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Ganesha or Ganesh is one of the most revered and renowned Hindu Gods

He carries many titles such as, “Lord of Beginnings” and “Remover of Obstacles”

He is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tattoo design with deep spiritual meaning and symbolism


Legend of Lord Ganesha

Legend has it that the Goddess Parvarti was desperate for a son of her own

It is believed that she carved an idol of a boy out of turmeric powder and breathed life into him with her divine powers

While she was bathing, Ganesha stood watch at her door denying her husband Lord Shiva entrance

This enraged Lord Shiva, causing him to decapitate the young boy, who unbeknownst to him was his son

The Goddess Parvarti was so distraught at what had occurred that Lord Shiva vowed to replace her son’s head with the first living being that he came across, hence the elephant head


Worship of Ganesha in Thailand

There are many shrines and temples in Thailand dedicated to this elephant headed deity

You can find Thai Buddhists leaving offerings of incense, fruit, flowers and sweets at these shrines and temples

This is due to the convergence of the Buddhist and Hindu ideology which tends to overlap with their similar beliefs

In Thailand Ganesha is called “Phra Phikanet” or “Phra Phikanesuan” deity of fortune and success associated with education, trade and the arts

One of the oldest Ganesha images in Thailand, can be found at the Royal Brahmin Temple in central Bangkok

Thailand actually has a whole city dedicated to Ganesha. Chachoengsao “City of Ganesha in Thailand

There are three temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha, honoring him with three of the largest Ganesha statues in Thailand

Phrong Akat Temple, has the tallest sitting Ganesha which sits forty-nine meters high

Saman Wattanaram Temple, houses the largest reclining statue measuring sixteen meters high and twenty-two meters long

Khlong Khuean Ganesh International Park, holds the tallest standing Ganesha in Thailand at forty-nine meters high


Symbolism and Meaning of Ganesha

Ganesha is considered to be a benevolent being of wisdom and intellect

This elephant headed deity is worshipped throughout Nepal, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and many other places around the world

There is deep symbolism and spiritual meaning associated with Ganesha and the objects that are often depicted with him

Oftentimes he is depicted holding a bowl of Indian sweets and delicacies in his hand which symbolize well-being and prosperity

Here is some other important symbolism associated with the God of Beginnings:

  • Four arms represent the four elements of human life
  1. Performance of duties
  2. Material well-being
  3. Emotional pleasures
  4. Release from the cycle of rebirth
  • Axe – represents the elimination of difficulties
  • Trunk – signifies extreme intelligence
  • Two tusks – symbolize wisdom and emotion the two aspects of human personality
  • Elephant head – represents the supreme intellect one must possess to attain perfection in life
  • Large ears – signify his ability to listen to others and hear the prayers of all of his subjects and devotees
  • Enlarged belly – symbolizes the universe and contains the past, present and future within
  • Lotus – divine truth
  • Right tusk – wisdom
  • Left tusk – emotion
  • Broken tusk – meaning one must conquer emotions with wisdom
  • Raised hand – protection and blessing of the God
  • Symbol on brow – represents the third eye

There are countless universal meanings behind this multifaceted benevolent being


Ganesha Tattoo Style and Placement

When choosing Ganesha as the design for you, there are some things that you need to be mindful of

Ganesha is considered a deity in many religions and cultures

Some people believe that it shouldn’t be placed below the waist as it can be thought to be unclean and disrespectful to the deity.

Ganesha generally has many details and elements that make up the design, so the image is best rendered in a large-scale version to capture all of his magnificence

He is most often depicted wearing an excessive amount of gold and jewels which symbolize opulence, reverence, and wealth

The God of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles can be tattooed in wide array of colors with each color having a specific meaning behind it

Here are some of the colorful meanings of Ganesha:

  • White – happiness, peace, and prosperity in life
  • Pink – affection, caring, and gentleness
  • Yellow – auspiciousness, peace, purity, truthfulness
  • Red – sensuality and purity
  • Green – fertility, life, and rebirth

Whatever your design choice or color, this powerful talisman is sure to attract good energy and abundance to those who have chosen to have this meaningful design etched into their skin


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