Baby Angel Tattoos Bangkok

Baby Angel Cherub Tattoos Bangkok

Baby angel tattoos, which are often known as “cherub” tattoos, are a popular design for both men and women

These tattoos feature a small, winged and often chubby figure of a baby or young child with angelic features

Baby angel tattoos are a popular choice for people looking to express their love for their children, their faith or simply as a symbol for innocence and purity

In this article we will dive into the background and history of this subject, as well as their popularity as tattoo designs


The History of Baby Angels in Art

Baby angels have been a popular subject for centuries in the art world, dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome

The word “cherub” is derived from the Hebrew word “kerub”, which means “to bless”

In art, cherubs are regularly depicted as chubby infants or young children with wings and halos, to symbolize innocence and purity

In Christian art, cherubs are regularly associated with the archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, who are believed to be the protectors of children and the messengers of God

During the Renaissance period cherubs became a popular subject in art with artists such as Michaelangelo and Raphael (the artists, not the Turtles!) incorporating them into their painting and sculptures

In the Borque period artists such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini made the cherub an even more popular subject by including them in their elaborate sculptures


Baby Angels as a Tattoo Design

In modern times, baby angel tattoos have become a popular design for tattoos

People often choose this design as a symbol of love, innocence and protection

Baby angel tattoos can be done in a variety of styles


Realistic Baby Angel Tattoos

A realistic baby angel tattoo features a detailed and somewhat lifelike depiction of the subject

Attention is given to every detail, from the tiny fingers and toes to the chubby cheeks – depending on the design

These tattoos are mainly done in black and grey with shading used to create a “realistic” effect for the final piece

This is a great choice for someone who wants a larger tattoo that’s both beautiful and meaningful


Traditional and Neo Traditional Baby Angel Tattoos

Baby angel tattoos in this style often feature bold lines and bright colors

These are often done in the “American Traditional” style, with the baby angel depicted with wings and a halo

These are a popular choice for those looking for a baby angel tattoo with a timeless look


Minimal Baby Angel Tattoos

A minimal baby angel tattoo is one where the design is created with simple, clean lines and sometimes light shading

These are well suited to smaller tattoos and because of their size, can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body


Where to get your Baby Angel Tattoo in Bangkok

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