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The sands of time have hidden many of Ancient Egypt’s secrets for thousands of years

Some of those secrets have been discovered in the texts and hieroglyphs that this ancient civilization left behind

Of the symbols from the past that has stood the test of time and is still universally recognized is the “Eye of Horus” and “Eye of Ra”.

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Who was Horus to the Ancient Egyptians?

Horus was the divine child of Isis and Osiris

Born to Isis after the epic battle between Set and Horus’s father Osiris

Which resulted in the murder and dismemberment of Osiris

Egyptian mythology tells the story of how Isis retrieved the body parts of her murdered husband and used her magic to resurrect him to conceive their son Horus

Isis then took her son Horus and went into hiding in the Nile marshes to protect her child from the wrath of Set

Once Horus matured and was powerful enough to avenge his father’s death, Horus and Set would face off in a fight where Horus’s eye was gouged out and Set was said to have lost a testicle

Horus’s eye was regenerated by another Egyptian deity and given back to him, but there are different versions of this mythical conflict

In one version it is said that the god Thoth intervenes and provides assistance in regenerating the eye of Horus

In another version it is believed that the goddess Hathor restores Horus’s eye by anointing it with the milk of a gazelle

Horus is often depicted as a falcon or a human with a falcon head wearing the Double Crown of Egypt. The Uraeus which was worn on the foreheads of the gods and pharaohs, was a symbol representing light, royalty, and protection from harm

His name means “he who is above” or “he who is distant.”

Ancient Egyptians worshipped the falcon and believed the body of the falcon represented the heavens while the eyes represented the sun and the moon

Horus is considered one of the most significant ancient Egyptian deities, known as the god of the sky as well as the god of kingship


Meaning Behind the Eye of Horus

Due to the fact that Horus’s eye was gouged out and then subsequently healed and regenerated, is the reason why this symbol was widely used and recognized in ancient Egypt to represent healing, protection, and well-being

The Eye of Horus was used in many capacities in ancient Egypt to represent different things due to its powerful symbolism

It was believed to have protective magical powers and was used in amulets, funerary offerings, and ritual temple offerings to the gods

In Egyptian myth, it is said that Horus offered his restored eye to his deceased father Osiris

Because of its magical healing properties, it was said to have sustained Osiris in the afterlife and is the reason it was given as ritual offerings to the dead

Beginning in the New Kingdom, it was known as the “wedjat” or “udjat” meaning whole, completed, or uninjured eye

The Eye of Horus with its restorative power made it a symbol of healing and protection against evil

Wedjat eye amulets first appeared in the late Old Kingdom and were used for some two thousand years up until Roman times

Ancient Egyptians were usually buried with many different amulets and magical incantations, with the Eye of Horus being one of the most popular

The Eye of Horus could be commonly found on the chest of the deceased or placed in the incision through which the internal organs were removed


Eye of Horus Tattoos

This ancient symbol has the power to protect both the living and the dead from evil forces and magic

It represents healing, regeneration, protection, sacrifice, and royal power

The Eye of Horus is made up six different elements representing hearing, touch, taste, smell, thought, and vision

The elements of the eye are also associated with sacred mathematics with ½ smell, ¼ vision, 1/8 thought, 1/16 hearing

1/32 taste, 1/64 touch. Altogether representing the whole

This makes it a great tattoo choice for anyone looking for other worldly protection and a design with deep spiritual meaning

It is also a versatile design which can be part of a larger piece that incorporates the falcon headed god or a smaller tattoo with bold lines to emphasis the power of the eye

This design looks great in many different tattoo styles and body placements

If you are looking for something more realistic and detailed as a tribute to the gods and their power, then it is best to place this design on a larger area such as the back or upper arm

A larger area allows for more detailed work which can really make this piece pop

If you are looking for a simple statement piece, these smaller designs can be well done on the wrist, ankle, behind the ear, or the back of the neck

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