Hah Taew Dok Bua Tattoo Bangkok

Hah Taew Dok Buea Tattoo Bangkok

Hah Taew Bok Buea is also spelled Hah Taew Dok Bua, or Hah Taew Dok Buea and translated to Five Lines Golden Lotus Flower

It is written in Thai script as “ห้าแถวดอกบัว”

The Hah Taew Dok Buea is a design that blends together spiritual power, protection, blessings and deep rooted symbolism rooted in the Thai culture and that of the surrounding area

In this article we’re going to dive into what the Hah Taew Dok Buea tattoo symbolizes, have a brief look into the subject of Sak Yant (Thai Traditional) tattooing and talk about some reasons people may wish to choose this meaningful and beautiful design


What is the Hah Taew Dok Buea?

The Hah Taew Dok Buea, or Five Lines Golden Lotus Flower tattoo, is an ancient design originating in the Thai sacred tattoo tradition (know in Thai as “Sak Yant”)

“Sak” in Thai translated to “tap” or “tattoo” and “Yant” translated to “Yantra” which is a Saksrit word for mystical diagrams and sacred geometry often used in meditation practice

We have written extensively about Sak Yant tattoos here if you wish to learn more

The “Hah Taew” element directly translates to “Five Lines” and is a common feature in many different Sak Yant designs

Although it’s been well known in South East Asia and Thailand specifically for centuries, it really gained traction in the Western world after Angelina Jolie got a Hah Taew design tattooed on her back

Each line of the Hah Taew possesses a unique “mantra” or spell to bestow blessings or protections on the wearer

The “Golden Lotus Flower” is a central symbol in the Theravada Buddhist tradition (which is the prominent religion of Thailand)

It represents enlightenment, purity and spiritual awakening

The Hah Taew Dok Buea design usually feature five lines of sacred script, each of which hold a unique meaning

Within these 5 lines sits a golden lotus flower which symbolizes the attainment of spiritual wisdom and purity of the soul


The Symbolism of Hah Taew Dok Buea

Each line in the Hah Taew Dok Buea tattoo represents a unique meaning, often related to giving the wearer love, luck, protection, success and enlightenment

The lines themselves are often in a sort of “code” rather than being something that can be read by themselves

They are also not written in modern Thai script but rather the words themselves are “Pali” which is the language of the Buddha and if you’ve visited a Thai temple in Thailand, the language that you’ll hear in the chants

The language used for the letters themselves are usually either a version of:

Khmer an ancient version of the modern Cambodian alphabet which inspired, in part, the modern Thai alphabet

Lanna – a language previously spoken in what is now the Northern part of Thailand

The version of the design that we use is the Khmer version and has been independently verified to be correct


The Interpretations of the Five Lines and Golden Lotus

First Line – The first line is to provide the wearer with safety and protection. It’s believed that it will ward off unwanted spirits and negative energy and provide the wearer with a spiritual shield

Second Line – The second line symbolizes good luck and fortune. It’s believed to bring positive energy and success into the wearer’s life, both in business negotiations and personal relationships

Third Line – the third line is focuses on influence and charisma. It’s believed to amplify the wearer’s charm and attractiveness, help them to build solid relationships and gain respect from others

Fourth Line – the fourth line is associated with strength and power. Not only physical but spiritual. It’s meant to boost the wearer’s courage and determination and help them to overcome obstacles

Fifth Line – the fifth line symbolizes both wisdom and spiritual growth. It’s intended to guide the wearer on the journey to enlightenment and promote clarity of mind and spiritual progress

The Golden Lotus – this symbolizes the attainment of spiritual wisdom and the purity of the soul, which serves to remind the wearer of the transformative power of enlightenment


Why Choose a Hah Taew Dok Buea Tattoo?

Choosing to have a Hah Taew Dok Buea tattoo is an individual choice but we will look at the reasons why people may wish to get this specific design

It can serve as a testament to your spiritual journey, your affinity with Thai Buddhism or appreciation of Thai culture

It can even serve as a beautiful design to remember a wonderful trip to Thailand but which serves a purpose beyond just aesthetics

Although it is beautiful, it is also meaningful

It can serve as a symbol of your spiritual journey and beliefs and help you to align yourself with the wisdom and guidance contained in the five lines and golden lotus flower


Where to Get a Hah Taew Dok Buea Tattoo in Bangkok?

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We are fully licensed and operate in line with the highest Western hygiene standards

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Our central location in Bangkok is very easy to travel to and find, whether you’re a local or just in Bangkok for a short time

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