Latest Tattoo Trends

Latest Tattoo Trends in Bangkok

The inspiration for tattoos can come from literally anywhere. Through the decades, tens of thousands of different tattoo designs have been inked on people’s bodies.

From London to New York, from Calcutta to Beijing, from Bangkok to Tokyo, Tattoo artists, together with their customers have created an enormous array of captivating tats.

This is never more so than at ALL DAY TATTOO in Bangkok.

There is such a wide choice of designs, motifs, lettering and pictures that you can put on your skin that in many ways you are spoiled for choice, and choosing what is right for you can become a challenge in itself.

You could go for the tried and tested tattoo designs that have been around for many years, or you can create something completely original, unique, and personal to you.

Or are you one of those who prefers to go with the latest trends? Do you need to make sure your inkings are really cool and will fit in with the very latest celebrity tattoo culture?

What’s ‘in’ in 2017?

So what are the latest tattoo trends that are being inked by the glitterati? What are the new tatts that are being shared on Instagram and Pinterest by the beautiful people?

Here are some of the latest tattoo ideas that have been taking the world by storm in 2017.

  • Hip Tattoos – Leading the way this year are reality star/model Kylie Jenner, and model Hailey Baldwin with small, discrete hip tattoos. It’s a great area to ink, as it’s not too painful and the location gives you the advantage of being able to hide or show off, according to your mood or your personal situation. Check out Kylie’s “sanity” tat.


  • Inner Arm Tattoos – Also very popular this year are inner arm tats that also can be seen – or not – as you choose. Put your arms by your side and your tattoo is completely hidden; but turn your inner arm out and you can show your friends, or indeed the whole world, exactly what you have got there. Celebrities leading the charge on inner arm tats are Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and of course, Kylie J.


  • Photorealistic tattoos – also known as Hyper-realism – People have been tattooing pictures of people and things on their skin since time immemorial. This is a very specific type of tattoo and should only be done by someone with extensive experience in doing them.


But with hyper or photorealism, we are talking about pics in a totally different league. These pics are so lifelike that they provide a high definition, and sometimes an amazing 3- D effect. The realistic nature of these tatts can turn your body into a work of art. Hip-hop artists Jon Boi and celeb tattoo artist BangBang are the leaders here.


  • Tiny Tattoos – Arms, back of the neck, behind the ear, and the side of the ear are all elegant locations for tiny, dainty skin art. The fashion for tiny tats, Led by the Queen of tiny tats, US actress/ singer Bella Thorne, has been around for a while but shows no sign of slacking amongst the trendy classes in 2017.


  • Script Tattoos – Lettering is nothing new to inked bodies, but the latest trend in cursive fonts, (joined up handwriting style), has put a whole new take on written tattoos, and this trend has grown in 2017.


Follow Lady Gaga’s Joanne tattoo and put your favorite name, quote, lyrics, date, and so on in stylish cursive fonts anywhere on your body – from your neck to your ankles. It looks great from a distance, and it’s not until your admirer gets up close and personal that they can read the name or message.


  • Cosmetic Tattoos – Copy the look of eyebrows, freckles and other types of makeup. Cosmetic tattoos are also applied to create nipples after mastectomies, and other scars left by surgery. They are all the rage this year.


  • Thin Line Work and Single Line Art – the more elementary the better. Minimalistic, simple designs or delicate definition and unbroken lines have taken the tattoo art scene by storm in 2017. The thin line work gives the tattoo a greater sense of presence without cluttering up the skin, and a single unbroken line can be regarded as a lifeline.


  • Red Ink – Once again Kylie J is almost single-handedly responsible for the explosion in the use of red ink tattoos with 4 tiny red tatts on her body. Red ink is a stark departure from the traditional dark colored tattoos, which works in different ways on different skin tones.


  • Best Of The Rest in 2017 – geometric designs (mainly dots and lines); watercolor tattoos; antique compasses and pocket watches (in a photorealistic style); trash polka dots, (from Germany); lacework for ladies, (replacing the dreamcatcher and infinity symbols); Cyborg reveals, using the latest photo quality stencils; Mandalas (a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism); Minimalistic Prints.

What’s not so trendy?

If you are a slave of fashion then the above list gives you a huge variety of styles and techniques that should satisfy just about anyone planning to have a tat or two in 2017.

Our international artists here at ALL DAY TATTOO in Bangkok will be delighted to go through the latest tattoo ideas with you and help you choose.

But even though you like to follow the trends, maybe you would also like to dip into tattoo ideas that have been popular in the past. You may not be too concerned with what is fashionable but would like to avoid tattoos that are considered especially infra dig in 2017 by the movers and shakers.

If so, here is a list of tattoo styles that aren’t currently “in trend” but please don’t take it the list too seriously, as tattoos are always a personal choice, and if you think it will look good on you then it probably will – and being “in trend” isn’t for everyone.

  • Dolphins
  • Barbed wire
  • Celtic Designs
  • Zodiac Designs
  • Emoji Fashion
  • Cartoon Fairies
  • Kitchen Tattoos
  • Butterflies
  • Chinese Characters
  • Tribal Tattoos

Here at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, we are always happy to advise you on any tattoo that you would like to ink on your skin. We are not too concerned with about what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’ – we are only concerned with doing something that will make you happy and proud to show off to your loved ones and friends.

Why not click the button below and arrange for you free one to one consultation, with absolutely no obligation to use our studio. We are always happy to discuss our tattoo designs and techniques with anyone who is interested. We hope to see you soon.


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