“ A true skill at creating custom lettering and black and grey tattoos,
and the ability to create subtle shades that really being depth to a design.
His artwork speaks for itself.”

While most children just doodle random images and words on their schoolbooks, Fhon’s notebooks were regarded as pieces of art by those around him.

Always excited to see what new concept he was working on, his classmates would gather around to check his latest designs every lunchtime in the cafeteria.

Growing up with influences coming out of the USA but with a firmly Thai upbringing, Fhon is able to bring that “East meets West” style that combines the best of both worlds with clean lines, subtle shading and fine details that really bring the designs to life.

Starting off his tattooing career as a custom lettering specialist, Fhon has developed a well earned reputation for creating stunning realistic black and grey work.

He has a truly enviable ability to understand how to bring something from paper alive as a tattoo.

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