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The cherry blossom is a popular tattoo design with deep symbolic meaning in many cultures and dates back centuries to the time of the Samurai

We will embark on a historical journey to discover the symbolism behind this beautiful bloom and the reason it is integrated into so many different tattoo designs and styles


Symbolism and Meaning Behind Cherry Blossoms

There are many cultures that hold the symbolism of a cherry blossom in high regard and its meaning is full of ethereal beauty just as the flowers themselves

The first leg of our cherry blossom tour takes us to Japan

A perfect way to begin our journey as the cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan and holds deep meaning in Japanese art and culture

These delicate blooms have a short but beautiful life marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom for 2 weeks before they slowly begin to wither and fade away

During this season the Japanese observe a custom that is over thousands of years old

It is called “hanami” which translates to “flower viewing”

This custom consists of outdoor parties or picnics beneath the sakura trees and their splendid blooms

These magnificent feasts which are held under the flowering trees are the perfect backdrop for enjoying delicious delicacies and consuming large amounts of sake

The grand festivities can happen day or night during the spring season but night viewing tends to be the most popular and can go on until late in the evening

Hanami at night is called yozakura and means “night sakura.”

To the Japanese, the cherry blossom is a symbol that represents wealth, power, prosperity, and rebirth

Much of Japanese cherry blossom art is derived from the centuries old woodblock techniques and traditions

To the samurai warriors of the past, the cherry blossom had an altruistic meaning

To the samurai, the cherry blossom was a symbol of the fragility of life and how briefly it is lived in the grand scheme of things

The samurai were a warrior class of noble character who wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the life of the emperor

For this reason, one of the profound meanings behind the cherry blossom is that the fallen blossoms are the souls of samurais killed in battle

The kamikaze also used the symbol of a cherry blossom to represent the intensity of life

They would paint cherry blossoms on the side of their warplanes before suicide missions

They also had a subdivision which was called the yamazakura meaning “wild cherry blossom.”

In Buddhist philosophy cherry blossoms are a symbol of enlightenment

Because these blooms are short lived and their beauty can only be experienced briefly they are a metaphor for the transience of life

Life quickly passes us by and the only thing certain in life is uncertainty

Buddhists believe that we should live in and enjoy each moment because life is fleeting and should not be wasted

To the Chinese, the cherry blossom is considered sexual and is symbolic for femininity, empowerment, sexual freedom, and energy

It also imbues love, beauty, strength, and virility

While cherry blossoms were originally native to Asia, they can now be found blooming worldwide which makes them a great medium for tattoo design and art


Cherry Blossom Tattoos

There are a variety of design compositions and styles that work well for cherry blossom tattoos

One of the most common is in Japanese style tattoos

These designs are typically sleeves that combine numerous elements and meanings to compose a beautiful work of art on a person’s skin

Some of these designs include koi fish, dragons, tigers, geisha, samurai, cranes, and waves or water elements

Most often you will see with Japanese design an element such as a geisha as the main focal point of a tattoo sleeve, with cherry blossoms as the background that ties the piece together

For stand alone cherry blossom tattoos, one of the most popular styles is watercolor

This is a versatile style that looks amazing as just simple delicate flowers, a single branch with buds and flowers, or a whole blooming tree

Cherry blossom tattoos also look great in black and grey which is a classic timeless style that is never outdated

Whatever style you choose to go with make sure you do plenty of research on the studio and artist that will be doing your work

Tattoos are a lifetime commitment and to ensure you get top quality work that you will be happy to wear for life research is a must!


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