Best Tattoo Aftercare in Bangkok

Best Tattoo Aftercare in Bangkok

If you decide to get a tattoo from All Day Tattoo studios in Bangkok, you can rest assured that you will be in expert, completely hygienic hands. On completion of your session, we will talk you through the aftercare process. We will also give you a handy sheet containing basic, but important instructions for the aftercare of your new tattoo.

You will have invested in a beautiful work of art, and you must ensure that not only does it heal quickly and painlessly, without any problems, but also remains clear and stunning for many years.

There’s no getting away from it, your newly inked tattoo is a wound, and it needs to heal. In order to do that, and prevent any infection, you must give it extra care and attention – especially in the first few days – and follow a few simple guidelines.

There are many theories, therapies, and home-spun advice concerning the aftercare of tattoos. But we, at All Day Tattoo, will provide you with the safest, industry best-practice on tattoo aftercare, which will ensure quick and trouble-free healing.

The process at All Day Tattoo Studio

  • Upon completion of your tattoo, our artist will clean your tattoo with alcohol. This will clear away the excess ink, and effectively sterilize the whole tattoo area.
  • Next, we will take a photograph of your masterpiece for posterity.
  • Once the photo calls are over, we will apply a thin layer of Tattoo Goo. This is a specially formulated salve, imported from the USA, which contains a blend of natural ingredients which provides a protective barrier to aid healing.
  • Finally, we cover the tattoo in sterile cling film and tape it up to keep it in place. You’re now good to go, after, of course, listening closely once more to our important advice on aftercare.


The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Tattoo Aftercare.

As already stated, at All Day Tattoo, we always go through the aftercare process in detail with our customers at the end of each session. To supplement our in-studio advice, here is our “aide memoir” of aftercare information which is not only useful for our own customers, but will also help to guide anyone, anywhere in the world, who is planning to have a tattoo inked on their body.

  • First and foremost, remember that the first seven days are critical, and these points are primarily aimed at this first very important week.
  • Before you even start your tattoo, please tell us if you have you have highly sensitive skin that may be allergic to normal medical tape. If so, it may be advisable to bring your own tape.
  • After your artist has washed, anointed and covered your brand new tattoo with cling film, leave it on for three hours. During these early hours, the tattoo will seep bodily fluids, including blood, and even some excess ink. So quite apart from the need to help your wound to heal, taking the film off prematurely, you may spoil your clothes.
  • Do not leave the film on for more than three hours if possible as it may become moist, wet and hot and create a breeding ground for bacteria. If you have to leave it a little longer than that because you’re out and about that’s ok, but the nearer three hours the better.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching or cleaning your tattoo. Never, ever, touch your tattoo without washing your hands first.
  • When you have removed the cling film, gently wash the tattoo in clean warm water, without soap. Remove any dried fluids and residual ointments, and if necessary, use a soft cloth to pat the area – do not rub or scrub!
  • Make sure the water is only lukewarm, and if you use a shower, don’t let the shower stream beat down on your tattoo, but rather, aim above the tattoo and let the water run off over the wound.
  • Do not soak in a tub.
  • Dry the tattoo using a soft clean towel and gently dab the area. When dry, apply a thin film of Tattoo-Goo, (or a similar brand of specialist aftercare solution), to the whole area of your tattoo.
  • When you’ve finished, your tattoo should have a slight sheen. Remember, only apply a thin layer of ointment – too much is counterproductive. However, tattoos in certain parts of your body, such as knee joints and elbows, may benefit from more ointment as they are likely to dry out quickly. Talk to your artist about this.
  • Carry out the washing and Tattoo Goo application procedure three times a day, for five days.
  • Bear in mind that after you have removed the cling film, your tattoo is completely exposed to the air, which will aid in healing but will make it vulnerable to external objects and people. Keep it dry and out of direct sunlight. Be careful not to lean on it, or accidently bump it, or rub it against a table, wall, bar, or any other obstacle. Treat it like a newborn.
  • Do not cover your tattoo when you go to bed, and if at all possible, try to avoid sleeping on it for the first few days. If the tattoo is on your back, sleep on your stomach, and vice versa.
  • If the position of your tattoo means it can’t remain untouched by the bed when sleeping, you should place a clean, thin towel between the tattoo and the bedsheet. If the towel is stuck to the wound in the morning, go to the shower with the towel still attached and gently wash it off in lukewarm water.
  • It is very important not to pick at any scabs or try to scratch an itch on your tattoo.
  • On larger tattoos, you may see a white haze and also maybe some small scabs forming. You may also experience some mild skin peeling such as you get after sunburn. All this is quite normal, but heavy scabbing isn’t, so keep a close watch.
  • Keep treating your tattoo with Tattoo Goo until the shine has completely disappeared from your skin.
  • Choose your clothing carefully, especially during the first week. Light, loose fitting clothing is the order of the day. Tight clothing, or shoes and socks (for foot and ankle tattoos) will not only breed bacteria but will also damage your tattoo and can cause scarring and spots. Another no-no is bikini lines and bra straps if they venture into the area of your tattoo.
  • The sun is your enemy. Try to avoid your new tattoo being exposed to direct sunlight, and the same goes for tanning beds. Once your tattoo has lost its shine, you can relax a little, but if you want your tattoo to remain in great condition for years, you should always use a very strong sun cream of SP 25 or higher.
  • Also avoid swimming, whether in the sea or swimming pool, as you will be exposing your tattoo to microbes and bacteria or harmful chemicals, such as chlorine. Also avoid steam baths and excessive sweating which is often brought on by work-outs. If you want to work out, that’s usually fine after the first 24 hours, just try to keep your tattoo as dry as possible and avoid rubbing it with clothing.



If you follow all of the above advice, you will greatly minimize any risk of any infection. In addition, customers at All Day Tattoos benefit from our “state of the art”, hygienic studios.

We follow all necessary infection prevention procedures, and our artists are spotlessly clean. We only ever use our needles and inks once, and we thoroughly sterilize all our equipment in an autoclave before each session.

But nobody can 100% guarantee that you might not pick up an infection by exposing yourself to a bacteria-laden environment. Beware – children and animals are notorious for carrying germs and bacteria.

It is important that you keep an eye out for any signs of an infection. This may include, a red haze surrounding the tattoo accompanied by a white haze over it, heavy scabbing, oozing pus, a foul smell, unusual heat, a heavy swelling, or red or black lines running away from the tattoo.

If you think that you may have an infection, immediately contact your tattoo artist and also go and see a doctor. An early dose of antibiotics will often solve the problem.


Long-term aftercare

If you will want to keep your tattoo in pristine condition for years to come, you must continue to take good care of it. Although your tattoos will become clearer and sharper after they have fully healed, you should regularly moisturize them with a good tattoo aftercare cream in order to keep them in pristine condition.

This especially applies to tattoos on your hands and feet, and on moving joints such as your elbows or knees.

And most important of all, as we have already mentioned, you must do your best to protect your cherished body artwork from the deadly ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Always use a very strong sunscreen cream, or even better, use a lotion that is specially formulated for Tattoo protection, such as “Tattoo Goo Lotion”, which can also be used for regular moisturizing.


All Day Tattoo – for a hygienic and safe process.

There is no doubt that having a great tattoo inked on your body is a bit more involved than just rushing into some beachside hippy shop and then jump back into the sea immediately afterward.

At All Day Tattoo in Bangkok, not only do we create some of the finest tattoos in Asia, but we also care enough to make sure you experience is pleasant and comfortable and is carried out in hygienic and safe conditions.

Why not click on the button below and arrange a no-obligation appointment to talk to us about the tattoo design, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and most importantly, all about the aftercare.

A satisfied customer with a perfectly healed tattoo is the best promotion we could wish for.


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