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Card Tattoos in Bangkok

It is little wonder that playing card tattoos are highly popular. They offer a timeless, classic look for both guys and girls.

Having a card tattoo design inked is an ideal choice if you are searching for a stand-out design with personal meaning.

Here’s what a pack of cards is all about and a selection of deck designs that will give you plenty to think about.

Rest assured, the flexibility of playing card tattoos really does mean that there is no gamble in finding one that is right for you.


All About Playing Cards

There is no historical proof of where playing cards originated, but scholars believe it to have been in China during the 9th century.

Since then there are many recorded instances of different types of playing card designs used throughout the world.

Card games of many variations have been a constant feature in society for centuries, whether for family and fun with friends or high-stakes gambling.

Along with this popularity, playing card tattoos have also held their own in terms of classic, timeless design choice.


What does a deck of cards consist of?

Most people will be aware of how today’s standard pack of cards is made up, however, it is worth re-confirming this, if only to show the wide choice of playing card tattoo designs you can choose from.

There are 52 cards in a deck, these are made up of 4 suits:

  • Hearts (in red color).
  • Diamonds (in red color).
  • Spades (in black color).
  • Clubs (in black color).

Collectively these 4 suits represent:

  • The 4 elements: Fire, Water, Air (Wind) & Earth.
  • The 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall (Autumn), Winter.
  • The 4 cardinal directions: North, South, East & West.
  • (Are you getting original ideas for your card tattoo design already?).


Each suit consists of 13 cards each – Ace to 10 plus 3 picture cards: Jack, Queen, & King.

And, we must not forget – You also get 2 Joker cards per pack!


Classic Playing Card Tattoo Designs

With the above in mind, let’s look at just 5 different designs and their meanings:


Royal Flush

We have to start with a poker hand that tops all others. A Royal Flush consists of:

  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten – ALL of the same suit.

Having these 5 cards inked is seen to symbolize: Power, Success & a winning nature.



The Ace is the highest value card in a pack.

As such, it can be seen as high quality or excellence.

Because there is one Ace of each suit in a deck of cards, having the 4 aces (Ace of Hearts, Diamond, Spades and Clubs) tattooed together also symbolizes: Power & Good luck.

Those who opt for a single Ace often choose the Ace of Spades.

This is seen as a symbol of achievement, winning, leadership and power.

It can also be seen as the Death Card with a meaning that death comes to us all eventually – No matter what status a person holds in life.


Queen of Hearts

It is little wonder that this design is particularly popular with girls. The addition of other hearts, flowers and names gives a huge choice in terms of a colorful, stand-out tattoo.

Many of us will also relate to the wonderfully imaginative “Alice in Wonderland”, written by Lewis Caroll in 1865, yet still seen as a classic today.

Disney captured this perfectly in their 1951 movie version and anyone looking for an animated cartoon card tattoo design inspiration need look no further.

There are playing cards with human heads, arms and legs which are colorfully depicted as loyal servants and guards to The Queen of Hearts.

Having a Queen of Hearts inked on your body can also signify that you are determined, you will persevere against any odds and have a willingness to survive.

Of course, it is a prime choice for those wishing to relate their chosen tattoo to love and loved ones.



The Joker is an excellent tattoo choice for those looking to carry good luck with them wherever they go.

It is also commonly seen as a wild card, so if you like the unpredictable, or have a wild side to your nature, go for it!

Due to the popularity of Batman, many people who opt for a Joker tattoo have designs based around the characters.

This can be Batman holding a Joker card, or the Joker himself flashing that wicked smile while holding his own card aloft.


A card tattoo to share with your partner

If you are looking to share a meaningful tattoo design with your partner then get one each inked on the same part of your bodies.

This could be an Ace each, a King for the guy, Queen for the girl, or for same-sex partners either a King or Queen each.

This design can have each others names inked or a favorite, special saying included.


Adding Other Images to A Playing Card Tattoo

While either individual or multiple cards as a tattoo design look great, you can also opt to add other images or words to your chosen tattoo.

Popular image additions are wide and varied.

10 of the most popular include the card(s) of your choice and:

  • Money
  • Poker Chips
  • Dice
  • Stars
  • Crowns
  • Skulls
  • Flames
  • Horseshoes
  • Roses
  • Cherries

People will often ask to add names.

This can be your own or that of a special person in your life. Favorite sayings or phrases that have significant personal meaning are also a popular addition.


Styles & Placement

When choosing a card tattoo design, flexibility in style and placement really is the name of the game.


A wide choice of styles

Highly popular styles include

  • Old School
  • Neo Traditional
  • Black & Grey
  • Watercolor
  • Minimal


Body placement – The choice really is yours!

Once again, the choice of body placement when deciding on where a playing card tattoo best sits is yours.

When it comes to body placement, you name it, we place it!

Playing card tattoo designs work well on just about every part of the body.

Those who want a large design that includes several cards and other images can go for a full back tattoo, others can incorporate the card into a full or half-sleeve design.

An individual card on either breast looks great, some opt for more detailed designs that sit well on the side of their torso, leg or stomach.

If you are after a smaller design then think forearms, wrists and calves.

For these smaller sized playing card tattoos, you could always look at leaving the rectangular card shape out and simply having the suit, letter and number of your chosen card(s) inked.


Your Ace In The Hole When It Comes to Playing Card Tattoos In Bangkok

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