Illuminati Tattoos in Bangkok


The Illuminati has always been one of history’s most alluring and elusive secret societies

It’s no wonder that their symbols and imagery have become popular inspiration for tattoo designs today

Let’s delve into the history and meaning behind some of these symbols and why they have become popular in modern day society


Who were the Illuminati?

The Illuminati was founded in 1776, by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria which is now a part of modern-day Germany

Adam Weishaupt, was a German law professor, who held a strong core of enlightenment values, and was convinced that the belief system and ideology of the Church were no longer an adequate way to govern modern society

Started with the ambitious goals of destroying organized religion and liberating humanity from all forms of corruption and control

Believing that all forms of political, mental, and physical bondage prevented the advancement of scientific and spiritual development

Members were well versed in philanthropy, humanism, and other secular values

They sought to promote these ideals among elites by landing influential positions of power with the intention to take over the world

By infiltrating and upsetting these powerful institutions, they sought to promote a worldview that reflected their enlightenment ideals of rational thoughts and self-rule

Mainly targeting the government, politicians, and nobility

The organization had a rule of never trusting anyone over the age of 30 years old

Believing that people at this age were to set in their habits and ways of thinking to be converted to the order and accepting its alternative views

The Illuminati is said to have had many influential members, but extreme measures were taken to guard the identities of those pledged to undertake its mission

This underground organization has been said to be behind some of history’s greatest revolutions and assignations

In the aftermath of the “War of Independence”, Thomas Jefferson was unfoundedly accused of being a member

The “heyday” of the Illuminati is said to have lasted roughly for a decade between 1776 to 1785

In 1785, the Duke of Bavaria, Karl Theodor, banned all secret societies and anyone caught joining would be subjected to severe punishment

It was during this time that the Illuminati allegedly disbanded, or moved underground and remained cloaked in mystery

Some believe that they are still around until this day, behind the scenes manipulating world events in their favor pursuing their goal of world domination


Modern Day Rumors

Today when global events occur and turmoil wreaks havoc on government bodies, whispers of the “Illuminati” or the “New World Order” can be found all over the internet as the party responsible for these random occurrences

Many believe that the organization is still alive and operating in modern society the puppet masters behind some of the biggest global plays of the times

Rumors allege that modern day members include religious leaders, politicians, actors, and popstars just to name a few

Beyonce and Jay Z have been accused of being members by conspiracy theorists

These conspiracies are fueled by the fact that the logo for Roc-A-Fella Records, is a pyramid and well-known symbol associated with the Illuminati

The world-famous couple has also been accused of using hidden Illuminati imagery in music videos and content released to the public

Madonna is another celebrity who has been tied to the Illuminati rumors

She told Rolling Stone Magazine, “People often accuse me of being a member of the Illuminati, but the thing is, I know who the real Illuminati are.”

There are many theories and tall tales galore these days and it is not always easy to sort fact from fiction

One thing can be said about the Illuminati, they definitely didn’t die out completely, because their history is still fodder for today’s current rumor mill

The Illuminati was represented by the symbol of the Goddess Athena with the Owl of Minerva

Athena was the virgin goddess of wisdom and righteousness

She was symbolic of the Order’s ambitions to maintain a just and fair society

In Greek mythology, the Owl of Minerva was said to be perched on Athena’s shoulder as if whispering the truths of the world in her ear

This was a symbol of the wisdom and knowledge that Athena embodied in her sacred role as Goddess of Wisdom

Another emblem frequently used by the Illuminati was the “All-Seeing-Eye.”

The all-seeing eye has been considered a symbol of divine inspiration and protection for thousands of years

Its origins can be traced back to the Egyptian priesthood’s belief that Osiris was an all-seeing eye in his resurrected form, keeping watch over the afterlife

This symbol was often seen as an eye encompassed by a triangle with rays of light surrounding it

It is said that the meaning of the “eye” was to represent the many perspectives of the order and the fact that the eye was taking in all of society’s calamities and immoralities

The rays were said to represent divine providence and the fact that the eye of the order was always watching over humanity, since the word “providence” means “guidance”. The light source shown behind the all-seeing eye is traditionally believed to denote “illumination”, or wisdom

The eye most often would be floating above a pyramid in the Illuminati symbolism, which was said to be a metaphor for the public and meant the members of the order were pursuing a higher level in life

In various spiritual and religious beliefs, the all-seeing eye is believed to represent the awakening of the spirit, or the opening of the third eye

The third eye is a concept that has been around for thousands of years

It refers to a person’s spiritual vision, which can be activated through meditation or by using certain objects like crystals or gemstones

This third eye is believed to be located between your eyebrows—hence why it’s called “third.”

In Hinduism, this third eye is known as the “ajna chakra,” meaning “command.”

In Buddhism, it’s called “mouni,” which means “silence.”

In Christianity, this third eye is referred to as “the eye of God” or simply “God’s Eye.”

In some traditions it is believed that if you can open this eye then you will be able to see things as they really are: with truth and clarity

There are many conspiracy theorists who claim that the Eye of Providence on the back of the American dollar is a sure sign that the Illuminati were a strong force in the founding of the United States

These theorists are adamant that they are still around today influencing current affairs


Illuminati Tattoos

There are many reasons people choose to get the symbols that are notoriously associated with the Order of the Illuminati

Some people choose them as a sign of respect for the order and the ideals that they stood for such as keeping a watchful eye on the government and society

While some may be interested in the crying all-seeing eye tattoo as a common rendition of the all-seeing eye design

This tattoo shares much of the same symbolism as the original design, but it is believed to be worn as a sign of gods sorrow for humanity

This design can be used to represent a number of various personal beliefs, particularly surrounding empathy for human suffering, or a state of sadness in regards to the state of humankind

If you are on a journey of illumination, enlightenment or empathy for humanity, then these may be excellent tattoo options for you!


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