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If you are looking for a unique tattoo style to take your design to the next level then dotwork may be what you are looking for

We will be discussing in detail how this particular style can transform a basic design into a piece that pops!

This type of technique is not to be trusted in the hands of an amateur and requires a highly experienced artist to execute this with precision.

Find out why ALL DAY Tattoo studio is Bangkok’s one stop shop for dotwork tattoos and every other kind of tattoo you could possibly imagine.


What is a Dotwork Tattoo?

Dotwork is a tattooing technique that uses a multitude of dots to create a design.

Images are composed of small distinct dots of ink placed precisely to create unique intricate tattoos with a striking visual effect

This will take your tattoo design from ordinary to extraordinary!

Dotwork adds a different dynamic to normal tattoo shading and color

Dotwork used for shading is called stippling and is a specific technique used to create a unique fading and contouring effect

The subtle shading creates an optical illusion

From far away dotwork tattoos seem to be shaded using the traditional swath of color until you look closely and see that it is actually comprised of a series of dots instead of solid color

The dotwork technique can be implemented into all kinds of different tattoo styles but is typically used to compliment mandalas and geometric designs

This trendy sought-after style can be combined with other tattoo design styles to create breathtaking pieces with unique appearance and appeal


The Ancient Egyptians and Dotwork Tattoos

The dotwork tattoo style can be dated back all the way to the days of the pyramids

Mummies of ancient Egyptian women have been discovered with dotted tattoos on their breasts, thighs, and abdomens

It is believed that these dotted tattoos were used to alleviate pain during pregnancy and childbirth

There is also evidence that indicates that they were periodically used by Egyptian priestesses as a form of protection or magical amulet engraved into the skin


Negative Space Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork can be a unique way to create a stunning negative space tattoo

Negative space tattoos are a type of tattoo style where the design is done as a reverse image using the naked skin to create the design versus using ink

Negative space dotwork tattoos use the dotwork to form the border of the image and the design is formed by the naked skin


Geometric Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork can put a unique and stunning twist on a typical geometric tattoo

One of the most popular geometric dotwork tattoos is the flower of life design

This design is created by overlapping evenly spaced circles that create a flower like pattern

This creates a hexagonal shape with six points

It can work great as a stand alone tattoo or focal point of a piece as well as being used for background or filler to fill empty space tying all the elements of a design together

This design is considered sacred geometry and represents the holy significance given to geometric shapes, ratios, and proportions found throughout nature

It is an ancient symbol for life and symbolizes growth both physically and spiritually

The flower of life is a deeply meaningful design said to be the pattern that all life is created from


Mandala Dotwork Tattoos

Mandala tattoos are another tattoo style that can benefit from the use of dotwork

Mandalas are an ancient art form with deep spiritual meaning

These symbols consist of geometric patterns combined together representing balance, perfection, and eternity


Size and Placement for Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork can be used for large scale designs such as full torso designs, back pieces, full body suits, and sleeves

This style tends to look best in larger tattoo designs


Choosing The Right Dotwork Artist

You should definitely spend time researching an artist who is proficient in using dotwork as you spend researching and deciding on your tattoo of choice.

It takes quite a bit of skill to execute this style perfectly and several artists at ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Bangkok are proficient in executing this particular style

This time intensive technique requires a skilled hand to precisely place each and every dot to complete the desired effect


Bangkok’s Dotwork Specialists Can Be Found At ALL DAY Tattoo Studio

As mentioned above, this style requires a specific skill set to achieve the desired result.

Research, research, research and more research is a must to find an artist who can properly execute this stunning style!

ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Bangkok, has the dotwork tattoo specialists you are searching for

Come and see for yourself why we are consistently rated as Bangkok’s best tattoo studio

ALL DAY Tattoo is the capital’s #1 fully licensed studio

Our many rave reviews speak to the quality of our work and the passion we put into each and every step of the tattoo process

We adhere to strict hospital standard hygiene practices and procedures

Using the highest quality single-use needles and USA imported inks

We are conveniently located in the heart of Sukhumvit in central Bangkok, a five minute walk from Phrom Phrong BTS station

Our highly qualified team of managers and trusted artists speak fluent English so communicating the desired details of your tattoo design will never be an issue

Stop in and enjoy our extremely clean and hygienic environment while still maintaining a relaxed and comfortable vibe that will definitely give all other tattoo experiences a run for their money!



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