Diamond Tattoos Bangkok

Diamond Tattoos Bangkok

By their very nature, diamonds are seen as highly valuable, precious stones. They also have an aura about them that appeals to many.

If your head is turned by diamonds then why not consider having one inked on your body?

This tattoo design has to be one of the most popular out there and there are some very valid reasons for this.


Why so appealing?

Throughout history diamonds have been sought after for their beauty and value. They mean different things to different people and the beauty of a diamond tattoo in this respect is that its meaning can be exactly what you want it to be.

Some of the accepted meanings include:

  • Love
  • Faithfulness
  • Purity & Integrity
  • Strength or Power
  • Invincibility
  • Durability
  • Glamour & Beauty
  • Wealth & Luxury


Beauty & Meaning

As just touched on, one of the major reasons a diamond tattoo design is so popular with both sexes is the fact that it can have a whole variety of meanings that are personal to the wearer.

When deciding on a diamond tattoo design the options are huge, the meanings wide and varied.

Some go for this design because of its beauty in terms of design simplicity, others because they believe it gives added beauty to their body.

Whatever your reason for deciding that a diamond tattoo is for you, rest assured, it is a good reason!


Perfect body placement for your diamond tattoo

Before we get into diamond design choices and their meanings, let’s take a look at the most popular body placement for both guys and girls.

As you will see, a diamond tattoo has the ability to look special on many parts of your body.


Placement for Women

There are a host of choices for diamond tattoo placement on a woman’s body. Some of the more popular include the:

  • Shoulder
  • Back of the Neck
  • Under the EarBreast
  • Inner wrist
  • Ankle


Placement for Men

Don’t worry guys, there is no shortage of premium body placement for those looking at a stunning diamond tattoo design. Here are some of the most popular placement spots for diamond tattoos:

  • Biceps
  • Upper Arms
  • Lower Back (ideal for larger designs)
  • Chest
  • Shoulder or Shoulder Blade


Tattoo designs & their meanings

As we have mentioned, your chosen tattoo design and its meaning can be personal and specific to you.

But, to give you an idea of the popular designs the ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Central Bangkok regularly ink here’s a small selection for you to consider:


Diamond as your birthstone

Let’s start with one for those born during the month of April – The diamond is your birthstone and indicates many things – Not least the fact that they are seen as being symbolic in terms of purity and everlasting love.


Different colored diamonds and their meanings:

Let’s take a look at what 5 different colored diamonds could mean to you:

  • Black Diamond – This depiction is an old school way of expressing commitment, love and strength.
  • Red Diamond – As can be imagined, red diamonds are often used to show desire and passion, but they can have another significant meaning. If your diamond depiction is fire related or of a melted design this can represent a love that has been lost.
  • Green Diamond – Very contrasting meanings can be taken from a green diamond tattoo design. They can represent a love of nature through to feelings of past envy. Your design can show the fact you have overcome jealousy, or express sincere, natural, organic love.
  • White Diamond – Inking of a white diamond can be significant in terms of representing commitment, love and elegance.
  • Blue Diamond – Many associate blue with peace and a determined inner-strength. Wearing a blue tattoo can be seen that the wearer has accepted their station in life and are content with their lot.

However, a blue diamond can also be associated with sadness. Many who have overcome a deeply depressing period(s) in their life wear a blue diamond to show they have come out of the other side stronger for the experience.


Diamond in a box

This tattoo relates to those who associate the use of diamonds in terms of jewelry and fashion accessories. It often signifies that the wearer will relate to it in terms of wealth and power.


Diamonds and words

This type of design is absolutely perfect for anyone who is looking to get a symbolic meaning of their tattoo across.

The diamond can be inked in a variety of ways with either the name of a loved one or an inspirational saying that will be a constant reminder and inspiration to the wearer.



The ALL DAY Tattoo studio – The perfect place to receive a diamond tattoo in Bangkok

The ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok is the perfect place to receive any type of diamond tattoo you are looking for.

We are the #1 fully licensed tattoo studio in Bangkok.

Through our well-established ALL DAY tattoo studio ‘peace of mind’ policy you can be assured that hygiene and cleanliness of the highest standards are met.

This policy is in place to ensure the safety of our clients and artists and guarantees such things as:

  • Industry-best, single-use needles
  • USA-imported, best quality ink
  • Hygiene standards of the highest possible order are always in place
  • A fluent English speaking team of managers and artists are always on hand. This means no confusion in terms of you receiving exactly the tattoo you are after
  • No client will leave a session without having received comprehensive aftercare instructions. These will be verbally explained and also backed up with a clearly written sheet of aftercare instructions. This is a point that many tattoo studios overlook.


Want to find out more?

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