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Introduction to Yant Phutson

The Yant Phutson is a design in the category of Sak Yant (also known as “Thai traditional”) tattoos

To read more about Sak Yants in general, you can check our extensive article here 

This design is known by two names:

1 – Yant Phutson, written in Thai script as ยันต์พุฒซ้อน

2 – Pra Jao Ha Pra Ong, written in Thai script as พระเจ้า 5 พระองค์

Why does it have two names?

Well, the first one is the name of the specific design

The second describes a very important characteristic of the design

So to clarify further, let’s delve into what that means


Delving into the Meaning of Pra Jao Ha Pra Ong

The Five Buddhas

The term “พระเจ้า 5 พระองค์” translates to “Pra Jao Ha Pra Ong” in English, and it represents the essence of the Five Buddhas

Each Buddha represents a different direction – North, South, East, West, and Center – and carries a unique blessing and significance


The Symbolism of Each of the Five Buddhas

1. North Buddha: Offers protection, ensuring safety from harm and threats

2. South Buddha: Imparts prosperity, enabling the wearer to flourish and thrive in all endeavors

3. East Buddha: Grants wisdom, bestowing the gift of knowledge and enlightenment

4. West Buddha: Provides peace, allowing the wearer to navigate life with tranquility and serenity

5. Center Buddha: The most significant among the five, this Buddha symbolizes spiritual unity and balance. It harmonizes the attributes of the other Buddhas, ensuring overall well-being and equilibrium


The Five Buddha’s Incorporation in Yant Phutson

Within the Yant Phutson design, the “Pra Jao Ha Pra Ong” holds a central place

The blessings of love, luck, and charm associated with Yant Phutson are believed to be magnified many times due to the powers of the Five Buddhas

By choosing this design, wearers are not just embracing the core symbolism of the Yant but also the combined blessings of the five directional Buddhas


The Status of “Maha Yant”

Termed as “Maha Yant,” the Yant Phutson is not just any ordinary Sak Yant design

This prestigious title translates to the “highest level of Yants”, indicating its unparalleled power and importance in the Sak Yant universe


Incorporating Khom Script

Integral to most Sak Yant designs, the Khom script is an ancient writing system with origins in the Brahmi script of India

Used extensively in religious scriptures and ceremonies in Thailand, Cambodia, and neighboring regions, it’s regarded as a spiritually charged script

Within the design of Yant Phutson, the Khom script is utilized to magnify its power and spiritual resonance

Because of the somewhat unique way Khom script is written, it usually isn’t possible to “read” the letters in a Sak Yant design in the way we are used to

Rather, the Ajarn (Sak Yant Master) who creates the design includes specific symbols to give meaning and protections

The meaning is then passed down to their apprentices

Our designs are sourced from revered Ajarns and checked for authenticity

So while we can’t tell you what the letters “say”, we can explain what they mean


The Unalome

Unalome, a crucial element in many Sak Yant tattoos, represents the journey towards enlightenment

Its winding path symbolizes life’s trials and tribulations, emphasizing that the path to spiritual awakening isn’t a straight one

Within the context of Yant Phutson, the unalome reinforces the wearer’s commitment to personal growth and transformation


Where to get a Yant Phutson Tattoo in Bangkok?

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