Do Women Prefer Men With Tattoos?

Do women prefer men with tattoos?

There is no truly definitive answer to this question. Some women are highly attracted to men with tattoos while others will run the other way if they are approached by a man with a macho tattoo or two on his body.

And as is the way of these things, yet others are not particularly bothered either way.

However, having said this, there have been a number of definitive surveys carried out on the subject in recent years, and the results are rather surprising, and probably not at all what most men think.

In a well-documented survey in Poland, more than 2,500 heterosexual men and women were asked to look at pictures of shirtless men. Some pictures were of men had with tattoos and others were pictures of the same men which had been digitally modified to show the presence of tattoos.

The first and most important reaction the researchers recorded was that adding tattoos to a man’s body definitely changed the viewers’ perception. This change in perception was true of both women and men but in different ways.

Women’s perceptions of tattooed men

The presence of tattoos on a man’s body definitely catches the eye of the ladies, but not necessarily because they find them more attractive. What the researchers discovered was that the females viewed the tattoos as a sign of virility – tattoos were regarded as an indication of higher levels of testosterone.

This meant that women felt that men with tattoos would make better sex partners.

In addition to this, women also rated the tattooed men as being healthier, more masculine and more dominant.

In other words, the male tattooed body may be the human equivalent of a peacock’s spectacular tail.

But before all you men go running to the nearest tattoo studio to get some peacock inspired tattoos, be warned that just because women sense you might be a better lover between the sheets, it does not necessarily mean that they think you would make a better long-term partner or soul mate.

In fact, for many women, the opposite may well be the case.

For some women, men with tattoos just might not be their style. Everyone likes different things and being seen as masculine and confident isn’t everyone’s first choice in a man.

So it’s all negative?

But, hey guys! Don’t despair! There are still more positives than negatives about having tattoos as far as women are concerned.

The plain fact is that for most women, the presence of a tattoo quite definitely increases your chances of getting laid, for the reasons already stated. Although some women may be looking for their life partner, there are far more women out there who are looking for ‘one-off’ or casual relationships and are simply after a good time.

Here are some extracts from another survey in which women were specifically asked what turned them on – or off – as far as men’s tattoos were concerned.

I love a guy with a good, no-color sleeve that tells a story.

Tattoos, yes, but only if they’re done well. Also, it doesn’t hurt if they’re meaningful with a story behind them.

I hate any stupid quotes that you got tatted on your ass in college.

Anything on your arms, back, chest, even thighs is cool.

Love tattoos – unless they’re tribal or poorly done.

Armbands, clichéd roses and other large garish pieces that were very obviously done during teenage years just don’t appeal.

I also don’t like one singular tattoo. I like guys to have a half-sleeve or something bigger.

Yes to tattoos, but only if they’re ones you wouldn’t mind showing to your in-laws.

I’m into men tattoos as long as they aren’t stupid.

Tats can tell you a lot about a man.

Tats are not a deal-breaker either way, unless they’re covered head to toe.

I like it when guys thoughtfully and artfully pick out their tattoos

I find huge, carefully thought-out sleeves and body tats to be beautiful.

Get the idea gents? Make them tasteful, creative, and avoid the head and face and you’re probably in with a good chance.

There are so many women out there who will be perfectly happy to date a man with tattoos, but take a careful look at the ‘do’s’ and especially the ‘don’ts’ expressed above, as they may well help to avoid disappointments.

The fact is that wearing a well-chosen tattoo or two will almost certainly give you an edge. The most mundane and uninteresting person with a totally unglamorous job can be made to appear exciting and edgy if he inks a tattoo or two on his body.

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Some women love tattooed men because it effectively gives them two men – the conventional one who is formally dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and pants, and the exciting one with gorgeous tats when he is in shorts and a singlet.

Women also love men with tats as their testosterone filled bodies are a signal to other men that they shouldn’t be messed with. Women feel safer and more secure with such men.

Women also love intricate and beautiful artistry on the body of their men. They love to look at and admire a wonderful work of art.

What do other men think?

In the Polish survey mentioned above, it was clear that tattoo-less men felt that men with tattoos were significant competition for the affections of a woman and that they were often at a distinct disadvantage.

So you see – just by wearing a well-chosen tattoo you may have well chased off your potential competition…

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