Elephant Tattoo Bangkok

Elephant Tattoos Bangkok

Elephants have to be one of the best loved animals on the earth. These majestic beasts attract the fascination and attention of those who are fortunate enough to get up close and personal with them.

This makes it little wonder that elephants are a highly popular tattoo design and an excellent inking choice for all those who love tattoos.

When it comes to choice of design, your options are HUGE!


The largest land mammal on earth

As our tattoo studio is in Bangkok, Thailand, we feel it is only right to concentrate on the Asian elephant as opposed to it’s larger relation, the African elephant.

Rest assured, they are both a force to be reckoned with and have many similarities.

Elephants are revered by the Thai nation.

They have a special place in the country’s heritage and history.

So much so that they are actually the country’s national animal.


Meeting Elephants in Thailand in an Ethical Way

Quite rightly, many visitors to Thailand see interaction with elephants as a major highlight of their trip, and a wonderful experience it can be.

It is certainly not our place to preach, but if you are arranging a visit to an Elephant camp or sanctuary, please respect these magnificent beasts.

There is a good choice of ethical camps across the country to choose from.

Check out their reviews and the services they offer.

In general an ethical Sanctuary will offer you the chance to meet, feed, wash and take care of the elephants.

Believe us, if you get a chance to do this, you’ll never forget it!

You’ll find everyone involved, from the tour guides to the mahouts, talk about and treat the elephants in their care with immense sympathy and respect.

The price you pay will go towards ensuring these endangered species are kept in a healthy, happy way, one that they most surely deserve.

If the elephant experience you are looking at involves: riding (with very few exceptions) or a show of almost any sort – be wary. This probably isn’t where you should be putting your money.

Finally, be willing to pay for a “premium” experience. It may well be the only time you’re ever able to interact with elephants in such a way and in the right places, your money genuinely goes into saving, feeding and looking after these animals.


Elephants are a Universal Symbol

We will shortly get into some of the many different elephant tattoo designs and meanings, but anyone receiving an elephant tattoo can be sure they will be seen as a universal symbol of:

  • Strength
  • Loyalty
  • Dignity
  • Empathy
  • Good Luck
  • Success
  • Wisdom
  • Honor
  • Discernment
  • Memory
  • Compassion
  • Longevity

If you have leanings towards the Buddhist faith they also hold a high significance in terms of divinity.


Stunning grace and beauty

Asian elephants can be as large as 3 metres tall at the shoulders, 6.4 metres in length and weigh in at a colossal 5 tonnes, yet they still display stunning grace and beauty.

These traits make them perfect for a tattoo of any size.

Be that a small, minimal single line elephant tattoo, a simple yet stunning outline design, a half or full sleeve, or a stupendous full back design.


A wide array of designs to choose from

When we say the choice of elephant tattoo designs is huge, we really do mean this.

They are one of the most popular designs the professional artists at the ALL DAY Tattoo studio work on.

Through this we feel ideally placed to provide you with exactly the type of elephant tattoo design you are after.

If you have a specific design in mind, send it over to our fluent English speaking team so they can talk about it in more detail with you.

No obligations and no pressure.

If you are looking for inspiration, this article should help!!

To help your thought process along, here is a very small selection of the type of elephant tattoo that may appeal to you.


Geometric and Mandala Elephant Tattoos

This style is very popular.

To our team this shows how the art of tattooing continues to expand and keep pace with modern life yet allows traditional images to be shown in their true light..

A geometric or mandala elephant design provides an excellent representation of the animal and Thai and Asian culture in general.

Be aware; this is a very difficult style to do well, and choosing the right studio is very important to make sure it doesn’t end up being a mess!

Both geometric and mandala styles are very intricate and require a very specific combination of high level graphic design and precise stenciling and tattooing ability to deliver a great outcome.


Realistic Elephant Tattoo Designs

A realistic tattoo is one that reflects the subject realistically – like a photograph.

This can be done in either color or black and grey, however black and grey is the more common and popular choice as it will tend to translate better to tattoos and hold up better over time.

With this style, the sky is really the limit in terms of subject, however it’s best to make the elephant the real focal point of the design to stop it from getting lost in the background.


Minimalistic Elephant Designs

From the complex mandala and geometric designs to the more straightforward yet highly eye-catching minimalist design.

This design also continues to grow in popularity.

Sometimes a simple reminder of a life changing experience or trip is just as meaningful as a big one.

They look great on ankles, wrists or ribs.

Another highly popular option is a simple outline of an elephant, the beauty of such an design is just how amazingly it can stand out while being so simple.


Elephant Tattoos for Girls

As well as minimalist designs, girls often go for designs with a more feminine touch.

This type of inking focuses on less detail, more on curves.

Color options are yours.

Pinks, reds, yellows and blues are popular as are additions such as jewels or flowers.


Elephant Tattoos for Guys

Guys often go for full black or full back!

With arm and leg inkings in between.

Full black designs tend to be the smallest and quite often include 2, 3 or more elephants.

The arm and leg inkings are of reasonable size and many are placed as half sleeves.

As for the ultimate: An elephant as a full back tattoo is certainly a stand-out option.


Elephant Tattoo Designs for Couples

If on holiday in Thailand with your partner and you wish to seal the deal on a memorable holiday, elephant tattoos are the perfect way to go.

They can be small or medium in size, complex or simple and you can have them inked together.

Some feel it is a far better symbol of love, togetherness and friendship than ‘names’ or ‘hearts’.

Just so you know, an elephant with its trunk in the air is a sign of joy!


Elephant Family Tattoo Designs

If you are looking to have a permanent reminder of children inked why not consider a baby elephant(s) design.

This can be just one, playful baby elephant calf, or several with the trunk of one linked to the tail of the next. This ‘procession’ really does look fun and meaningful.

A word of advice: If you intend adding to your family, make sure you leave space to add to your tattoo!!


Body placement for elephant tattoos

We have touched on this, but another factor in the huge appeal of elephant inkings has to be the number of places on your body where they position extremely well.

Elephant tattoos can be placed on your:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Back of the neck
  • Side of the torso
  • Arms (upper and lower)
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Wrist

There really is no limitation to where you want your personal elephant(s) placed.

Size and type of design will often dictate where they look best.

If you’re not sure, we are here to advise.

In the end it’s ultimately your choice but our team will give you open and honest feedback about sizing and position based on your preferences.

In the end we just want you to get the tattoo you want, not the one that’s easiest/most profitable for us!

We are in this for the love of the art of tattooing and we believe that the best way to stay in business for a long time is to give customers what’s best for them, no exceptions.


Genres/Styles of elephant tattoo designs

Yet another reason that the elephant tattoo is so popular is the fact that the genre or style they can be inked in offers excellent choice.

At the ALL DAY tattoo studio our artists complete these tattoos in many genres/styles.

Here’s just 6 of the most popular.

Please do not feel limited, we can go with any genre or style you wish.

  • Extremely minimal / Small minimalist
  • Realistic – either color or black and grey
  • Watercolor
  • Geometric
  • Neo Traditional
  • Mandala


Why choose the ALL DAY tattoo studio for your elephant tattoo?

With a large team of amazing artists and creative staff, we specialise in many different tattoo designs, but the elephant inking is definitely one of our most popular.

The ALL DAY tattoo team of Managers and artists have long, professional experience when it comes to providing an elephant tattoo design that perfectly suits you.

To further reinforce our commitment to clients we have in place the ALL DAY peace of mind policy.

This has been established to safeguard both clients and staff.

There are many benefits of this policy and it goes hand-in-glove with our unrivalled approach to tattooing.

Highlights include:

  • We are one of the few tattoo studios in Bangkok to hold a full Thai government licence
  • Our studio offers a cool, refreshing, clean environment
  • We conform to the highest western tattoo hygiene standards. In this respect we only ever use industry best one-use needles and highest quality USA-imported inks.
  • All of our Customer Service and Creative speak fluent English and in most cases are fully bilingual.
  • Aftercare is a major consideration. We take pride in the tattoos delivered. We want you to understand how to care for them in the best possible way. Our aftercare advice and instructions are given both verbally and in printed form.
  • We are consistently ranked as being #1 fully licensed tattoo studio in the capital.


Elephants never forget!

It is likely you will have heard the saying “An elephant never forgets”. Their long memory has been put down to such things as their sociability, loyalty, protectiveness and high intelligence.

Anyone coming from outside of Thailand is unlikely to leave without memories that will last a lifetime, such is the beauty of Thai culture.

If you are lucky enough to have invested in an experience with an elephant, you’ll never forget it.

If you are after an unforgettable tattoo, an elephant design of your choice is the perfect statement.

We firmly believe that the fully licensed ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok is the perfect place to visit to receive your elephant inking.

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