Food Tattoos

Food Tattoos Provide Much Food for Thought

Over the past two decades, there has been an explosion in the variety of themes that people have chosen to ink on their bodies – from the traditional anchors, hearts and Celtic knots to celestial symbols, astrological signs, tribal markings, fine art, gothic horror, and goodness knows what else.

Now there’s a new tattoo kid on the block. Once upon a time, cooking and eating were a mundane, routine task that rarely elicited excitement or undue interest. We cooked and ate because we had to in order to live and to feed our families and loved ones. But the rise and preponderance of TV cooking shows and the internet has changed all that. Culinary arts have now become a mainstream pastime – even an abiding love – for millions of people all over the world.

Cooking shows like Master Chef have been franchised to countries as far apart as the USA, UK, China, India, Thailand, Australia, and France – in fact just about everywhere.

As for the internet, well there are thousands of websites offering new recipes, new types of food, and new, exciting ways to cook it.

The result is we have all become lovers of cooking and good food and it is not at all surprising that this passion for food has found its way into the world of tattoo designs.

When we look at food and cooking as a subject for a tattoo, we can see that it opens up a whole new world of tattoo designs – anything from the most exotic of gastronomic delights to the humble hot dog.

However, one thing seems to be certain – no one is in a rush to ink their skin with food that they dislike, such as the reviled Brussel sprouts or spinach.

The world of food and cooking means different things to different people and there are many different ways that tattoo enthusiasts like to celebrate their love of food.

Some may opt for a tattoo with a specific item of food, while others with a depiction of a whole meal, or the ingredients that go into a meal. Yet others have a tattoo of the things they like to add to their food, such as spices and condiments, while a few like to go for the utensils used to cook the food, or even the implements used to eat it.

Many will select their favorite meal, (Christmas dinner?) or they may prefer a picture of their favorite fast food,(Hotdog?) a scrumptious dessert, (Ice-cream?) or even hot or a cold drink, (Coffee or Lemonade?).

Whilst many of you may think that food and cooking do not provide much in the way of inspiration to stimulate the tattoo artists creative juices, think again.

Tattoos of food and cooking can be artistic, or fun, and can also express special feelings both for the wearer and the beholder. The best artists, such as we have at ALL DAY Tattoo IN BANGKOK, can create something completely original – something unique for you.

The designs can look hyper-realistic or they can be cartoons or maybe an exaggerated impressionistic version of your favorite snack. With food tattoos, the use of bright colors can come into its own.

The ideas are limitless – images of ingredients for a specific meal can be tattooed down the arm – either in outline or in full detail, or maybe a list of the recipe names.

Then there are animal diagrams which show the cuts of meat which are usually eaten –cows, pigs, and the occasional sheep are amongst the most popular.

Tattoos for couples are also muscling into the food tattoo trend, with each partner showing half of a meal, or half the specific food iterm they have chosen. This works well with sandwiches, or each person showing half of an avocado or maybe a simple meal such as hamburger inked on one partner and fries on the other.

People who love food and also love tattoos have the world at their feet. There are many examples of tattoos inspired by food that are truly works of art.

Choose your tattoo and artist well

Food tats can be fun and unusual and can be inked in a wide variety of interesting styles, but that doesn’t mean you should approach having such a tattoo with any less significance and consideration than you might with any other tattoo style.

Don’t rush into it, and make sure you are happy to have your selected food tattoo etched on your body for many years to come.

Most important of all – choose an artist that has experience in this specialist field – someone you can trust to do a great job. If you are in Thailand or are planning a trip here, by far and away the best studio you can come to is ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok. We have the artists that will do the right food job for you.

Some examples of food and cooking that can make fascinating tattoos.

Apart from the obvious tattoos of your favorite meals, fast food, vegetables, cooking vessels such as food mixers, etc., here are a few ad hoc ideas to get you mind in gear on the endless possibilities for food tattoos:

Fruit Sleeves – half or full – difficult to do well but look great if you find the right artist.

A Potato chip (crisp) on the shoulder – Just a single curved chip across the shoulder becomes the proverbial ‘Chip on your shoulder’.

Hot Dog / Burger / slice of pizza – Can be very realistic or maybe in a more cartoony style

Peanut Butter – just a jar full of delicious butter, or maybe a sandwich – or even both.

Cupcake and cookie – one or the two together can look really quirky.

Black & White corn – a popular choice for those who love corn and want to tell the world about it.

Ice cream & Ice popsicles (Ice Lollies to the Brits) – Another quirky idea that will look great in the hands of the right artist.

A collection of sushi dishes or just a single sushi – If your artist makes it look fresh it will also look very appetizing.

Kettle pouring tea – this can look great especially if it shared by a couple – one has the kettle and the other the tea cup.

Mini or tiny food tattoos – these can look great on fingers, arms or elsewhere on the body. Examples are a mini cupcake, a tiny cotton candy, a mini coffee, a mini pizza, a tiny croissant, a mini wine glass.

Amusing food tattoos – here the artists can create something to make you smile, such as a smiling burger and fries, a bacon heart, smiling cheese, smiling sushi, a forkful of pasta.

Perfect Food Art – Sometimes hyper realism works well, maybe a beautiful garlic bulb, or the perfect pineapple, or an intricate strawberry, or a branch of blackberries or blueberries, or a sumptuous bunch of grapes. How about a sprig of rosemary, or the perfect slice of chocolate cake, or crossed carrots, or a cheery peach, some exquisite shiny cherries, a giant radish, half a head of cabbage, or even a fine, copper plate scripted recipe.

The permutations are endless and are only limited by you and your artist’s imaginations.

We, at ALL DAY TATTOO also have great imaginations, great ideas, and great skills.

Why not click on the button below and arrange your absolutely free consultation. Come and have a chat with us about your tattoo food wish list – or any other theme you are interested in. We will be delighted to see you, and don’t forget, you will be under no obligation to book your tattoo with us.

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