Ed Sheeran Tattoos

Ed Sheeran Tattoos

The English mega-star singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran is no stranger to tattoos.


How many tattoos does Ed Have?

Now that is a very good question!

The exact number has never been revealed, but wide estimate put the number at between 60-100. Now that is a wide ‘guesstimate’ but we would suggest it’s probably closer to 60.


So, what are SOME of these designs?

All of his tattoos have meanings to him, which makes sense right?

But their placement also means something.

He has reserved his left arm for career accomplishments and his right arm for inkings related to his personal life – We will get on to the rest of his body later!

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Let’s take a look at a selection of his inkings, what we understand in terms of his meanings, and some appropriate ideas on how you can use these as designs that fully relate to the type of tattoo you are after.


A Paw Print

Sheeran got his first tattoo at 18. This was a Paw Print in Black on his left arm. He had it inked for “No particular reason”.

People often get paw prints to show their love and affinity to animals or a cherished pet but still others just think they look good – and there’s nothing wrong with that!


Heinz Ketchup logo

Undoubtedly a tattoo that caused a stir.

While this sauce may not be to everyone’s taste.

It is Ed’s favorite, hence his inking of the logo.

Those looking for something a little different could go for their favorite condiment in a whole range of inking styles.

Perhaps getting ‘Chillies’ inked could show you are “Hot”, or your favorite Mustard to show how keen you are!


Broken Heart with no entry sign

This one is tattooed on his lower abdomen.

If your heart has been broken, or if you are determined NOT to have it broken then you could consider a ‘take’ on this design.

Although it may seem a bit strange to some to have a broken heart tattooed, tattoo designs often reflect the “opposite” of what people may think.

Someone might tattoo a broken heart to show that even though they’ve had their heart broken before, they’re still standing.


A Shark

While getting a shark inked could show your love and fascination for these largely feared fish, or the freedom associated with the open sea, hopefully it will be more stylish than the tattoo that Ed has on his arm!

If you are looking at a more stylish design take a look at one of his favorite guitars.

His deep affinity with acoustic guitars means he often uses a Custom Martin 00-28 VS guitar.

The “S” standing for Shark.

This guitar was purposely designed for him and features a well-designed shark inlay.

Continuing with his love of guitars, Ed has paid homage to C.F. Martin & Co., the famous American guitar company by having their logo tattooed on his upper arm.


While we are on the music theme!

Here is a selection of ‘music’ related inkings Sheeran has.


Here we are talking Unique! NO snowflake is the same – No person is exactly the same.

Having an individual snowflake, several of them, or adding one to a design can represent a whole host of meanings such as:

  • Your pride in being unique.
  • The fact that you are one of a kind – Highly individual.
  • Fragility- Snowflakes are short-lived and can represent fragility and how fleeting life can be.
  • A constant reminder of happy winter holidays / Christmas.
  • Graceful – Check out just how gracefully a snowflake falls.
  • Quietness – A single snowflake makes no sound when falling. If you are someone in search of tranquility, peace and quiet, the snowflake is for you.
  • Shape – The shape of a snowflake has to be seen as divine beauty in nature.
  • Purity/Rebirth – Once a snowflake melts it turns to water. This makes it a suitable symbol of transformation and a new beginning.

You can have snowflakes designed in a host of different ways and colors.

They often come in blue, purple or solid black ink.

Style-wise think tribal or Celtic style – The latter is a real eye-catching choice.

You could take it to symbolize life in general or the circle of life.


Ed’s snowflake

Nothing as thoughtful as we have just mentioned, but an achievement! He has a snowflake in Blue on his left forearm.

This is in memory of the time he spent with the group Snow Patrol in 2012.


Rolling Stones ‘Lips’

Admittedly, this is not unique, but it is certainly a favored, iconic design for anyone who loves the Stones music.

The reason Sheeran got his? He opened for a Stones concert in 2015.


Stereo Buttons

A great fit for anyone who is bang into their music. Sheeran has ‘stereo’ button images inked of:

Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind.

If this design is for you, make it your own.


Commemoration of gigs played / places visited

Sheeran has a good selection of tattoos on places visited and gigs played.

Think the Maple Leaf for Canada, a Koala bear for Australia, the Kiwi Bird on his inner side, left bicep for time spent in New Zealand, and to commemorate his 3 sell-out gigs at the world famous boxing venue of Madison Square Gardens in New York City, he has 3 boxing gloves tattooed on his right forearm.

As well as being meaningful for the success of his gigs it is also in memory of his Grandfather who was a boxer.

Your take on this could be a tattoo to remind you of a favorite place visited.



Take your pick.

Ed has a selection of words from song lyrics.

One on his left arm are words from the lyrics of a favorite song: “Everything is Borrowed” By The Streets.

These words are:

“I came to this world with nothing / And I’ll leave with nothing but love / Everything else is just borrowed”.

Everyone has their own favorite song – Choose yours and have the words from it that mean something very special to you inked wherever you feel they will be best placed.

You can also consider adding an image or scene if you feel that enhances the look.


Lion’s face on the chest

We have to finish on this one as it is probably the most talked about/controversial.

You will either love or loathe the Lion’s face he has inked on his chest (most agree it is the latter!).

However, Sheeran is unfazed by this.

He has been quoted as saying that this tattoo represents every part of his career put into one and thinks it looks cool.

In short, he does not really care what others think about it!

It was inked to commemorate his sell-out gigs at Wembley Stadium, London, England – In his words “The biggest achievement of his career to date”.

Lion designs can be of any size and style and you can be assured that The ALL DAY Tattoo team will deliver yours in a far more appealing way. One that reflects exactly what you want and precisely where you want it.


The list goes on!

Ed Sheeran’s tattoos have perhaps not been best thought out. Even his close friend and tattoo artist to the famous, Kevin Paul (who spent in excess of 40 hours tattooing different designs on the singer’s skin) admits most are pretty rubbish, BUT he does state they are ALL meaningful to Ed.


Looking for a stylish, meaningful tattoo while in Bangkok?

Ed Sheeran’s tattoo choices may appear random and not the best in terms of thoughtful planning, but it is what he decided on and we presume what he is happy with!

You do not have to take such a haphazard approach to your tattoo choices.

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