Raven Tattoos Bangkok

Raven Tattoos Bangkok

For centuries, ravens have been a harbinger of omens both good and bad

These highly intelligent creatures have made appearances in folklore from many different cultures

The raven has great symbolic meaning and is an excellent choice for those who are searching for their spirit animal tattoo


Raven Mythology and Legends

In Greek mythology, the raven was associated with Apollo “God of Prophecy”

It is believed that Apollo sent a white raven to spy on his lover Coronis

When the raven returned with news of Coronis and her unfaithfulness, Apollo was so enraged that he scorched the raven’s feathers turning them black

It is believed that this is the reason that all ravens are black to this day

In mythology, the raven has also been associated with the Greek word (pyschopompos) which means “guide of souls”

Ravens have been known to be a guide for lost souls, leading them from Earth to their place in the afterlife

With their magical abilities, they can travel the underworld carrying messages from deceased loved ones to the land of the living

It is said that this bird has great spiritual power and can connect the spiritual realm with the physical realm

In Native American culture, the raven had the power to extract secrets from the shadowlands

They were considered sacred in Native American ceremonies and the “Songs of the Raven” were thought to symbolize temptations especially the urges of sexual ones

As powerful totems they were symbolic in many different forms, sometimes representing the change in consciousness, and other times they could symbolize the ability to shape shift

The Native elders believed the raven to be a bearer of sacred magic transporting the message of one’s destiny and had the ability to heal people from afar

In many cultures, ravens were common familiars of mages, witches, and warlocks because of their oracular qualities

These creatures were used in all types of black magic causing them to be an omen of impending doom

This type of magic was greatly feared and only used by the most powerful who knew how to control it because black magic and its energy always returns to its original source

In the Japanese culture, the raven does not have a dark or evil meaning

Instead it is a symbol of protection, future, light, and inner self

It is believed that a raven led Emperor Jimmu to Nara, which eventually became the land of his empire

Japanese tattoos often depict the raven surrounded by rays of the sun in the “Rising Sun” style

Ravens are frequently found throughout Japan in Shinto shrines


What is the Meaning of a Raven Tattoo?

Raven tattoos are full of symbolism and meaning, but it is up to you to decide what they personally signify for you

Ravens are often known as the bird of death or consumers of corpses

They can be found most often feeding on dead and decaying matter, hence why they are a symbol of diabolical evil

Some other negative meanings of the raven are:

  • Misery
  • Pain
  • Death
  • Loss
  • War
  • Uncleanliness

These creatures are incredibly intelligent and have the ability to learn to speak

Because of their high intelligence they are also very hard to outsmart, trick, or trap

These birds can be a sign of transformation, a symbol of rebirth and the afterlife

Ravens have a deeply spiritual connotation, and can be seen as a manifestation of your spirit guide helping to align your physical, emotional, and spiritual self

These magical creatures have been known to ally themselves quite frequently with those who have experienced difficult or traumatic childhoods

Other positive meanings for the raven are:

  • Intelligence
  • Insight
  • Prophecy
  • Wisdom
  • Transformation
  • Magic

These animals are also known to mate for life which is very rare in the animal kingdom

Because of their many symbolic meanings, they can work well as a tattoo design whether it is a stand alone design or an addition to a current design


Style options for raven tattoos

There are many excellent style options for you to choose from when deciding on the raven tattoo that is best for you

At ALL DAY tattoo studio, our artists are experts at any tattoo style and can produce anything that your heart desires!

Here are some of the most popular styles for raven tattoos:

  • Minimal
  • Realistic black and grey or color
  • Watercolor
  • Neo Traditional

If you are unsure of what style best suits you and have an idea for your design but don’t quite know how to bring it all together, then the ALL DAY Tattoo team of Managers and artists can assist you with a free consultation


Best Placement and Design for a Raven Tattoo

Raven designs can be pretty versatile and easily placed on many parts of the body

For minimal designs, we tend to have a lot of clients who like to place them on the wrist, ankle, or collar bone

For realistic designs it is a bit more complicated to decide on the perfect spot

These designs are typically very detailed and require a larger area to ensure that the design does not have to be simplified

Watercolor designs tend to need some mapping and planning on exactly where the watercolor will go to best compliment your selected design

Neo Traditional is a timeless style that can be sized up or sized down easily to be placed on any part of the body

Ravens are full of symbolism and can be incorporated into a sleeve or larger piece, as well as being a focal piece all of its own

Whatever design style you choose to go with or the meaning that is significant to you, a raven tattoo can only be as good as the artist you choose to bring it to life!

ALL DAY Tattoo studio located in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, is a fully licensed studio with 14 artists who can cover any tattoo style or design you could possibly dream of


Why ALL DAY Tattoo is Bangkok’s best choice for your raven tattoo?

Tattooing is not just our livelihood, it is our passion!

Once you step inside and experience the vibe for yourself, you will see how passionate we are about tattooing and everything that goes along with it from start to finish

At the end of your journey with us you will no longer be a client but part of the ALL DAY tattoo family!

We are easily accessible, in the heart of Bangkok located in the Sukhumvit area

Our top notch hygiene standards and procedures are why we are one of the only fully licensed tattoo studios in Bangkok

We have a team of fluent English speaking managers and artists who have years of experience and can assist you with bringing your tattoo design dreams to fruition

We have many clients that have expressed how shocked they are that their design looked more amazing than they could have even imagined

Let us add you to our list of satisfied clients who are now part of our ALL DAY family!

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