacket
  • Conversely, it is one of the parts of the body that can be seen easily, should you wish to proudly display your tattoos to all comers. Unlike the chest or back, you don’t have to disrobe to show off your arm tats. Just a short sleeved shirt or a sleeveless T-shirt is all that is needed for the world to see your beautiful works of art.
  • It is one of the most convenient and accessible place on the body to have tattoos.
  • With the exception of the area around the armpits, it is probably the area of your body where you will experience the least amount of pain.
  • Your arm is a wide and variable canvas that can accommodate any kind of design, from a tiny Celtic cross to a massive full arm sleeve with dozens of intricate and colorful
  • If you work out at the gym, you will have the opportunity to show off and accentuate the results of your labors. The bicep and triceps in your upper arm and the flexors and extensors of your forearm can be displayed to great effect by the clever tattoo sculpting of your muscles.
  • While you should always take great care to ensure that a tattoo is inked according to your specifications, at least on your arm you have a wide canvas where you can correct or change or add to a design later if you don’t like it.


The choice of designs for arm tattoos is only limited by yours and your artist’s imaginations. From individual tattoos to themed multi-designs; from fantasy, to horror, to gothic, to tribal, to geometric designs, to religious drawings, to pictures of your partner, to flowers, to forests, to landscapes, to astronomy… in fact…just about any subject or theme you can think of.

Then you must decide on the position of your tattoo(s). Do you want it to be partly hidden on your upper arm, only to be seen when you are at play? Or would you prefer it to be inked on your lower arm which will be subjected to more public exposure?

Sleeve tattoos

Many men start off with a single tattoo, which over time, becomes part of a “Sleeve Tattoo”, also known as a “Tattoo sleeve”. Others plan their sleeve from the start, where each individual inking becomes another step on the road to a full sleeve.

What exactly is a sleeve tattoo?

In simple terms, a Sleeve Tattoo is a single, very large themed tattoo, or a series of smaller but connected tattoos that covers the wearer’s arm, typically from shoulder to wrist, much as a shirt sleeve or jacket sleeve would do.

Rather than go headlong in for a full sleeve, you may opt for a “Half Sleeve” or “Quarter Sleeve” tattoo. A Half Sleeve tattoo usually covers the upper part of the arm down to the elbow, but can also be inked in the lower arm, below the elbow. A Quarter Sleeve, typically covers the area from the shoulder to midway towards the elbow.

The term “Getting Sleeved” applies to someone who has his entire arm tattooed, but before you do decide to get sleeved, please think it through very carefully and plan it properly.

Understand that you will need an expert artist to take you on this tattoo journey, such as the ones we have at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok. It is essential that the artist, (or artists), clearly understand the designs and themes you have chosen, – quite possibly with their input – and that they will deliver to your expectations. Complex arm tattoos are a partnership between artist and client, so please choose your artist carefully.

Your sleeve can be built up over a period of time, with individual designs adding to a general theme, (such as places you travel to), or designed from the very start as an all-embracing theme.

How long will a full sleeve take to ink?

It very much depends on the intricacy of the design. A fairly basic design may be completed in around 15 hours or so, but most of the colorful and highly detailed designs you see on men’s arms that contain beautifully intricate pictures can take anything from 50 to 150 hours to complete.

Yes, it’s a long time, but great art was never achieved in a single session or sitting.

So ask yourself whether you are prepared to sit for that length of time in a studio to create a masterpiece on your arm. If the answer is in the affirmative, then go for it…

If not, put your toes in the water and try something more modest on your arm and see how you feel at the end of the process.

ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok

If you are in Bangkok or are coming to Bangkok, remember, we are here to advise and help you decide what is best for you.

We will never push you into something that you may later regret. We will help you to design your tattoo, whether it is a single simple drawing, or symbol, or a complex full arm sleeve with multi-coloured themes.

If you are planning something substantial, and you have the time, it may well pay you to have it done at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok as our prices are very competitive when compared to USA, Europe, and Japan.

Whether you wish to discuss the design and placement of a specific tattoo, or if it is just a general inquiry, why not click the button below and make an appointment to talk with one of our world-class artists, at our friendly, comfortable studio in the heart of Bangkok.

At ALL DAY Tattoo, our consultations are free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed further. The choice is yours.



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