Baramee Samsib Tid Tattoo Bangkok

Yant Baramee Samsib Tid Tattoo Bangkok

Yant Baramee Samsib Tid, written as บารมีสามสิบทิศ in Thai, is a Sak Yant tattoo well known for its ability to empower the wearer and attract love

This sacred design, distinguished by its circular shape and intricate symbolism, holds a special place in the realm of Sak Yant


The Circular Design: Symbolism and Significance

Circular Yants are important within Sak Yant traditions, representing the endless cycle of life and the universe

The circular form symbolizes completeness, unity, and the continuous flow of energy

It’s a shape that encapsulates balance and harmony, making the Yant Baramee Samsib Tid not just a tattoo but a symbol of the eternal cycle of life and spiritual continuum


Meaning of “Samsib Tid”

The term “Samsib Tid” in the context of the Sak Yant tattoo “Yant Baramee Samsib Tid” can be understood through its components

“Samsib” translates to “thirty” in Thai, and “Tid” means “directions” or “points.”

Therefore, “Samsib Tid” essentially means “thirty directions.”

In the design of this particular Sak Yant, the term refers to the number of sections or points within the design, which are significant both numerically and symbolically

The presence of thirty distinct sections, created by the lines dissecting the circle and the squares along the circumference, embodies the concept of completeness and the extensive reach of the Yant’s influence

The number thirty in many cultures and spiritual practices symbolize a state of completion or wholeness, often relating to the completion of cycles or achieving a full understanding

In this Sak Yant tattoo, the thirty sections or points represent comprehensive protection, influence, or power in many aspects of life, aligning with the Yant’s purpose to empower and attract love

The use of geometric shapes like squares and circles, combined with the number of sections, also adds layers of meaning to the tattoo

It signifies balance, harmony, and the interconnection of physical and spiritual realms

In summary, “Samsib Tid” in the Yant Baramee Samsib Tid design symbolizes the tattoo’s extensive reach and influence in many directions or aspects of the wearer’s life, reflecting the ideals of completeness, protection, and universal balance


The Four Buddhas: A Quadrant of Enlightenment

At the core of the Yant Baramee Samsib Tid’s design are four symbols representing the Buddha, each composed of three decreasing ovals

These figures are strategically placed, diagonally facing each other and pointing towards the center, creating a dynamic interplay of balance and focus

The presence of four Buddhas signifies the four noble truths, the foundational principles of Buddhist teachings

It’s a reminder of the path to enlightenment, embodying the essence of wisdom, ethical conduct, and mental discipline


What is the Script or Letting in the Yant Baramee Samsib Tid

Khom script, an ancient script with roots in the Brahmi script of India, is a spiritually charged element integral to many Sak Yant tattoos, including the Yant Baramee Samsib Tid

This script, found within the lines dissecting the circle and around its edge, enhances the tattoo’s spiritual potency

Each character in the Khom script is meticulously placed within its own ‘box’, contributing to the overall energy and intention of the design

The script around the outside of the circumference of the circle adds power to the symbols found within


Why Khom Script is Used?

The use of Khom script in Sak Yant tattoos, including the Yant Baramee Samsib Tid, goes beyond aesthetic appeal

It’s believed to contain protective powers and spiritual blessings. While the script may not be decipherable in a traditional sense, its meanings, rooted in spiritual and ancient wisdom, are passed down through generations of Sak Yant Masters

The script around the circumference of the Yant Baramee Samsib Tid acts as a barrier, enclosing the powerful energies within the circle and amplifying the tattoo’s ability to attract love and empower the wearer

We source our designs from well known Sak Yant Masters and as such, we aren’t able to tell you what it “says” but are able to explain its intended purpose


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