Minimalist Tattoos in Bangkok

One of the most popular tattoo genres today is that of minimalist tattoos.

Here’s what they are, a selection of designs available, and where the best place for those living in, or visiting Bangkok can go in order to receive that perfect minimalist tattoo.


A Growing Trend For Tattoos

Minimalist tattoos continue to grow in popularity.

These designs make maximum use of crisp black lines, ‘simple’ detail, sparse color and negative space in order to convey designs that are clean and striking.

Due to the term ‘minimalist’ it is easy to assume that such designs are only small in size.

This is most certainly not the case!

Minimalist tattoos can be as big as you like.

No matter what size or design you choose it is usually the case that the tattoo itself consists of extremely precise single lines that go to form a concise all-round look.


What Are Minimalist Tattoos?

A correctly completed minimalist tattoo is one which is reduced to its necessary elements.

Minimalism strips everything down leaving only the essential quality in a simple form.

As mentioned, a key component of minimalist tattoos is negative space.

Through the omission of most detail from a subject or an idea this ‘emptiness’ serves to highlight and emphasize specific details.

Those looking for minimal tattoos should understand that the term refers to the actual content of the design, not its size, and that when a design is correctly completed it will have been delivered in the most deconstructed way possible.


What Are Some of The Most Popular Minimalist Designs?

Anyone who is searching for an elegant, sleek tattoo need look no further than at the huge array of minimalist designs available.

To find a symbol that suits you and help get those tattoo juices flowing, let’s take a look at some of the most popular minimalist designs.

  • Arrow across the middle of a bow: The symbol of an arrow being pulled back on a bow in tattoo art symbolizes conflict, tension or life’s struggle
  • Arrow released from a bow: As can be imagined this is the natural transition from the above symbol and stands for either moving forward in general or a positive transition in your life
  • Broken arrow: Is symbolic of peace and often classed as ‘burying the hatchet’ (putting aside your differences)
  • Arrow on a compass: An arrow which runs through one of the compass points can represent a new direction, a new chapter in your life or a new, meaningful relationship
  • Crossed arrows: This design is seen as representing friendship
  • Big Dipper: This refers to the cluster of stars as opposed to those hair-raising rides available at theme parks! It is seen as a mystical, elegant design and often inked on a person’s wrist. This constellation tattoo is extremely popular
  • Black Heart: A very small black heart can mean the honoring of a sad loss, to display grief or as a mark relating to the end of a serious relationship
  • Celestial Circle: A crescent moon image complete with a dotted circle to make the moon appear ‘full’. Those into astrology and the wide world of stars will suit such a design
  • Circle of Life: Seen as one of the classiest minimalist designs. The circle of life is often inked on the inside wrist or arm. It’s attraction is largely down to its simple yet captivating appeal that will attract attention from many
  • Crest of a Wave: Cresting waves can either signify new beginnings, or for those with a love of water
  • Crescent: Consider this as a small part of heaven inked on your skin. It can relate to mysticism as well as a connection to the universe
  • Cubic Pyramid: Many find the best place for this design is the inside of their elbow. It is displayed as an inverted pyramid and reflects style with beauty. It will be customized to your wishes in terms of size and color
  • Deer Antlers: Inked as a simple, contoured drawing of a deer’s antlers. A deer with large antlers is blessed with sexual prowess and this design symbolises Pride, Nobility & Virility
  • Diamond: This minimalist design symbolizes eternal beauty as a diamond will not fade or perish
  • Dragonfly: Often inked on the lower back. This tattoo signifies a person who feels lively and free. When placed correctly tit is a minimalist design laced with appeal, style and sexuality
  • Equal Sign: The LGBTQ community in particular have taken this design to heart. It represents Equal Love. Usually inked in Blue & Yellow or Pink & Red it supports same-sex marriages
  • Feathery Leaf: Ideal for those of an artistic nature. The feathery leaf can consist of unique elements to make it look delicate as well as graceful
  • Flying Bee: Often referred to as the ‘flying high’ design. A small bee symbolizes those who are diligent, like to work hard and enjoy their chosen employment as a hobby, there is also a sense of freedom attached to this design
  • Graphic Fish: An extremely artistic design made up of shapes as well as patterns that go to form a symbol. Unless you have a fixed pattern in mind, let your tattoo artists imagination run riot!
  • Hills: This minimalist design gives the artist (and your imagination!) great scope. While looking very simple it also has a touch of class about it. Zig-zag Mountains are often enclosed in a circular outline. This must rank as one of the most iconic minimalist tattoo designs available
  • Inverted Commas: Currently all the rage and rapidly increasing in popularity with the younger generation certainly relating to it. Many choose to have this chic, fashionable design inked on their wrist or back of the neck
  • Keyhole: A stand alone Keyhole design most commonly signifies: Freedom, Mystery or Protection of valuables. If accompanied with a partner key tattoo on someone else this is seen as a commitment of love.
  • Musical Note: Similar to an arrow design, a musical note can mean many things – here are 5 to consider:
  • Guitar: This classic musical instrument often represents homage paid to a guitarist or musician. You can choose an acoustic or electric guitar design; even have it adorned with ribbons or flowers. It also expresses a person’s passion for melody
  • Heart-Shaped Bass & Treble Clef: An upside down treble clef placed beside a bass clef gives a heart-shaped design that symbolizes a love of playing music
  • Microphone: A popular design for singers (and those who love singing!). It is often seen as a symbol of self-expression or empowerment
  • Piano Keys: The number of black and white keys you choose to have inked is yours. It is the choice for anyone who loves to play piano
  • Single Black Note: Often a representation of a passion for music
  • Night & Day: This is an imprint of both the moon and the sun and symbolizes the eternal cycle that is day and night
  • Symbol of Infinity: Represented by the figure ‘8’ placed on its side. It can mean: Limitless possibilities, rebirth or reincarnation
  • Triangle: Having a triangle inked offers a variety of meanings. Two popular designs are: A triangle with an upward point representing femininity; a triangle with a downward point, masculinity whereas a twin triangle design on the inside wrist is placed to show symmetry and beauty
  • Orion’s Belt: Named after Orion, the mythological Greek hunter. Inked in a minimalist design, this vivid constellation is most usually presented by a set of interconnected, linear dots
  • Paper Bird: A minimalist design that will suit those of a creative nature. It is seen as a symbol of innovation, creativity and a love of discovery
  • Phases of the Moon: Symbolizing the different phases of the moon and its relation to life’s different phases and how we progress
  • Roman Numerals: These popular minimalist designs continue to gain popularity and the ancient figures are inked to represent those important dates in your life such as your birth date or a significant anniversary
  • Shell & Horns: This design blends natural beauty and style. It consists of two horns emerging from behind a shell and is often enclosed by an outline
  • Shutter: A perfect design for those who love photography. Many place it on their ‘clicking’ wrist!
  • Snowflakes: Delicate, charismatic and beautiful. This design is felt to be one of the finest minimalist tattoo designs available
  • Stardust: Simply put, this design can look magical. It is a combination of colors, fine art and shimmering appearance. When inked and placed correctly it will leave you with a touch of magic!
  • Swallow: A historically etched tattoo. It symbolizes: Health, Loyalty and Safety for travellers. The minimalist version of this small bird can often be seen in silhouette with an outline of its general contours
  • Three Mystic Symbols: A collection of 3 interconnected symbols are used in this design. A pyramid, a dagger, and an eye placed in the middle. It is often perceived as a show of power and authority. When inked correctly it looks extremely energetic
  • Unicorn: This mythical animal will suit those with a free spirit
  • Wanderlust: A simple yet classy design. It is filled with energy, freedom and joy. When inked correctly it will stand you apart from others!
  • Wedding Ring: This is becoming increasingly popular in place of a traditional wedding ring. While it can be inked as a simple black ring, many couples integrate curving lines or their partners name into this design with the intent of showing they are bound together in love
  • Wrist Wrapper: Consisting of alternate colored lines encircling your wrist, the wrist wrapper is noticeably stylish. The number of lines and colors are your choice


Where Can I Get My Minimalist Tattoo In Bangkok?

True minimalist tattoo designs are much sort after.

It takes a very professional, experienced and specialist tattoo artist to deliver the exact minimalist design you are looking for.

This is where the ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok is the perfect option.

We are one of the very few fully licensed tattoo studios in Bangkok and have internationally recognized artists whose speciality is minimalism.

You will benefit greatly by discussing the minimalist design you are after with our fluent English speaking team.

We say this because anyone who has a firm idea of the design they are after will receive exactly what they are looking for.

But, we also understand that many people who are searching for the ‘right’ minimalist tattoo are not yet 100% sure of the exact design they are after.

This is completely understandable due to the huge choice of minimalist designs available.

For those in this situation the ALL DAY Tattoo team will give their full professional, knowledgeable and friendly input in terms of design choices and the all-important aspect of body placement that will best suit you as an individual.

Body placement of minimalist tattoos is something that is often taken as a low priority by some studios.

The ALL DAY tattoo studio tean take immense pride in offering advice and honest feedback on what we feel best meets your needs.

The correct placement of a minimalist tattoo can have a huge bearing on its effectiveness.


There are VERY fine lines of difference between receiving a minimalist tattoo design that is ‘OK’ and one that is a stunning success


By choosing the ALL DAY tattoo studio as your studio of choice you are erring on the right side of stunning!


Here’s A Small Selection Of Minimalist Designs Completed By The ALL DAY Team

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