Guidelines on How to Avoid Getting a Tattoo You Will Come to Regret

Guidelines on how to avoid getting a tattoo you will come to regret.

Tattoos are trending like wildfire. Ever since the world’s celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, and tattoo TV reality shows filled the airwaves, tattoos have become the “must have” accessory for a generation of the world’s youth – and even for many who are not in their first flushes of youth.

14% of all Americans and 20% of Brits now have at least one tattoo, with that percentage rising to 30% – 40% to the under 40s in these two countries that are leading the Western world’s tattoo charge.

So peer pressure and the desire to have a tattoo or two on your body is becoming more and more the norm.

And why not indeed? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a beautiful tattoo – one that’s carefully chosen, and inked by a professional tattoo artist in a state of the art studio.

So why do we see so many disastrous, and let’s face it, absolutely appalling tattoos? You don’t have to look far to see tattoos misspelled, badly drawn, horrible pulps of colors running into each other, illegible script, and so on. I could go on, but you get the idea.

The first thing to get firmly into your mind is that unlike other statements of fashion, such as outlandish clothes, weird hairdos or bodily hair in the form of mustaches or beards, tattoos are there forever.

The only way to remove tattoos is a very painful, expensive and lengthy laser removal process which may well leave nasty scars behind.

So how do you ensure that you never have a tattoo that you will grow to bitterly regret? How do you stop yourself acting in haste and regretting in leisure for the rest of your life?

Here are a few common-sense guidelines, which we invite you to take to heart and try to follow:

  1. Choose your tattoo artist and studio very carefully – Don’t go to the nearest, most convenient, or the cheapest studio. This is not the right way to ensure you get a tattoo you won’t regret later.


Do your research, and check the artist and studio out. Is the artist experienced and properly qualified? Is the studio clean and do they use the latest and most hyenic instruments and procedures? Do they have a good reputation, and what does the internet say about them? Do you know someone who has been there and has been very satisfied?


You could do much worse than come and see us at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok. We have a state of the art studio and a friendly, expert team of international artists who can turn their hands to almost any kind of design. If you are in Bangkok or are planning to come then please give us a call. We are confident we can lead you through all the potential hurdles, and you will end up with a tattoo you will love for the rest of your life.


  1. Check out the artist’s portfolio – Ensure that you really like their work. Do you have a good rapport with him/her and is he/she on your “wavelength”? Do they really understand what it is you looking for in your tattoo?


  1. Listen to your artist’s opinion and their professional advice. -They will tell you that your body is not fixed in one position and that your skin will shift and move with age, and can advise what will or won’t look good in the long term. They will also tell you that trying to put too much detail into your tattoo may make it look great for a year or two, but later may end up looking a mess – like rain on a watercolor painting.


  1. Choose the right tattoo. This is so important, and it should never be decided on a whim, or when you are drunk, or on the advice of well-meaning but ignorant friends.


Think very carefully before putting the name of your significant other on your skin, as very few relationships will last a lifetime. Names of family members are fine, and if you really wish to demonstrate your love to your partner, be more subtle – get a tattoo of something that has special meaning for the two of you –rather than his or her name.


In a similar way, musicians should be careful about inking the name of their band on their skin or sportsmen the name of their team. Personal allegiances have a habit of changing in unexpected ways in the course of a lifetime.


A tattoo with meaning is often a good idea but don’t search for meaning to the exclusion of all else. The tat has to be something that you really like.


Do your research. Look at the multitudes of designs online, and in particular, look at your artist’s portfolio and check to see if there isn’t something there can be adapted for you. You want your tattoo to be as unique as possible and not a bad copy of something you have seen somewhere.


Above all – don’t rush into it. Choose a design and sleep on it. Even better, ponder it for several days (or even weeks) to make absolutely sure it is a tattoo you can live with for the rest of your life. Ask yourself if it is possible that one day you may grow tired of it. By all means, seek the advice of a trusted friend who knows you well, but as said above, avoid the “gang approach” to tattoo advice.


Above all – don’t go ahead with a tattoo based on advice from an artist or a friend because you are afraid to tell them you don’t like it! This is tattoo suicide…


  1. Choose the right body location. – Do you want it seen by everyone? You can’t hide finger tattoos; and if your boss isn’t into tattoos, you may have to button up your cuffs throughout your working life to hide a full arm tattoo.


If you worry about your employment prospects, or you are not keen on showing your tattoo to the wide world on every occasion, then the general rule of below the neck and above the knees and elbows will work for most situations.


Tattoos in certain locations can hurt more than in others – your artist can advise you on this. But unless your pain threshold is particularly low, if it is the right place for you, then you should not allow the amount of pain interfere with your choice of location. A little bit of pain and a lifetime of satisfaction – something you can boast about to your grandchildren.


  1. Follow the artist’s aftercare instructions. – This is extremely important, as improper aftercare can ruin your tattoo and leave you with an infected mess. Treat it for what it is – an open wound that needs to be initially covered and cosseted until it has properly healed. In particular – keep your new tattoo clean and dry, and out of the sun and away from the sea.


Long term care is also necessary if you want to keep your tattoo in pristine condition for many years to come. Specially formulated moisturizing creams are available from any reputable tattoo studio.


  1. Avoid any studio that charges for consultation. This is a no-no in the tattoo business. Reputable tattoo artists, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, only charge for the time taken to ink your tattoos. Consultations are free of charge and are always given without any obligation from you to give us your business.

So why not click the button bellow and start the process going? The artists at ALL DAY Tattoo will be happy to help you avoid having a tattoo that one day you may come to regret.








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