“In Bird, two passions merge. His love of
art and his strong determination to become
a highly talented tattoo artist”

To describe Birdman from a professional point of view needs very few words: “His whole world is Art”

At a young age he and a friend learned how to draw. From that time to this, the only thing he ever wanted to be was a tattoo artist.

We are pleased to say that he has achieved this…with stunning results.

With 10 years of tattooing experience under his belt, Bird has certainly not stood still.

Although born in Ratchaburi he flew the nest to achieve his goal. His determination to improve and polish his tattooing skills has seen him work in tattoo studios in Korea, Phuket and a 4 year stint in Edmonton, Canada.

A real friendly, family guy with 3 young daughters, Bird speaks great English and can usually be heard laughing along with Clients and other artists.

When not in the ALL DAY Tattoo studio working on bold, realistic neo-traditional, memorable mandala and multiple pattern geometric tattoo designs, Bird is at home…. drawing in his spare time!

Art is his whole world, and it is his pleasure to transfer his passion onto your skin.

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