Neck Tattoos Bangkok

Neck Tattoos Bangkok

Apart from your face, the neck is probably the most prominent place on your body in terms of being permanently on view.

This makes it a perfect place for anyone who is looking for a definitive statement when it comes to wearing a tattoo with pride.

A neck tattoo will certainly be noticed!

Getting this area of your body is not for shrinking violets, but when the design is inked professionally it can make for a stand-out statement.

One that the wearer will be proud to display.


Forget old associations with neck tattoos

Things have changed rapidly in the last few years.

Historically tattoos on the neck were seen as being for those who had gang associations or spent time in jail.

While this may still be the case in certain places, a tattoo on the neck is now seen as being far more mainstream.

Celebrities have taken to neck tattoos as a fashion statement and this has led to them being far more widely accepted in society for what they can be; a stylish, meaningful piece of permanent body art.


Should you get a neck tattoo?

The type of person who will best suit a neck tattoo are those who have an outgoing, individual nature.

You should not need reminding, but neck tattoos are not easily hidden.

This means that having one inked is a firm indication that you are fully prepared to show the world what you are about.

It also means that whatever those people who do not know you may think, that is not your concern.

Those guys and girls who have a daring personality as well as those who are willing to take risks whenever necessary are perfectly suited to neck tattoos.

A neck tattoo can also have a significant meaning to the wearer that if hard decisions are necessary in order to change the course of their lives, things will be weighed up and gone for with a positive mindset.

It should also be remembered that due to general attitudes towards tattoos, perceptions have changed and are continuing to change.

If you feel the need to have something special inked on your neck and you’re comfortable with the decision, then go for it.

This tattoo placement is nowhere near as startling, surprising or shocking to others as it used to be.


Will a neck tattoo limit your job opportunities?

We would certainly hope not, but need to be realistic on this point.

While we have already mentioned the fact that attitudes in general have changed when it comes to tattoos, some workplaces remain mired in the past and do not look favorably on prospective employees with tattoos.

Of course, on most parts of the body it is possible to keep your tattoos from being visible.

This is not realistically possible for those who choose a neck tattoo.

Having said this, those who choose to work in the arts, enjoy outdoor work or are looking to be employed by more progressive companies will find no barrier to employment in the event they have or decide they want a neck tattoo.

Other more traditional employment arenas such as banking, insurance and customer facing positions may mean that prospective employers have other thoughts.

More modern industries such as tech tend to care far less about what someone looks like and much more about what they can do, and encourage people to express their individuality.

Do take time to consider the profession you are pursuing and how (if at all) a neck tattoo could limit your employment prospects.


Neck tattoo designs that look really cool

The big plus for guys and girls looking at a neck tattoo is the choice of designs and placement of these inkings.

The #1 fully licensed ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central bangkok have been inking neck tattoos on clients for a long time now, but have seen a rapid increase in requests for neck tattoos over the last couple of years.

For anyone living in, or visiting Bangkok, we are perfectly placed to ink that neck tattoo design you have been thinking of getting.

We will be only too pleased to advise on the style and genre of tattoo that looks best on the neck – A word of caution here: The neck is a very specific shape.

This means that certain styles, such as hyper realistic, or long designs do not work particularly well, so do bear that in mind when making your decision.

If you have your own idea, we will be happy to apply that exactly as you wish.

You may have in mind geometric patterns that cover the whole throat to just a very minimal tattoo design placed on the side of your neck, whatever you want, we can ink it in style.

Please also rest assured, if you need inspiration, advice or guidance in terms of a neck tattoo design, the highly experienced ALL DAY Tattoo studio team of fluent English speaking managers and artists are at your service.

To give you some ideas of popular neck tattoo designs, here are 12 to consider.

You will note that popular neck tattoo designs include:

  • Quotes, sayings, the name of a person
  • Hearts
  • Flowers


“Quote” Neck Tattoo

Having your favorite quote, an inspirational saying, or the name of someone who is very close to you inked on the back of your neck has become a highly popular choice.

This may be a fairly simplistic inking but when etched correctly it is an absolute classic.


Dragonfly Neck Tattoo

There is a very valid reason as to why dragonfly tattoo designs appeal to the girls; they are beautiful and when expertly inked on various parts of the body look absolutely stunning.

Placing a dragonfly on the neck is no different.

Its slender shape and large wings lends itself very nicely to fit on the back of the neck down towards the upper back.

The dragonfly can also be seen as a sign of transformation (similar to a butterfly – which is also a popular neck tattoo for girls).

This transformation means changes have been made in the wearers life in order for them to become a better person.


Barcode Neck Tattoo

These were very popular some time ago but tend to be less so these days.

There is a good reason for that!

A barcode is made up of varied thickness lines that have to be completely straight.

The issue is that the neck isn’t straight (nor is any of your body!) and that, as with all tattoos, ink will tend to spread a little over time.

In most cases this isn’t even noticeable but with something like a barcode, it can end up looking like a black mess after a few years.

We’d definitely recommend avoiding them.


Tribal Neck Tattoo

It is common for tribal tattoos to be placed on different parts of the body, but they can also be stylishly inked onto a person’s neck.

This can be as a stand alone design or used to join with other upper body tribal inkings you already have.


Moon, Planets or Stars Neck Tattoo

To infinity and beyond! Take your pick, you can have a single moon, different planets, an individual shining star, a cluster of stars, or a mix of these images.

Some choose to have the sky and wispy clouds as a background.

By choosing this option you are certainly going for a unique design, one which is completely yours.


Sun Neck Tattoo

Similar to the moon, you can choose a ‘sun’ designed as you wish.

The ancient Aztecs believed the sun to be the most powerful ‘god’ and a whole variety of different designs are available for you to choose from.

Other choices are of a brightly coloured sun shining in an azure sky.

This will suit anyone who feels the future is bright!


‘Apple’ neck Tattoo

This is one favored by the girls. It is a small design.

Usually a small apple with a green leaf sprouting from the top and a bite taken from one side.

The apple is a symbol of love – This gives personal feelings of love to the wearer.


Cross with Wings Neck Tattoo

Men more commonly go for this one. It is a cross of any size with the ‘bars’ of the cross decorated with wings.

To complete this design there are usually words inscribed beneath the cross.

This neck tattoo is often chosen in memory of a loved one who has departed.


Lipstick Neck Tattoo

Simple yet standout – a pair of red lips in a kissing design.

This can be seen as a permanent kiss and is often worn by those expressing their deep love for someone, or those in a long-term loving relationship.

It can also stand as an expression of sensuality, raw passion and desire.


Peacock Neck Tattoo

Placed on the side of the neck from just below the ear to the lower neck.

This is a stunningly colorful tattoo design preferred by girls. It depicts beauty and integrity.

In terms of elegance, a peacock correctly positioned and flamboyantly designed neck tattoo takes some beating.


Sign, Symbol, Word Neck Tattoo

This idea is perfect for guys and girls who want a stylish, small yet significant neck tattoo.

Place it just below the ear lobe and go for whatever takes your fancy.

Be that a sign, symbol or inspirational word. Very eye-catching indeed!


Bird/Flower Neck Tattoo

We will finish with one of the most beautiful neck tattoos.

Once again, this is more popular with the girls and is generally inked on the side of the neck.

You decide which bird is for you (a hummingbird?) and have a flower placed in its beak – As can be imagined, this design offers color choice galore.


The best Bangkok Neck tattoos from The ALL DAY Tattoo studio

Deciding to have your neck tattooed should not be taken lightly.

The simple fact that it will be permanently on display means you need to get the design and placement exactly right.

For anyone living in, or those visiting Bangkok, the ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok is the perfect place to go.

We are the #1 fully licensed tattoo studio in the capital and have worked very hard to achieve this status.

Our self-imposed, very well-established ALL DAY tattoo studio ‘peace of mind’ policy, is in place to give full client satisfaction.

Just some of the highlights of this policy that you will benefit from are:

  • Fair pricing
  • A friendly, fluent English speaking team of managers and artists
  • Hygiene standards that are second to none
  • Highest quality single-use needles only ever used
  • Best quality, USA imported inks
  • Comprehensive aftercare instructions – This is particularly important for neck tattoos and should never be overlooked. You will receive verbal and written instructions from our team during and upon completion of your chosen neck tattoo design. This is regardless of size, amount of colors used or positioning.

To find out more as to why the ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, central Bangkok is “the” place to go for all of your tattoo needs, please get in touch using the most convenient method below

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